65 WWE Quotes On Success In Life

These WWE quotes will inspire you. World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., WWE, is an American integrated media and entertainment company that is primarily known for professional wrestling.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging WWE quotes, WWE sayings, and WWE proverbs.

Best WWE Quotes

  1. “Anybody wants to call me the Triple H of Ring of Honor, I think that’s hilarious. I would prefer to call Triple H the CM Punk of the WWE.” ~ CM Punk
  2. “There are things you don’t do in life. You don’t tug on superman’s cape.” ~ Roman Reigns
  3. “I never back down and I never quit!” ~ John Cena
  4. “It’s not arrogance, it’s just destiny.” ~ Randy Orton

  5. “I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t use drugs. That may be boring for some people, but that’s just me. That’s how I live my life.” ~ CM Punk
  6. “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect.” ~ John Cena
  7. “You better give your soul to the Lord, because the rest of your scrawny ass, will belong to me!” ~ The Undertaker
  8. “Live fast, fight hard, no regrets!” ~ John Cena

  9. “To be the man, you gotta beat the man!” ~ Ric Flair
  10. “Don’t sing it, bring it.” ~ Scott Hall
  11. “You gotta eat lightning and crap thunder!” ~ Shane McMahon
  12. “Life sucks, and then you die.” ~ Stephenie Meyer

  13. “The only true phenom…is me.” ~ Randy Orton
  14. “He’s not pointing to anybody, he’s showing off how high he can count!” ~ Bobby Heenan
  15. “If you try me, I will make you famous.” ~ The Undertaker
  16. “You want some? Come get some!” ~ John Cena

  17. “The Youngest World Heavyweight Champion in History!” ~ Randy Orton
  18. “Well Stephanie, I’d like to thank you for giving me such a kind Christmas gift, but unfortunately I didn’t get you any gifts. But then again, what can you get for the girl who’s had everyone?” ~ Chris Jericho
  19. “I’m going to take the legend of Hulk Hogan and kill it!” ~ Randy Orton
  20. “I just got pinned by a freakin’ twelve-year-old.” ~ Kurt Angle

  21. “What you’ve lost sight of is what you are, and what you are is what you hate. You’re the 10-time WWE Champion! You’re the man! You, like the Red Sox, like Boston, are no longer the underdog! You’re a dynasty. You are what you hate. You have become the New York Yankees!” ~ CM Punk
  22. “You’re nothing but an apple, a silly t-shirt, a catchphrase, and a stupid haircut.” ~ Randy Orton
  23. “If things go our way, you might see why I’m a legend. And if your daddy has a problem with that, he’ll find out why I’m the Legend Killer.” ~ Randy Orton
  24. “I’m a third-generation superstar.” ~ Randy Orton

  25. “Happy Birthday To Steph, You’re a Hoe with Big Breasts, so take the Night off from Hooking… If ya Smell what The Rock’s cooking!” ~ Dwayne Johnson
  26. “I’m The Legend Killer, Shawn! Why? ‘Cause I kill Legends!” ~ Randy Orton
  27. “Business is about to pick up here!” ~ Jim Ross
  28. “And I also appreciate the fact that, hell, you can kiss my ass!” ~ Stone Cold Steve Austin

  29. “In this business, it is about making an impact.” ~ Randy Orton
  30. “I’m your genetic jackhammer!” ~ Vince McMahon
  31. “Now, Bad Ass, you run your mouth about Summerslam. Well, here’s the situation. The Rock says this, if the Rock hits you he’ll kill you. If he misses, the wind behind the punch will give you pneumonia and you’ll die anyway, so the choice is yours, jabroni.” ~ Dwayne Johnson
  32. “You know they say money can’t buy happiness. Give me 50 bucks and watch me smile” ~ Bobby Heenan

  33. “Kissing babies and hugging fat girls.” ~ Dave Bautista
  34. “Will you please shut the hell up!?” ~ Chris Jericho
  35. “If ya’ smell what The Rock is cookin’!” ~ Dwayne Johnson
  36. “The single greatest moment of my life happened in Toronto, Canada!” ~ Randy Orton

  37. “Not only am I better looking.. I’m just plain better.” ~ Randy Orton
  38. “I pride myself on being a Legend Killer.” ~ Randy Orton
  39. “I am the voice of the voiceless.” ~ CM Punk
  40. “Look at you walkin’ out here with your hair done, nails done, everything did, what you think you fancy huh?!” ~ Alex Riley

  41. “As God is my witness, he is broken in half!” ~ Jim Ross
  42. “Shine it up real nice, turn it sideways, and stick it straight up your candy ass!” ~ Dwayne Johnson
  43. “I am the best wrestler in the world. I’ve been the best ever since day one when I walked into this company, and I’ve been vilified and hated since that day because Paul Heyman saw something in me that nobody else wanted to admit. That’s right, I’m a Paul Heyman guy. You know who else was a Paul Heyman guy? Brock Lesnar and he split just like I’m splitting, but the biggest difference between me and Brock is I’m going to leave with the WWE Championship.” ~ CM Punk
  44. “When you’re with the new, when you’re with Hollywood, you’re just…too…sweet!” ~ Hulk Hogan

  45. “Brock Lesnar is not here to put smiles on people’s faces. Brock Lesnar is here to shock the WWE Universe and put TEARS in the EYES of CHILDREN!” ~ Paul Heyman
  46. “Shawn Michaels – the greatest WWE champion of all time!” ~ Vince McMahon
  47. “Get a look at greatness!” ~ Randy Orton
  48. “You were an ass long before I made one outta ya!” ~ Shawn Michaels

  49. “I’m the best. I’m the best in the world.” ~ CM Punk
  50. “Evolution is your solution.” ~ Triple H
  51. “I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs… my addiction is wrestling – my obsession is competition.” ~ CM Punk , Wrestling WWE quotes
  52. “I came here to do a job, and my job is to hurt people.” ~ CM Punk

  53. “So Carlito think about this: all the apple-biting.” ~ Randy Orton
  54. “No one beats The Legend Killer.. That’s why I’m the greatest in this business!” ~ Randy Orton
  55. “I’ll open up a can of whoop-ass on you!” ~ Stone Cold Steve Austin
  56. “My accomplishments are endless.” ~ Randy Orton

  57. “You will never ever be the same again!” ~ Chris Jericho
  58. “It’s gonna be a slobber knocker!” ~ Jim Ross
  59. “In 1995 I had $7 bucks in my pocket and knew two things: I’m broke as hell and one day I won’t be. You Can Achieve Anything!” ~ Dwayne Johnson
  60. “I just want everyone to know that even though Hogan won at Summerslam I still pinned him 1, 2, 3.” ~ Randy Orton

  61. “Roddy how many times have you won a World Championship?” ~ Randy Orton
  62. “I’m going to the main event of Wrestlemania! Where’re you going?” ~ Randy Orton
  63. “Ric Flair, you put me in this position. You named me the Legend Killer and after Tuesday, you will respect me.” ~ Randy Orton
  64. “I realized my dream and was proud to be a Superstar. I never won a title, but being hired by WWE and being a Superstar, to me, was like winning a championship.” ~ Robert Maillet
  65. “Survey says one more for the bad guys.” ~ Scott Hall

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