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These wrong quotes will inspire you. Wrong, not according to the moral standard or not correct or true; incorrect.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging wrong quotes, wrong sayings, and wrong proverbs.

Best Wrong Quotes

  1. “Hate no one, no matter how much they’ve wronged you. Live humbly, no matter how wealthy you become. Think positively, no matter how hard life is. Give much, even if you’ve been given little. Keep in touch with the ones who have forgotten you, and forgive who has wronged you, and do not stop praying for the best for those you love.” ~ Ali ibn Abi Talib
  2. “Forgiving other people who have wronged us or hurt us or embarrassed us is not easy. In fact, sometimes it seems impossible. But that is what God did for us and what He asks us to do for others.” ~ Korie Robertson
  3. “To be wronged is nothing unless you continue to remember it.” ~ Confucius , Nothing wrong quotes
  4. “You practice forgiveness for two reasons: to let others know that you no longer wish to be in a state of hostility with them and to free yourself from the self-defeating energy of resentment. Send love in some form to those you feel have wronged you and notice how much better you feel.” ~ Wayne Dyer

  5. “The wrongdoer is more unfortunate than the man wronged.” ~ Democritus
  6. “Don’t get bitter and twisted and nasty by life. You may have been wronged or cheated on; two wrongs never make a right. Instead learn your mistakes and learn your lessons. Remain strong with your head held high.” ~ Angela Merkel
  7. “A stiff apology is a second insult… The injured party does not want to be compensated because he has been wronged; he wants to be healed because he has been hurt.” ~ Gilbert K. Chesterton , Does wrong quotes
  8. “My heart gets very tender when it comes to playing someone who has wronged someone else. I almost feel like it’s easier for me to play having been wronged than it is to actually feel like you had an active part in hurting someone.” ~ Jessica Capshaw

  9. “My idea of forgiveness is letting go of resentment that does not serve your better interest, ridding yourself of negative thoughts. All they do is make you miserable. Believe me, you can fret and fume all you want, but whoever it was that wronged you is not suffering from your anguish whatsoever.” ~ Della Reese
  10. “When you forgive, that means you absorb the loss and the debt. You bear it yourself. All forgiveness, then, is costly.” ~ Timothy Keller
  11. “If you feel “stuck” today, you may want to examine what you’re holding on to. Be willing let go of past disappointments by choosing forgiveness. Who hurt you? Who wronged you? Release it to God. Do you need to forgive yourself? Do you need to receive God’s forgiveness? Let go of the past so you can overcome disappointments and experience the bright future God has in store for you! There is freedom in forgetting!” ~ Joel Osteen
  12. “The wronged side is always the safest.” ~ Richard Sibbes

  13. “One of the reasons I love prayer is that it is an antidote to guilt and blame. If we are unhappy with the way we have acted or been treated, instead of stewing in self-recrimination on the one hand, or harboring ill will toward someone else on the other, prayer gives us a way out of the circle of guilt and blame. We bring our painful feelings into the open and say, “I have done wrong,” or “I have been wronged.” And then we ask for a vaster view–one that contains within it all the forgiveness we need in order to move forward.” ~ Elizabeth Lesser
  14. “Reversing your treatment of the man you have wronged is better than asking his forgiveness.” ~ Elbert Hubbard
  15. “The most effective way to silence our guilty conscience is to convince ourselves and others that those we have sinned against are indeed depraved creatures, deserving every punishment, even extermination. We cannot pity those we have wronged, nor can we be indifferent toward them. We must hate and persecute them or else leave the door open to self-contempt.” ~ Eric Hoffer
  16. “Just be wrong. Just stand there in your wrongness and be wrong, and get used to it.” ~ Josiah Bartlett

  17. “Forgiveness is a sign that the person who has wronged you means more to you than the wrong they have delt.” ~ Ben Greenhalgh
  18. “Like no other illness, AIDS tests our ability to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes – to empathize with the plight of our fellow man. While most would agree that the AIDS orphan or the transfusion victim or the wronged wife contracted the disease through no fault of their own, it has too often been easy for some to point to the unfaithful husband or the promiscuous youth or the gay man and say This is your fault. You have sinned. I don’t think that’s a satisfactory response. My faith reminds me that we all are sinners.” ~ Barack Obama
  19. “Someone feeling wronged is like someone feeling thirsty. Don’t tell them they aren’t. Sit with them and have a drink.” ~ Daniel Handler
  20. “If you choose to forgive someone who has wronged you rather than to hate that person, you shift the frequency of your Light.” ~ Gary Zukav

  21. “No friend ever served me, and no enemy ever wronged me, whom I have not repaid in full.” ~ Sulla
  22. “I won’t be wronged. I won’t be insulted. I won’t be laid a-hand on. I don’t do these things to other people, and I require the same from them.” ~ John Wayne
  23. “I was taught to be Biblical: “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” ~ Michael Jackson
  24. “God’s grace and forgiveness, while free to the recipient, are always costly for the giver. From the earliest parts of the Bible, it was understood that God could not forgive without sacrifice. No one who is seriously wronged can “just forgive” the perpetrator.” ~ Timothy Keller

  25. “Send Love in Some Form to those you Believe have Wronged you, & Notice How Much Better you Feel” ~ Wayne Dyer
  26. “When you are angry, it means you, yourself are unhappy. Even if you are wronged, you are still making yourself unhappy if you feel anger.” ~ Michio Kushi
  27. “Tragedy depends on the way you see it. If you chose to be a victim of the world, anything which happens to you will feed that dark side of your soul, where you consider yourself wronged, suffering, guilty and deserving punishment. If you choose to be an adventurer, the changes – even the inevitable losses, since everything in this world changes – can cause some pain, but will soon thrust you forward, forcing you to react.” ~ Paulo Coelho
  28. “The spirit of liberty is not merely, as multitudes imagine, a jealousy of our own particular rights, but a respect for the rights of others, and an unwillingness that any man, whether high or low, should be wronged and trampled under foot.” ~ William Ellery Channing

  29. “I worry about fast forgivers. They tend to forgive quickly in order to avoid their pain. Or they forgive fast in order to get an advantage over the people they forgive. And their instant forgiving only makes things worse… People who have been wronged badly and wounded deeply should give themselves time and space before they forgive… There is a right moment to forgive. We cannot predict it in advance; we can only get ourselves ready for it when it arrives… Don’t do it quickly, but don’t wait too long.” ~ Lewis B. Smedes
  30. “God’s grace and forgiveness, while free to the recipient, are always costly for the giver.” ~ Timothy Keller
  31. “We will know our forgiveness is complete when we have a genuine desire for the welfare of the people who have wronged us.” ~ Virginia H. Pearce
  32. “On a certain day shall every soul come to plead for itself, and every soul shall be repaid according to its deeds; and they shall not be wronged.” ~ Elijah Muhammad

  33. “The soldiers never explained to the government when an Indian was wronged, but reported the misdeeds of the Indians.” ~ Geronimo
  34. “Despots prefer the friendship of the dog, who, unjustly mistreated and debased, still loves and serves the man who wronged him.” ~ Charles Fourier
  35. “I am not a pregnant working mother wronged.” ~ Elizabeth Vargas
  36. “You are not permitted to kill a woman who has wronged you, but nothing forbids you to reflect that she is growing older every minute.” ~ Ambrose Bierce

  37. “There are some duties we owe even to those who have wronged us. There is, after all, a limit to retribution and punishment.” ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero
  38. “I am much chastened and profoundly remorseful. I can only hope that the Almighty and those whom I have wronged will forgive me my trespasses.” ~ Jack Abramoff
  39. “I was no chief and never had been, but because I had been more deeply wronged than others, this honor was conferred upon me, and I resolved to prove worthy of the trust.” ~ Geronimo
  40. “Put from you the belief that ‘I have been wronged’, and with it will go the feeling. Reject your sense of injury, and the injury itself disappears.” ~ Marcus Aurelius

  41. “The hottest coals of fire ever heaped upon the head of one who has wronged you are the coals of human kindness.” ~ Sterling W Sill
  42. “I’m crying because I feel wronged. I keep making mistakes and nothing seems to work for me.” ~ Suh Jung
  43. “Those without the gate frequently question the wisdom and right of the occultist to guard his knowledge by the imposition of oaths of secrecy. We are so accustomed to see the scientist give his beneficent discoveries freely to all mankind that we feel that humanity is wronged and defrauded if any knowledge be kept secret by its discoverers and not at once made available for all who desire to share in it. The knowledge is reserved in order that humanity may be protected from its abuse at the hands of the unscrupulous.” ~ Dion Fortune
  44. “Apology calls for a willingness to sacrifice on behalf of the wronged party and the inherent value of the relationship, not for what it brings to you but for what you can bring to it.” ~ John Kador

  45. “Individuals who have been wronged by unlawful racial discrimination should be made whole; but under our Constitution there can be no such thing as either a creditor or a debtor race. That concept is alien to the Constitution’s focus upon the individual. …To pursue the concept of racial entitlement – even for the most admirable and benign of purposes – is to reinforce and preserve for future mischief the way of thinking that produced race slavery, race privilege and race hatred. In the eyes of government, we are just one race here. It is American.” ~ Antonin Scalia
  46. “It is said that the Negro is ignorant. But why is he ignorant? It comes with ill grace from a man who has put out my eyes to makea parade of my blindness,–to reproach me for my poverty when he has wronged me of my money…. If he is poor, what has become of the money he has been earning for the last two hundred and fifty years? Years ago it was said cotton fights and cotton conquers for American slavery. The Negro helped build up that great cotton power in the South, and in the North his sigh was in the whir of its machinery, and his blood and tears upon the warp and woof of its manufactures.” ~ Frances Harper
  47. “Betrayed and wronged in everything, I’ll flee this bitter world where vice is king, And seek some spot unpeopled and apart Where I’ll be free to have an honest heart. – Molière, The Misanthrope” ~ Moliere
  48. “Hath any wronged thee? be bravely revenged; slight it, and the work is begun; forgive it, and it is finished; he is below himself that is not above an injury.” ~ Francis Quarles

  49. “We study biology, physics, movements of glaciers… Where are the classes on envy, feeling wronged, despair, bitterness.” ~ Alain de Botton
  50. “If we have not seen our sin and sought radical forgiveness from God, we will be unable to forgive and to seek the good of those who have wronged us.” ~ Timothy Keller
  51. “Eternity is a constant learning process. It will be another grade, another step, a chance to do what we failed to do before and to learn what we failed to learn before. Thank God for eternity! We’ve all probably got a lot of bad habits to change and failures to make up for. Maybe God will give each of us a chance to meet people who we’ve wronged and straighten things out and tell them we’re sorry.” ~ David Berg
  52. “That city in which those who are not wronged, no less than those who are wronged, exert themselves to punish the wrongdoers.” ~ Solon

  53. “Solon being asked, namely, what city was best to live in. That city, he replied, in which those who are not wronged, no less than those who are wronged, exert themselves to punish the wrongdoers.” ~ Plutarch
  54. “The woman who looks to God in the face of unkindness becomes more beautiful through suffering. Her face does not bear the lines of bitterness and a disturbed countenance. She displays a rare and remarkable beauty because she has learned to wait upon God. Her happiness is out of reach of those who have wronged her.” ~ Carolyn Mahaney
  55. “Tis a human trait to hate one you have wronged” ~ Seneca the Younger
  56. “Forgiveness is beautiful and it feels good when someone gives that gift to you. But it’s one thing for someone you wronged to forgive you. It was another to forgive yourself.” ~ Kristen Ashley

  57. “We can choose the attitude that says, I have been wronged. People have hurt me, but with the help of God, I am going to learn how to return good for evil, and I am going to make a difference in this world.” ~ Gary Chapman
  58. “I think [John’s Adams] descriptions of the personalities of [Benjamin] Franklin and [Tomas] Jefferson and others were pretty accurate. It is only when he felt he was wronged by them that he lets loose his anger and resentment.” ~ Gordon S. Wood
  59. “Those whose hardships are set forth in pamphlets and proclaimed in sermons and speeches which echo throughout society, are assumed to be all worthy souls, grievously wronged; and none of them are thought of as bearing the penalties of their misdeeds.” ~ Herbert Spencer
  60. “When such men, who are beyond hope and fear, begin in their dim minds to see the source their woes, it may be an evil time for those who have wronged them. The weak man becomes strong when he has nothing, for then only can he feel the wild, mad thrill of despair.” ~ Arthur Conan Doyle

  61. “Friendship after the flesh is very easily destroyed on some slight pretext, since it is not held firm by spiritual perception. But when a person is spiritually awakened, even if something irritates him, the bond of love is not dissolved; rekindling himself with warmth of the love of God, he quickly recovers himself and with great joy seeks his neighbor’s love, even though he has been gravely wronged or insulted by him. For sweetness of God completely consumes the bitterness of the quarrel.” ~ Diadochos of Photiki
  62. “Don’t just get mad, try a little creative revenge … Creative revenge … allows you to get even – to extract some satisfactory justice – when you are wronged, but lets you do it with a sense of humor, not boiling malice.” ~ Sonia Friedman
  63. “Woman is the highest, holiest, most precious gift to man. Her mission and throne is the family, and if anything is withheld that would make her more efficient, useful, or happy in that sphere, she is wronged, and has not her rights.” ~ John Todd
  64. “I was very lighthearted. This often the way when the abandonment of personal responsibility is enforced: neither wronged innocence or just guilt can seriously impair the sensation of freedom one has.” ~ Anthony Burgess
  65. “Thou dost conspire against thy friend, Iago,
    If thou but think’st him wronged, and mak’st his ear
    A stranger to thy thoughts.” ~ William Shakespeare

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