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Best Wikileaks Quotes

  1. “Wikileaks is a mechanism to maximize the flow of information to maximize the amount of action leading to just reform.” ~ Julian Assange
  2. “In my role as Wikileaks editor, I’ve been involved in fighting off many legal attacks. To do that, and keep our sources safe, we have had to spread assets, encrypt everything, and move telecommunications and people around the world to activate protective laws in different national jurisdictions.” ~ Julian Assange
  3. “WikiLeaks has been a very strong proponent of the Freedom of Information Act. This is probably, actually, if you think about it, probably against our interests as – as a publisher. But we believe that people have the right to know true information about what their government is doing.” ~ Julian Assange
  4. “What does censorship reveal? It reveals fear.” ~ Julian Assange

  5. “WikiLeaks will not comply with legally abusive requests from Scientology any more than WikiLeaks has complied with similar demands from Swiss banks, Russian offshore stem-cell centers, former African kleptocrats, or the Pentagon.” ~ Julian Assange
  6. “The John Podesta WikiLeaks dump came just about one hour after the “Access Hollywood” tape was published. The “I like to grab them by the p-word” tape, one hour after that came out is when WikiLeaks dropped the first tranche of John Podesta e-mails hacked by the Russians.” ~ Rachel Maddow
  7. “WikiLeaks is a source protection organization. We are famous for never having exposed one of our sources over 10 years. That’s why sources trust us and they come to us.” ~ Julian Assange
  8. “It is impossible to correct abuses unless we know that they’re going on.” ~ Julian Assange

  9. “I wanted the American public to know that not everyone in Iraq and Afghanistan were targets that needed to be neutralized, but rather people who were struggling to live in the pressure cooker environment of what we call asymmetric warfare.” ~ Chelsea Manning
  10. “I like the fact that we’re stripping the icons away. They’re the WikiLeaks for the age that we’re revealing, with the transparency of the characters. We’re unearthing the truth beyond or underneath the myth. I love that aspect.” ~ Joseph Fiennes
  11. “When Wikileaks comes out, which I have nothing to do with, they’re giving classified information. They’re giving information about Hillary [Clinton] cheating on the debates. No one mentions that Hillary received the questions to the debates. Seriously, can you imagine if I received the questions? It would be the electric chair, ok?” ~ Donald Trump
  12. “WikiLeaks is designed to make capitalism more free and ethical.” ~ Julian Assange

  13. “WikiLeaks has been publishing for ten years, and in those ten years, we have published ten million documents, several thousand individual publications, several thousand different sources, and we have never got it wrong.” ~ Julian Assange
  14. “There have been so many individuals who have really put a lot on the line. That they’ve sacrificed so much to try to protect the principle of source protection in the journalism world. And I think Julian Assange, and WikiLeaks, and Sarah Harrison have really been extraordinary in standing up for that.” ~ Edward Snowden
  15. “I think the WikiLeaks releases furnish us with an opportunity to observe the upper reaches of the American status hierarchy in all its righteousness and majesty. High-achieving colleagues attempting to get jobs for their high-achieving children. Foundation executives doing fine and noble things. Prizes, of course, and high academic achievement.” ~ Thomas Frank
  16. “I don’t think most people in the US realize how important WikiLeaks is and why Julian’s case needs support.” ~ Oliver Stone

  17. “I do think – you look at actually what WikiLeaks came out with, most of it was just gossipy interest, except for like this Doug Band memo from a Clinton crony in black and white who explained the Clinton Foundation was a profit center for Bill Clinton and people around him. The Russians didn’t make that up, that was all Hillary’s [Clinton] vulnerability her own.” ~ Rich Lowry
  18. “WikiLeaks does not publish from the jurisdiction of Ecuador, from this embassy or in the territory of Ecuador; we publish from France, we publish from, from Germany, we publish from The Netherlands and from a number of other countries so that the attempted squeeze on WikiLeaks is through my refugee status; and this is, this is really intolerable. [It means] that [they] are trying to get at a publishing organization; [they] try and prevent it from publishing true information that is of intense interest to the American people and others about an election.” ~ Julian Assange
  19. “If your purpose is to understand the clique of people who dominate Washington today, the emails that really matter are the ones being slowly released by WikiLeaks from the hacked account of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta.” ~ Thomas Frank
  20. “I don’t think we can dignify documents dumped by Wikileaks and just assume that they’re all accurate and true.” ~ Tim Kaine

  21. “Millennials really don’t turn out in numbers that people expect and hope for. Speaking of global warming and climate change, you know all these emails that WikiLeaks is dumping? I haven’t found any on climate change. We got emails from Hillary to her campaign staff and her campaign staff to Hillary.” ~ Rush Limbaugh
  22. “I can find them strategizing about any number of things in these WikiLeaks email dumps, but there’s not a thread on climate change whatsoever. Why is that? If climate change were that big a deal to these people, don’t you think they would be talking about it internally?” ~ Rush Limbaugh
  23. “While many of the established media make losses or go bankrupt, WikiLeaks has survived a major conflict with a superpower, including an unlawful economic blockade by its banks and credit card companies and the detention of its editor. We have no debts. We have not had to fire staff. We have never lost a court case related to our publishing. We have never been forced to censor. Adversity has hardened us.” ~ Julian Assange
  24. “WikiLeaks presents a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States.” ~ Peter King

  25. “CNN says Donna Brazile, the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, will no longer be a political commentator for the network. This comes after WikiLeaks posted more emails hacked from a top Hillary Clinton aide.” ~ Ari Shapiro
  26. “What’s really important about WikiLeaks is that the Russian government has engaged in espionage against Americans. They have hacked American websites, American accounts of private people, of institutions. Then they have given that information to WikiLeaks for the purpose of putting it on the Internet.” ~ Hillary Clinton
  27. “This WikiLeaks document dump is showing – it’s demonstrating, it is illustrating – that there is no boundary between the media and the Democrat Party, that it’s one and the same.” ~ Rush Limbaugh
  28. “WikiLeaks is what happens when the entire US government is forced to go through a full-body scanner.” ~ Evgeny Morozov

  29. “What’s going on in our country right now is a disgrace. The Hillary Clinton documents released by WikiLeaks make more clear than ever just how much is at stake on November the 8th.” ~ Donald Trump
  30. “WikiLeaks released new Clinton campaign e-mails revealing how friendly Hillary [Clinton] was with the attorney general, Loretta Lynch. This was only months prior to Lynch’s investigation of Hillary’s illegal secret e-mail server that gave foreign governments access to our confidential information.” ~ Donald Trump
  31. “My motivation for 20 years, for 10 years with WikiLeaks, has been to publish true information that is otherwise unsayable. So we’re not in competition if you like.” ~ Julian Assange
  32. “EVERY attack now made on WikiLeaks and Julian Assange was made against me and the release of the Pentagon Papers at the time.” ~ Daniel Ellsberg

  33. “I never made any reference to John Podesta’s email. Does it say #WikiLeaks, #Assange? Julian Assange said Stone predicted that his emails would be hacked. No, I didn’t. I never said anything of the kind.” ~ Roger Stone
  34. “There is also evidence that the people close – that people close to the [Donald] Trump campaign had advanced notice of WikiLeaks actions and may have had direct contact with WikiLeaks itself while they were releasing those documents from the Democratic Party, from the [Hillary] Clinton campaign.” ~ Rachel Maddow
  35. “WikiLeaks is a lot of things. This past year, WikiLeaks was a tool of Russian intelligence and the Russian government and their interference operation against the American presidential election to benefit Donald Trump.” ~ Rachel Maddow
  36. “The aim of Wikileaks is to achieve just reform around the world and do it through the mechanism of transparency.” ~ Julian Assange

  37. “October 7th [2016], indeed, WikiLeaks released its whole new dump. A whole new bunch of e-mails and documents, this time from [Hillary] Clinton campaign chief John Podesta, e-mails that U.S. intelligence say were hacked by Russia. Apparently, again, they were waiting for the best possible timing on the release.” ~ Rachel Maddow
  38. “What was particularly impressive by the [Donald] Trump campaign at the time is how they were so organized around the WikiLeaks stuff.” ~ Rachel Maddow
  39. “We got the first WikiLeaks publication of documents hacked and stolen by Russian government sources from the DNC, from the Democratic Party, and they started publishing those stolen documents from the DNC right before the Democrats started their convention. Good political timing if you`re trying to help [Donald] Trump and hurt the Democrats.” ~ Rachel Maddow
  40. “The [Donald] Trump campaign turned on a dime instantly as soon as those WikiLeaks dumps started.” ~ Rachel Maddow

  41. “The day after the Republican convention ended, there was another political bomb that was dropped on the U.S. presidential election [2016] from Russia. The day after the Republican convention ended, right before the Democratic Convention began we got what U.S. intelligence agencies believed to be the next big Russian incursion into our election. We got the first WikiLeaks dump.” ~ Rachel Maddow
  42. “[WikiLeaks] are covering somebody that I never saw before, that [Hillary Clinton] knows terrorists are trying to infiltrate the refugee program. So you have terrorists coming in, she knows they’re coming in, and yet she wants to increase it.” ~ Donald Trump
  43. “The e-mails [from WikiLeaks] show that behind closed doors speaking to these international bankers, Hillary Clinton’s pledged to destroy the sovereignty of the United States.” ~ Donald Trump
  44. “In the history of Wikileaks, nobody has claimed that the material being put out is not authentic.” ~ Julian Assange

  45. “The nation of Qatar also kicked in $1 million for Bill Clinton’s birthday party, so nice. But, as WikiLeaks showed the Clinton’s ripped off the people of Haiti as they were suffering and dying after the earthquake.” ~ Donald Trump
  46. “As editor of WikiLeaks, I am very proud of three things. Number one, we have never got it wrong in terms of what we say. A document is what it is. Number two, we have never revealed one of our sources ever. Number three, what are we proud of? We are proud that there is not a single instance of anyone coming into physical harm as a result of our publication.” ~ Julian Assange
  47. “The WikiLeaks documents show how the media conspires and collaborates with the Clinton campaign including giving the questions and answers to Hillary Clinton before the debate.” ~ Donald Trump
  48. “Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder, has on several occasions talked about transparency as an absolute principle. I don’t personally believe that.” ~ Bill Keller

  49. “I also urge the Obama administration – both on its own and in cooperation with other responsible governments around the world – to use all legal means necessary to shut down WikiLeaks before it can do more damage by releasing additional cables. WikiLeaks’ activities represent a shared threat to collective international security.” ~ Joe Lieberman
  50. “WikiLeaks is really a litmus test for those people who walk the talk in the media. How much will they really follow their protestations to be brave publishers, and how much do they really want to lick the boots of power? Well, you can tell by their engagement with us and what they do.” ~ Julian Assange
  51. “When Private Bradley [aka Chelsea] Manning put his conscience ahead of his personal well-being by allegedly releasing important information to the world’s public via WikiLeaks, he was put into an inhumane solitary confinement and is now facing charges that carry the possibility of him spending the rest of his life in prison.” ~ Ray McGovern
  52. “Inexplicable: I recently won in court to stop my book “America by Heart” from being leaked, but US Govt can’t stop Wikileaks’ treasonous act?” ~ Sarah Palin

  53. “WikiLeaks serves as a back-up for those who want to tell the truth about the inner workings of government when the mainstream media is not willing or taking too long to publish.” ~ Daniel Ellsberg
  54. “It’s interesting in this day and age to do a film about political espionage and wiretapping. I don’t think that those types of secrets that J. Edgar Hoover was able to obtain and keep for such a long period of time would be possible in today’s world, with the Internet and WikiLeaks.” ~ Leonardo DiCaprio
  55. “WikiLeaks is irritating and annoying for Germany, but not a threat. From an international perspective, I see their actions as totally irresponsible.” ~ Thomas de Maiziere
  56. “Wikileaks didn’t help confidence with American administrations because of conversations made public so easily.” ~ Abdallah II

  57. “I always believed that WikiLeaks as a concept would perform a global role, and to some degree it was clear that it was doing that as far back as 2007 when it changed the result of the Kenyan general election.” ~ Julian Assange
  58. “You know, in the WikiLeaks cables, the Chinese discovered that Kevin Rudd was urging the Americans to keep the military option open against them. This is hardly a friendly gesture.” ~ Paul Keating
  59. “As we have seen, WikiLeaks is a robust organization. During my time in solitary confinement in the basement of a Victorian prison, we continue to release, our media partners continued to write stories. The important revelations from this material continue to come out. We have approximately 2,000 cables into 250,000.” ~ Julian Assange
  60. “WikiLeaks, God bless them, will save lives as a result of their actions.” ~ Michael Moore

  61. “Was that Donna Brazile, a CNN analyst, or a [Hillary] Clinton partisan? Two batches of emails posted by WikiLeaks show Brazile gave Clinton advisers a heads up about questions the candidate might receive at CNN events during the primaries.” ~ Donna Brazile
  62. “Openness, transparency – these are among the few weapons the citizenry has to protect itself from the powerful and the corrupt… and that is the best thing that WikiLeaks has done.” ~ Michael Moore
  63. “Let’s face it: WikiLeaks exists because the mainstream media haven’t done their job.” ~ Jesse Ventura

  64. “It’s not coincidence that these attacks come at the exact same moment, and all together at the same time as WikiLeaks releases documents exposing the massive international corruption of the Hillary Clinton machine.” ~ Donald Trump
  65. “As a result of the Stratfor hack, some of the dangers of the unregulated private intelligence industry are now known. It has been revealed through Wikileaks and other journalists around the world that Stratfor maintained a worldwide network of informants that they used to engage in intrusive and possibly illegal surveillance activities on behalf of large multinational corporations.” ~ Jeremy Hammond

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