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Sanskrit language, (from Sanskrit saṃskṛta, “adorned, cultivated, purified”), an Old Indo-Aryan language in which the most ancient documents are the Vedas, composed in what is called Vedic Sanskrit. Although Vedic documents represent the dialects then found in the northern midlands of the Indian subcontinent and areas immediately east thereof, the very earliest texts—including the Rigveda (“The Veda Composed in Verses”), which scholars generally ascribe to approximately 1500 BCE—stem from the northwestern part of the subcontinent, the area of the ancient seven rivers (sapta sindhavaḥ). These motivational Sanskrit quotes will motivate you in life to achieve success.

Best Sanskrit Quotes

  1. “On the onset of the rainy season, Cuckoo does not sing (but remains silent). Because when there are distressing noises (croaking of the frogs), it is better to be silent (not to degrade your talent).​”
  2. “A wanderer (eventually) finds the path.​”
  3. “Even if a man has stead, clever, brave mind like the Meru mountain.
    Greed can damage him like grass in a matter of moments.”
  4. “May the well-being of all people be protected By the powerful and mighty leaders be with law and justice.
    May the success be with all divinity and scholars, May all (samastāḥ) the worlds (lokāḥ) become (bhavantu) happy (sukhino).​”
  5. “Uninterrupted practice of discrimination (between real and unreal)is the means to liberation and the cessation of ignorance.​”
  6. “Be compassionate and friendly to all living beings.​”

  7. “Whatever is seen among men (whether pleasure or pain) is born of Karma (actions). All creatures enjoy or suffer, as per their past actions.”
  8. “You are unconditioned and changeless, formless and immovable, unfathomable awareness and unperturbable, so hold on to nothing but consciousness.”
  9. “For every action, there should be a counteraction, for every blow a counterblow and by the same logic, for every kiss a counter-kiss.”
  10. “There are five signs of a fool; vanity, wicked conversation, anger, stubborn arguments, and a lack of respect for other people’s opinions.”
  11. sanskrit quotes about life
  12. “Extreme yearning should be avoided without rejecting desire itself. One should steadily enjoy self-earned wealth in moderation.​”
  13. “Giving, taking, revealing secrets and hearing them, eating and feeding – these six are the signs of love.​”
  14. “Earn with hundred hands and donate with thousand.​”
  15. “This too shall pass.”

  16. “The intelligence of a person who travels in different countries and associates with scholars expands, just as a drop of oil expands in water.​”
  17. “Everything that is in other’s control is painful. All that is in self-control is happiness. This is the definition of happiness and pain in short.​”
  18. “Those who intend to get work done cast themselves on the task with all possible speed, like a lion.​”
  19. “One who knows both, the material science as well as the spiritual science, transgresses fear of death by the former, i.e. by proper bodily and mental efforts, and attains salvation by the latter, i.e. by the purity of mind and soul.”
  20. “So long as the breath is restrained in the body, so long as the mind is undisturbed, and so long as the gaze is fixed between the eyebrows, there is no fear from Death.”
  21. “A king who governs the whole earth may not satisfied. But a hermit is definitely content for whom a piece of stone and gold are equal.​”
  22. Women are like flowers; they should be treated very tenderly. No action should be forced unless full faith is instilled in the wife’s heart towards the husband.​”
  23. “A little bit for yourself and everything for others!”

  24. “Great people never delay their duties.”
  25. “Hauling a rock to the top of the hill is incredibly difficult. But pushing it down is very easy. Similarly, one rises with good qualities but falls quickly due to a single misdeed.​”
  26. “Yoga is restraining the mind-stuff (Chitta) from taking various forms (Vrttis).​”
  27. “Just as a tender plant is easy to cut down, the same requires much more effort when fully grown. Likewise, any disease is manageable in the early stage; it becomes almost incurable when it grows.​”
  28. The wise should learn to accept wisdom from anybody, even from a child. Doesn’t the small night lamp light up things which the sun can not?​”
  29. “When the mind is in a stage of dullness, stimulate and awaken it. When the awakened mind thus becomes turbulent, calm it down. In the process, recognize the dirt that surfaced. When the mind reaches a state of equanimity, do not disturb it further.​”
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  31. “That which is not objected to is agreed to (silence gives consent).​”
  32. “What can you do in the fourth part of your life, when you have not gained knowledge in the first, money in the second, and merit in the third?​”
  33. “Quarrel, financial relations, begging, excessive talking, borrowing, and desire for competition – these are the reasons that break a friendship.​”
  34. “If the conscience feels guilty about an act, the act is a sin (of Tamasa quality).​”

  35. “Wealth remains on the earth, cattle in the cow-shed, wife inside the house, the relatives at the crematorium, and the body on the pyre, but on the way to the other world, it is one’s actions (Karma) that alone follows.​”
  36. “One should not regret what is past. One should only think of the present and future.”  ,Sanskrit Quotes On Past
  37. “Whose endeavors are preceded by a firm commitment, who does not take long rests before the task is accomplished, who does not waste time and who has control over his/her mind is wise.”
  38. “Adornment of a horse is in his speed and that of an elephant in his majestic gait like a drunken person.
    Women are adorned and appreciated for their skills and men for their industriousness and perseverance.”
  39. “The night will pass, the dawn will arrive, the sun will rise, and the lotus shall bloom again; thought the bee stuck in the lotus bud, oh, but, an elephant uprooted the lotus!​”
  40. “Nala is saying this to Damayanti: My tongue remained apathetic (silent) in both cases-detailed speech as well as useless speech. Succinct and firm (meaningful), these are the features of eloquent speech.​”
  41. “As is the mind, so is the speech; as is the speech so is the action.
    Of the good people there is uniformity in mind, speech and action.​”
  42. “The mischievous use their education for conflict, money for intoxication, and power for oppressing others. Honest ones use it for knowledge, charity, and protecting others, respectively.​”
  43. “One whose task is never hindered by cold, heat, fear, love, prosperity or lack of it, is really superior.”

  44. “Om, O Devas, may we, with our ears, hear what is auspicious.
    O (Devas who are) worthy of worship, may we, with our eyes see what is auspicious.
    May we spend the lifespan allotted by the Devas praying with a steady (healthy) body.​”
  45. “People of self-respect rather have death than humiliation. Fire dies out but never turns cold.​”  ,Sanskrit Quotes On Self-respect
  46. “People who are servants of desires are also servants of the whole world.
    For those to whom desire is a servant, the whole world also is a servant.​”

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