58 Pauly Shore Quotes On Success In Life

Paul Montgomery Shore is an American actor, comedian, and filmmaker best known for his roles in several comedy films in the 1990s. Shore began as a stand-up comedian at the age of 17, before becoming an MTV VJ in 1989. This led to a starring role in the comedy film Encino Man in 1992, which was a modest hit. Roles in other films followed, including Son in Law (1993) and BioDome (1996). These Pauly Shore quotes will motivate you.

Best Pauly Shore Quotes

  1. “I kind of was raised at The Comedy Store by comedians. When you see my dad on stage before me and then you see me, you’ll see where I got a lot of my stuff.” ~ Pauly Shore
  2. “Find something that you want to do when you’re 60. Find your passion. Your passion, your work, whatever it is that you want to do. Find something that you would do, even if you didn’t get paid. Whether it’s an art or whether is something that you’re passionate about.” ~ Pauly Shore
  3. “Whenever someone dies everyone says, I love that guy, except for Jeffrey Dahmer.” ~ Pauly Shore
  4. “Serious and intense people, they drain you. But someone who’s an idiot, like myself, they’re fun. You either hate me or you love me.” ~ Pauly Shore
  5. “I liked Evel Knievel, and that game Mouse Trap. That was pretty cool.” ~ Pauly Shore

  6. “I giggle when I put myself down. It’s just funny to me.” ~ Pauly Shore
  7. “Comedy wasn’t something I chose – it chose me.” ~ Pauly Shore
  8. “I want to do an ‘Extreme Makeover’ show. You know that MTV show ‘I Want To Have A Famous Face’? Well, I want to do a new show. I want to have a different famous face.” ~ Pauly Shore
  9. “I’m not used to getting good reviews.” ~ Pauly Shore

  10. “My mom is two people to me. She’s my mom number one, and then she’s this lady most comedians know as being a legendary owner of a nightclub that’s responsible for starting a lot of heavy careers.” ~ Pauly Shore
  11. “People in bigger towns are very aware of their surroundings. The people in the smaller markets, they will show up with flip-flops and shorts and just kind of already have a buzz on.” ~ Pauly Shore
  12. “When you’re a kid, all you really care about are Slurpees and Slip N Slide and riding your bike, and that’s what I did.” ~ Pauly Shore
  13. “My belief is guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” ~ Pauly Shore

  14. “I become friends with people in each city who can show me around. Like if someone came to Los Angeles they wouldn’t really know where to go, so they’d have to call me up and then I’d show them around.” ~ Pauly Shore
  15. “I want to have my face look like Brad Pitt. Then I’ll be with Jennifer Aniston and then Angelina Jolie. Then the real Brad Pitt will come in, and we’ll have a Brad Pitt face-off.” ~ Pauly Shore
  16. “I just want to kind of tackle every kind of form that exists in the comedy world; whether it be stand-up or hidden camera or parody. Kind of slap it in a movie with hip-hop artists and actors, comedians and girls. I just want to do something fun.” ~ Pauly Shore quotes
  17. “It’s in my blood to tour. It’s in my blood to get on the road. It’s in my blood to go onstage.” ~ Pauly Shore
  18. “Small towns seem to appreciate things a little bit more. They’re less jaded and they’re more kind of authentic and more themselves and they don’t care as much.” ~ Pauly Shore
  19. “That’s the biggest rule in Hollywood: Don’t spend your own money.” ~ Pauly Shore

  20. “You don’t have to be inspired by comedians. You have to be inspired by things that are real, whether it’s music, comedy…a movie – that should inspire you.” ~ Pauly Shore
  21. “My mom and dad are both in stand-up comedy, so that’s where I started, that’s where I got everything. My roots are holding the mic.” ~ Pauly Shore
  22. “I was one of the first veejays to take the camera out on location, and that’s what was unique about MTV at that time.” ~ Pauly Shore quotes
  23. “The MTV thing is the thing that I will always tip my hat to because that was like my acting class and how I got comfortable in front of a camera and how I kind of created my own thing.” ~ Pauly Shore
  24. “Few if any teenagers can relate to getting up for school and finding famous comics like Pryor and Williams hanging out in your living room after a hard night of partying. But that’s Hollywood.” ~ Pauly Shore
  25. “People should stop poking fun at other people and worry about themselves. The reality is that my movies all have made money.” ~ Pauly Shore

  26. “Even at my peak, I never went too over the top.” ~ Pauly Shore
  27. “I miss that process of getting the script and reading it and working on it. Every actor has their own way of memorizing their lines, and the whole process of starting to work with the other actors and the director, and doing rehearsals, and going to the location, and going through wardrobe.” ~ Pauly Shore
  28. “My 20s were a time where I made it; my 30s were when I was away, confused, and trying to figure it all out.” ~ Pauly Shore
  29. “I really don’t go out every night to red-carpet events.” ~ Pauly Shore
  30. “I think you gotta look at stuff half-full as opposed to half-empty.” ~ Pauly Shore

  31. “I’m definitely a lot more comfortable now in my 40s than in my 30s – that’s for sure.” ~ Pauly Shore
  32. “I miss working with great actors, working with great directors.” ~ Pauly Shore
  33. “I’m into politics – I’m interested in the election and how pissed off people get.” ~ Pauly Shore
  34. “I fly around with chicks on each arm and have no script. I just talk about what I feel like. But that’s why my act works: I’m like this normal guy.” ~ Pauly Shore
  35. “Everywhere I go, people know who I am.” ~ Pauly Shore

  36. “Well, the best part about stand-up is that you control everything. Period. When you work in movies, or on TV shows, there are 50 other people involved. And it’s hard, man. They brainwash you to think you’re doing the right thing.” ~ Pauly Shore
  37. “Physically, my character is stronger than him which is totally unrealistic, … Because in reality he can … kill me. I think it has a lot to do with (him being) the youngest of all of his brothers, and I think he got beat up a lot.” ~ Pauly Shore
  38. “Hollywood people don’t want to be embarrassed by being involved with someone who isn’t happening and cool at the time. But I never made the movies for the critics; I’ve done the best I could with the material and the directors and the actors I had. But the thing that’s really exciting is that once I do that one project that’s different, that stands out, everyone’s gonna be watching.” ~ Pauly Shore
  39. “Death isn’t a funny thing. We’re all lucky to be living.” ~ Pauly Shore
  40. “When you’re onstage, it’s important to try and feel some type of therapy in getting the material out, because then you don’t leave the stage so tired. If you’re onstage and you’re doing the same routine over and over, then it gets monotonous. You want to be able to try to get to the truth constantly, and I think the more you do that, the easier it is.” ~ Pauly Shore
  41. “Entourage” is a staple LA-based show and people say it’s pretty real and I thought it was. It’s an exaggeration of the truth.” ~ Pauly Shore
  42. “I remember taking mushrooms at the wrap party, it was like the first and last time I took that.” ~ Pauly Shore

  43. “I never got into The Jetsons too much.” ~ Pauly Shore
  44. “I’m Jewish. I’ve always had a thing where it’s okay to dance with the devil, just don’t become the devil.” ~ Pauly Shore
  45. “You’d think when you saw my old MTV stuff that I was always drunk and high and all that stuff. I wasn’t.” ~ Pauly Shore
  46. “There’s a lot of people out there who didn’t like my style of comedy.” ~ Pauly Shore
  47. “You have to go away to come back. That’s just normal. That’s with bands, actors, comedians, everything.” ~ Pauly Shore
  48. Sesame Street… I think they were all high. With Big Bird, they had to” be high.” ~ Pauly Shore

  49. “My life’s like a big tour. It’s cool, I’m still semi-young. I’m not too old yet where it’s like, “I hate the road!” As long as I’m not anywhere for too long. I like to keep moving.” ~ Pauly Shore
  50. “All these kids in Hollywood, the people born and raised out here, their parents are all in show business, and that’s why I think we’re good. That’s why we’re on top of the game now because we were born in it.” ~ Pauly Shore
  51. “I want to show all sides of myself. I mean, I don’t want to howl at the moon my whole life, you know?” ~ Pauly Shore
  52. “There’s nothing wrong with being a pretty girl, because you want to be, desirable. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you should have a plan B even if that is getting pregnant by a rich dude.” ~ Pauly Shore
  53. “I think as a standup performer you have to feel the audience. So the audience kind of dictates what they get, you know?” ~ Pauly Shore
  54. “The Comedy Store attracts all types of people, growing up I was able to meet them all.” ~ Pauly Shore
  55. “Son-In-Law was kind of my crossover. It was the movie that brought me out of the MTV audience into the mainstream.” ~ Pauly Shore

  56. “As an artist, what you do is you put out material constantly. Whether it’s films, or TV shows, music… and you know, you hope people respond to it. You always have to know, as well, that not everybody’s gonna like it. And that’s okay. It’s not for everyone. It’s just for the crusty nugs.” ~ Pauly Shore
  57. “When I shot the movie, I wasn’t gonna think about anything except for being the biggest knucklehead in the world.” ~ Pauly Shore
  58. “America’s Most Wanted? I love it when there’s a guy in the back seat pounding his head on the plexiglas. That to me is the best.” ~ Pauly Shore

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