45 Motivational Eddie Vedder Quotes For Success

Eddie Jerome Vedder is an American musician, multi-instrumentalist, and singer-songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist, one of three guitarists, and the lyricist of the American rock band Pearl Jam. Eddie is known for his powerful baritone vocals. These Eddie Vedder quotes will motivate you.

Best Eddie Vedder Quotes

  1. “It’s the ones without scars – those are the people you have to watch out for.” ~ Eddie Vedder
  2. “I know I was born and I know that I’ll die…
    The in-between is mine.
    I Am Mine” ~ Eddie Vedder
  3. “I think music is the greatest art form that exists, and I think people listen to music for different reasons, and it serves different purposes. Some of it is background music, and some of it is things that might affect a person’s day, if not their life, or change an attitude. The best songs are the ones that make you feel something.” ~ Eddie Vedder
  4. “The smallest oceans still make big waves.” ~ Eddie Vedder

  5. “You don’t love me. If you really knew me, you wouldn’t love me. You love who you think I am. And don’t pretend that you know me. Because I don’t even know myself.” ~ Eddie Vedder
  6. “I knew all the rules but the rules did not know me.” ~ Eddie Vedder
  7. “Life moves fast. As much as you can learn from your history, you have to move forward.” ~ Eddie Vedder
  8. “It’s saying, just stop, and be together. Don’t talk now, just breathe and feel each other’s presence.” ~ Eddie Vedder
  9. “Music’s at its best when it has a purpose.” ~ Eddie Vedder, Eddie Vedder quotes on music
  10. “It’s a song about first relationships and letting go. It’s very rare for a relationship to withstand the Earth’s gravitational pull and where it’s going to take people and how they’re going to grow. I’ve heard it said that you can’t really have a true love unless it was a love unrequited. It’s a harsh one, because then your truest one is the one you can’t have forever.” ~ Eddie Vedder
  11. “You kill yourself and you make a big old sacrifice and try to get your revenge. That all you’re gonna end up with is a paragraph in a newspaper. In the end, it does nothing. Nothing changes. The world goes on and you’re gone. The best revenge is to live on and prove yourself.” ~ Eddie Vedder
  12. “The love received is the love that is saved.” ~ Eddie Vedder

  13. “Music saved me; I mean, my upbringing was like a hurricane, and the music was the tree I held onto.” ~ Eddie Vedder
  14. “It’s an art to live with pain… mix the light into gray.” ~ Eddie Vedder
  15. “I’ll ride the wave, where it takes me!” ~ Eddie Vedder
  16. “He who forgets will be destined to remember.” ~ Eddie Vedder
  17. “I’m optimistic yet disillusioned, hopeful yet frustrated.” ~ Eddie Vedder
  18. “If you’re anti-war it doesn’t mean you are ‘Pro’ one side or the other in a conflict. However, it does make you ‘Pro’ many things Pro-Peace, Pro-Human, Pro-Evolution, it makes you Pro-Communication, Pro-Diplomacy, Pro-Love, Pro-Understanding, Pro-Forgiveness.” ~ Eddie Vedder
  19. “It’s a mystery to me;
    We have a greed, with which we have agreed.
    You think you have to want more than you need.
    Until you have it all, you won’t be free.” ~ Eddie Vedder
  20. “The sorrow grows bigger when the sorrow’s denied.” ~ Eddie Vedder

  21. “I get really worried, like if they say, ‘Take vocal lessons,’ or something because it’s kind of like I used to really love to draw when I was a kid and then I took like an art class – because everyone said, ‘Oh, you’re so good, you should take a class and maybe you can be really good,’ and then I went to the class and then they showed me how to use a ruler and perspective and all this stuff and it totally made me not want to do it at all.” ~ Eddie Vedder
  22. “I’ve got my indignation but I’m pure in all my thoughts.” ~ Eddie Vedder Quotes
  23. “I’m probably never happier than when I’m by myself in the water. What I’ve worked and sacrificed for is not to be on stage playing music but to surf in some secluded place. It’s a grounding element. Waves don’t care who you are.” ~ Eddie Vedder
  24. “Darkness comes in waves…tell me, why invite it to stay?” ~ Eddie Vedder

  25. “Before music videos first came out, you’d listen to a song with headphones on, sitting in a beanbag chair with your eyes closed, and you’d come up with your own visions, these things that came from within. Then all of a sudden, sometimes even the very first time you heard a song, it was with these visual images attached, and it robbed you of any form of self-expression.” ~ Eddie Vedder
  26. “Every time I see the Spice Girls, it makes me want to try to fly by
    climbing my roof and strapping bricks to my shoes.” ~ Eddie Vedder
  27. “The best revenge is to live on and prove yourself.” ~ Eddie Vedder

  28. “It’s a mystery to me We have a greed with which we have agreed You think you have to want more than you need Until you have it all you won’t be free When you want more than you have You think you need And when you think more than you want Your thoughts begin to bleed I think I need to find a bigger place ‘Cause when you have more than you think You need more space Society, you’re a crazy breed I hope you’re not lonely without me Society, crazy and deep I hope you’re not lonely without me” ~ Eddie Vedder
  29. “I remember sitting in this pool hall with Stone and Chris and we watched – this really old, really classic pool hall – and we were sitting there and it was really rainy out and George Bush came on and started telling us about the [Gulf] war and that we were going and, and the whole thing, and there’s part of that in it, when we talk about “I don’t question our existence / I just question, our modern needs.” ~ Eddie Vedder
  30. “Dream the dreams of other men, you’ll be no one’s rival.” ~ Eddie Vedder

  31. “Sometimes, whether you like it or not, people elevate you. It’s real easy to fall.” ~ Eddie Vedder
  32. “Society, you’re a crazy breed.” ~ Eddie Vedder
  33. “When you’re out in the desert, you can’t believe the amount of stars. Are you busy as a bee? Do not even have time for fun? Do your friends advise you to buy an essay writing example? Do not hesitate! Come after the advice of clever men and make the correct choice! We’ve sent mechanisms out there, and they haven’t found anything. They’ve found different colors of sand, and rings, and gasses, but nobody’s shown me anything that makes me feel secure in what happens afterward. All I really believe in is this moment, like right now.” ~ Eddie Vedder
  34. “If he can’t sleep, how will he ever dream?” ~ Eddie Vedder

  35. “I change by not changing at all” ~ Eddie Vedder
  36. “I wish I was the verb ‘to trust’ and never let you down.” ~ Eddie Vedder
  37. “I had a long talk with Bruce Springsteen on a rooftop during the Vote for Change tour (in 2004). And it boiled down to this: That guy you used to be, he’s still in the car. He’ll always be in the car. Just don’t let him drive. He might be shouting out directions. But whatever you do, don’t let him get behind the wheel.” ~ Eddie Vedder
  38. “Do you force your kids to pay attention to what’s going on, or do you let them live their lives outside of it? My hope is that my child is a strong activist. That would make me most proud.” ~ Eddie Vedder
  39. “I would do anything to be around music.
    You don’t even have to pay me.” ~ Eddie Vedder
  40. “Yeah, we’ll play that. You want fries with that?” ~ Eddie Vedder

  41. “Sometimes I hear news about the huge dollars involved with CEO pay and corporate-management salaries, and I’m mystified at how someone can justify taking that much at the cost of other people’s livelihoods. In a bizarre way, I’m almost kind of curious, like “How can they absolve themselves and enjoy their wealth?” I don’t understand it.” ~ Eddie Vedder
  42. “Sure as I am breathing, sure as I’m sad I’ll keep this wisdom in my flesh I leave here believing more than I had This love has got no ceiling.” ~ Eddie Vedder
  43. “I’ve been writing and collecting songs on the ukulele for at least 10 years, so it was time to clear them out of the apartment building and make room for some new occupants. I need to make room for the bassoon record.” ~ Eddie Vedder

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