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These Java quotes will inspire you. Java is a general-purpose computer programming language designed to produce programs that will run on any computer system.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging Java quotes, Java sayings, and Java proverbs.

Famous Java Quotes

  1. “After all, C++ isn’t a perfect match for Java’s design aims either.” ~ Bjarne Stroustrup
  2. “Java is C++ without the guns, clubs and knives.” ~ James Gosling
  3. “However, when Java is promoted as the sole programming language, its flaws and limitations become serious.” ~ Bjarne Stroustrup , Java quotes programming
  4. “If you’re talking about Java in particular, Python is about the best fit you can get amongst all the other languages. Yet the funny thing is, from a language point of view, JavaScript has a lot in common with Python, but it is sort of a restricted subset.” ~ Guido van Rossum
  5. “Java development without a little heresy would be a dull place, and a dangerous one.” ~ Bruce Tate

  6. “I fear – as far as I can tell – that most undergraduate degrees in computer science these days are basically Java vocational training. I’ve heard complaints from even mighty Stanford University with its illustrious faculty that basically the undergraduate computer science program is little more than Java certification.” ~ Alan Kay
  7. “If Java had true garbage collection, most programs would delete themselves upon execution.” ~ Robert Sewell
  8. “This evolution may compromise Java’s claim of being simpler than C++, but my guess is that the effort will make Java a better language than it is today.” ~ Bjarne Stroustrup
  9. “Now, it’s my belief that Python is a lot easier than to teach to students programming and teach them C or C++ or Java at the same time because all the details of the languages are so much harder. Other scripting languages really don’t work very well there either.” ~ Guido van Rossum
  10. “While Microsoft does not share all of Oracle’s ambitions for Java, we agree that it is a very valuable tool for software developers.” ~ Bill Gates

  11. “Mark Hammond is working in this area, with Windows Scripting Host. It is definitely an area where Python fits almost perfectly. That’s quite independent from Java, actually.” ~ Guido van Rossum
  12. “C++ and Java, say, are presumably growing faster than plain C, but I bet C will still be around.” ~ Dennis Ritchie
  13. “I’m just an observer of Java, and where Microsoft wants to go with C# is too early to tell.” ~ Dennis Ritchie
  14. “In my daily work, I work on very large, complex, distributed systems built out of many Python modules and packages. The focus is very similar to what you find, for example, in Java and, in general, in systems programming languages.” ~ Guido van Rossum
  15. “I was interested in Java the beginning, but the problem with Java is you do have to switch your platform.” ~ Miguel de Icaza

  16. “If the pros at Sun had had a chance to fix Java, the world would be a much more pleasant place. This is not secret knowledge. It’s just secret to this pop culture.” ~ Alan Kay
  17. “Sun Microsystems had the right people to make Java into a first-class language, and I believe it was the Sun marketing people who rushed the thing out before it should have gotten out.” ~ Alan Kay
  18. “A class, in Java, is where we teach objects how to behave.” ~ Richard E. Pattis
  19. “I think it would be a tragic statement of the universe if Java was the last language that swept through.” ~ James Gosling

  20. “after an epic search, I finally found something neither green nor fuzzy. It was a hot sausage link. I named it Peter, mostly because it seemed like the right thing to do. As soon as my java was piping hot I popped him into the microwave. hopefully the radioactive environment would sterilize Peter. No need to have little Peters running around, wreaking havoc.” ~ Darynda Jones
  21. “All of us who attended the meeting – including Microsoft – unanimously agreed that unilaterally extending the Java programming language would hurt compatibility among Java tools and programs, would injure other tools vendors and would damage customers’ ability to run a Java-based software product on whatever platform they wished.” ~ James Gosling
  22. “When you write a program for Android, you use the Oracle Java tools for everything, and at the very end, you push a button and say, Convert this to Android format.” ~ Larry Ellison
  23. “In the vast archipelago of the east, where Borneo and Java and Sumatra lie, and the Molucca Islands, and the Philippines, the sea is often fanned only by the land and sea breezes, and is like a smooth bed, on which these islands seem to sleep in bliss,–islands in which the spice and perfume gardens of the world are embowered, and where the bird of paradise has its home, and the golden pheasant, and a hundred others of brilliant plumage, whose flight is among thickets so luxuriant, and scenery so picturesque, that European strangers find there the fairy land of their youthful dreams.” ~ Frederick Marryat
  24. “I did write some code in Java once, but that was the island in Indonesia.” ~ Richard Stallman

  25. “When you choose a language, youre also choosing a community. The programmers youll be able to hire to work on a Java project wont be as smart as the ones you could get to work on a project written in Python. And the quality of your hackers probably matters more than the language you choose. Though, frankly, the fact that good hackers prefer Python to Java should tell you something about the relative merits of those languages.” ~ Philip Greenspun
  26. “The book the Ziff folks sent me as an example of their art was ‘Late Night VRML 2.0 with Java,’ 700 pages + CD-ROM, published February 1997. I was personally acquainted with more movie stars than people who might conceivably have wanted to buy this book or any book like it.” ~ Philip Greenspun
  27. “I love coffee, I love tea, I love the Java Jive, and it loves me. Coffee and tea and the Java and me, A cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup.” ~ Ben Oakland
  28. “If I were to pick a language to use today other than Java, it would be Scala” ~ James Gosling
  29. “Java and C++ make you think that the new ideas are like the old ones. Java is the most distressing thing to hit computing since MS-DOS.” ~ Alan Kay

  30. “In fact, in the history of a lot of cultures there is a theater. For example, there are the theaters in Java, [Indonesia] and of that area where they use puppets and they have backgrounds and shadows.” ~ Michelle Stuart
  31. “The savage, rocky shores of Christmas Island, 200 miles south of Java, in the Indian Ocean. It’s November, the moon is in its third quarter, and the sun is just setting. In a few hours from now, on this very shore, a thousand million lives will be launched.” ~ David Attenborough
  32. “Travelers describe a tree in the island of Java whose pestiferous exhalations blight every tiny blade of grass within the compass of its shade. So it is with despotism.” ~ Giovanni Ruffini
  33. “C is declining somewhat in usage compared to C++, and maybe Java, but perhaps even more compared to higher-level scripting languages. It’s still fairly strong for the basic system-type things.” ~ Dennis Ritchie
  34. “I fear – as far as I can tell – that most undergraduate degrees in computer science these days are basically Java vocational training.” ~ Alan Kay

  35. “I believe strongly that a group’s potential is eventually limited by the strength of its leadership. I’m an outsider, but it still looks to me like the leadership in the Java w orld is Fouled Up Beyond ALL Recognition. Java ISVs don’t know whether to listen to Mom or Dad. Everybody knows IBM should just buy Sun and clean up the mess. When are they going to do it?” ~ Eric Sink
  36. “If Sun were to hand the management of Java over to a committee of monkeys, would it be more successful?” ~ Eric Sink
  37. “If he were allowed contact with foreigners he would discover that they are creatures similar to himself and that most of what he has been told about them is lies. The sealed world in which he lives would be broken, and the fear, hatred and self-righteousness on which his morale depends might evaporate.” ~ George Orwell
  38. “In the Java world, security is not viewed as an add-on a feature. It is a pervasive way of thinking. Those who forget to think in a secure mindset end up in trouble. But just because the facilities are there doesn’t mean that security is assured automatically. A set of standard practices has evolved over the years. The Secure Coding Standard for Java is a compendium of these practices. These are not theoretical research papers or product marketing blurbs. This is all serious, mission-critical, battle-tested, enterprise-scale stuff.” ~ James Gosling
  39. “Java is like a variant of the game of Tetris in which none of the pieces can fill gaps created by the other pieces, so all you can do is pile them up endlessly.” ~ Steve Yegge

  40. “I think Unix is a great system – especially for running data centers – because it is very mature, very reliable, very scalable. But when I want to go out and populate small devices, I think Java.” ~ Bill Joy
  41. “In the Java Sea in Indonesia, I have seen fishers going out in the morning, six of them going out and coming back with five pounds of fish. That is the end point, a pound of fish per person per day to sell for rice. That’s where fisheries go if you let it happen. That’s where it stabilizes. These people cannot feed their families.” ~ Daniel Pauly
  42. “The most spectacular UFO incident in Indonesia occurred when during the height of President Sukarno’s confrontation against Malaysia, UFOs penetrated a well-defended area in Java for two weeks at a stretch, and each time were welcomed with perhaps the heaviest anti-aircraft barrage in history.” ~ Cael Sanderson
  43. “Coffee comes in five descending stages: Coffee, Java, Jamoke, Joe, and Carbon Remover.” ~ Robert A. Heinlein

  44. “(In response to Java) Anybody who thinks a little 9,000-line program that’s distributed free and can be cloned by anyone is going to affect anything we do at Microsoft has his head screwed on wrong.” ~ Bill Gates
  45. “It is said in Java that the tiger’s hearing is so acute that hunters must keep their nose hairs cut lest the tiger hear the breath whistle through their nostrils.” ~ Peter Matthiessen
  46. “I need some Starbucks. What about you? (Cassandra) Always game for java. Give me ground-up beans or give me death. (Katra)” ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
  47. “The battle with Men Who Explain Things has trampled down many women – of my generation, of the up-and-coming generation we need so badly, here and in Pakistan and Bolivia and Java, not to speak of the countless women who came before me and were not allowed into the laboratory, or the library, or the conversation, or the revolution, or even the category called human.” ~ Rebecca Solnit
  48. “Java isn’t platform independent; it is a platform” ~ Bjarne Stroustrup

  49. “People who were also traders were also men of Sufism, as we see around Java, people who were outwardly trading but were also men of very high spiritual character. Otherwise no trader would be able to convert a person from one religion to another. It was because they were men of spiritual character.” ~ Seyyed Hossein Nasr
  50. “Sitting in my favorite coffeehouse with a new notebook and a hot cup of java is my idea of Heaven.” ~ Libba Bray

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