65 Barefoot Quotes On Success In Life

These Barefoot quotes will inspire you. Barefoot is the most common term for the state of not wearing any footwear.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, knowledgeable, and encouraging Barefoot quotes, Barefoot sayings, and Barefoot proverbs.

Best Barefoot Quotes

  1. “You learn a lot when you’re barefoot. The first thing is every step you take is different.” ~ Michael Franti
  2. “I was born to catch dragons in their dens
    And pick flowers
    To tell tales and laugh away the morning
    To drift and dream like a lazy stream
    And walk barefoot across sunshine days.” ~ James Kavanaugh
  3. “Barefoot travel allows you to get the true feel of a place.” ~ Sabrina Ward Harrison
  4. “And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” ~ Khalil Gibran

  5. “It is important that students bring a certain ragamuffin, barefoot irreverence to their studies; they are not here to worship what is known, but to question it.” ~ Jacob Bronowski
  6. “A simple life is good with me. I don’t need a whole lot. For me, a T-shirt, a pair of shorts, barefoot on a beach and I’m happy.” ~ Yanni , Beach barefoot quotes
  7. “In a beautiful morning, walking barefoot to the work through the green fields with the company of the singing birds… and there you shall meet the real happiness!” ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan , Walking barefoot quotes
  8. “But tomorrow, dawn will come the way I picture her, barefoot and disheveled, standing outside my window in one of the fragile cotton dresses of the poor. She will look in at me with her thin arms extended, offering a handful of birdsong and a small cup of light.” ~ Billy Collins
  9. “If I had my life to live over again, I’d run barefoot, relax a bit more, I’d talk more to children, and I’d learn how they laugh.” ~ Amy Grant

  10. “When someone deeply listens to you, your bare feet are on the earth, and a beloved land that seemed distant is now at home within you.” ~ John Fox
  11. “Gravity is measured by the bottom of the foot; we trace the density and texture of the ground through our soles. Standing barefoot on a smooth glacial rock by the sea at sunset, and sensing the warmth of the sun-heated stone through one’s soles, is an extraordinarily healing experience, making one part of the eternal cycle of nature. One senses the slow breathing of the earth.” ~ Juhani Pallasmaa
  12. “go barefoot
    and be warm
    all the time
    not only when you go to bed
    and sleep” ~ Nikki Giovanni
  13. “Some women have a weakness for shoes… I can go barefoot if necessary. I have a weakness for books.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

  14. “Hee that goes barefoot, must not plant thorns.” ~ George Herbert
  15. “Being naked approaches being revolutionary; going barefoot is mere populism.” ~ John Updike
  16. “You may like walking barefoot, but keep your shoes with you; you may need it when the ground changes!” ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
  17. “To the barefoot man, happiness is a pair of shoes. To the man with old shoes, it’s a pair of new shoes. To the man with new shoes, it’s stylish shoes. And of course, the fellow with no feet would be happy to be barefoot. Measure your life by what you have not by what you don’t.” ~ Michael Josephson
  18. “I just kick off my shoes, walk around barefoot, I don’t care if my feet get dirty.” ~ Christina Aguilera

  19. “The best treatment for feet encased in shoes all day is to go barefoot. One-fifth of the world’s population never wears shoes – ever! But when people who usually go barefoot usually wear shoes, their feet begin to suffer. As often as possible, walk barefoot on the beach, in your yard, or at least around the house. Walking in the grass or sand massages your feet, strengthens your muscles, and feels very relaxing…If you can cut back on wearing shoes by 30 percent, you will save wear and tear on your feet and extend the life of your shoes.” ~ Stephanie Tourles
  20. “Do you love this world? Do you cherish your humble and silky life? Do you adore the green grass, with its terror beneath? Do you also hurry, half-dressed and barefoot, into the garden, and softly, and exclaiming of their dearness, fill your arms with the white and pink flowers, with their honeyed heaviness, their lush trembling, their eagerness to be wild and perfect for a moment, before they are nothing, forever?” ~ Mary Oliver , Life is good barefoot quotes
  21. “He that scatters thorns, let him not go barefoot.” ~ Benjamin Franklin
  22. “Barefoot or first thing in the morning, I feel beautiful. I didn’t always feel that way, but I feel that way now. When somebody loves you, and when you make somebody else happy, when your presence seems to make them happy, you suddenly feel like the most beautiful person in the world.” ~ Angelina Jolie
  23. “Sensuality does not understand why everyone else is so disturbed by her. As a young girl, she was often scolded for going barefoot.” ~ J. Ruth Gendler

  24. “The girl was lighter without her heart. She danced barefoot on the hot roads, and her feet were not cut by the glass or stones that studded her way. She spoke to the dead whenever they visited her. She tried to be kind, but they realized that they no longer had anything in common with her, and she realized it, too. So they went their separate ways.” ~ Helen Oyeyemi
  25. “You can be barefoot and have worries.” ~ Brigitte Bardot
  26. “I’ve decided that if I had my life to live over again, I would not only climb more mountains, swim more rivers, and watch more sunsets; I wouldn’t only jettison my hot water bottle, raincoat, umbrella, parachute, and raft; I would not only go barefoot earlier in the spring and stay out later in the fall, but I would devote not one more minute to monitoring my spiritual growth. No, not one.” ~ Brennan Manning
  27. “I long for You so much
    I follow barefoot Your frozen tracks
    That are high in the mountains
    That I know are years old.
    I long for You so much
    I have even begun to travel
    Where I have never been before.” ~ Hafez
  28. “I no longer run barefoot.” ~ Zola Budd

  29. “A true artist will let his wife starve, his children go barefoot, his mother drudge for his living at seventy, sooner than work at anything but his art.” ~ George Bernard Shaw
  30. “Better a barefoot than none.” ~ George Herbert
  31. “Why do some people have to go barefoot so that others can drive luxury cars? Why are some people able to live only 35 years in order that others can live 70 years? Why do some people have to be miserably poor in order that others can be extravagantly rich? I speak for all the children in the world who don’t even have a piece of bread.” ~ Fidel Castro
  32. “When I wrote ‘Barefoot in Paris,’ I wanted to make simple recipes that you could make at home that tasted like French classics.” ~ Ina Garten

  33. “I know a lady in Venice would have walked barefoot to Palestine for a touch of his nether lip” ~ William Shakespeare
  34. “Coming from a farming background, I saw nothing out of the ordinary in running barefoot, although it seemed to startle the rest of the athletics world. I have always enjoyed going barefoot and when I was growing up I seldom wore shoes, even when I went into town.” ~ Zola Budd
  35. “It was easy to run around barefoot in oblivion in Costa Rica. But once I gave birth to my child, I didn’t want to be oblivious to the obvious.” ~ Carolyn Murphy
  36. “I was a barefoot earth child for a couple of years.” ~ Isabel Lucas

  37. “I want to go barefoot because it’s holy ground; I want to be running because time is short and none of us has as much runway as we think we do, and I want it to be a fight because that’s where we can make a difference. That’s what love does.” ~ Bob Goff
  38. “My parents were extreme left so everything was against the system. I was walking barefoot in the streets of Paris when I was eight. When I started to DJ they hated it, because for them, nightclubs, and all of this life, was terrible and fake.” ~ David Guetta
  39. “In my everyday life, I just wear jeans, t-shirts, and trainers – if I can go barefoot, that’s even better. But for the events I have a stylist, and in two hours we have selected a whole outfit.” ~ Penelope Cruz
  40. “When you go to Africa, and you see children, they’re usually barefoot, dirty and in rags, and they’d love to go to school.” ~ Annie Lennox

  41. “Stop it. This is serious! (Selena) Serious? Please. I’m standing out here on my twenty-ninth birthday, barefoot and in jeans my mother would burn, holding a stupid book to my chest in an effort to summon a Greek love slave from the great beyond. (Grace)” ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
  42. “Do not let the bread of the hungry mildew in your larder! Do not let moths eat the poor man’s cloak. Do not store the shoes of the barefoot. Do not hoard the money of the needy. Things you possess in too great abundance belong to the poor and not to you. You are the thief who steals from God if you are able to help your neighbor and refuse to do it.” ~ Christine de Pizan
  43. “Being barefoot makes me feel vulnerable.” ~ Kelly Stables
  44. “Walking is the number one exercise for your feet as well as your body. Barefoot walking is the ideal.” ~ Stephanie Tourles

  45. “Saw you walking barefoot taking a long look at the new moon’s eyelid later spread sleep-fallen, naked in your dark hair asleep but not oblivious of the unslept unsleeping elsewhere Tonight I think no poetry will serve Syntax of rendition: verb pilots the plane adverb modifies action verb force-feeds noun submerges the subject noun is choking verb disgraced goes on doing now diagram the sentence” ~ Adrienne Rich
  46. “Now I’m way into suits that I can put on whether I took a shower or not, and wear barefoot and paint my toes black or whatever color the suit is. It’s very cool to wear suits like that. Roll up the sleeves and just say yee-haw.” ~ Steven Tyler
  47. “Rapunzel is a bit more relatable than the other princesses, especially because she doesn’t even know that she’s a princess until the very end of the movie. I like to think of her as the bohemian Disney princess. She’s barefoot and living in a tower. She paints and reads… She’s a Renaissance woman.” ~ Mandy Moore
  48. “You know you’re old when someone compliments you on your alligator shoes, and you’re barefoot.” ~ Phyllis Diller

  49. “When I had no shoes I was comfortable – I used to run barefoot. When I wore shoes it was difficult. To run in shoes was ok, but at the beginning of my career it was hard.” ~ Haile Gebrselassie
  50. “I’ve lived in the Hamptons since 1978 when I first bought my store, Barefoot Contessa.” ~ Ina Garten
  51. “For that moment, at least, all our doors and windows were wide open; we were not carefully shutting out God’s purifying light, in order to feel safe and secure; we were bathed in the same light that burned and yet did not consume the bush. We walked barefoot on holy ground.” ~ Madeleine L’Engle
  52. “I wanted the world to know that my country Ethiopia has always won with determination and heroism.” ~ Abebe Bikila

  53. “Not bombs nor my broken heart can take away from me walking barefoot with you in jasmine June through the Field of Mars.” ~ Paullina Simons
  54. “Death comes to me again, a girl in a cotton slip, barefoot, giggling. It’s not so terrible she tells me, not like you think, all darkness and silence. There are wind chimes and the smell of lemons, some days it rains, but more often the air is dry and sweet. I sit beneath the staircase built from hair and bone and listen to the voices of the living. I like it, she says, shaking the dust from her hair, especially when they fight, and when they sing.” ~ Dorianne Laux
  55. “She padded toward Han, barefoot, like a faerie startled out of a forest bower, bewitching mix of clan and flatland beauty.” ~ Cinda Williams Chima
  56. “There is a vast deal of make-believe in the carefully nurtured sentiment for country life, and the barefoot boy, and the mountain girl.” ~ Agnes Repplier
  57. “If arrogance were shoes, he’d never go barefoot.” ~ Tamora Pierce

  58. “I think the perception of me can be, you know, confused. But that’s only because people only see that side of me when Im at work, in front of the camera. So they don’t see Miranda at home; they don’t see behind the scenes. They see the glamour of it all but they don’t see Miranda standing barefoot in a dirty old house.” ~ Miranda Kerr
  59. “I think in L.A. everybody has a really cool flare, trendy style here. I think I kinda adapt be it I’m a little more trendy in L.A. Somewhere in New York, I could literally sit at a café and have a cappuccino and watch people walk by and it’s like a fashion show to me. Compared to somewhere like Miami where I literally wear beachwear all day and I can walk around barefoot. My style is consistent. It may bend a little bit according to cities, but that’s about it.” ~ Kelly Rowland
  60. “Everyone who ever walked barefoot into his child’s room late at night hates Legos.” ~ Tony Kornheiser

  61. “Daughter of Time, the hypocrite Days,
    Muffled and dumb like barefoot dervishes,
    And marching single in an endless file,
    Bring diadems and fagots in their hands;
    To each, they offer gifts after his will,
    Bread, kingdom, stars, and sky that holds them all;
    I, in my pleached garden, watched the pomp
    Forgot my morning wishes, hastily
    Took a few herbs and apples, and the Day
    Turned and departed silent. I too late
    Under her solemn fillet saw the scorn.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
  62. “It was an actual Christmas tree farm. We had, like, 15 acres. It was really fun as a kid. I also spent my summers at the Jersey Shore, on the bay in Stone Harbor. I walked everywhere barefoot. It was just the most amazing, magical way to grow up.” ~ Taylor Swift
  63. “Who waiteth for dead man’s shoes will go long barefoot.” ~ John Heywood

  64. “I lived an idyllic ‘Huckleberry Finn’ life in a tiny town. Climbing trees. Tagging after brothers. Happy. Barefoot on my pony. It was ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’-esque.” ~ Sissy Spacek
  65. “Had I not had my grandmother, who dared to be my rainbow in the clouds, I would have been just another sexually abused barefoot black girl on the roads of Arkansas.” ~ Maya Angelou

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