Inspirational Finish Line Quotes On Success In Life

These finish line quotes will inspire you. The finish line is a line marking the end of a race.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging finish line quotes, finish line sayings, and finish line proverbs.

Best Finish Line Quotes

  1. “Winning does not always mean coming in first…real victory is in arriving at the finish line with no regrets because you know you’ve gone all out.” ~ Apolo Ohno
  2. “Keep your eyes on the finish line and not on the turmoil around you.” ~ Rihanna
  3. “It is not how you start the race or where you are during the race-it is how you cross the finish line that will matter.” ~ Robert D. Hales
  4. “If I’d had some set idea of a finish line, don’t you think I would have crossed it years ago?” ~ Bill Gates

  5. “Remember: You’ll be left with an empty feeling if you hit the finish line alone. When you run a race as a team, though, you’ll discover that much of the reward comes from hitting the tape together. You want to be surrounded not just by cheering onlookers but by a crowd of winners, celebrating as one.” ~ Howard Schultz
  6. “A goal is a dream with a finish line.” ~ Duke Ellington
  7. “For everyone who thought I couldn’t do it… for everyone who thought I shouldn’t do it… for everyone who said, ‘It’s impossible’… see you at the finish line!” ~ Christopher Reeve
  8. “Resistance is greatest just before the finish line.” ~ Steven Pressfield

  9. “There are times when you run a marathon and you wonder, Why am I doing this? But you take a drink of water, and around the next bend, you get your wind back, remember the finish line, and keep going.” ~ Steve Jobs
  10. “I realize something. That wasn’t a finish line for me…This is my new starting line.” ~ Wendelin Van Draanen
  11. “Leaders need to remember that the point of leading is not to cross the finish line first. It’s to take people across the finish line with you. For that reason, leaders must deliberately slow their pace, stay connected to their people, enlist others to help fulfill the vision, and keep people going. You can’t do that if you’re running too far ahead of your people.” ~ John C. Maxwell
  12. “To get to the finish line, you’ll have to try lots of different paths.” ~ Amby Burfoot

  13. “Crossing the starting line may be an act of courage, but crossing the finish line is an act of faith. Faith is what kepes us going when nothing else will. Faith is the emotion that will give you victory over your past, the demons in your soul, & all of those voices that tell you what you can & cannot do & can & cannot be.” ~ John Bingham
  14. “There is no finish line. When you reach one goal, find a new one.” ~ Chuck Norris , No finish line quotes
  15. “Your spirit is the duster of any spider web. Behind every finish line, there is a start one. Behind every success, there is another challenge. While you are alive, be alive. If you miss what you once did, do it again. Don’t live in yellow photos… Continue although everyone expects you to give up. Don’t let oxide the iron that is inside you. Do that instead of pity, and they will respect you. When because of years you cannot run, jog. When you cannot jog, walk. When you cannot walk, use a cane. But never stop!” ~ Mother Teresa
  16. “Here is the start, there is the finish line. Between that, you have to run.” ~ Jeff Galloway

  17. “People who consistently win have a clear and thoughtful strategy. They know what they need to do and when they need to do it. They write it down so they stay on course, and avoid any alternative that does not get them closer to the finish line.” ~ Phil McGraw
  18. “When you cross the finish line, it will change your life forever” ~ Dick Beardsley
  19. “Why is it that the finish line always tends to appear just after the point at which we most want to give up? is it the universe’s way of reserving the best for those who can give the most? What I do know, from nature, is that the dawn only appears after the darkest hour.” ~ Bear Grylls
  20. “Success is empty if you arrive at the finish line alone.” ~ Howard Schultz

  21. “You have got to decide, look, this is who I am; this is my best way to present myself, and I’m going to ride that horse to the finish line. Not everybody will like it, but that’s OK.” ~ Phil McGraw
  22. “Life is the only race you’ll run where you don’t know where the finish line is.” ~ Steve Farrar
  23. “I didn’t pay attention to times or distance, instead focusing on how it felt just to be in motion, knowing it wasn’t about the finish line but how I got there that mattered.” ~ Sarah Dessen
  24. “The steeper the mountain the harder the climb the better the view from the finish line ;)” ~ Paula Abdul

  25. “Being the first to cross the finish line makes you a winner in only one phase of life. It’s what you do after you cross the line that really counts.” ~ Ralph Boston
  26. “In the end, the American dream is not a sprint or even a marathon, but a relay. Our families don’t always cross the finish line in the span of one generation. But each generation passes on to the next the fruits of their labor.” ~ Julian Castro
  27. “Abandon anything about your life and habits that might be holding you back. Learn to create your own opportunities. Know that there is no finish line; fortune favors action. Race balls out toward the extraordinary life that you’ve always dreamed of, or still haven’t had time to dream up. And prepare to have a hell of a lot of fun along the way.” ~ Sophia Amoruso
  28. “How to run an ultramarathon? Puff out your chest, put one foot in front of the other, and don’t stop till you cross the finish line.” ~ Dean Karnazes

  29. “Once you’ve committed yourself to something, pace yourself to the finish line.” ~ Meb Keflezighi
  30. “The race for excellence has no finish line.” ~ Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
  31. “Reaching the finish line, never walking, and enjoying the race. These three, in this order, are my goals.” ~ Haruki Murakami , Reaching finish line quotes
  32. “Crippled and crazy, we hobble toward the finish line, pen in hand.” ~ Siri Hustvedt

  33. “In choosing joy, the finish line dissolves into a different matter altogether.” ~ Mary Anne Radmacher
  34. “No jockey ever won a race by carrying the horse across the finish line; no coach ever won a volleyball match by touching the ball during play.” ~ John Kessel
  35. “The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.” ~ John Bingham
  36. “It’s incredible how many emotions you feel when crossing the finish line and seeing that you are No. 1.” ~ Marcel Hirscher

  37. “Nice guys do not finish last. Last place is for the cowards and those too full of fear to take action.” ~ Robert Kiyosaki
  38. “Suffering produces the very endurance that will enable you to reach the finish line of the race set before you.” ~ Catherine Martin
  39. “At 10 minutes to seven on a dark, cool evening in Mexico City in 1968, John Stephen Akwari of Tanzania painfully hobbled into the Olympic Stadium-the last man to finish the marathon. The winner had already been crowned, and the victory ceremony was long finished. So the stadium was almost empty and Akwari – alone, his leg bloody and bandaged – struggled to circle the track to the finish line. When asked why he had continued the grueling struggle, the young man from Tanzania answered softly: My country did not send me 9,000 miles to start the race. They sent me 9,000 miles to finish the race.” ~ Walter Inglis Anderson
  40. “To be successful one must make change an ongoing process. Quality is a race with no finish line.” ~ David T. Kearns

  41. “We eat and sleep and shuffle through the fog, walking a marathon with no finish line, no medals, no cheering.” ~ Isaac Marion
  42. “I have great empathy for all the contestants that come on ‘Top Chef,’ whether they go home right away or they make it to the finish line. It’s a very vulnerable position they put themselves in and I feel for them.” ~ Padma Lakshmi
  43. “I’ve done it with Broadcast News-where there was no finish line, there was no agenda that I had to move all the characters to this point, that I was sort of open to what happens.” ~ James L. Brooks
  44. “The race for quality has no finish line – so technically, it’s more like a death march. Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” ~ Peter Drucker

  45. “One should always try to do the best you possibly can. I’m not in a race to the finish line – I won’t put anything out until it’s completely ready. You want to keep it special and unique for the customer.” ~ L’Wren Scott
  46. “In the marathon of life, there is no finish line.” ~ Bill Courtney
  47. “And so began something that had not quite begun and would not soon end, with many people in many places moving off in directions and on missions which they all mistakenly thought they understood. That was just as well. The future was too fearful for contemplation, and beyond the expected, illusory finish lines were things fated by the decisions made this morning — and, once decided, best unseen.” ~ Tom Clancy
  48. “As educators, we need to understand that there is no finish line in our work.” ~ Carol Ann Tomlinson

  49. “I am made for running. Because when you run, you could be anyone. You hone yourself into a body, nothing more or less than a body. You respond as a body, to the body. If you are racing to win, you have no thoughts but the body’s thoughts, no goals but the body’s goals. You obliterate yourself in the name of speed. You negate yourself in order to make it past the finish line.” ~ David Levithan
  50. “There’s no finish line. That’s a big pill for people to swallow, Every single day for the rest of your life, you are going to have to make better food choices, and move around a bit more.” ~ Bob Harper
  51. “The first rule of making progress in anything you do is setting goals, allowing yourself to always have a finish line in sight. This provides a boost in motivation during those moments when slogging forward seems impossible, giving you something tangible to work towards at every moment.” ~ T. Harv Eker
  52. “I’m proud of what I have accomplished so far in my career, but the finish line is nowhere in sight. Still, it’s fun to look back before we move forward.” ~ Jeff Hardy

  53. “I have been running so sweaty my whole life
    Urgent for a finish line
    And I have been missing the rapture this whole time
    Of being forever incomplete” ~ Alanis Morissette
  54. “I know this year hasn’t gone as we’d all like it. But please, please, everyone do not forget about that 2013 season – the worst to first, the tragedy of the Boston Marathon, everyone rallying around the city, the finish line, the duck boats, everything, celebrating at home. Might be down a little bit in the win/loss column right now, but do not let that erase any of those memories from last year that I get to wear a ring on my finger for. I’m proud to be a Red Sox for those times.” ~ Jonny Gomes
  55. “It struck me that Steve Jobs, known to be such a brilliant speaker, had a very difficult time explaining things when he was younger. He was describing technology that didn’t exist. He had MIT engineers, and he was trying to tell them what he wanted; but there were no terms for what he wanted yet. I think a lot of his early frustration was trying to quickly get his vision to the finish line.” ~ Joshua Michael Stern
  56. “Nice guys finish first. If you don’t know that, then you don’t know where the finish line is.” ~ Garry Shandling

  57. “Most authors liken the struggle of writing to something mighty and macho, like wrestling a bear. Writing a book is nothing like that. It is a small, slow crawl to the finish line. Honestly, I have moments when I don’t even care if anyone reads this book. I just want to finish it.” ~ Amy Poehler
  58. “…to emphasize the afterlife is to deny life. To concentrate on Heaven is to create hell. In their desperate longing to transcend the disorderliness, friction, and unpredictability that pesters life; in their desire for a fresh start in a tidy habitat, germ-free and secured by angels, religious multitudes are gambling the only life they may ever have on a dark horse in a race that has no finish line.” ~ Tom Robbins
  59. “Ideally I’d like to be working steadily as an actor: movies, a TV series, that sort of thing. I’ve been through a few different TV development cycles, and they didn’t work out. When the time and project are right, it’ll come together. Like I tell a lot of guys, it’s not a race; there’s no finish line.” ~ Russell Peters
  60. “The perfect racing car crosses the finish line first and subsequently falls into its component parts.” ~ Ferdinand Porsche

  61. “The Europeans look down on raising your hands. They don’t like the end-zone dance. I think that’s unfortunate. That feeling – the finish line, the last couple of meters – is what motivates me.” ~ Lance Armstrong
  62. “You know what’s fun about basketball? It keeps evolving, and it keeps changing a little bit. And the older guys want to try to hold it back to how they grew up, and it’s not the same. You’ve got to change with the times, and some of the guys you’ve got to drag across the finish line.” ~ Mike D’Antoni
  63. “You can’t give up until the finish line, that’s something I’ve learned.” ~ Gwen Jorgensen

  64. “If you don’t discover God’s dreams, you’ll either waste your life running in wrong races and crossing wrong finish lines or, like many people, have no finish line at all.” ~ Dutch Sheets
  65. “I think all of us who kind of live within the sport recognize that Davis Cup certainly could be a little more visible if perhaps there were some adjustments made to it, and it was made a little bit more easy to understand for the fans, if there’s a little bit more of a start and finish line.” ~ Jim Courier

A finish line is a line marking the end of a racecourse.

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