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This is the urgent call of fear from your body. Please pay attention!!!

*Our Body Fears When…*

Stomach fears “When you skip breakfast.”

Kidney fears “When you don’t even drink 10 glasses of water in 24 hours.”

Gallbladder fears “When you don’t sleep till 10 PM and won’t wake up even after sunrise.”

Small intestine fears “When you eat cold and stale food.”

Large intestines are scared “When you eat oily spicy non-vegetarian food.”

Lungs fear “When you breathe in cigarette and bidi smoke, dirt and polluted environments.”

A liver is scared “When you heavily eat street food, junk, and fast food.”

Heart fears “When you eat high salt and cholesterol food.”

The pancreas is scared “When you overeat sweets in the greed of taste and available for free.”

Eyes fear “When you work in the light of the screen of the mobile and computer in the dark.”


Brain fears “When you overthink about the negative situations and become tensed.”

Please listen to your body and take care of your organs. This is the only place you have to live. They are not available in any market for a replacement. Which are available they are very expensive and may not be adjusted to your body. So keep your body organs healthy and eat natural, drink natural.


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