10 Short Motivational Stories – Must Read

These 10 short motivational stories will force you to think again and be thankful for your life.

1. Fall and Rise

Today, when I slipped on the wet tile floor a kid in a wheelchair got me before I pummeled my head on the ground. He stated, “In all honesty, that is actually how I harmed my back 3 years prior”.

2. A Dad’s Recommendation

Today, my dad said, “Simply go for it and try it out! You don’t need to be an expert to fabricate an effective item. Novices began Google and Apple. Experts built the Titanic”.

3. The Power of Uniqueness

Today, I asked my coach – an exceptionally effective businessman in his 60’s – what his best 3 tips are for progress. He grinned and stated, “Read something nobody else is reading, think something nobody else is thinking, and accomplish something nobody else is doing”.

4. Looking Back

Today, I met my grandma for part of an exploration paper I’m taking a shot at for my Psychology class. When I requested that she characterize accomplishment in her very own words, she stated, “Achievement is the point at which you glance back at your life and the recollections make you smile”.

5. Attempt and You Will Know

I am visually impaired by birth. When I was 8 years of age, I needed to play baseball. I asked my dad “Father, would I be able to play baseball?” He said, “You’ll never know until you attempt.” When I was a youngster, I asked him, – “Father Can I turned into a specialist?”. He answered, “Child, you’ll never know until you attempt.” Today I am a Surgeon just because I attempted!

6. Goodness and Gratitude

Today, following a 72-hour shift at the fire station, a lady kept running up to me at the market and gave me a hug. When I was shocked, she understood I didn’t perceive her. She let go with tears of joy in her eyes and the most earnest smile and stated, “On 9-11-2001, you carried me out of the World Trade Center.”

7. A Door Closes to Open Another

Today at 7 AM, I woke up feeling sick, but as I required the cash, so I went into work. At 3 PM I got laid off. On my commute to home, I got a punctured tire. When I went into the check for the extra tire, it was flat as well. A man in a Mercedes pulled over, gave me a ride, we talked, and after that, he extended to me an employment opportunity. I start tomorrow.

8. Affection

Today, I kissed my father on the forehead as he passed away in a small medical clinic bed. Around 5 seconds after he passed, I realized it was the first occasion when I had given him a kiss since I was a young boy.

9. Satisfaction

Today, when I saw a 27-year-old breast cancer patient laughing insanely at her 2-year-old girl’s tricks, I all of a sudden complaining that I have to quit whining about my life and start praising it once more.

10. Sharing

Today, I was going to Kenya and I met a displaced person from Zimbabwe. He said he hadn’t eaten anything in more than 4 days and looked incredibly thin and undesirable. At that point, my companion offered him the rest of the sandwich he was eating. The first thing the man said was, “We can share it.”

Life is simply great, Be Happy!!!

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