Motivational Story : Account Of Four Cents

It was a long time ago there was a king, he was very majestic, there were discussions about his prosperity from far and wide.

Every comfort item was available in the palace, but still, his mind was disturbed from inside. He wanted to know the reason for this from many astrologers and pundits, met many scholars, some wore a ring, some performed a holy prayer, but still the king’s grief did not go away, he did not get peace.

One day the king changed his disguise and went on a tour of his kingdom. While walking, he passed near a field, when he looked at a farmer, the farmer was wearing torn clothes and he was eating in the shade of the tree.

Seeing the clothes of the farmer, it came in the mind of the king to give some gold coins to the farmer so that some happiness can come in his life.

The king went in front of the farmer and said – “I am a passerby, I have got these four gold coins fell on your field because this field is yours, so keep these currencies for yourself. ”

Farmer – “No- no, these currencies are not mine, keep it to yourself or donate it to someone else, I don’t need them.”

The farmer’s response was strange to the king, he said, “Who does not need money, how can you say no to money?”

“Sir, I earn four cents every day, and I am happy to be that only …”, the farmer said.

“what? You earn only four cents, and are happy to be that, how is it possible!”, The king asked with surprise.

“Sir”, the farmer said, “Happiness does not depend on how much you earn or how much money you have…. Happiness depends on the use of that money.”

“So what do you do with these four cents?”, The king questioned.

The farmer also did not want to get into a stupid debate and he went ahead and replied, “One of these four cents I put in the well, pay the loan from the other one, lend the third one and bury the fourth in the soil….”

The king started thinking, he did not understand this answer. He wanted to ask the farmer what it meant, but he had left.

The king called a meeting the very next day and heard the incident of yesterday in the whole court and asked the meaning of that statement from the farmer.

The courtiers presented their arguments but no one could satisfy the king, in the end, it was decided to call the farmer to the court.

After much searching, the farmer was found and was instructed to appear in tomorrow’s meeting.

The king told the farmer about a tour that day in disguise and requested him to sit respectfully in the court.

“I am impressed by your answer, and want to know the account of your four cents; Tell, how do you spend your earned four cents, and remain so happy and satisfied? ”, The king asked.

The farmer said, “Sir, as I told you, I put one cent in the well, from which, I take care of my family, Second I repay the debt, that is, I serve my old parents, the third one I lend, that is, in the education of my children, and the fourth I bury in the soil, that is, I save a penny so that when the time comes I don’t have to ask someone and also I can apply it for religious, social or other necessary work.”

The king had now understood the point of the farmer. The king’s problem was solved, he knew that if he wants to be happy and satisfied, he too would have to use his earned money properly.

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