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Zhuang Zhou (commonly known as Zhuangzi), was an influential Chinese philosopher who lived around the 4th century BC during the Warring States period, a period corresponding to the summit of Chinese philosophy. These inspirational Zhuang Zhou Quotes will transform you.

Best Zhuang Zhou Quotes

  1. “When people do not ignore what they should ignore, but ignore what they should not ignore, this is known as ignorance.” – Zhuangzi
  2. “Do not struggle. Go with the flow of things, and you will find yourself at one with the mysterious unity of the Universe.” – Zhuangzi
  3. “Perfect happiness is the absence of striving for happiness.” – Zhuangzi
  4. “The perfect man uses his mind as a mirror. It grasps nothing. It regrets nothing. It receives but does not keep.” – Zhuangzi
  5. “Your preciousness lies in your essence; it cannot be lost by anything that happens.” – Zhuangzi
  6. “A petty thief is put in jail. A great brigand becomes a ruler of a Nation.” – Zhuangzi

  7. “The greatest tragedy that can befall a person is the atrophy of his mind.” – Zhuangzi
  8. “Rewards and punishments are the lowest form of education.” – Zhuangzi
  9. “When deeds and words are in accord, the whole world is transformed.” – Zhuangzi
  10. “Breathing control gives man strength, vitality, inspiration, and magic powers.” – Zhuangzi
  11. “A path is made by walking on it.” – Zhuangzi
  12. “Birth is not a beginning; death is not an end. There is existence without limitation; there is continuity without a starting point.” – Zhuangzi, Zhuangzi Quotes are mostly attributed to Zhuang Zhou who contributed to the book.
  13. “Let your mind wander in the pure and simple. Be one with the infinite. Let all things take their course.” – Zhuangzi
  14. “If you have insight, you use your inner eye, your inner ear, to pierce to the heart of things, and have no need of intellectual knowledge.” – Zhuangzi
  15. “Take care of your body, then the rest will automatically become stronger.” – Zhuangzi
  16. “Silence and non-action are the root of all things.” – Zhuangzi

  17. “Flow with whatever may happen and let your mind be free. Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate.” – Zhuangzi
  18. “A frog in a well cannot conceive of the ocean.” – Zhuangzi
  19. “My opinion is that you never find happiness until you stop looking for it.” – Zhuangzi
  20. “Words exist because of meaning; once you’ve gotten the meaning, you can forget the words.” – Zhuangzi
  21. “You are still guided by your expectations.” – Zhuangzi
  22. “The sound of water says what I think.” – Zhuangzi
  23. “Flow with whatever may happen and let your mind be free.” – Zhuangzi
  24. “Great knowledge is universal. Small knowledge is limited. Great words are inspiring; small words are chatter.” – Zhuangzi
  25. “If one is true to one’s inner self, and follows its wisdom, who is without a teacher?” – Zhuangzi
  26. “To be truly ignorant, be content with your own knowledge.” – Zhuangzi

  27. “Great knowledge sees all in one. Small knowledge breaks down into the many.” – Zhuangzi
  28. “Forget the years, forget distinctions. Leap into the boundless and make it your home!” – Zhuangzi
  29. “The way is to man as rivers and lakes are to fish, the natural condition of life.” – Zhuangzi
  30. “You cannot speak of ocean to a well-frog, the creature of a narrower sphere. You cannot speak of ice to a summer insect, the creature of a season.” – Zhuangzi
  31. “We are born from a quiet sleep, and we die to a calm awakening” – Zhuangzi
  32. “Do not let the artificial obliterate the natural; do not let will obliterate destiny; do not let virtue be sacrificed to fame.” – Zhuangzi
  33. “Good order results spontaneously when things are let alone” – Zhuangzi
  34. “There is a beginning. There is no beginning of that beginning … There is something. There is nothing.” – Zhuangzi
  35. “He who regards all things as one is a companion of Nature.” – Zhuangzi
  36. “The ultimate happiness is doing nothing.” – Zhuangzi
  37. “Life is finite, while knowledge is infinite.” – Zhuangzi

  38. “When affirmation and negation came into being, Tao faded. After Tao faded, then came one-sided attachments.” – Zhuangzi
  39. “The World is Large – Its beauty indescrible.” – Zhuangzi
  40. “The creature born is the creature dying.” – Zhuangzi
  41. “Running around accusing others is not as good as laughing. And enjoying a good laugh is not as good as going along with things.” – Zhuangzi
  42. “He who knows he is a fool is not the biggest fool; He who knows he is confused is not in the worst confusion.” – Zhuangzi
  43. “Can a man cling to the positive without any negative in contrast to which it is seen to be positive? If he claims to do so he is a rouge or a madman.” – Zhuangzi
  44. “Each one’s destiny cannot be altered.” – Zhuangzi
  45. “For we can only know that we know nothing, and a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” – Zhuangzi
  46. “The perfect man of old looked after himself first before looking to help others.” – Zhuangzi
  47. “The one-legged creature is envious of the millipede; the millipede is envious of the snake; the snake is envious of the wind; the wind is envious of the eye; the eye is envious of the heart.” – Zhuangzi
  48. “Heaven does without doing through its purity, Earth does without doing through its calmness.” – Zhuangzi
  49. “Fish live in water. Men die in it. Nature is diverse, and not all tastes are the same.” – Zhuangzi

  50. “He who pursues fame at the risk of losing his self is not a scholar.” – Zhuangzi
  51. “Once Zhuangzi dreamt, he was a butterfly…” – Zhuangzi
  52. “Everything has what is innate, everything has what is necessary.” – Zhuangzi
  53. “Transmit the established facts; do not transmit words of exaggeration. If you do that, you will probably come out all right.” – Zhuangzi
  54. “If water derives lucidity from stillness, how much more the faculties of the mind.” – Zhuangzi
  55. “Tao is the source of both fullness and emptiness. But it is itself neither fullness nor emptiness.” – Zhuangzi
  56. “Are you and I perchance caught up in a dream from which we have not yet awakened?” – Zhuangzi
  57. “To have a human form is a joyful thing.” – Zhuangzi
  58. “Sound intelligence promises victory in every battle.” – Zhuangzi
  59. “The true man breathes with his heels.” – Zhuangzi

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