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Yogaswami also is known as Jnana guru Siva Yogaswami of Jaffna was a 20th-century spiritual master, a sivajnani, and a natha siddhar revered by Hindus, however, he had a number of Catholic and Buddhist devotees as well. He was 161st Jagadacharya of the Nandinatha Sampradaya’s Kailasa Parampara. Yogaswami was trained in and practiced Kundalini yoga under the guidance of Satguru Chellappaswami, from whom he received guru diksha (initiation). He was a Hindu and his name was Sadasivan. Following his mother’s death, before he was 10, he was raised by his aunt and uncle.

As a young adult, Yogaswami vowed to practice celibacy and renounced a place in his father’s business because it did not allow him time to meditate and study the scriptures. He followed Shaivism sect (Shaiva Siddhanta) of Hinduism. He belongs to Nandinatha Sampradaya’s Kailasa Parampara. Saiva Siddhanta is prevalent in South India, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia. Yogaswami conveyed his teachings in over 3,000 poems and songs, called Natchintanai, “good thoughts,” urging seekers to follow dharma and realize God within. It is a collection of sayings of Great Sage Yogaswami. These gems flowed spontaneously from him. Hope these Yogaswami quotes inspire you in life.

Best Yogaswami Quotes

  1. “Meditation is silence. If you realize that you really know nothing, then you will be truly meditating. Such truthfulness is the right soil for silence. Silence is meditation.” – Yogaswami
  2. Happiness and sorrow are twins, let them come and go like clouds.” – Yogaswami
  3. “Ill health is also a blessing. The flesh and the ego are weakened and contemplation of God becomes easier.” – Yogaswami
  4. “No Buddhist, no Christian, no Hindu. Deeply religious people have no religion. They belong to no seat, theirs is the religion of the heart!” – Yogaswami
  5. “Why do you want to open the outside door when there is an inside door?” – Yogaswami

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