25 Motivational T Bone Burnett Quotes For Success In Life

Joseph Henry “T Bone” Burnett III (born January 14, 1948) is an American record producer, musician, and songwriter. Burnett rose to fame as a guitarist in Bob Dylan’s band during the 1970s.┬áThese inspirational T Bone Burnett Quotes will change your life.

Best T Bone Burnett Quotes

  1. “If it is true that we have a personal relationship with God, then that’s enough for me.” – T Bone Burnett
  2. “The more perfect music we have, the more attractive the peculiarities and anomalies of human performance become. Perfection is a second-rate idea.” – T Bone Burnett
  3. “My advice for young people is that, if you want to be a musician, the thing to do is practice eight hours a day.” – T Bone Burnett
  4. “We live in an age lit by lightnin’; after the flash, we’re blind again.” – T Bone Burnett
  5. “Probably the deepest use of music and of art is to create conscience.” – T Bone Burnett
  6. “When the arts are eliminated, children get bored and tired of school. When the arts are included, children’s imaginations are allowed to run wild.” – T Bone Burnett
  7. “Risk is what separates the artist from the artisan.” – T Bone Burnett
  8. Music was the medium through which knowledge was passed from generation to generation.” – T Bone Burnett
  9. “The hallmark of an artist is generosity.” – T Bone Burnett

  10. “I’m not stupid enough to want to be famous. But I would like to be able to earn a living playing music.” – T Bone Burnett
  11. “Technology changes nothing.” – T Bone Burnett
  12. “I got out of high school, bought a recording studio and started operating it as an engineer and a producer.” – T Bone Burnett
  13. “You know, the thing that struck me about Civil War music was how bloody it was; it was full of hatred. There was incredible vitriol in it.” – T Bone Burnett
  14. “Honesty is the most subversive of all disguises.” – T Bone Burnett
  15. “I’ve seen a study in the last year that digital sound actually induces stress in the listener.” – T Bone Burnett
  16. “I figured out early on what I wanted to do.” – T Bone Burnett
  17. “I love loud music. I listen loud, and that’s part of how I’ve learned how to do this. Record softly and play back loud and a whole other thing happens.” – T Bone Burnett
  18. “I want to write songs and play them for people – live.” – T Bone Burnett

  19. “My original idea was to produce and not make records myself.” – T Bone Burnett
  20. “At different times in my life, I met God from a different point of view.” – T Bone Burnett
  21. “The internet has surrounded television and turned television into an art form.” – T Bone Burnett
  22. “I don’t hear any of the popular stuff unless it’s good ’cause I pay no attention to popular culture, at all.” – T Bone Burnett
  23. “I don’t want to make music for people who don’t care about music.” – T Bone Burnett
  24. “If Picasso walked into Disney looking for a job, they would throw him out on the street. Couldn’t draw good enough.” – T Bone Burnett
  25. “The essence of show business is, if you see a tight-rope walker go across a tight rope, everybody claps. But, if you see him wobble, everybody gasps.” – T Bone Burnett

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