65 Weirdo Quotes On Success In Life

These Weirdo quotes will inspire you. Weirdo, a person who is extraordinarily strange or eccentric or a person whose dress or behavior seems strange or eccentric.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging Weirdo quotes, Weirdo sayings, and Weirdo proverbs.

Best Weirdo Quotes

  1. “Everywhere I go, somebody is staring at me. I don’t know if people are staring because they recognize me or because they think I’m a weirdo.” ~ Leonardo DiCaprio
  2. “If you feel like a weirdo, it’s okay because weirdos rule the world.” ~ Aubrey Plaza
  3. “Weird itself, even in the dictionary, is just something that is different and unexplainable. A weirdo is someone who follows their heart. I’m definitely weird, ain’t nothing wrong with that.” ~ Kid Cudi
  4. “Aren’t we all a bunch of weirdos?” ~ KAORI
  5. “I don’t think I’ve ever tried to be anything other than a weirdo.” ~ Martin Gore

  6. “I don’t mind being called a weirdo.” ~ Nicki Minaj
  7. “Everybody is somebody’s else’s weirdo” ~ Scott Adams
  8. “Are you calling me a weirdo? Highest honor I can bestow.” ~ Claudia Gray
  9. “I’ve been a weirdo since I was a kid.” ~ Mary Lynn Rajskub
  10. “I’m a weirdo. I don’t leave the house unless I have to.” ~ Krysten Ritter

  11. “I’m too wacky for most weirdos. Who am I to judge?” ~ Tori Amos
  12. “I’m a weirdo magnet, but I’m handling it better than I used to.” ~ Brian Molko
  13. “Every weirdo in the world is on my wavelength.” ~ Thomas Pynchon
  14. “I don’t think I’m a weirdo in a bad way. There’s just a lot going on in my head.” ~ Kat Dennings
  15. “What the hell am I doing here?” ~ Thom Yorke

  16. “I’ve always been a sort of self-imposed outsider, not a geeky outsider or a snobby outsider but, I just have a natural desire to live on the fringe. I’m not like a weirdo with a trench coat but I just prefer to be alone or minimally surrounded by people.” ~ Sara Quin
  17. “I’m one of them. The weirdos and the freaks. My point was that it’s ok to be different, and from now on we’d better be if we’re going to make something of ourselves. It’s the one thing I learned in school. Different is ok. -Victoria” ~ Danielle Steel
  18. “You can never have enough nerds, freaks, and weirdos. You know what I’m sayin’?” ~ Triple H
  19. “Vic nudged my elbow with his. “You and me are still friends, right? You guys get a joint custody in the divorce. Generous visitations rights.” “Divorce?” Despite myself, I laughed. Only Vic could call the aftermath of a bad first date a divorce. We hadn’t exactly been friends beforehand, so “still” was an exaggeration, but it would’ve been mean to point that out. Besides, I liked Vic. “We’re still friends.” “Excellent. The weirdos have to stick together around here.” “Are you calling me a weirdo?” “Highest honor I can bestow.” ~ Claudia Gray , Weirdo quotes friends
  20. “Writing, at its heart, is a solitary pursuit, designed to make people depressoids, drug addicts, misanthropes, and antisocial weirdos.” ~ Mindy Kaling

  21. “All these weirdos, and me getting a little better every day right in the midst of them. I had never known, never even imagined for a heartbeat, that there might be a place for people like us.” ~ Denis Johnson
  22. “Before I was famous, I already was the person that attracted and dealt with a lot of weirdos.” ~ Tucker Max
  23. “I think definitely people know me from playing creeps and weirdos, and I’m definitely looking to expand my range.” ~ Rainn Wilson
  24. “Mass delusion is the result of the effort. Propaganda is one of the techniques. But it mentioned things like you create a consensus of something that’s totally absurd. You get people believing something totally absurd, however that’s done, and then the people with common sense come along and say, “No, no, no. That’s totally wrong,” and they end up being the new kooks and weirdos. They are the ones society thinks are cockeyed and weird.” ~ Rush Limbaugh
  25. “Things that make you weird as a kid will make you great tomorrow.” ~ James Victore

  26. “A person with grace is somebody who’s socially graceful or is a classy person, but sometimes you just feel the opposite of that, and you just feel like a jerk and a loser and a weirdo.” ~ Matt Berninger
  27. “I have no idea why people want to watch puppets be the slightly meaner version of the weirdo holding them. It’s beyond my comprehension.” ~ Daniel Tosh
  28. “In the past, I’ve had my share of good reviews, but it’s always the crazy, scary, weirdo guy. I don’t even know how it happened. Look at me. I mean, when I’m naked, I look like a bald chicken. How did I get to be a scary bad guy?” ~ Gary Oldman
  29. “I reach readers rather unintentionally, I think, and those readers likely connect with the slant, the off-kilter, the part of the road you can barely see from the well-traveled road. So, when I’m writing, I’m not thinking about audience at all. Instead, I’m trying to see behind those shrubs, down that hidden path. We’re the weirdos of the world and there are so many weirdos.” ~ Dawn Lundy Martin
  30. “Sometimes it’s hard to accept one’s inner weirdo.” ~ Stephen H. Segal

  31. “I’ve always been someone who likes to talk to people. When I was a little kid, I sought out freaks and weirdos that wandered the streets by where I worked in high school. I would just bring them in and talk to them.” ~ Marc Maron
  32. “I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo. What the hell am I doing here? I don’t belong here.” ~ Thom Yorke
  33. “I think I was just a strange kid. I was definitely a weirdo. I ran a newspaper that had really dark stories all the time. My mom was always fun, she had this large box of costumes and I remember dressing up as a door-to-door saleswoman with a wig and this small suitcase I was using as a briefcase. I was walking down the street like that; I was sure I was fooling everyone.” ~ Katie Dippold
  34. “I’m going to end up like one of those old weirdos who lives in a network of tunnels burrowed through trash – yet I do not fear this.” ~ Will Self
  35. “I’m kind of a weirdo about Krazy Glue. I don’t know why, but I always have it in my purse.” ~ Eden Sher

  36. “I grew up in a town where there were no adults over forty who weren’t somebody’s parents. It was, unfortunately, the kind of town that’s a “great places to raise kids” – that’s basically code for “there are no adults here who are not parents.” I had a few teachers who were kind of weirdo drama teachers and were hugely influential.” ~ Meghan Daum
  37. “I feel like I am a lot of who I am because I watched these shows that said it was okay to be a total weirdo. Shows like ‘Pete and Pete,’ ‘Hey, Dude,’ ‘Salute Your Shorts’ – that’s what I grew up with.” ~ Mae Whitman
  38. “Hey, I wasn’t a weirdo. I was in the audio-visual club.” ~ D’arcy Wretzky
  39. “For a year, I had all sorts of weirdos coming on to me.” ~ Boris Becker
  40. “Just the kind of girl I liked—the weirdo in the bunch.” ~ Anthony Kiedis

  41. “I love men’s clothes, but that doesn’t make me a weirdo.” ~ Margaux Hemingway
  42. “If I’m as normal as I think I am, we’re all a bunch of weirdos.” ~ Joe Brainard
  43. “Remember when we used to worry about some weirdo having a razor blade inside an apple on Halloween? Not anymore. Like a kid, today would eat an apple.” ~ Jay Leno
  44. “It seems other rap artists are trying to follow a “tradition”, or something… I don’t consider us [Migos] as weirdos, we just went the other way and didn’t follow the rap tradition. We just killed it and made it our tradition.” ~ Quavo
  45. “I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo.” ~ Thom Yorke

  46. “In our interconnected world, novel technology could empower just one fanatic, or some weirdo with a mindset of those who now design computer viruses, to trigger some kind of disaster. Indeed, catastrophe could arise simply from technical misadventure – error rather than terror.” ~ Martin Rees
  47. “Cherish your human connections: your relationships with friends and family. Even your super weirdo creep cousin.” ~ Joseph Brodsky
  48. “I don’t like parties past 2 am. Then it’s all losers and weirdos.” ~ Paris Hilton
  49. “Total?” I called. He looked up alertly, then ran over to me, small pink tongue hanging out. Total?” I said when he was close. “Can you talk?” He flopped down on the grass, panting slightly. “Yeah. So?” Jeezum. I mean, mutant weirdos are nothing new to me, you know? But a talking dog?” ~ James Patterson
  50. “I was a weirdo to want to be in show business. Most kids wanted to be teachers or nurses.” ~ Nell Carter

  51. “I grew up feeling like a weirdo like many kids do. But I was lucky to find my own home for peculiar children. I went to a school for the gifted in Florida, and it was full of kids who – we were all strange together. And that was a real blessing.” ~ Ransom Riggs
  52. “My favorite time of year is October, Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I know that watching horror movies was such a special thing to me as a child and my only dream is that I get to make it feel like Halloween all year round for other kids, for other weirdos like me.” ~ Matthew Gray Gubler
  53. “We were a small group of weirdos and baby punks and gays and free spirits who had to use our imaginations a lot. We only saw pictures and read zines, so we could only interpret the aesthetic and message of punk scenes around the world. We were basically the duck-billed platypuses of punk.” ~ Beth Ditto
  54. “I’m not a freak. That’s a horrible thing to say.” “That’s where you’re going. A special school for freaks. You and that Snape boy … weirdos, that’s what you two are…” “You didn’t think it was such a freak’s school when you wrote the headmaster and begged him to take you.” ~ J. K. Rowling
  55. “I’m kind of a weirdo; I love prison movies and war movies.” ~ Kristin Chenoweth

  56. “I do not approach my life tactfully at all, I’m incredibly impulsive and I am definitely an intense weirdo. I love living and I love people. They trip me out and I want to know more about them all the time. That isn’t something I can turn off and on.” ~ Kristen Stewart , Weirdo quotes love
  57. “The Collector [John Fowles book] does such a good job of capturing the mindset of a capturer, and also that’s become a banal trope of every second crime novel: the weirdo, fetishistic watcher/stalker/kidnapper/kidnapper of women or children.” ~ Emma Donoghue
  58. “I feel like I’ve always been a weirdo. I always grew up with the sense of being a total outsider. I grew up so alienated from other people, and it never went away. When I’m around “normal” people I behave around them as if they are crazy, which makes me seem crazy.” ~ Young Jean Lee
  59. “People who grew up in New York City or Los Angeles tend not to even understand what goes on in the rest of the country. I’m really glad to have grown up in an environment where I actually was kind of a weirdo because I was obsessed with comedy and movies and stuff.” ~ Ed Helms
  60. “San Francisco has always been a haven for misfits and weirdos. I’m both of those, which is why I came here.” ~ Michael Franti

  61. “I don’t know – I feel like someone would think of me, or anyone in my family, as unappreciative of a moment, and I’ve really learned to appreciate a moment. I take things in a lot. I’m kind of weird like that. I like to go outside at night by myself and look at the sky and just appreciate it. I’m not that big of a weirdo, but – occasionally.” ~ Kendall Jenner
  62. “If it were up to me, I would put in jail every sandal-wearing, scruffy-bearded weirdo who burns the American flag. But I am not king.” ~ Antonin Scalia
  63. “So for me to actually have access to women, to feminist women, to gay people, to trans people, to intellectuals, iconoclasts, weirdos, academics, just the people who don’t normally get marketed to, in some way I kinda hoped that if I could collect all of them, I could say, “Hey! Look over here! There are enough people who like my stuff.” And it sorta has seemed to be true.” ~ Jill Soloway
  64. “‘Taxi Driver’ was the best thing that ever happened to me, and I didn’t become a weirdo and squawk like a chicken.” ~ Jodie Foster
  65. “I’m a weirdo that goes on stage to make strangers laugh, but if I wasn’t working, I would just want to be with my wife and kids. I don’t even think I’d want to go out to dinner.” ~ Jim Gaffigan

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