65 Watch Quotes On Success In Life

These watch quotes will inspire you. A watch is a portable timepiece intended to be carried or worn by a person. It is designed to keep a consistent movement despite the motions caused by the person’s activities.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging watch quotes, watch sayings, and watch proverbs.

Best Watch Quotes

  1. “There are so many people out there who will tell you that you can’t. What you’ve got to do is turn around and say “Watch me.”” ~ Layne Beachley
  2. “Win with me or watch me win.” ~ Keshia Chante
  3. “I do what I do instinctively, and that’s me. If you like me, that’s fine; if you don’t like me then don’t watch me.” ~ Colin Fletcher
  4. “There were a lot of people, I found, who’d rather watch me live my life than live their own life.” ~ Steve Mann

  5. “There’s gonna be times in life when people tell you that you can’t, that’s when you just gotta turn around and say watch me.” ~ Justin Bieber
  6. “Of course, I had a crush on Princess Leia. I really wanted to ask her out, back to my place, or something. But at the time, I was living in a squat on Fitzroy Road in Primrose Hill. It was pretty derelict. So what was I going do? Ask her to come back with me and watch me catch mice?” ~ John Ratzenberger
  7. “If you don’t like it, don’t follow me, don’t watch me, cause I’m not going anywhere.” ~ Gigi Hadid
  8. “I cannot give it to you, so try to watch me.” ~ Eugene Ormandy

  9. “Watch me closely – only one can spoil it.” ~ Eugene Ormandy
  10. “This ain’t fun. But you watch me, I’ll get it done.” ~ Jackie Robinson
  11. “The world is filled with negativity. I want people to watch me and think, “I feel good, and I’m going to make somebody else feel good today.” ~ Ellen DeGeneres
  12. “When you dare me to do something, I will say, ‘Watch me’. That is what I say to critics. ‘Watch me’.” ~ Amaury Nolasco

  13. “I regret that I can’t sit in the stands and watch me.” ~ Bo Belinsky
  14. “For those who say I can’t impose my morality on others, I say just watch me.” ~ Joseph Scheidler
  15. “Comfort is not where you grow. You grow in conflict, easy to say but hard to do. Adversity’s greatest gain is I grow closer to Christ and still understand that God’s in control and He always knows my situation. It’s not too big for Him. And He has a plan for me. But sometimes the plan’s not exactly what I want. But the plan is hopefully, to influence other people for eternity as they watch me go through that situation.” ~ Mike MacIntyre , Watch quotes for him
  16. “Guys think I’m staring them down, but they watch ME for signs. Why can’t I do the same to them?” ~ Roy Oswalt

  17. “Watch me, diamonds shining looking like I robbed Liberace.” ~ Tupac Shakur
  18. “I told him (Pete Rose, Jr.) who to watch. I said if you want to be a catcher, watch Johnny Bench. If you want to be a right-handed power hitter, watch Mike Schmidt. If you just want to be a hitter, watch me.” ~ Pete Rose
  19. “If they want to come out and watch me paint or dig potatoes or mend fences, I don’t care. I don’t do interviews not because I have anything to hide, but when you retire, the word has a meaning to me. It’s a place in life, a part of the journey. You just don’t quit work. You develop an attitude where you can do what you please.” ~ Tom T. Hall
  20. “You know they say money can’t buy happiness. Give me 50 bucks and watch me smile” ~ Bobby Heenan

  21. “I’m actually very ordinary, except people get to pay their money to come watch me work. The same way that we go to McDonald’s.. we don’t care about the guy behind the counter, but if he was doing something special, we’d pay our money to go watch him cook that hamburger.” ~ Samuel L. Jackson
  22. “Do you remember the summer we signed you up for camp? And the night before you left, you said you’ve changed your mind and wanted to stay home? I told you to get a seat on the left side of the bus, so when you pulled away, you’d be able to look back and see me there waiting for you.” I press her hand against my cheek, hard enough to leave a mark. “You get that same seat in Heaven. One where you can watch me, watching you.” ~ Jodi Picoult
  23. “I get uncomfortable when people give me presents and watch me open them. I don’t have birthday parties, because the idea of a group of people singing and looking at me while I’m blowing out candles gives me hives.” ~ Brit Marling
  24. “I just grate on my own nerves. I don’t like to watch me.” ~ Megan Fox

  25. “Growing up in the public eye was really tough. When you’re 14 and your body is changing, your life is changing, and people are watching every step you make, it’s really hard to deal with. But I was pretty lucky, people didn’t watch me that closely.” ~ Mandy Moore
  26. “What is a fleecy as a cloud, As majestic and shimmering as the breaking dawn, As gorgeous as the sun the sun is strong? Why, it’s ME! Twilight, the Great Gray, Tiger of the sky — Light of the Night, Most beautiful, An avian delight. I beam — I gleam — I’m a livin’ flying dream. Watch me roll off this cloud and pop on back. This is flying. I ain’t no hack.” ~ Kathryn Lasky
  27. “I find Washington audiences are basically the same as every other audience; they watch me and go, ‘Who’s idea was it to go see him? And is it too late to ask for my money back?'” ~ Gilbert Gottfried
  28. “This is something that’s very special; people saying they watch me play who are now turning professional.” ~ Cobi Jones

  29. “It’s just people trying to get on TV, not like it’s really going to do them any good since people can just watch me.” ~ Zach Braff
  30. “I have the possibility to watch Messi in training each morning, and because of what he demonstrates he is the best player in the world, he stated during a press conference. It is a pleasure to watch him, and because of the way he plays he is an undisputed leader of the Barcelona team.” ~ Thierry Henry
  31. “Self-consciousness, that’s what it is. Always my abiding vice. I keep seeing myself. Me watching myself watching others watch me. How do you lose that? What’s the trick?” ~ Stephen Fry
  32. “I’ve been living with myself all of my life, so I know all of me. So when I watch me, all I see is me. It’s boring.” ~ Morgan Freeman

  33. “If I were sure I would pass the physicals, I would be on the next space shuttle to Mars or some other planet. I’ll leave the calculations and the navigational tasks to you while I bask in your ingenuity. Find me a place in the capsule and watch me outdo Michael Jackson’s moonwalk to the music of the spheres.” ~ Wole Soyinka
  34. “No offense, but I’m getting stir-crazy. Can we please go downstairs and hang in the bar or do anything that keeps me from sitting here bored out of my mind while the three of you watch me grow eyebrow hair? I mean really, I am fine. I’m not going to spontaneously combust or do anything else freaky. Promise. (Tory)” ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
  35. “I couldn‘t make sense of the mess in my head. Diego was dead, and that was the main thing, the devastating thing. Other than that, the fight was over, my coven had lost and my enemies had won. But my dead coven was full of people who would have loved to watch me burn, and my enemies were speaking to me kindly when they had no reason to.” ~ Stephenie Meyer
  36. “I am Alice in Wonderland’, Josie thought. ‘Watch me fall.” ~ Jodi Picoult

  37. “Emily: YOU CAN’T SPEAK AND TYPE AT THE SAME TIME, BINDY! Bindy: Watch me.” ~ Jaclyn Moriarty
  38. “Give me a few minutes.” “You have time.” He sat in the grass. “Are you just going to sit there and watch me?” “Yes. Watching pretty peasant girls is what we poor little rich boys do best.” “Peasant?” He shrugged. “You started the name calling.” ~ Ilona Andrews
  39. “Our relationship finally ended when he took to waking me up in the wee hours o the morning when he would go surfing. He thought it might be fun to have me come watch. “Fun for who?” I wanted to ask. i had never asked him to come to Happy Hour and watch me drink.” ~ Chelsea Handler
  40. “I can deal with people who watch me on stage but I am not good in communicating with people any other way than through my work.” ~ Henry Rollins

  41. “Everything I do is intended to make people laugh and think. I just think something is funny, it’s not hurting anybody, not stabbing anybody, not shooting anybody, not making anybody watch me perform. There are thousands of comedians, don’t come see me because it’s not like I hide it.” ~ Carlos Mencia
  42. “As the smoke clears, I awaken, And untangle you from me. Would it make you feel better To watch me, while I bleed? All my windows still are broken, But I’m standing on my feet.” ~ Demi Lovato
  43. “The library smells like old books — a thousand leather doorways into other worlds. I hear silence, like the mind of God. I feel a presence in the empty chair beside me. The librarian watches me suspiciously. But the library is a sacred place, and I sit with the patron saint of readers. Pulsing goddess light moves through me for one moment like a glimpse of eternity instantly forgotten. She is gone. I smell mold, I hear the clock ticking, I see an empty chair. Ask me now and I’ll say this is just a place where you can’t play music or eat. She’s gone. The library sucks.” ~ Laura Whitcomb
  44. “Everyone who watches me play knows I am an honest player.” ~ Wayne Rooney

  45. “He had no idea of how long his life would one day seem to have gone on; how daily present the absence of love would come to feel. “Just watch me,” he said.” ~ Michael Chabon , Watch quotes love
  46. “My poor mother. Every time I get a job she asks, “Am I gonna have to watch you kiss someone again in this one?” and I say, “You’re probably gonna have to watch me kiss someone in most of them, Mom.”” ~ Luke Bracey
  47. “And what are you doing here, Nicholas? Decided to watch me sleep?” “Yes,” said Nick, and bowed is head over his sword again. He had tissues, oil, and sandpaper laid out on the windowsill in front of him, and a little stone block he was passing his sword up and down, very carefully. “I came to gaze upon your sleeping face. Only you had the blanket over your head, so I just had to gaze at a lump I thought was your sleeping face, and that turned out to be your shoulder. Which just wasn’t as special.” ~Nick and Mae” ~ Sarah Rees Brennan
  48. “I cannot sleep in your presence In your absence, tears prevent me you watch me, my beloved, on each sleepiness night and Only you see the difference” ~ Rumi

  49. “I didn’t see my son the entire time I did ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ The only time I saw Jeffrey was when he came to the show Monday and Tuesday nights to watch me dance. You literally rehearse six to eight hours every single day – 40 to 50 hours a week.” ~ Sherri Shepherd
  50. “She serves me a piece of it a few minutes out of the oven. A little steam rises from the slits on top. Sugar and spice – cinnamon – burned into the crust. But she’s wearing these dark glasses in the kitchen at ten o’clock in the morning – everything nice – as she watches me break off a piece, bring it to my mouth, and blow on it. My daughter’s kitchen, in winter. I fork the pie in and tell myself to stay out of it. She says she loves him. No way could it be worse.” ~ Raymond Carver
  51. “I would rather die than be in the United States Senate. I would be bored to death. Could you imagine me, banging around that chamber with 99 other people, asking for a motion on the amendment in the subcommittee? Forget it…You’d watch me just walk out and walk right into the Potomac River and drown. That would be it.” ~ Chris Christie
  52. “My only regret in the theater is that I could never sit out front and watch me.” ~ John Barrymore

  53. “If you want proof that Catfish was real, just put me in an audition room and watch me fall apart. I can’t pretend. I’m really bad at it. That’s partly what makes me good at hosting a reality show.” ~ Nev Schulman
  54. “The best compliment for me is when someone says they’ll pay to watch me play, And I can say that I’ll pay to watch MS Dhoni bat. MS is not the next Gilchrist. He’s the first MS Dhoni” ~ Adam Gilchrist
  55. “Everybody’s looking at me But it’s alright I like attention The clubs not hot until I walk through They stop and stare and watch me move Like damn I like that I’m sexy and you know it.” ~ Paris Hilton
  56. “I’ve got a buddy who will not watch me because he’ll say ‘I don’t know who that dude is.'” ~ Ed Gordon

  57. “If it helps me in the way that if this movie is successful, I get to make more films, great, and the more films that I make and the more interest that I’m allowed to cover, the better for me and the better, hopefully, for the people who like to watch me.” ~ Aaron Eckhart
  58. “I wish that people had an opportunity to watch me 24/7, like on ‘Big Brother.’ You’d see a person who is quiet and reserved and very analytical – a huge observer.” ~ Ndamukong Suh
  59. “I want my daughter to be able to go to school and see the diversity of things that her classmates are eating and appreciate that, too. So I’m really excited for her to just kind of sit in and watch me cook and be really hands-on and just enjoy cooking.” ~ Chrissy Teigen
  60. “When I watch medical shows or other shows where characters die, it kind of bums me out.” ~ Alan Sepinwall

  61. “I think if you ask people why they watch me, there would be some common thread among all of them that I’m somewhat of an awkward older sister. I have a teen, mostly female demographic. How that happened, I don’t know. But I think they see me as some sort of bizarre role model, and I’ll keep trying to do that for them.” ~ Grace Helbig
  62. “What singing means to me, I never did consider myself a singer, I just let people watch me feel music and how it comes through me. I’ve worked on it and practiced a lot. I mean, music, I dance to it, and singing is just one way of getting it out of me.” ~ Erykah Badu
  63. “I have the possibility to watch Messi in training each morning, and because of what he demonstrates he is the best player in the world” ~ Thierry Henry

  64. “People watch me when I get into these characters that I have in my head, so perhaps I should try acting. So I did.” ~ John Boyega
  65. “Of course there is matter for remark in poems. Nobody denies that. But it must be solemnly laid on everybody in this world to make his own observations and remarks. That’s what we mean by thinking, and that’s about all we mean. A teacher says to a pupil “Watch me notice a few things in the next few months: let’s see you notice a few things too.”” ~ Robert Frost

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