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These trendy quotes will inspire you. Trendy is a very fashionable, up-to-date.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging trendy quotes, trendy sayings, and trendy proverbs.

Best Trendy Quotes

  1. “Nothing was a style first. Everything started as an idea. A guy did something with an idea. Someone copied him. Some copied all of them and it became trendy and then it became a style.” ~ Bill Laswell
  2. “Style applies to a lifestyle. It’s not about being told this is trendy, you must do it. Now people have more access than ever before.” ~ Stacy London
  3. “I am not trendy. I am not ‘in fashion’. I am simply a positive human being who has a positive outlook on life.” ~ Thierry Mugler
  4. “Trendy is the last stage before tacky.” ~ Karl Lagerfeld
  5. “I’m not the kind of person who gives up without a fight.” ~ Michael Landon

  6. “Don’t get me wrong, I think bikes are terrific. I own several of my own, including a trendy mountain style, and ride them for pleasure and light exercise.” ~ Brock Yates
  7. “Seven habits that help produce the anything-but-efficient markets that rule the world.
    1. Think short-term.
    2. Be greedy.
    3. Believe in the greater fool
    4. Run with the herd.
    5. Overgeneralize
    6. Be trendy
    7. Play with other people’s money” ~ Paul Krugman
  8. “We’re so trendy we can’t even escape ourselves.” ~ Kurt Cobain
  9. “I’m not the kind of person who tries to be cool or trendy, I’m definitely an individual.” ~ Leonardo DiCaprio
  10. “Confit is the ultimate comfort food, and trendy or not, it is dazzling stuff.” ~ Sally Schneider

  11. “A wacky, trendy outfit on a guy over 40 indicates he’s got big issues.” ~ Merrill Markoe
  12. “I don’t go to the cool, trendy restaurants. I go to either the holes in the wall or the super-fancy restaurants where there are no cool people.” ~ Tyra Banks
  13. “Natural” is a very dangerous word to use about sexuality … Our society’s notions of normality are completely fake and meta-trendy since they rely on the changing standards of superstition, religion, Christianity and gender bias to define themselves. Americans, in particular, exhibit very childish reactions to sexual practices that are new to them, much like little kids who are offered a vegetable they haven’t seen before: “That’s disgusting!” “But darling, you haven’t even tried it!” “I don’t care, I hate it, I hate it!” ~ Susie Bright
  14. “A guy walks up to me and asks, “What’s Punk?”. So I kick over a garbage can and say. “That’s punk!”. So he kicks over the garbage can and says, “That’s Punk?”, and I say, “No that’s trendy!” ~ Billie Joe Armstrong
  15. “Values are not trendy items that are casually traded in.” ~ Ellen Goodman

  16. “I would not invest in any shoe that is too trendy.” ~ Rachel Roy
  17. “For a woman to say she has had a dalliance with another woman is quite trendy these days. I do not like trendiness. Life isn’t about dalliances – it’s about individuals. You come across people in your life that you find very interesting. It’s not about something flighty.” ~ Saffron Burrows , Trendy quotes about life
  18. “Costume designers don’t care about trends. They appreciate, above so many other qualities, that tailoring is everything, which is a mantra for the way I dress. Ladies: The most important thing in clothing is to find a good, inexpensive tailor, because clothes at the stores are made for bodies that are anomalies.” ~ Ginnifer Goodwin
  19. “A lot of the clothes out are very adult-driven and it would be cool if they were a little bit more fun and trendy. Clothes should be fun.” ~ Britney Spears
  20. “If you attach no importance to weight problems, if not being able to wear new, trendy small-sized clothes does not cause you any regret, this book is not for you.” ~ Karl Lagerfeld

  21. “Tribalism has become trendy.” ~ Louise Burfitt-Dons
  22. “Except for Carrie Bradshaws in the opening credits of Sex and the City, I dont know if the tutu has ever really been trendy, but I want to wear one. I want to dance around in it, and I want that to be socially acceptable.” ~ Devin Kelley
  23. “Forget trendy designer labels. Jeans, a sweater or a t-shirt worn under a jacket that seems welded to you. When it’s just right, when you don’t see the effort, it’s irresistible.” ~ Emmanuelle Alt
  24. “If it’s a good song, it doesn’t really matter if it’s trendy or not. It will hit.” ~ Tablo
  25. “For my wardrobe, I like to invest in classic pieces and pair them with more trendy new pieces and accessories each season.” ~ Liya Kebede

  26. “Heaven help a timid child in a trendy tide He really doesn’t know That his heart’s being taken for a ride Doing what the world lays down As a steadfast rule And changing when the world says to change Like a steadfast fool Heaven, heaven help me I’m one of the dominoes Chain reaction coming Blow by blow” ~ Mark Heard
  27. “The trendy management fads concentrate on antecedents, .. but the only thing that makes what you do (before a behavior) effective is its consistent pairing with a consequence. Antecedents get us going. Consequences keep us going.” ~ Aubrey Daniels
  28. “Clothing has a great deal to do with the attitudes and energy that others direct towards you. I favor the chic, and tend to avoid the trendy. I think that it’s good to be chic when possible because it is more inaccessible.” ~ Frederick Lenz
  29. “My rule is always if you keep your basics classic. You can add seasonable and very trendy stuff and always look modern and updated, but if you’re questioning something and its expensive, err on the side of classic.” ~ Melissa Rivers
  30. “When I turn up at a trendy party, all the youngsters look like they could be my illegitimate love children.” ~ Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen

  31. “Calling China’s online censorship system a ‘Great Firewall’ is increasingly trendy, but misleading. All walls, being the creation of engineers, can be breached with the right tools.” ~ Evgeny Morozov
  32. “Some music is supposed to be disposable; that’s OK. A lot of music is fun for today, but it isn’t supposed to be timeless; it’s supposed to be trendy.” ~ Robbie Robertson
  33. “What changed our lives forever was when Malcolm had the idea to sell rock ‘n roll records to trendy customers.” ~ Vivienne Westwood
  34. “Do not put statements in the negative form. And don’t start sentences with a conjunction. If you reread your work, you will find on rereading that a great deal of repetition can be avoided by rereading and editing. Never use a long word when a diminutive one will do. Unqualified superlatives are the worst of all. De-accession euphemisms. If any word is improper at the end of a sentence, a linking verb is. Avoid trendy locutions that sound flaky. Last, but not least, avoid cliches like the plague.” ~ William Safire
  35. “Building design isn’t trendy.” ~ Kevin McCloud

  36. “I always wanted to represent the natural, healthy girl, and I didn’t care if it was cool or trendy to look like you hadn’t eaten in two weeks.” ~ Marisa Miller
  37. “I find a lot of young filmmakers make too much of an effort to be trendy and they can be pretentious.” ~ Sadie Frost
  38. “The story of Rod Stewart, the story of Carlos Santana is so inspiring to young musicians because it shows in this trendy business how long a career can last. It shows how you can soar back, regardless of age.” ~ Clive Davis
  39. “To pretend like Hollywood is anything other than that is disingenuous. #OscarsSoWhite is trendy, but for women filmmakers and filmmakers of color, it’s not a trend. This is our reality, and it’s important that we do something to change it.” ~ Ava DuVernay
  40. “It’s so trendy, almost bleeding to death. All the cool girls are doing it.” ~ Francine Pascal

  41. “Everybody is trying to be so trendy. I think not being trendy should be the next trend.” ~ Brian Molko
  42. “Shibuya is a trendy part of Tokyo where young people come to meet and have a good time.” ~ Rebecca MacKinnon
  43. “I like to get a rise out of my mom with what I wear – I always go for the tallest heels or something super trendy.” ~ Christa B. Allen
  44. “My style is not trendy by any means; my inner artists loves to shine through in my wardrobe.” ~ Katerina Graham
  45. “To speak as a black, female, and commercial lawyer has rendered me simultaneously universal, trendy, and marginal.” ~ Patricia J. Williams

  46. “[I would] just stick to the festival as much as possible. Because it’s about the music for me, really. [I don’t come] all the way here to go to trendy parties. There are some people who come here to go to parties. [The exception is when] it’s an after-party and the festival has closed. Festivals are kind of magical places, and you need to soak as much of that up as possible.” ~ Chelsea Leyland
  47. “Good design, at least part of the time, includes the criterion of being direct in relation to the problem at hand – not obscure, trendy, or stylish. A new language, visual or verbal, must be couched in a language that is already understood.” ~ Ivan Chermayeff
  48. “There are a lot of people walking around with long hair now and some trendy middle-class kids in pretty clothes. But nothing changed except that we all dressed up a bit, leaving the same bastards running everything.” ~ John Lennon
  49. “I see it every day: People trying to create a home that somebody else tells them they should have. I don’t care if it’s a magazine or a bossy friend – when somebody says, ‘This is what’s elegant, this is what’s trendy,’ if it doesn’t represent you, you’re not going to be happy.” ~ Nate Berkus
  50. “Rescuing dogs is looked upon as a noble, trendy pursuit. But wouldn’t rescuing a man from a homeless shelter be, in fact, more humane?” ~ Greg Fitzsimmons

  51. “I see it every day: People trying to create a home that somebody else tells them they should have. I don’t care if it’s a magazine or a bossy friend – when somebody says, ‘This is what’s elegant, this is what’s trendy,’ if it doesn’t represent you, you’re not going to be happy.” ~ Nate Berkus
  52. “We didn’t start Theocracy because we wanted to be cool like so-and-so and make money. Our songs aren’t trendy, and our lyrics hopefully make people think about certain concepts in a new way.” ~ Matt Smith
  53. “We didn’t start Theocracy because we wanted to be cool like so-and-so and make money. Our songs aren’t trendy, and our lyrics hopefully make people think about certain concepts in a new way.” ~ Matt Smith
  54. “I created my bags from the notion of developing a well-edited line of fashionable, but not “trendy” handbags. By designing styles that will be as relevant tomorrow as they are today, my brand has established itself as a modern classic.” ~ Kate Spade
  55. “Whatever I put on – if I’m feeling trendy or if I’m feeling sexy – my clothes definitely represent who I am at the time.” ~ Britney Spears

  56. “If you don’t fit into this kind of like gossipy, trendy, Web-hit thingy, you’re relegated to sort of second-class celebrity status.” ~ Billy Corgan
  57. “Where there are problems, there are angels hovering about just waiting for us to ask them to help us transform our suffering into blessings. I’m not being religious, I’m telling you the truth as I have experienced it. … And I’m not being trendy either. I was talking to angels long before they got fashionable. … So maybe you don’t believe in angels, that’s all right, they don’t care. They’re not like Tinkerbell, you know, they don’t depend on your faith to exist. A lot of people didn’t believe the earth was round either, but that didn’t make it any flatter.” ~ Nancy Pickard , Trendy quotes fashion
  58. “I used to be super trendy and totally sexy. But I look back now and I used to want everything short and low cut and you really can’t do it all.” ~ Kim Kardashian
  59. “Designing my shoes, I’m thinking timeless. Not trendy.” ~ Christian Louboutin

  60. “Don’t just do something because it’s a trendy idea and will make you a lot of money. The reason I say that is because any kind of venture involves going through difficult times. If you’re doing something you are passionate about and really believe in, then that will carry you through.” ~ Jerry Greenfield
  61. “Being an art buyer these days is comprehensively and indisputably vulgar. It is the sport of the Euro trashy, Hedge-fundy, Hamptonites; of trendy oligarchs and oligarchs; and of art dealers with masturbatory levels of self-regard.” ~ Charles Saatchi
  62. “It has become, in my view, a bit too trendy to regard the acceptance of death as something tantamount to intrinsic dignity. Of course I agree with the preacher of Ecclesiastes that there is a time to love and a time to die – and when my skein runs out I hope to face the end calmly and in my own way. For most situations, however, I prefer the more martial view that death is the ultimate enemy – and I find nothing reproachable in those who rage mightily against the dying of the light.” ~ Stephen Jay Gould
  63. “Linen is good because it looks trendy and at the same time it’s very comfortable” ~ Akshay Kumar

  64. “Despite popular theories, I believe people fall in love based not on good looks or fate but on knowledge. Either they are amazed by something a beloved knows that they themselves do not know; or they discover a common rare knowledge; or they can supply knowledge to someone who’s lacking. Hasn’t everyone found a strange ignorance in someone beguiling? . . .Nowadays, trendy librarians, wanting to be important, say, Knowledge is power. I know better. Knowledge is love.” ~ Elizabeth McCracken
  65. “Femininity is not just lipstick, stylish hairdos, and trendy clothes. It is the divine adornment of humanity. It finds expression in your qualities of your capacity to love, your spirituality, delicacy, radiance, sensitivity, creativity, charm, graciousness, gentleness, dignity, and quiet strength.” ~ James E. Faust

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