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These trophies quotes will inspire you. Trophies are something gained or given in victory or conquest especially when preserved or mounted as a memorial or a cup or other decorative object awarded as a prize for a victory or success.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging trophies quotes, trophies sayings, and trophies proverbs.

Famous Trophies Quotes

  1. “I hate to speak about individuals. Players don’t win you trophies, teams win trophies, squads win trophies.” ~ Jose Mourinho
  2. “Arsenal have won that advantage, nobody gave it to them. By playing fantastic football and by winning matches and by winning trophies, they won that respect that the opponent has for them.” ~ Jose Mourinho
  3. “Arsene Wenger’s idea is not only to play good football. It’s to play good football to win. In my day, we knew that with our style we could hurt teams and win trophies too. But we did it our way, with the positional game, passing, movement.” ~ Dennis Bergkamp
  4. “Success doesn’t always come in the form of a trophy. Keep striving for success.” ~ Andre Agassi
  5. “Life is a game and true love is a trophy.” ~ Rufus Wainwright

  6. “I used to play sports. Then I realized you can buy trophies. Now I am good at everything.” ~ Demetri Martin
  7. “Every footballer wants to play forever. And if you are going to keep on playing – to enjoy it to the full – you want to win games, and as a result, trophies.” ~ Ryan Giggs
  8. “Winning a trophy is always nice, but my personal satisfaction comes from reflecting on the passion, motivation, and determination that went into getting me there.” ~ Tommy Hilfiger , Winning trophies quotes
  9. “You can’t win them all but you can try.” ~ Babe Didrikson Zaharias
  10. “All great works of art are trophies of victorious struggle.” ~ Julius Meier-Graefe

  11. “Language is the armory of the human mind, and at once contains the trophies of its past and the weapons of its future conquests.” ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  12. “What is the point of competing for a trophy if everyone gets a trophy?” ~ Glenn Beck
  13. “Rome – the city of visible history, where the past of a whole hemisphere seems moving in funeral procession with strange ancestral images and trophies gathered from afar.” ~ George Eliot
  14. “A collection of short stories is generally thought to be a horrendous clinker; an enforced courtesy for the elderly writer who wants to display the trophies of his youth, along with his trout flies.” ~ John Cheever
  15. “Growing up, watching the Premier League as far back as I can remember, feeling the trophy and having the medal around my neck was an unbelievable feeling.” ~ Wayne Rooney

  16. “You have to win and especially, as I have, you have to win a trophy for the first time.” ~ Jose Mourinho
  17. “This club is all about winning trophies and we’ve got a chance of bringing the greatest trophy of them all back to Anfield, so it means a great deal obviously.” ~ Steven Gerrard
  18. “Standing on the court and holding up that trophy – it’s so great you want to keep doing it over and over again.” ~ Tim Duncan
  19. “God’s definition of success is really one of significance-the significant difference our lives can make in the lives of others. The significance doesn’t show up in won-loss records, long resumes, or the trophies gathering dust on our mantels. It’s found in the hearts and lives of those we’ve come across who are in some way better because of the way we lived.” ~ Tony Dungy
  20. “The notion that the public accepts or rejects anything in modern art is merely romantic fiction. The game is completed and the trophies distributed long before the public knows what has happened.” ~ Tom Wolfe

  21. “Award trophies, as opposed to letting the players define and claim their own. Ultimately, pay them to play so that their activity not only resembles work but is work.” ~ John Thorn
  22. “If everyone is special, then no one is. If everyone gets a trophy, trophies become meaningless.” ~ David McCullough
  23. “So many of today’s programs are about trophies and jackets, and we think that’s a big mistake.” ~ Bobby Orr
  24. “I have a strong lead so far, and I would be proud to win it because it remains the summit for a skier. I also aim to collect several smaller crystal trophies at Are, especially the GS Cup.” ~ Hermann Maier
  25. “It’s not easy to part with the trophies. However, I do need to have some long-term financial security for those close to me.” ~ Bjorn Borg

  26. “Our two biggest rivals had adjusted their whole season to this one aim of beating us. Of course, it is a big compliment that they were so motivated to stop us but it was very tough to face two matches like that so close together. Suddenly three trophies are down to one.” ~ Dennis Bergkamp
  27. “The culmination of three trophies was the pinnacle of my career and it has been rewarded with a knighthood.” ~ Alex Ferguson
  28. “There was never any question about the morality of hunting, but neither was there any acceptance of killing for the sake of a trophy.” ~ Jimmy Carter
  29. “My old coach used to say that if you were in it for the match, if you were in it for the trophies, you were in it for the wrong reasons.” ~ John Irving
  30. “It is a pity that my collection of trophies contains not a single Russian.” ~ Manfred von Richthofen

  31. “Many-have too rashly charged the troops of error, and remain as trophies unto the enemies of truth.” ~ Thomas Browne
  32. “To me it’s the best trophy you can win and to bring it back for all them fans that have supported us right through would be something special.” ~ Steven Gerrard
  33. “No champion has ever lifted a trophy that was not already being held inside.” ~ Steve Ilg
  34. “We are in the trophy generation.Give them a trophy for 23rd place.That makes the parents happy” ~ Tom Izzo
  35. “Being a winner is more than getting a first place trophy, it is acting like the effort was an honour and the trophy is just a decoration.” ~ Bryan Mosley

  36. “But whither am I strayed? I need not raise Trophies to thee from other men’s dispraise; Nor is thy fame on lesser ruins built; Nor needs thy juster title the foul guilt Of Eastern kings, who, to secure their reign, Must have their brothers, sons, and kindred slain.” ~ John Denham
  37. “God’s purpose is not to perfect me to make me a trophy in His showcase; He is getting me to the place where He can use me. Let Him do what He wants.” ~ Oswald Chambers
  38. “Sometimes we focus on the mess or the broken dream, but in all the mess God sees greatness. He knows how to take your troubles and turn them into trophies, how to take the test and make it your testimony.” ~ Joel Osteen
  39. “To win the trophy of enchanting grace: Ranks of Carnations, to all ladies dear, Of whose sweet taste I write approval here, For these pre-eminent myself I think, As long as you don’t overdue the pink.” ~ Ruth Pitter
  40. “You don’t get a trophy after halftime. We don’t look at the scoreboard until the end of the game.” ~ Chip Kelly

  41. “What is this obsession people have with books? They put them in their houses like they’re trophies. What do you need it for after you read it?” ~ Jerry Seinfeld
  42. “Just going out on a foray to assemble a collection of street trophies about this or that running social sore can’t be effective – and never was.” ~ Martha Rosler
  43. “If self-validation were our most significant societal measure – we would give trophies to ourselves.” ~ Mary Anne Radmacher
  44. “A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever.” ~ Mary Lou Retton
  45. “Happiness is not about the trophy, or the finish line. It’s the journey. If you enjoy your journey, you can enjoy your life” ~ Pharrell Williams

  46. “When they gave me that trophy, bro, I cried.” ~ Dennis Rodman
  47. “I’m not skilled enough to explain properly how we feel. Not only me, but I’m sure Tony and Tim and Pop feel the same way. Last year was a tough one for all of us. We felt like we had the trophy, that we were touching it, and it slipped away. We all felt guilty. We got to this spot, and we didn’t let it go.” ~ Manu Ginobili
  48. “Trophies separate the winners from losers, and life is about winning and losing. Go into business and you see. You’re competing every day.” ~ Jim Courier
  49. “Not to say “trophies” aren’t wonderful, but they should not be your driving force.” ~ Renee Lawless
  50. “Is there an award for the best trophy? I bet they hand out a plaque.” ~ Dana Gould

  51. “No golfer ever gets so consistently good that he can’t use some constructive advice. No matter how many trophies he may win, he can’t analyze and remedy his own faults.” ~ Byron Nelson
  52. “Trophies should go to the winners. Self-esteem does not lead to success in life. Self-discipline and self-control do, and sports can help teach those.” ~ Roy Baumeister
  53. “If we don’t know ourselves, our essence, where our true power comes from, we will believe our power comes from collecting victories, trophies, money, or recognition. And these are all fine, but it’s not ultimately what life is about. When we think it is, we really waste our greatest possibilities.” ~ Arianna Huffington
  54. “But the best argument of all [for evangelism] is to be found in the wounds of Jesus. You want to honor Him, you desire to put many crowns upon His head, and this you can best do by winning souls for Him. These are the spoils that He covets, these are the trophies for which He fights, these are the jewels that shall be His best adornment.” ~ Charles Spurgeon
  55. “The prophetic word was never meant to be a trophy. It was meant to be a weapon.” ~ Jacob Peterson

  56. “If we pray only because we want answers, we will become irritated and angry with God. We receive an answer every time we pray, but it does not always come in the way we expect, and our spiritual irritation shows our refusal to identify ourselves truly with our Lord in prayer. We are not here to prove that God answers prayer, but to be living trophies of God’s grace.” ~ Oswald Chambers
  57. “It’s really more about the moment than it is the award. You know how trophies are, you don’t really think about them after a while. It’s more about the moment of being encouraged to keep doing what you’re doing that keeps you going.” ~ Mark Hall
  58. “If, in my retirement to the humble station of a private citizen, I am accompanied with the esteem and approbation of my fellow citizens, trophies obtained by the bloodstained steel, or the tattered flags of the tented field, will never be envied. The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only legitimate object of good government.” ~ Thomas Jefferson
  59. “I will put my Butkus (Award) in storage. I will put my Alamo Bowl MVP trophy in storage. Jerseys, anything Penn State, in storage. Wherever Tom Bradley goes, that’s the school I will start to put memorabilia up in my home. I’m done. I’m done with Penn State. If they’re done with us, I’m done with them.” ~ LaVar Arrington
  60. “There comes Emerson first, whose rich words, every one, Are like gold nails in temples to hang trophies on.” ~ James Russell Lowell

  61. “You are a trophy of God’s grace. He has future accomplishments with your name written on them.” ~ Derwin L. Gray
  62. “The Lord will not wish to count my trophies, but my scars.” ~ Frank Laubach
  63. “At Alabama, our players don’t win Heisman Trophies. Our teams win National Championships.” ~ Bear Bryant

  64. “We are all trophies of God’s grace, some more dramatically than others; Jesus came for the sick and not the well, for the sinner and not the righteous. He came to redeem and transform, to make all things new. May you go forth more committed than ever to nourish the souls who you touch, those tender lives who have sustained the enormous assaults of the universe. (pp.88)” ~ Philip Yancey
  65. “The bigger the trophy, the more trivial the contest.” ~ William Rainey Harper

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