24 Bad Character Quotes On Success In Life

These bad character quotes will inspire you. Bad character, a person’s predisposition to commit evil acts.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging bad character quotes, bad character sayings, and bad character proverbs.

Best Bad Character Quotes

  1. “An ignorant person with a bad character is like an unarmed robber, but a learned person with a blog is a robber fully armed” ~ Mickey Kaus
  2. “I didn’t want to be greedy. It’s a mark of bad character and I always believed that pigs go the slaughterhouse.” ~ Walter Annenberg
  3. “I don’t know if I am cut out to playing a bad character or not – I really should give it a shot. I would like to play the voice of a baddie, but that’s really just a cop-out!” ~ Lindsay Lohan
  4. “If I was a bad character that got away with murder like we see on other shows, I do not think I would like it because that sends a message that you can do these horrible things and never pay for it.” ~ Hunter Tylo
  5. “A man of bad character punishes his own soul.” ~ Al-Ghazali

  6. “No man can have anything better after faith than a woman of righteous character, loving and child-bearing. And no man can have anything worse after unbelief than a sharp-tongued woman of bad character.” ~ Umar
  7. “Bad things do happen; how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life.” ~ Walter Inglis Anderson
  8. “I’ve always found that it’s such an emotional experience, trying to find the good parts of a bad character or the bad parts of a good character, and in the end, most of these qualities are already there inside me.” ~ Milla Jovovich
  9. “Babies are born with neither good nor bad character. Normal people – as they grow, learn and are trained – develop better or worse dispositions and habits of conduct.” ~ Edwin J Delattre
  10. “People keep asking me, ‘What evil lurks in you to play such bad characters?’ There is no evil in me, I just wear tight underwear.” ~ Dennis Hopper

  11. “Fixable but unfixed bad performance is bad character and tends to create more of itself, causing more damage to the excuse giver with each tolerated instance.” ~ Charlie Munger
  12. “For me, playing a really bad character is about figuring out what brought the person to where we need him.” ~ Paul Dano
  13. “When any one of our relations was found to be a person of a very bad character, a troublesome guest, or one we desired to get rid of, upon his leaving my house I ever took care to lend him a riding-coat, or a pair of boots, or sometimes a horse of small value, and I always had the satisfaction of finding he never came back to return them.” ~ Oliver Goldsmith
  14. “Love of peace is common among weak, short-sighted, timid, and lazy persons; and on the other hand courage is found among many men of evil temper and bad character. Neither quality shall by itself avail. Justice among the nations of mankind, and the uplifting of humanity, can be brought about only by those strong and daring men who with wisdom love peace, but who love righteousness more than peace.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt
  15. “There are good characters and bad characters.” ~ Matt Stone

  16. “Reputation is seeming; character is being. Reputation is manufactured; character is grown. Reputation is your photograph; There is a vast difference between character and reputation. Reputation is what men think we are; character is what God knows us to be. Reputation is seeming; character is being. Reputation is the breath of men; character is the inbreathing of the eternal God. One may for a time have a good reputation and a bad character, or the reverse ; but not for long.” ~ Robert Stuart MacArthur
  17. “A jester, a bad character.” ~ Blaise Pascal
  18. “May God save any country to remain in a position to choose between a genius of bad character and a stupid of good character, because both will bring disaster to that country!” ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
  19. “Make your faces so that they do not all have the same expression, as one sees with most painters, but give them different expression, according to age, complexion, and good or bad character.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci
  20. “The thing that distinguishes permanent poverty is bad character.” ~ James Cook

  21. “I keep as far from children as possible. I don’t like the size of them; the scale is all wrong. The head tends to be too big for the bodies and the hands and feet are a disaster and they keep falling into things, and the nakedness of their bad character.” ~ Gore Vidal
  22. “We have to keep company with supposedly bad characters if we are to survive and not succumb to mental atrophy. People of good character, so called, are the ones who end up boring us to death.” ~ Thomas Bernhard
  23. “The old woman was not only ugly with the ugliness age brings us all but showed signs of formidable ugliness by birth – pickle-jar chin, mainsail ears and a nose like a trigonometry problem. What’s more, she had the deep frown and snit wrinkles that come from a lifetime of bad character.” ~ P. J. O’Rourke
  24. “Young people are more hopeful at a certain age than adults, but I suspect that’s glandular. As for children, I keep as far from them as possible. I don’t like the sight of them. The scale is all wrongs. The heads tend to be too big for the bodies, and the hands and feet are a disaster. They keep falling into things. The nakedness of their bad character! We adults have learned how to disguise our terrible character, but children, well, they are like grotesque drawings of us. They should be neither seen nor heard, and no one must make another one.” ~ Gore Vidal

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