65 Sane Quotes On Success In Life

These sane quotes will inspire you. Sane, proceeding from a sound mind or (of an undertaking or manner) reasonable; sensible.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging sane quotes, sane sayings, and sane proverbs.

Best Sane Quotes

  1. “Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you.” ~ Carl Jung
  2. “Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence.” ~ Erich Fromm
  3. “What sane person could live in this world and not be crazy?” ~ Ursula K. Le Guin
  4. “The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.” ~ Nikola Tesla

  5. “A sane person to an insane society must appear insane.” ~ Kurt Vonnegut
  6. “It is said that power corrupts, but actually it’s more true that power attracts the corruptible. The sane are usually attracted by other things than power.” ~ David Brin
  7. “The only way to stay sane is to go a little crazy.” ~ Susanna Kaysen
  8. “When the world goes mad, one must accept madness as sanity; since sanity is, in the last analysis, nothing but the madness on which the whole world happens to agree.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

  9. “Authority is not a quality one person ‘has,’ in the sense that he has property or physical qualities. Authority refers to an interpersonal relation in which one person looks upon another as somebody superior to him.” ~ Erich Fromm
  10. “I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.” ~ Edgar Allan Poe
  11. “Insane people are always sure they’re just fine. It’s only the sane people who are willing to admit they’re crazy.” ~ Nora Ephron
  12. “My childhood was safe and sane. No abuse and no traumas. I was surrounded by a large and loving family who taught me the importance of hard work and a meaningful education.” ~ Ronnie James Dio

  13. “That all men are equal is a proposition to which, at ordinary times, no sane human being has ever given his assent.” ~ Aldous Huxley
  14. “In a mad world, only the mad are sane.” ~ Akira Kurosawa
  15. “In a completely sane world, madness is the only freedom.” ~ J. G. Ballard
  16. “Man may be defined as the animal that can say ”I,” that can be aware of himself as a separate entity.” ~ Erich Fromm

  17. “The danger of the past was that men became slaves. The danger of the future is that man may become robots.” ~ Erich Fromm
  18. “Every man has a sane spot somewhere.” ~ Robert Louis Stevenson
  19. “I’ll be the into your sane.” ~ Gary Numan
  20. “The sane are usually attracted by other things than power.” ~ David Brin

  21. “No sane man can afford to dispense with debilitating pleasures; no ascetic can be considered reliably sane.” ~ Robert M. Parker, Jr.
  22. “Don’t worry. You’re just as sane as I am.” ~ J. K. Rowling
  23. “Men are mad most of their lives; few live sane, fewer die so. The acts of people are baffling unless we realize that their wits are disordered. Man is driven to justice by his lunacy.” ~ Edward Dahlberg
  24. “There are two contrary impulses which govern this man’s brain-the one sane, and the other eccentric. They alternate at regular intervals.” ~ Franz Schubert

  25. “Madness is tonic and invigorating. It makes the sane more sane. The only ones who are unable to profit by it are the insane.” ~ Henry Miller
  26. “There are such beings as vampires, some of us have evidence that they exist. Even had we not the proof of our own unhappy experience, the teachings and the records of the past give proof enough for sane peoples.” ~ Bram Stoker
  27. “Chris and Toby are far too sane to be upset any more.” ~ Maggie Smith
  28. “I always made a point of telling the doctors I was sane, and asking to be released, but the more I endeavored to assure them of my sanity, the more they doubted it” ~ Nellie Bly

  29. “I’m bipolar, but I’m not crazy, and I never was. I’m stark raving sane.” ~ Emilie Autumn
  30. “If you understand hallucination and illusion, you don’t blindly follow any leader. You must know if the person is sane or insane, over the abyss.” ~ Marguerite Young
  31. “If being sane is thinking there’s something wrong with being different, I’d rather be completely #$%^&^& mental.” ~ Angelina Jolie
  32. “No ascetic can be considered reliably sane.” ~ A. J. Liebling

  33. “Any sane person would have left long ago. But I cannot. I have my sons.” ~ Princess Diana
  34. “I feel very blessed to have two wonderful, healthy children who keep me completely grounded, sane and throw up on my shoes just before I go to an awards show just so I know to keep it real.” ~ Reese Witherspoon , Keep sane quotes
  35. “What frightens us most in a madman is his sane conversation.” ~ Anatole France
  36. “I don’t really trust a sane person.” ~ Lyle Alzado

  37. “The sick individual finds himself at home with all other similarly sick individuals. The whole culture is geared to this kind of pathology. The result is that the average individual does not experience the separateness and isolation the fully schizophrenic person feels. He feels at ease among those who suffer from the same deformation; in fact, it is the fully sane person who feels isolated in the insane society – and he may suffer so much from the incapacity to communicate that it is he who may become psychotic.” ~ Erich Fromm
  38. “A sane mind should not be guilty of a logical fallacy, yet there are very fine minds incapable of following mathematical demonstrations.” ~ Henri Poincare
  39. “No man is sane who does not know how to be insane on proper occasions.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  40. “When dealing with the insane, the best method is to pretend to be sane.” ~ Hermann Hesse

  41. “An asylum for the sane would be empty in America.” ~ George Bernard Shaw
  42. “Love is often nothing but a favorable exchange between two people who get the most of what they can expect, considering their value on the personality market.” ~ Erich Fromm
  43. “No live organism can continue for long to exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality.” ~ Shirley Jackson
  44. “It’s not easy being the sane one!” ~ Charmaine

  45. “That millions of people share the same forms of mental pathology does not make these people sane.” ~ Erich Fromm
  46. “What it means to be human is to bring up your children in safety, educate them, keep them healthy, teach them how to care for themselves and others, allow them to develop in their own way among adults who are sane and responsibile, who know the value of the world and not its economic potential. It means art, it means time, it means all the invisibles never counted by the GDP and the census figures. It means knowing that life has an inside as well as an outside. And I think it means love.” ~ Jeanette Winterson
  47. “Inside every sane person there‚Äôs a madman struggling to get out.” ~ Terry Pratchett
  48. “Suddenly the world has run amok and left you alone and sane behind” ~ Wole Soyinka

  49. “Maybe this was how you stayed sane in wartime: a handful of noble deeds amid the chaos.” ~ Scott Westerfeld , Stay sane quotes
  50. “When you’re the only sane person, you look like the only insane person.” ~ Criss Jami
  51. “I’m supposed to be a normal, sane type person, but after you go through war and such, you become superstitious. I am convinced that somebody is looking after me.” ~ Daniel Inouye
  52. “”You know that it is quite preposterous of you to chase rainbows,” said the sane person to the poet. “Yet it would be rather beautiful if I did one day manage to catch one,” mused the poet.” ~ Thomas William Hodgson Crosland

  53. “Most of my training I do in between movies, and even if I wasn’t an actor I’d be doing it. I started studying martial arts when I was 14, and it’s something I still do just to keep sane and feel good about myself.” ~ John Hyams
  54. “You should support Israel not because it is Jewish but because it is a sane, secular democracy. You want Lebanon to be at peace. You don’t care much about Kuwait.” ~ Gene Weingarten
  55. “I mean, maybe I am crazy. I mean, maybe. But if this is all there is, then I don’t want to be sane.” ~ Neil Gaiman
  56. “I would describe myself as quite sane and lucid, which is why I’m still alive.” ~ John McAfee

  57. “love is thicker than forget more thinner than recall more seldom than a wave is wet more frequent than to fail it is most mad and moonly and less it shall unbe than all the sea which only is deeper than the sea love is less always than to win less never than alive less bigger than the least begin less littler than forgive it is most sane and sunly and more it cannot die than all the sky which only is higher than the sky” ~ e. e. cummings
  58. “Theatre people, who are an adaptive species, know that to remain sane in the process of production where everyone and his uncle has an opinion about how to fix a show, you must pick the people whose knowledge and taste you trust and stick only to these few. The Tweetocracy is no place to look.” ~ John Lahr
  59. “I would not have majored in English and gone on to teach literature had I not been able to construct a counterargument about the truthfulness of fiction; still, as writers turn away from the industrious villages of George Eliot and Thomas Hardy, I learn less and less from them that helps me to ponder my life. In time, I found myself agreeing with the course evaluations written by my testier freshman students:’All the literature we read this term was depressing.’ How naive. How sane.” ~ Mary Rose O’Reilley
  60. “Sane people did what their neighbors did, so that if any lunatics were at large, one might know and avoid them.” ~ George Eliot

  61. “Without design thinking, the only sane response to a problem is to make a smaller, “safer” move. Smaller moves don’t get you very far. They key is to let out the leash on imagination, but not take it off the leash. Imagination is the only path to innovation. It’s a good example of something that humans do better than machines.” ~ Marty Neumeier
  62. “There are people who believe everything is sane and sensible that is done with a solemn face.” ~ Georg C. Lichtenberg
  63. “People used to be funny about approaching me, but now they seem to think I’m as sane as anyone who’s done what I’ve done in movies can be.” ~ Philip Seymour Hoffman

  64. “In an ideal world, you could reunite the Pakistan-occupied part of Kashmir with the Indian-occupied part and restore the old borders. You could have both India and Pakistan agreeing to guarantee those borders, demilitarise the area, and to invest in it economically. In a sane world that would happen, but we don’t live in a sane world.” ~ Salman Rushdie
  65. “If there were some recipe that would make all of our children really sane and civic-minded and hugely intelligent, I think we’d probably all do it. But I don’t know that there is a recipe for creating that.” ~ Amanda Peet

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