64 Questionable Quotes On Success In Life

These questionable quotes will inspire you. Questionable is not likely to be true or correct or doubtful as regards truth or quality.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging questionable quotes, questionable sayings, and questionable proverbs.

Best Questionable Quotes

  1. “The least questioned assumptions are often the most questionable.” ~ Paul Broca
  2. “It is questionable if all the mechanical inventions yet made have lightened the day’s toil of any human being.” ~ John Stuart Mill
  3. “The private sector can go forward, if it must, with destruction of embryos for questionable and ethically challenged science. But spend the people’s money on proven blood cord, bone marrow, germ cell, and adult cell research.” ~ Roger Wicker
  4. “The great thing about ‘Allen Gregory’ is that we try to make it really questionable that the things he says have happened, have really happened. We like that ambiguity.” ~ Jonah Hill

  5. “While that amendment failed, human cloning continues to advance and the breakthrough in this unethical and morally questionable science is around the corner.” ~ Mike Pence
  6. “Whatever we think about and question a lot becomes questionable.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
  7. “…it is not the big events that hurt the most but rather the smallest questionable shift in tone at the end of a spoken word that can plow most deeply into the heart.” ~ Steve Martin
  8. “The idea that there is a sharp boundary between our true, inner selves and the outside world is pervasive, but highly questionable. The boundaries of the self might well be more porous than we ordinarily think.” ~ Julian Baggini
  9. “It’s a world in which people’s motives are questionable and shadowy.” ~ Steven Soderbergh

  10. “I like photography because it is a reality medium, unlike drawing which is unreal. I like to mess with reality…to bend reality. Some of my works beg the question of is it real or not?” ~ Storm Thorgerson
  11. “Too many people are setting up ways to raise money that are questionable.” ~ Joe Vitale
  12. “One must shy away from questionable undertakings, even when they bear a high-sounding name.” ~ Albert Einstein
  13. “That lies should be necessary to life is part and parcel of the terrible and questionable character of existence.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche , Questionable quotes about life
  14. “Men spend the best parts of their lives earning money in order to enjoy a questionable liberty during the least valuable part of it.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

  15. “We doubt that any facts actually exist. We only have observations and interpretations. Most of the interpretations remain questionable.” ~ Peter J. Carroll
  16. “It is important to have questionable friends you can trust unconditionally.” ~ Chuck Klosterman , Questionable quotes friendship
  17. “Islam didn’t make it Haram for you to fall in love. It didn’t forbid you from wanting someone. It only guides that love so it protects you, her, your families and especially saves you from humiliation on judgment day. If you love her so much, why are you ok with letting her engage in this questionable relationship knowing full well that she will have to answer Allah just like you will. You don’t love her enough to save her from that?” ~ Nouman Ali Khan
  18. “That questionable superfluity small beer.” ~ Douglas William Jerrold

  19. “All male friendships are essentially quixotic: they last only so long as each man is willing to polish the shaving-bowl helmet, climb on his donkey, and ride off after the other in pursuit of illusive glory and questionable adventure.” ~ Michael Chabon
  20. “In all good westerns, the good guy is always a little bit questionable because he kind-of has to make moral judgments.” ~ Daniel Craig
  21. “A family unity which is only bound together with a table-cloth is of questionable value.” ~ Charlotte Perkins Gilman
  22. “Having a relationship with people of questionable character is like playing with a razor blade on your skin, and pretending to observe that it is harmful to your body.” ~ Michael Bassey
  23. “Because in the end nothing is worse than seeing the fall of one you loved. It was somehow worse than losing a love. It made everything seem questionable. It made the past bitter and confused.” ~ Cassandra Clare

  24. “Flawed characters… a ticking clock… morally questionable acts on all sides… moody, evocative art… oh yeah, this the stuff crime noir fans love!” ~ Christos Gage
  25. “It’s a challenge of to write a narrator who is doing something that is really unlikeable and morally questionable. A lot of times, you read a book because you like the character, you are cheering for the character; you want the best for the character.” ~ Alissa Nutting
  26. “The planet will survive. Whether we get to be here and enjoy it, or enjoy life as we’ve known it, is what’s questionable.” ~ Ted Danson
  27. “Large increases in cost with questionable increases in performance can be tolerated only in race horses and fancy women.” ~ Lord Kelvin
  28. “In a life where waking hours are draped in the costume of horrid nightmare, where reality has suddenly become questionable, it’s easy to be scared by dreams.” ~ Scott Sigler

  29. “That judges of important causes should hold office for life is a questionable thing, for the mind grows old as well as the body.” ~ Aristotle
  30. “Chelsea’s players, coaches and agents are now football’s wealthiest millionaires. Surely the billions taken from the Russian people by an oligarch in questionable privatisations couldn’t be better spent?” ~ Simon Kuper
  31. “the brut first knows death when it dies, but man draws consciously nearer to it every hour that he lives; and this makes his life at times a questionable good even to him who has not recognised this character of constant anaihilation in the whole of life.” ~ Arthur Schopenhauer
  32. “We found that we didn’t have much problem with him [J.C.], it was his followers we found questionable.” ~ Graham Chapman
  33. “‘Character,” says Novalis, in one of his questionable aphorisms – character is destiny’.” ~ George Eliot

  34. “I think that when you’re playing someone who does really questionable or even really terrible things in a movie, it’s important to show where that person is coming from. They’re doing it from a necessary impulse. There is a struggle that’s going on within them as a human.” ~ Dane DeHaan
  35. “The harpsichord was actually ideologically considered a very questionable instrument in that period, much like I think it’s ideologically considered suspect today in some circles.” ~ Mahan Esfahani
  36. “I still read a lot about teenage angst! Of course, any kind of mourning CAN become pathological and then it ‘has to stop’, but to move through life untouched by the loss of hopes, beliefs and aspirations once cherished is also questionable.” ~ George Pattison
  37. “Once we allow ourselves to do evil so that some perceived good may follow, we allow ever greater evils for the sake of ever more questionable goods, until we consent to the greatest evils for the sake of mere trifles.” ~ Benjamin Wiker
  38. “With a record of 75 fights and 6 losses, some of the losses were very questionable including Brian Nielsen when we fought in Denmark. I knew I won but they didn’t give me that fight.” ~ Larry Holmes

  39. “Everything was so designed by Hannibal to break down Will in the first season, until Will’s sanity became questionable. It’s so much easier to believe that somebody losing their mind is capable of terrible things than it is to consider Frasier Crane, a charming, fun doctor who invites you to dinner. If you put those two in a police lineup, you’re going to pick the guy who’s melting down.” ~ Bryan Fuller
  40. “Hitherto it is questionable if all the mechanical inventions yet made have lightened the day’s toil of any human being. They have enabled a greater population to live the same life of drudgery and imprisonment, and an increased number of manufacturers and others to make fortunes. They have increased the comforts of the middle classes. But they have not yet begun to effect those great changes in human destiny, which it is in their nature and in their futurity to accomplish.” ~ John Stuart Mill
  41. “The concept of God as a loving, all-powerful person, who created us, who has a plan for us, who issues commandments, and who is ready to receive us into Heaven, is a substantial concept, rich in meaning and significance for human life. But if we take away all this, and leave only the idea of an original cause, it is questionable whether the same word should even be used. By keeping the original word, we delude ourselves into thinking that we are talking about the same thing.” ~ James Rachels
  42. “It’s very rare in our lives that we’re like “Ooh, I’m going to really screw this family up.” You just don’t. You work from a place of need, like I want to finish this movie or I want to feel loved at that moment or I need empathy right now. And then, you do things that are questionable.” ~ Ry Russo-Young , Questionable quotes about love
  43. “I know how absurd things can get. I’ve had years where I’ve had questionable things going on in my life.” ~ Geoff Rickly

  44. “In fact, the new malleability of the image may eventually lead to a profound undermining of photography’s status as an inherently truthful pictorial form… If even a minimal confidence in photography does not survive, it is questionable whether many pictures will have meaning anymore, not only as symbols but as evidence.” ~ Fred Ritchin
  45. “High personal standards aren’t enough for organizational excellence. You’ve got to be intolerant of low standards in others. . . . If you accommodate questionable practices in others who touch your organization, you risk soiling its reputation. Anybody whose hands aren’t clean can get the place dirty.” ~ Price Pritchett
  46. “As a bit of loner, prone to melancholy, with a questionable sexuality, I found great solace in the words of-Dylan, Joni, John Prine and Leonard Cohen. The darker the better.” ~ Jill Sobule
  47. “There’s something about all the people who are on a mission for purity and chastity, which I find very questionable.” ~ Deniz Gamze Erguven
  48. “I much prefer following a lead character that is doing morally questionable things. How much do you get on board? Do like that? Do you hate it? Does it matter?” ~ Christian Cooke

  49. “Blake expressed some doubt as to whether God had made the tiger. But the tiger is in many ways an admirable animal. We have now to ask whether God made the tapeworm. And it is questionable whether an affirmative answer fits in either with what we know about the process of evolution or what many of us believe about the moral perfection of God.” ~ John B. S. Haldane
  50. “To be quite honest, John Lennon had questionable politics. There was a flip side. He was all peace and love, but he was a very violent character.” ~ Noel Gallagher
  51. “Shut up,” I hissed. Ticked that he was taller than me, I stepped up onto a nearby coffee table. “I’m not in a cage anymore,” I said, keeping enough presence of mind not to poke him in the chest with a finger. His face went startled, then cloric. “The only thing between your head and my foot becoming real close and personal right now is my questionable professionalism. And if you ever threaten me again, I’ll slam you halfway across the room before you can say number-two pencil. Got it, you tall freak of nature?” ~ Kim Harrison
  52. “One of the things I’ve had to struggle with is that part of what people find critically and curatorially questionable in my work is that I try to make things that don’t read as art until they’re in a gallery.” ~ Jack Pierson
  53. “I have this tendency to take a little bit of questionable knowledge and riff on it.” ~ George Saunders

  54. “Football leads to a crime rate among people that play in the NFL that is less than the gen pop, the general population. The numbers have been run. It’s just that people who play football are stars and, as such, what they do occurs with greater media scrutiny. So when one of them happens to engage in some sort of questionable behavior, it happens to (in a lot of it people’s minds) speak for the whole sport and everybody that plays it.” ~ Rush Limbaugh
  55. “A vast majority of the geographical area of the country would have been ignored during the campaign, and so the results would have been different. Who’s to say Donald Trump would not have done better in California if he’d spent some time out there? And who’s to say that Hillary Clinton would have done worse if she’d spent some time out there and actually had been seen by people in California like she was seen elsewhere as having questionable stamina.” ~ Rush Limbaugh
  56. “I remember as a child listening to comedic musicals and thinking they were a real riot. I had pretty questionable taste in comedy.” ~ Zach Woods
  57. “”God”, “immortality of the soul”, “redemption”, “beyond” – Without exception, concepts to which I have never devoted any attention, or time; not even as a child. Perhaps I have never been childlike enough for them?

  58. I do not by any means know atheism as a result; even less as an event: It is a matter of course with me, from instinct. I am too inquisitive, too questionable, too exuberant to stand for any gross answer. God is a gross answer, an indelicacy against us thinkers – at bottom merely a gross prohibition for us: you shall not think!” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
  59. “You’re cultural supremacists to the core. You’ll perform your Questionable Activities to help out the poor little piggies, but there isn’t a chance in the world you’ll notice when they have something to teach you.” ~ Orson Scott Card
  60. “What you’re born with dictates your life. Do you run home after dark? Do you choose an apartment in a questionable neighborhood? I dated a guy a few years ago in California, actually who was, as we say in England, “built like a brick shithouse.” He was a lovely guy, but I thought, his arms are as big as my head, he could kill me. I don’t think that men would predict the kinds of things that women think about when you are contemplating having a relationship.” ~ Abigail Tarttelin , Questionable quotes relationship
  61. “Spending of the best part of one’s life earning money in order to enjoy questionable liberty during the least valuable part of it, reminds me of the Englishman who went to India to make a fortune first, in order that he might return to England and live the life of a poet. He should have gone up garret at once.” ~ Henry David Thoreau
  62. “If we have never had the experience of taking our commonplace religious shoes off our commonplace religious feet, and getting rid of all the undue familiarity with which we approach God, it is questionable whether we have ever stood in his presence.” ~ Oswald Chambers

  63. “Vladimir Putin is doubtlessly trying to drive a wedge into the Western alliance. When it comes to the Russian minorities in the Baltics, Putin will surely know that his chances there are slim to none. They are quite comfortable in those countries. But at the moment, there are at least three EU member-states where it is questionable whether they still belong among Western democracies: Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.” ~ Heinrich August Winkler”Plans are one thing and fate another. When they coincide, success results. Yet success mustn’t be considered the absolute. It is questionable, for that matter, whether success is an adequate resposne to life. Success can eliminate as many options as failure.” ~ Tom Robbins
  64. “Plans are one thing and fate another. When they coincide, success results. Yet success mustn’t be considered the absolute. It is questionable, for that matter, whether success is an adequate resposne to life. Success can eliminate as many options as failure.” ~ Tom Robbins

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