65 Pollution Quotes On Success In Life

These pollution quotes will inspire you. Pollution is the introduction of harmful materials into the environment. These harmful materials are called pollutants.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging pollution quotes, pollution sayings, and pollution proverbs.

Best Pollution Quotes

  1. “Pollution is nothing but the resources we are not harvesting. We allow them to disperse because we’ve been ignorant of their value.” ~ R. Buckminster Fuller
  2. “When the last tree is cut, the last fish is caught, and the last river is polluted; when to breathe the air is sickening, you will realize, too late, that wealth is not in bank accounts and that you can’t eat money.” ~ Alanis Obomsawin
  3. “Environmental pollution is an incurable disease. It can only be prevented.” ~ Barry Commoner
  4. “The flood of money that gushes into politics today is a pollution of democracy.” ~ Theodore White

  5. “The earth we abuse and the living things we kill will, in the end, take their revenge; for in exploiting their presence we are diminishing our future.” ~ Marya Mannes
  6. “Oh Beautiful for smoggy skies, insecticided grain,
    For strip-mined mountain’s majesty above the asphalt plain.
    America, America, man sheds his waste on thee,
    And hides the pines with billboard signs, from sea to oily sea.” ~ George Carlin
  7. “The most alarming of all man’s assaults upon the environment is the contamination of air, earth, rivers, and sea with dangerous and even lethal materials. This pollution is for the most part irrecoverable; the chain of evil it initiates not only in the world that must support life but in living tissues is for the most part irreversible. In this now universal contamination of the environment, chemicals are the sinister and little-recognized partners of radiation in changing the very nature of the world-the very nature of its life.” ~ Rachel Carson
  8. “We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.” ~ Albert Einstein

  9. “There’s so much pollution in the air now that if it weren’t for our lungs there’d be no place to put it all.” ~ Robert Orben
  10. “The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty. The activist is the man who cleans up the river.” ~ Ross Perot
  11. “Approximately 80% of our air pollution stems from hydrocarbons released by vegetation, so let’s not go overboard in setting and enforcing tough emission standards from man-made sources.” ~ Ronald Reagan , Air pollution quotes
  12. “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children” ~ Chief Seattle

  13. “We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.” ~ Aldo Leopold
  14. “That we have children coming into this world already polluted, at the same time we don’t know what the effects of that pollution will be on their mental and physical development, is both bad policy and immorally wrong.” ~ Louise Slaughter
  15. “I would feel more optimistic about a bright future for man if he spent less time proving that he can outwit Nature and more time tasting her sweetness and respecting her seniority.” ~ E. B. White
  16. “The health effects of air pollution imperil human lives. This fact is well-documented.” ~ Eddie Bernice Johnson

  17. “Erosion, desertification, and pollution have become our lot. It is a weird form of suicide, for we are bleeding our planet to death.” ~ Gerald Durrell
  18. “It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment.” ~ Ansel Adams
  19. “Our meaning is to make our little planet Earth a better place to live, to stop wars, disarm nuclear missiles, to stop diseases, AIDS, plague, cancer and to stop pollution.” ~ Uri Geller
  20. “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.” ~ John Muir

  21. “The reality is that zero defects in products plus zero pollution plus zero risk on the job is equivalent to maximum growth of government plus zero economic growth plus runaway inflation.” ~ Dixie Lee Ray
  22. “Indeed, our particular concept of private property, which deters us from exhausting the positive resources of the earth, favors pollution.” ~ Garrett Hardin
  23. “Ecological devastation is the excrement, so to speak, of man’s power worship.” ~ Ernest Becker
  24. “There is an increasing sense of what can be called legal pollution.” ~ Thomas Ehrlich

  25. “Something will have gone out of us as a people if we ever let the remaining wilderness be destroyed; if we permit the last virgin forests to be turned into comic books and plastic cigarette cases; if we drive the few remaining members of the wild species into zoos or to extinction; if we pollute the last clear air and dirty the last clean streams and push our paved roads through the last of the silence . . .” ~ Wallace Stegner
  26. “I spend a year at the Hoover Institute at Stanford, researching market approaches to air pollution control.” ~ Gale Norton
  27. “The most important pathological effects of pollution are extremely delayed and indirect.” ~ Rene Dubos

  28. “In addition to contributing to erosion, pollution, food poisoning, and the dead zone, corn requires huge amounts of fossil fuel – it takes a half gallon of fossil fuel to produce a bushel of corn.” ~ Michael Pollan
  29. “There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.” ~ Marshall McLuhan
  30. “You go into a community and they will vote 80 percent to 20 percent in favor of a tougher Clean Air Act, but if you ask them to devote 20 minutes a year to having their car emissions inspected, they will vote 80 to 20 against it. We are a long way in this country from taking individual responsibility for the environmental problem.” ~ William Ruckelshaus
  31. “Industrial societies turn their citizens into image-junkies; it is the most irresistible form of mental pollution. Poignant longings for beauty, for an end to probing below the surface, for a redemption and celebration of the body of the world. Ultimately, having an experience becomes identical with taking a photograph of it.” ~ Susan Sontag
  32. “I rant and rave about noise pollution.” ~ Robert Carlyle

  33. “I took the stool next to him, raising an eyebrow at the coffee and cruller on the counter. “Thought you weren’t into internal pollution,” I said. Lately Ranger’d been on a health food thing. “Props,” Ranger told me. “Didn’t want to look out of place.” I didn’t want to burst his fantasy bubble, but the only time Ranger wouldn’t look out of place would be standing in a lineup between Rambo and Batman.” ~ Janet Evanovich
  34. “Government cannot close its eyes to the pollution of waters, to the erosion of soil, to the slashing of forests any more than it can close its eyes to the need for slum clearance and schools.” ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt
  35. “Unless we change our food choices, nothing else matters. Because it is meat that is destroying most of our forests. It is meat that pollutes the waters. It is meat that is creating disease which leads to all our money being diverted to hospitals. So, it’s the first choice for anybody who wants to save the Earth.” ~ Maneka Gandhi
  36. “They kill good trees to put out bad newspapers.” ~ James G. Watt

  37. “We already have the statistics for the future: the growth percentages of pollution, overpopulation, desertification. The future is already in place.” ~ Gunter Grass
  38. “There are people who take rumors and embellish them in a way that can be devastating. And this pollution has to be eradicated by people in our business as best we can.” ~ Bob Woodward
  39. “The problem is that everywhere the gas drilling industry goes, a trail of water contamination, air pollution, health concerns and betrayal of basic American civic and community values follows.” ~ Josh Fox
  40. “The use of solar energy has not been opened up because the oil industry does not own the sun.” ~ Ralph Nader

  41. “I strongly support the Bush Administration’s clean diesel rules, which will reduce air pollution from diesel engines by more than 90 percent, and reduce the sulfur content of diesel fuel by more than 95 percent.” ~ Steve Buyer
  42. “Today, about 40 percent of America’s carbon pollution comes from our power plants. There are no federal limits to the amount those plants can pump into the air. None. We limit the amount of toxic chemicals like mercury, and sulfur, and arsenic in our air and water, but power plants can dump as much carbon pollution into our atmosphere as they want. It’s not smart, it’s not right, it’s not safe, and I determined it needs to stop.” ~ Barack Obama
  43. “Holidays are in no sense an alternative to the congestion and bustle of the cities and work. Quite the contrary. People look to escape into an intensification of the conditions of ordinary life, into a deliberate aggravation of those conditions: further from nature, nearer to artifice, to abstraction, to total pollution, to well above average levels of stress, pressure, concentration and monotony – this is the ideal of popular entertainment. No one is interested in overcoming alienation; the point is to plunge into it to the point of ecstasy. That is what holidays are for.” ~ Jean Baudrillard
  44. “Environmental pollution is a blight on people’s quality of life and a trouble that weighs on their hearts.” ~ Li Keqiang

  45. “You have to realize: OK, I don’t know how to solve a political problem, I don’t know how to solve the pollution problem… all I know is in my own life, I need to figure out some sense of purpose, I need to figure out how to be happy… and I’m willing.” ~ Jewel
  46. “Because cap and trade is enforced through the selling and trading of permits, it actually perpetuates the pollution it is supposed to eliminate.” ~ James Hansen
  47. “Ethanol has reduced our nation’s dependence on imported energy, created thousands of jobs, reduced air pollution, and increased energy security. And renewable fuels cost less at the pump. It is a growth fuel that fuels opportunities for millions of Americans.” ~ Lane Evans
  48. “Air pollution is turning Mother Nature prematurely gray.” ~ Irv Kupcinet

  49. “Five states – Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Illinois and North Carolina – have been identified by the EPA as contributing significantly to Rhode Island pollution. As of 2010, 284 tall smokestacks – stacks over 500 feet – were operating in the United States: needles injecting poison into the atmosphere.” ~ Sheldon Whitehouse
  50. “All I know about thermal pollution is that if we continue our present rate of growth in electrical energy consumption it will simply take, by the year 2000, all our freshwater streams to cool the generators and reactors.” ~ David R. Brower
  51. “What I loathe is the multi-national conglomerates who must take responsibility for the degradation and pollution of so much of our landscape with their factory farming and greed.” ~ Fay Godwin
  52. “Nature provides a free lunch, but only if we control our appetites.” ~ William Ruckelshaus

  53. “When I came to New York and I opened the window of the thirty-fifth-floor apartment, there’s light pollution and fog, and I couldn’t see my star. So I drew it on my wrist with a pen, but it kept washing away. Then I went to a tattoo parlor on Second Avenue and had it done.” ~ Gisele Bundchen
  54. “The hens they all cackle, the roosters all beg,
    But I will not hatch, I will not hatch.
    For I hear all the talk of pollution and war
    As the people all shout and the airplane roar,
    So I’m staying in here where it’s safe and it’s warm,
    And I WILL NOT HATCH!” ~ Shel Silverstein
  55. “Cities all over the world are getting bigger as more and more people move from rural to urban sites, but that has created enormous problems with respect to environmental pollution and the general quality of life.” ~ Alan Dundes
  56. “Pollution is an unused resource.” ~ Bill Mollison

  57. “In the rich world, the environmental situation has improved dramatically. In the United States, the most important environmental indicator, particulate air pollution, has been cut by more than half since 1955, rivers and coastal waters have dramatically improved, and forests are increasing.” ~ Bjorn Lomborg
  58. “To waste, to destroy our natural resources, to skin and exhaust the land instead of using it so as to increase its usefulness, will result in undermining in the days of our children the very prosperity which we ought by right to hand down to them amplified and developed.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt
  59. “You think OWS is radical? You think 350.org was radical for helping organize mass civil disobedience in D.C. in August against the Keystone Pipeline? We’re not radical. Radicals work for oil companies. The CEO of Exxon gets up every morning and goes to work changing the chemical composition of the atmosphere. No one has ever done anything as radical as that, not in all of human history.” ~ Bill McKibben
  60. “Fresh air is good if you do not take too much of it; most of the achievements and pleasures of life are in bad air.” ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.
  61. “It has come to my attention, that air pollution is polluting the air!” ~ George W. Bush

  62. “I think the environment should be put in the category of our national security. Defense of our resources is just as important as defense abroad. Otherwise what is there to defend?” ~ Robert Redford
  63. “The pollution of the planet is only an outward reflection of an inner psychic pollution: millions of unconscious individuals not taking responsibility for their inner space.” ~ Eckhart Tolle
  64. “If you think you got a better idea in terms of how to approach this that’s not gonna result in more pollution, and more asthma, and more illness then put your ideas out there. But don’t just oppose things because, “This was Obama’s agenda.”” ~ Barack Obama
  65. “…children born today-in both the industrialized world and developing countries-will live longer and be healthier, they will get more food, a better education, a higher standard of living, more leisure time and far more possibilities-without the global environment being destroyed.” ~ Bjorn Lomborg

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