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How to improve your probability of success, to be always relevant and useful in your job profile. Changing economies, changing technologies and new startups demands new skills and challenges. Automation is affecting every industry and no one can be blamed for it because they are making the workplace more productive. Although you can learn anything it will be useful to identify the most common skills which can refine everyone’s career and achieve success in their respective field. 

Common Skills You Can Learn To Boost Your Success –

Learn a new language: – New language opens up a new set of audiences for you. After globalization, the world has come closer to do business. A new language can give you an unprecedented advantage over your competitor and can open new gates of opportunity.

Learn to communicate: – Communication is the most vital skill any aspirant can learn. If you can’t communicate how will you express your ideas and how will you manage your team. There are skilled workers who are afraid to even speak and they are left behind. Communication can put you in front of your supervisor and win his support for more assignments.

Give presentations: – Give demos, presentations whenever you get an opportunity. It removes your stage fear and gives the confidence to portray your story. Start with online demos and gradually moves towards in-person meetings. The presentation will allow you to speak in front of directors, chief executives of any company. You will also gain more knowledge about your project.

Learn to smile: – Smile is a very powerful tool when you work with people. If it’s very hard for you to smile, try being bored for a few days. You will be termed as stubborn, attitude problem and not very friendly to approach. If you are not happy you can’t make nice products for others and you will be frustrated soon without enjoying your work. Smiling and thinking about happiness definitely enlightens mood and 9 hrs job can become interesting too. Once you start being happy it starts reflecting in your career.

Learn to network: – It’s a very important tool to learn because it is useful in every phase of the career. I have recently discovered the power of networking. Having good contacts in your circle can ease most of the work from finding a new job, someone is looking for new service/product, want to get introduced to another person, update about new trends in the industry and what other people are up to for moving ahead in their career.

Learn discipline:- I am not saying have army type discipline if you can then it’s awesome but at least what you commit to yourself do it and do it on time. These will make you a Doer and self-motivated with more knowledge, more practical experiences. It will mean more options to grow. If you aren’t committed to yourself you won’t be able to go far because you will doubt your capabilities. Discipline & daily to-do list will get you more work done. It enhances your productivity and gets things rolling even on dull days. You can lead by example and come out of the procrastination world.success

Play with numbers: – You should know the basic investment techniques. Buffett once said you should be aware where is your hard-earned money invested & spent. Finance is applicable to all the working and non-working people. Right investment, calculations, taxation can save you enough money and help you in your own venture too. Your interest in numbers will be useful in your job profile when you move up the ladder in the corporate world.

Learn leadership: – I believe some leaders are born and others can be made as well. Leaders’ actually good leaders are required in every work whether it is in corporate, sports or politics. Learn how you can work in a team and how you can grow with the team. When you can lead the team your value increases and demand rises in the job. To be effective leaders learn the basics of your job well to guide others.

Personality development: – It is said to invest a minimum of 10% of your salary on self-development. This is the biggest investment you can ever make. Its ROI is unbeatable compared to any other investment. Try to look smart, well-groomed, well dressed, shoes polished, way of eating/walking/chatting in a group. We ignore these basics as we are overconfident about them until we come face to face in reality and see other smarter people around. 

Learn to contribute: – You may entitle your ideas small during the discussion or maybe afraid what others will think about it but believe me your inputs shows your interest level and the leadership team will always appreciate it than mum people. If an idea is not successful you will learn to dare to speak, present your views and get feedback on your thought process. A person who asks questions looks stupid for one a minute and people who are quiet becomes stupid forever. Success comes from being a team player.

Are you working on yourself to better your chances of success in life?

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