46 Pluto Quotes On Success In Life

These pluto quotes will inspire you. Pluto, is a dwarf planet in the Kuiper belt, a ring of bodies beyond the orbit of Neptune.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging pluto quotes, pluto sayings, and pluto proverbs.

Best Pluto Quotes

  1. “All social rules and all relations between individuals are eroded by a cash economy, avarice drags Pluto himself out of the bowels of the earth.” ~ Karl Marx
  2. “All Plutophiles are based in America. If you go to other countries, they have much less of an attachment to either the existence or preservation of Pluto as a planet.” ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson
  3. “Many people don’t give a rip about politics and know as much about public affairs as they know about the topography of Pluto.” ~ Tony Snow
  4. “We sat in silence, both of us looking up at the stars. He was probably envisioning a machine headed for Pluto. I wished i was on that machine.” ~ Elizabeth Chandler
  5. “When I was a kid, I went from ground zero to Pluto. The first place I played was the Houston Astrodome.” ~ Leif Garrett

  6. “When I was little, we had a Golden Book that had all these Disney characters in one portrait on the first page. My dad used to read from it every night. We’d play this game of find Pluto or find Donald Duck. He’d read us stories and do all the voices. Those are great memories.” ~ Danica McKellar
  7. “I’ve always liked Saturn. But I also have some sympathy for Pluto because I heard it’s been downgraded from a planet, and I think it should remain a planet. Once you’ve given something planetary status it’s kind of mean to take it away.” ~ Jared Leto
  8. “The planets. Now footnote, I’m including Pluto in the planets, because I think it’s terrible what they did to Pluto. And it’s still a planet to me. I grew up with Pluto as a planet, it will always be a planet.” ~ Demetri Martin
  9. “Why did we do that to Pluto? We had it good with Pluto.” ~ Dave Eggers

  10. “O Charidas, what of the underworld? Great darkness. And what of the resurrection? A lie. And Pluto? A fable; we perish utterly.” ~ Callimachus
  11. “Pluto’s warm-up is a reminder that no matter where you are climate happens. It always has, it always will – with or without SUVs. And it should remind us to continue taking with an ever-increasing grain of salt these claims that your car acts as a weather machine.” ~ Chris Horner
  12. “I knew Pluto was popular among elementary schoolkids, but I had no idea they would mobilize into a ‘Save Pluto’ campaign. I now have a drawer full of hate letters from hundreds of elementary schoolchildren (with supportive cover letters from their science teachers) pleading with me to reverse my stance on Pluto. The file includes a photograph of the entire third grade of a school posing on their front steps and holding up a banner proclaiming, ‘Dr. Tyson – Pluto is a Planet!'” ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson
  13. “Never go to Pluto, it’s a Mickey Mouse planet.” ~ Robin Williams

  14. “I loved Pluto. I was totally fascinated by Pluto. When I started in astronomy, I started looking at this region of the sky because I thought it was so interesting out there.” ~ Mike Brown
  15. “This is in a real sense the capstone of the initial missions to explore the planets. Pluto, its moons and this part of the solar system are such mysteries that New Horizons will rewrite all of the textbooks.” ~ Alan Stern
  16. “There is a planet named Pluto, but we don’t have one named Goofy. Goofy would be a good name for this planet. It certainly qualifies.” ~ George Carlin
  17. “Among the gods, there is a dispute as to which one of them originally thought of Christianity; or, as they call it, the Great Leg Pull. Apollo has the best claim, but a sizeable minority support Pluto, ex-God of the Dead, on the grounds that he has a really sick sense of humor. How would it be, suggested the unidentified god, if first, we tell them all to love their neighbor, pack in the killing and thieving, and be nice to each other. Then we let them start burning heretics.” ~ Tom Holt
  18. “What the hell happened to Pluto?!” ~ Jay Asher

  19. “he cut through the 21st Century Gallery, past the big plastic statues of Pluto and Mickey, animal-headed gods of lost America” ~ Philip Reeve
  20. “The laws of Pluto’s kingdom know small difference between king and cobbler, manager and call-boy; and, if haply your dates of life were conterminant, you are quietly taking your passage, cheek by cheek (O ignoble leveling of Death) with the shade of some recently departed candle-snuffer.” ~ Charles Lamb , Pluto quotes on life
  21. “The sheer quantity of brainpower that hurled itself voluntarily and quixotically into the search for new baseball knowledge was either exhilarating or depressing, depending on how you felt about baseball. The same intellectual resources might have cured the common cold, or put a man on Pluto.” ~ Michael Lewis
  22. “I’m pretty mutable as a human being, period – if you put me on Pluto, I can figure it out.” ~ Erykah Badu

  23. “We’re just learning that a lot of planets are small planets, and we didn’t know that before, fact is, in planetary science, objects such as Pluto and the other dwarf planets in the Kuiper Belt are considered planets and called planets in everyday discourse in scientific meetings.” ~ Alan Stern
  24. “I’m a fan of the planets in any combination. When I was born, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, the Sun, and the Moon were all in the sky.” ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson
  25. “It’s strictly coincidental that Pluto of course was named for the god of the underworld and we’re describing these Halloween moons” ~ Alan Stern
  26. “Imagine we could accelerate continuously at 1 g-what we’re comfortable with on good old terra firma-to the midpoint of our voyage, and decelerate continuously at 1 g until we arrive at our destination. It would take a day to get to Mars, a week and a half to Pluto, a year to the Oort Cloud, and a few years to the nearest stars.” ~ Carl Sagan
  27. “Or bid the soul of Orpheus sing Such notes as warbled to the string, Drew iron tears down Pluto’s cheek.” ~ John Milton

  28. “Hey, just be grateful I’m old. When an Arcadian first starts time-walking, we only have about a three percent chance of success. I once ended up on Pluto. (Sebastian) Are you serious? (Channon) They’re not kidding about it being the coldest planet. (Sebastian)” ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
  29. “As my colleague, the physical chemist Peter Atkins puts it, we must be equally agnostic about the theory that there is a teapot in orbrit around the planet Pluto. We can’t disprove it. But that doesn’t mean the theory that there is a teapot is on level terms with the theory that there isn’t.” ~ Richard Dawkins
  30. “There’s a ruthlessness to the city now that wasn’t there before. I was in Dublin a few months ago, when we were shooting Breakfast on Pluto, and if I saw one kid throwing up on the street, I must have seen a hundred of them.” ~ Liam Neeson
  31. “For it is unknown what is the real nature of the soul, whether it be born with the bodily frame or be infused at the moment of birth, whether it perishes along with us, when death separates the soul and body, or whether it visits the shades of Pluto and bottomless pits, or enters by divine appointment into other animals.” ~ Lucretius
  32. “Neptune controls Pluto’s orbit. Neptune is the bully of that neighborhood.” ~ Mike Brown

  33. “With any luck, by the time NASA’s space probe hits Pluto, you’ll be booking a spaceflight with a privately run suborbital airline.” ~ Burt Rutan
  34. “It used to be said that Pluto is a misfit. But now we know Earth is the misfit. This is the most populous class of planet in our solar system and we have never sent a mission to this class.” ~ Alan Stern
  35. “When I was a little kid, we only knew about our nine planets. Since then, we’ve downgraded Pluto but have discovered that other solar systems and stars are common. So life is probably quite prevalent.” ~ Buzz Aldrin
  36. “How is the soul profited by the strife of Hector, the arguments of Plato, the poems of Virgil, or the elegies of Ovid, who, with others like them, are now gnashing their teeth in the prison of the infernal Babylon, under the cruet tyranny of Pluto?” ~ Honorius Augustodunensis
  37. “Pluto is not a planet, but I am.” ~ Shaquille O’Neal

  38. “Future’s Pluto is my favorite album of the year. It’s so emo. Future is the number one dude I’d love to produce for – every time I listen to the song he did with Rihanna, “Loveeeeeee Song”, I’m like, “I should have produced that.”” ~ Ryan Hemsworth , Pluto quotes on love
  39. “If Neptune were analogized with a Chevy Impala in mass, then how big is pluto compared to that? Pluto would be a matchbox car sitting on the curb.” ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson
  40. “I bet most of the crowd does not know that there are six moons in the solar system bigger than Pluto.” ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson
  41. “But I bring it up to let you know that this is the way I feel right now. Like Pluto and Jupiter are aligned with the earth and I’m floating.” ~ Jennifer Niven
  42. “I refuse to accept Pluto’s resignation as a planet.” ~ Amy Lee

  43. “If the Earth is the size of a pea in New York, then the Sun is a beachball 50m away, Pluto is 4km away, and the next nearest star is in Tokyo. Now shrink Pluto’s orbit into a coffee cup; then our Milky Way Galaxy fills North America.” ~ Wayne Hays
  44. “The Stone trembled and threw herself outward bound, toward Saturn. In her train followed hundreds and thousands and hundreds of thousands of thousands of restless, rolling Stones . . . to Saturn . . . to Uranus, to Pluto . . . rolling on out to the stars . . . outward bound to the ends of the Universe.” ~ Robert A. Heinlein
  45. “Why can’t Pluto be a planet? Some people like Pluto. And if it doesn’t exist then they don’t have a favorite planet. Right? Please write back but not in cursive because I can’t read cursive.” ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson
  46. “How can I play baseball if I’m stupid? If I was stupid I wouldn’t have pitched in the World Series. I’d be playing ball in Mexico or Yugoslavia or on Pluto.” ~ Joaquin Andujar

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