31 Monday Night Quotes On Success In Life

These Monday night quotes will inspire you. Monday night describes a complete turnaround of events to lead to a completely different outcome than what was expected.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging Monday night quotes, Monday night sayings, and Monday night proverbs.

Best Monday Night Quotes

  1. “As a kid, there are some things you looked forward to. You looked forward to Charlie Brown during Halloween and you looked forward to Monday Night Football.” ~ Nick Ferguson
  2. “Monday Night Football. That was everything to me because you get a chance to show everybody what you’re capable of. It’s only two teams on that Monday night.” ~ Jerry Rice
  3. “Al Michaels is a good announcer. I think Keith Jackson is a terrific announcer. I always loved him on Monday Night Football. I never understood why they got rid of him” ~ John Turturro
  4. “”Antiques Roadshow” is my favorite show. Every Monday night I have one hour of appointment television. I get the popcorn out and tell my husband, “don’t bother me.”” ~ Lara Spencer

  5. “Chess: It’s like alcohol. It’s a drug. I have to control it, or it could overwhelm me. I have a regular Monday night game at my home, and I do play a little online.” ~ Charles Krauthammer
  6. “There are a lot more TV sets in use on Monday night than on Sunday afternoon.” ~ Pete Rozelle
  7. “I can be very drunk in a club in Oxford on a Monday night and some guy comes up to you and buys you a drink and says that the last record you made changed his life. That means something.” ~ Thom Yorke
  8. “I played in a basketball league until I was 40 years old. I played every Monday night and the guys would say, “You take him out, and you’ll see us afterwards.”” ~ Jack Nicklaus

  9. “If anonymous [Donald] Trump campaign sources are to be believed, they`re pretty concerned he`s going to blow the big debate Monday night with an utter lack of preparation.” ~ Chris Hayes
  10. “Obviously the way people watch TV has changed so much, too, that it’s not necessarily about the ratings anymore. There’s a different kind of time-lapse; you put it out there and people absorb it at their speed, not just on Monday night at eight.” ~ Alia Shawkat
  11. “I found out – the paper used to go to bed on Tues – on Monday. I found out that on Monday nights, the editors would cut out – literally cut out passages, sometimes whole paragraphs, of some of the writers that might possibly offend blacks, lesbians, gays, radicals. And I wrote a couple of columns about that. And they’re – of course, they were annoyed that I had written about it, but, I mean, it – another example – and [my wife Margot] always also conjured that.” ~ Nat Hentoff
  12. “I grew up watching Monday Night Football with Howard Cosell and the other guys with my dad.” ~ Lisa Guerrero

  13. “So on the Tuesday night deadline, while Abu Qatada was appealing to European Court judges, the Home Secretary, who thought the deadline was Monday night, was partying with “X Factor” judges. When the Home Secretary is accused of not knowing what day of the week it is, confusion and chaos have turned into a farce.” ~ Yvette Cooper
  14. “What happens is that you know, on Mondays, at least in the Senate, you know, Monday night wed have what you’d call a bed-check vote. Just to get, you know, the machinery of the Senate up and running so they can start the committee process; on Tuesday morning, things go. By Thursday, you know, jet fumes, the smell of jet fumes.” ~ Olympia Snowe
  15. “My personal favorite remains Tiger Stadium, Baton Rouge, first home game after Katrina vs. Tennessee on a Monday night. Getting goosebumps typing about it. It was so loud and emotional that I think everyone was exhausted by the second half.” ~ Pat Forde
  16. “That was the absolute worst catchphrase I’ve ever heard in the history of Monday Night Raw.” ~ Stone Cold Steve Austin

  17. “Retaining ‘Monday Night Football’ simply did not make smart financial sense for ABC. We could not reconcile the fees against the revenue. We love football at ABC. It’s been a love affair for 36 years. It will go down in the history of sports television, being created on ABC and with this magnificent run. But at this point, given the success, we’re having with our entertainment product and the financials, we deemed that this was the proper move for us. We’re not looking back .” ~ George Bodenheimer
  18. “Hide your kids, hide your wife, don’t change the channel, this is Monday night raw and The Miz is the WWE champion.” ~ Alex Riley
  19. “Well, just another thing that Michael Cole brings to Monday Night Raw, he invited Laycool here, for whatever reason.” ~ Josh Mathews
  20. “Arguing with the girlfriend. The mid argument she says “Were you on Monday night Raw last night?” I had no comeback.” ~ Zack Ryder

  21. “Well, I had started a program which is even longer running than this one in 1967 which was a jazz program called The Best of Jazz and that still goes out on Monday nights. That’s been going for 33 years or something.” ~ Humphrey Lyttelton
  22. “Those three words, Monday Night Football, resonate like no other.” ~ Al Michaels
  23. “Before the first year, nobody gave it a chance. Now, 36 years later, everybody knows Monday Night Football.” ~ Frank Gifford
  24. “The reality is we are 0-3. The reality is that we can still be a very good football team. We need to show that on Monday night.” ~ Aaron Kampman

  25. “I love football. My weekends are booked. Saturday college games and Sunday NFL and ‘Monday Night Football.’ Booked! Football is first, then basketball and then everything else.” ~ Jordin Sparks
  26. “This must be Monday Night RAW, we just got a Wendy’s chant.” ~ John Cena
  27. “Anything goes on any given Sunday, especially Monday Night.” ~ Jon Gruden
  28. “The number-one show in America on Sundays will be Celebrity Apprentice. Monday nights, The Voice will be number one. Wednesday nights, Survivor will be number one. And Friday nights, Shark Tank will be number one. It just takes some time management for me to focus.” ~ Scott Raab
  29. “It’s just been a long week, that’s all.” “It’s Monday night, Jess.” “My point exactly.” ~ Scott Westerfeld

  30. “Well, you missed out on some important protocol, Ella. You can’t stand between a Texan and his power tools. We like them. Big ones that drain the national grid. We also like truck-stop breakfasts, large moving objects, Monday night football, and the missionary position. We don’t drink light beer, drive Smart cars, or admit to knowing the names of more than about five or six colors. And we don’t wax our chests, ever.” ~ Lisa Kleypas
  31. “A schedule so tight that it would only work if I didn’t sleep on Monday nights.” ~ Alan Jay Lerner

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