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These Mumbai quotes will inspire you. Mumbai is the capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging Mumbai quotes, Mumbai sayings, and Mumbai proverbs.

Best Mumbai Quotes

  1. “It’s not so much what you learn about Mumbai, it’s what you learn about yourself, really. It’s a funny old hippie thing, but it’s true as well. You find out a lot about yourself and your tolerance, and about your inclusiveness.” ~ Danny Boyle
  2. “Mumbai’s infectious. Once you start living in Mumbai, working in Mumbai, I don’t think you can live anywhere else.” ~ Yash Chopra
  3. “Mumbai may not be my city. But it is my kind of city.” ~ Vikas Swarup
  4. “I turned atheist in the 90s when India went through troubled times – communal riots, bomb blasts… Mumbai, where I live, was badly affected. I blamed religion; also, extremists on both sides – right and left.” ~ Amish Tripathi

  5. “The thing about Mumbai is you go five yards and all of human existence is revealed. It’s an incredible cavalcade of life, and I love that.” ~ Julian Sands
  6. “Filming in India was one big adventure. For ‘The Cheetah Girls’, we were in Mumbai for two weeks, then Rajasthan for six weeks. Every day after shooting, I would hop into a rickshaw and start exploring the city. I even learned a bit of Hindi. It’s such an amazing place to visit.” ~ Michael Steger
  7. “I have a lot of friends, but my biggest fear is loneliness. I miss my family in Mumbai, and my biggest nightmare every day is to go back home alone.” ~ Deepika Padukone
  8. “Mumbai is like Manhattan. There’s a certain pace, a social life, and the thrill of a professional life.” ~ Madhuri Dixit

  9. “If there is one city apart from Mumbai where I would love to settle down, it has to be Chennai.” ~ Ashwin Sanghi
  10. “I was spending a lot of time in Mumbai after I met my husband, who is Indian, and while parts of the city were prospering like crazy, I couldn’t quite make out how the new wealth had changed the prospects of the majority of city residents who lived in slums. So after a few years I stopped wondering and started reporting.” ~ Katherine Boo
  11. “In the United States in 2009, more than 10.2 billion trips were taken on transit trains and buses. So far, the nation has not experienced a major transit attack since Sept. 11, but the March 2010 Moscow subway bombings and earlier train attacks in London and Mumbai show that we must be prepared.” ~ John Mica
  12. “I have lived in Mumbai for more than 20 years, have my domicile here, my home and family here.” ~ Shahrukh Khan

  13. “The centuries-old history and culture of India, majestic architectural monuments and museums of Delhi, Agra and Mumbai have a unique attractive force.” ~ Vladimir Putin
  14. “There was an agitation against Mumbai Express: because part of it is an English word. There is no Tamil word for Mumbai Express. I am sure all those who were against it, even they wouldn’t say ‘I love you’ to their lovers in Tamil. Many don’t even thank in Tamil.” ~ Kamal Haasan
  15. “In every conversation, I’ve had – with housewives in Mumbai, with middle-class people, upper-class, in the slums – everyone says there is an underlying consciousness of karma. That people believe in karma – that what you’re putting out is going to come back. If I do something to you, the energy of it is going to come back to me in the future.” ~ Deepak Chopra
  16. “Rohinton Mistry’s celebrated novel ‘Such a Long Journey’ was pulled off the syllabus of Mumbai University because local extremists objected to its content.” ~ Salman Rushdie

  17. “Mumbai is home, so there’s no comparison. But then again, New York’s a lot like Mumbai, which is why I choose to live there. It’s fast, crowded (in a good way), the people are friendly and it’s full of color and race, like Mumbai. Unfortunately, the traffic’s also just as bad.” ~ Lavrenti Lopes
  18. “Many state governments have launched innovative steps such as Ladli Laxmi scheme of Madhya Pradesh, PDS reform scheme of Chattisgarh, computerization of land records in Karnataka, free computers to students passing 10th standard exams, pollution control efforts in Himachal, power sector reforms in Rajasthan and Mumbai – Pune Expressway in Maharashtra. These excellent innovative schemes are examples of good governance.” ~ Narendra Modi
  19. “Mumbai Indians will strive to build on our proud legacy of giving youngsters a platform to showcase their talent and realize their true potential.” ~ Nita Ambani
  20. “How many more people right now feel connected to Mumbai because of Slumdog Millionaire, or suddenly are interested in the plight of orphans on Mumbai after seeing that film? The same thing with the Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns.” ~ Khaled Hosseini

  21. “We have to look at it country by country. In places like the developing world where, as you say, in Mumbai, it’s about five hours’ gap between what a woman does and a man does. You have to start by recognizing the problem and talking about it, trying to change those roles.” ~ Melinda Gates
  22. “African American music can’t happen in Germany or in Italy or in Mumbai. If America disappeared off the face of the Earth today, the greatest single cultural loss would be blues, jazz, hip-hop, R&B, rock-and-roll.” ~ David Simon
  23. “Delhi is excellent. Everything looks so beautiful. In Bombay, we don’t have such beautiful roads, spacious places, and you cannot have the luxury of having houses and bungalows. You have to live in little pokey flats and cost of living is extremely high in Mumbai. Delhi has a lot that people keep preserving… a lot of which is what Delhi is about.” ~ Bipasha Basu
  24. “The fact is I like Mumbai less and less. My son says, ‘Baba, let’s go for a drive’, and I tell him, ‘Where’s the fun of a drive-in this place?’ You get caught in a million traffic jams, and you spend time cooped in your car with all that mad cacophony around you.” ~ Om Puri

  25. “And at the moment of contact, they do not know if the hand that is reaching for theirs belongs to a Hindu or Muslim or Christian or Brahmin or untouchable or whether you were born in this city or arrived only this morning or whether you live in Malabar Hill or New York or Jogeshwari; whether you’re from Bombay or Mumbai or New York. All they know is that you’re trying to get to the city of gold, and that’s enough. Come on board, they say. We’ll adjust.” ~ Suketu Mehta
  26. “While the Congress came out with Federal Investigation Agency Bill after Mumbai attacks, the BJP had come out with POTA. However, the important aspect is how to prevent such terror activities from taking place and there is no thinking on this by either of the two parties” ~ Sitaram Yechury
  27. “In 2005… Mumbai, India, saw that country’s most intense recorded instance of rainfall – 3 feet of rain in twenty-four hours.” ~ Joseph J. Romm
  28. “I am a Maharashtrian and I am extremely proud of that. But I am an Indian first. And Mumbai belongs to all Indians.” ~ Sachin Tendulkar

  29. “Terror attacks in Mumbai have grown due to increase in the population of the north Indians in the city.” ~ Raj Thackeray
  30. “I Came To Mumbai With Just Rs. 1,500 … My Mother Gave Me Before She Died” ~ Shahrukh Khan
  31. “Rising sea levels will result in tens to hundreds of millions more people flooded each year with a warming of 3 or 4°C. There will be serious risks and increasing pressures for coastal protection in South East Asia (Bangladesh and Vietnam), small islands in the Caribbean and the Pacific, and large coastal cities, such as Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Calcutta, Karachi, Buenos Aires, St. Petersburg, New York, Miami and London.” ~ Nicholas Stern
  32. “My father is conservative but has always supported my decisions. He lets me take my own decisions. His only condition while allowing me to come to Mumbai was that my mother must accompany me.” ~ Priyanka Chopra

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