65 Misuse Quotes On Success In Life

These misuse quotes will inspire you. Misuse use (something) in the wrong way or for the wrong purpose.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging misuse quotes, misuse sayings, and misuse proverbs.

Best Misuse Quotes

  1. “America will tolerate the taking of a human life without giving it a second thought. But don’t misuse a household pet.” ~ Dick Gregory
  2. “If you don’t know the purpose of something, all you can do is misuse it.” ~ Craig Groeschel
  3. “Stupidity is also a gift of God, but one mustn’t misuse it.” ~ Pope John Paul II
  4. “While some misuse their freedom to perpetrate evil, millions respond by feeling compelled to use their freedom to do good.” ~ Adam Hamilton , Freedom misuse quotes
  5. “You can bend it and twist it… You can misuse and abuse it… But even God cannot change the Truth.” ~ Michael Levy, Baron Levy

  6. “Unfortunately, religion, like patriotism, is easy to misuse for political purposes.” ~ Kjell Magne Bondevik
  7. “In addition, the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act provides protection for those in the firearms industry from lawsuits arising out of the criminal or unlawful acts of people who misuse their products.” ~ Bob Ney
  8. “Drug misuse is not a disease, it is a decision, like the decision to step out in front of a moving car. You would call that not a disease but an error of judgment.” ~ Philip K. Dick
  9. “It is better to make a piece of music than to perform one, better to perform one than to listen to one, better to listen to one than to misuse it as a means of distraction, entertainment, or acquisition of ‘culture.'” ~ John Cage
  10. “As a Christian, there is no other part of the New Right ideology that concerns me more than its self-serving misuse of religious faith.” ~ Mark Hatfield

  11. “I think there was an absolute, deep gap between consensual relations between adults, which people may like or dislike, and people who physically impose themselves on children or misuse their authority to impose on children.” ~ Barney Frank
  12. “There are hundreds of millions of gun owners in this country, and not one of them will have an accident today. The only misuse of guns comes in environments where there are drugs, alcohol, bad parents, and undisciplined children. Period.” ~ Ted Nugent
  13. “Respect for the word – to employ it with scrupulous care and in incorruptible heartfelt love of truth – is essential if there is to be any growth in a society or in the human race.
    To misuse the word is to show contempt for man. It undermines the bridges and poisons the wells. It causes Man to regress down the long path of his evolution.” ~ Dag Hammarskjold
  14. “Every year the Federal Government wastes billions of dollars as a result of overpayments of government agencies, misuse of government credit cards, abuse of the Federal entitlement programs, and the mismanagement of the Federal bureaucracy.” ~ Chris Chocola
  15. “Opposition is not necessarily enmity; it is merely misused and made an occasion for enmity.” ~ Sigmund Freud

  16. “How often misused words generate misleading thoughts.” ~ Herbert Spencer
  17. “Pressure is a word that is misused in our vocabulary. When you start thinking of pressure, it’s because you’ve started to think of failure.” ~ Tommy Lasorda
  18. “the attempt to control poetry, to subordinate it to extra-poetic ends, constitutes misuse.” ~ Jan Clausen
  19. “I think rap definitely has its place in the art world. I think it is an art form. But, just like any art form, you can misuse it.” ~ Rick James

  20. “Physical pleasure is a sensual experience no different from pure seeing or the pure sensation with which a fine fruit fills the tongue; it is a great unending experience, which is given us, a knowing of the world, the fullness and the glory of all knowing. And not our acceptance of it is bad; the bad thing is that most people misuse and squander this experience and apply it as a stimulant at the tired spots of their lives and as distraction instead of a rallying toward exalted moments.” ~ Rainer Maria Rilke
  21. “The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.” ~ Edmund Burke
  22. “…human beings are a species splendid in their array of moral equipment, tragic in their propensity to misuse it, and pathetic in their ignorance of the misuse.” ~ Robert Wright
  23. “I had been brought up and trained to have the utmost contempt for people who got drunk – and I would have liked to have the boozing scholars of the Universities wheeled into line and properly chastised for their squalid misuse of what I must ever regard as a gift of the gods.” ~ Winston Churchill
  24. “Words are how people think. When you misuse words, you diminish your ability to think clearly and truthfully.” ~ Margaret Heffernan

  25. “Broken people misuse their power while people who have values don’t use their powers in a way that harms.” ~ Mark Pellegrino , Misuse quotes of power
  26. “The Sacraments are the salvation of those who use them rightly, and the damnation of those who misuse them.” ~ Saint Augustine
  27. “Banning guns because of their misuse is like banning the First Amendment because one might libel or slander.” ~ Ron Paul
  28. “There exists a limit to the force even the most powerful may apply without destroying themselves. Judging this limit is the true artistry of government. Misuse of power is the fatal sin.” ~ Frank Herbert
  29. “The Congress’ name of ‘INC’ must be changed to ‘Institutions Neglecting Congress’. Their habit is to misuse, abuse and reduce institutions.” ~ Narendra Modi

  30. “Ownership has been separated from control; and this separation has removed many of the checks which formerly operated to curb the misuse of wealth and power.” ~ Louis D. Brandeis
  31. “It is not good to give money to everyone who begs; give food or clothing instead. They may misuse the money we give for drinks and drugs. We should not give them a chance to err. Try not to see them as beggars, but as God himself.” ~ Mata Amritanandamayi
  32. “Leisure is one of the three greatest rewards of being a teacher. It is, unfortunately, the privilege which teachers most often misuse.” ~ Gilbert Highet
  33. “If we misuse the gift of sexuality, we’re going to suffer the consequences, and I firmly believe we are suffering the consequences.” ~ Salvatore J. Cordileone

  34. “It is astonishing how much the word infinitely is misused: everything is infinitely more beautiful, infinitely better, etc. The concept must have something pleasing about it, or its misuse could not have become so general.” ~ Georg C. Lichtenberg
  35. “Space exploration must be undertaken not only out of simple human curiosity but also to further the survival of the species. The twentieth century has seen the unprecedented development and proliferation of magnificent technologies. Many of them, through design, ignorance, or misuse, are capable of destroying life as well as enhancing it. Space exploration alone holds the promise of eventual escape from a dying planet, provided we wisely manage our resources in the meantime and actually survive that long.” ~ Edgar Mitchell
  36. “Teenage life – possibly adult life too is all about what you want and can’t have. And then about what you receive and misuse.” ~ Jonathan Lethem
  37. “There has to be insight born of hindsight. Otherwise, you’re only confessing your sins and asking the reader to forgive you. And that is a complete misuse of the writer’s power and unfair to the reader.” ~ Meghan Daum
  38. “Nothin’g sa’ys q’uality fantas’y l’ike misuse’d apos’tro’phes.” ~ James Nicoll

  39. “Your soul is the root, its the root of everything. And when He tells you how to handle sex, He made it, its awesome, its beautiful, it has a purpose. And when He tells you how to handle it, there’s a reason He says, This is connected to your soul and if you misuse it, your soul will wilt and will waste away. You can use it how you want to because you have the freedom to do that but in the end I’m telling you how to have the life to the fullest.” ~ Lacey Mosley
  40. “Blind obedience is itself an abuse of human morality. It is a misuse of the human soul in the name of religious commitment. It is a sin against individual conscience. It makes moral children of the adults from whom moral agency is required. It makes a vow, which is meant to require religious figures to listen always to the law of God, beholden first to the laws of very human organizations in the person of very human authorities. It is a law that isn’t even working in the military and can never substitute for personal morality.” ~ Joan D. Chittister
  41. “All the things of the wild have their proper uses. Only misuse makes them evil.” ~ Ellis Peters
  42. “I was told by my father, who was a priest, that it was the basic duty of a Muslim to establish peace on earth… I soon came to the conclusion that it was not religion but misuse of religion and politicising of religion, which was the main culprit.” ~ Asghar Ali Engineer
  43. “NEA includes most bizarre & extreme misuse of tax funds.” ~ Newt Gingrich

  44. “The life of every river sings its own song, but in most the song is long marred by the discords of misuse.” ~ Aldo Leopold
  45. “A chief cause of unhappiness is what I call mental movies. Mental movies are a misuse of the imagination. You know how it goes. You have a painful experience with someone, then run it over and over in your mind. You visualize what you said, what he did, how you both felt. As awful as it is, you feel compelled to repeat the film day and night. It is as if you were locked inside a theatre playing a horrible movie.” ~ Vernon Howard
  46. “I get so ticked off at you intellectually lazy people who think that the government is God, that every dollar they get or spend is somehow sacred. There is more fraud and waste and misuse. If the federal government were held accountable to the law as corporations are held accountable, half the federal government would be in prison.” ~ Rush Limbaugh
  47. “People confound, misuse, interchange thinking and speaking, not realizing that speaking is for communication and thinking is for action.” ~ Moshe Feldenkrais

  48. “Those who, animal-like, live solely according to the senses… misuse God’s creation in order to indulge the passions. They do not understand the principle of that wisdom which is revealed to all: that we should know and praise God through His creation and that by means of the visible world we should understand whence we came, what we are, for what purpose we were made and where we are going. On the contrary, they travel through this present age in darkness… with… ignorance of God.” ~ Maximus the Confessor
  49. “I look upon literature as an art, and I believe that if you misuse it or abuse it, it will leave you. It is not a thing that you can nail down and use as you want. You have to let it use you, too.” ~ Katherine Anne Porter
  50. “Lying is the misuse of language. We know that. We need to remember that it works the other way round too. Even with the best intentions, language misused, language used stupidly, carelessly, brutally, language used wrongly, breeds lies, half-truths, confusion. In that sense you can say that grammar is morality. And it is in that sense that I say a writer’s first duty is to use language well.” ~ Ursula K. Le Guin
  51. “The breakdown of our language, evident in the misuse, i.e., the misunderstanding of nouns and adjectives, is most grave, though perhaps not so conspicuous, in the handling of prepositions, those modest little connectives that hold the parts of a phrase or a sentence together. They are the joints of any language, what make it, literally, articulate.” ~ Mary McCarthy
  52. “If you don’t abdicate or misuse your power, pressure takes you into realization.” ~ John de Ruiter

  53. “Wine is a splendid thing in and of itself, but it is nonetheless proper to examine the high nutritional and hygienic values of wine from a scientific point of view. We are convinced that scientists will thus perform a service to mankind, since at the same time they will help determine the measure beyond which its use is a misuse for all creation.” ~ Pope Pius XII
  54. “The separation of church and state can sometimes be frustrating for women and men of deep religious faith. They may be tempted to misuse government in order to impose a value which they cannot persuade others to accept. But once we succumb to that temptation, we step onto a slippery slope where everyone’s freedom is at risk.” ~ Edward Kennedy
  55. “We spend a lot of time bickering at great cost, and very little time actually coming up with solutions. And I think we misuse our ambition for our own gains and rarely for the betterment of ourselves, and people around us and our environment. And I think that’s sort of pathetic and desperate.” ~ Dave Matthews
  56. “Almost all scholarly research carries practical and political implications. Better that we should spell these out ourselves than leave that task to people with a vested interest in stressing only some of the implications and falsifying others. The idea that academics should remain “above the fray” only gives ideologues license to misuse our work.” ~ Stephanie Coontz
  57. “In effect, a selfish and boundless thirst for power and material prosperity leads both to the misuse of available natural resources and to the exclusion of the weak and the disadvantaged.” ~ Pope Francis

  58. “I believe that all literatures can have political uses and misuses. Sometimes politics can enhance, sometimes it can get in the way of imaginative literature. . . . I’m not sure one can be a creative writer and a politician — not a “good” politician.” ~ Gayl Jones
  59. “… the attempt to control poetry, to subordinate it to extra poetic ends, constitutes misuse…. it may be poetry’s stubborn quality of rock bottom, intrinsic uselessness which constitutes the guarantee of its integrity, and hence of its ultimate value to us.” ~ Jan Clausen
  60. “I’ve been given a gift [musical talent] – don’t misuse it. I spent a lot of time just wasting that talent, not treasuring it, not valuing it, not respecting it, just taking it for granted. That was a hard lesson to learn. It doesn’t come for free. Don’t do that. Treasure it, respect it, treat it as a responsibility that you’ve been given, and enjoy the hell out of it.” ~ David Crosby
  61. “An appreciation of words is so rare that everybody naturally thinks he possesses it, and this universal sentiment results in the misuse of a material whose beauty enriches the loving student beyond the dreams of avarice.” ~ Agnes Repplier
  62. “To misuse one’s talent, to be cavalier about it, to set it aside because of fear or sloth is unpardonable.” ~ James Lee Burke

  63. “Capitalism had arisen through the misuse and exaggeration of certain rights, notably the right of property – the basis of economic freedom – and the right of contract, which is one of the main functions of economic freedom. Therefore, even under Capitalism, so long as the old principles were remembered it was possible to recall the principles whereby Society had once been sane and well ordered.” ~ Hilaire Belloc
  64. “If it be admitted that a man, possessing absolute power, may misuse that power by wronging his adversaries, why should a majority not be liable to the same reproach? Men are not apt to change their character by agglomeration; nor does their patience in the presence of obstacles increase with the consciousness of their strength. And for these reasons I can never willingly invest any number of my fellow creatures with that unlimited authority which I should refuse to any one of them.” ~ Alexis de Tocqueville
  65. “Grown-up people seem to be busy by clockwork… They run their unswerving course from object to object, directed by some mysterious inner needle that points all the time to what they must do next. You can only marvel at such misuse of time.” ~ Elizabeth Bowen

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