31 Well Wishes Quotes On Success In Life

These well wishes quotes will inspire you. Well wishes are kind words, either spoken or written, that share a desire for a person to have good health or good things or that show them support.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging well wishes quotes, well wishes sayings, and well wishes proverbs.

Best Well Wishes Quotes

  1. “A tough lesson in life that one has to learn is that not everybody wishes you well.” ~ Dan Rather
  2. “When you wish someone joy, you wish them peace, love, prosperity, happiness… all the good things.” ~ Maya Angelou
  3. “My best friend is the man who in wishing me well wishes it for my sake.” ~ Aristotle , Well wishes quotes friend
  4. “I just want you to be happy. If that’s with me or with someone else or with nobody. I just want you to be happy.” ~ John Green
  5. “You can search the world over and you will find no one who is more deserving of your kindness and well wishing than you yourself.” ~ Gautama Buddha

  6. “Diligence is the mother of good fortune, and idleness, its opposite, never brought a man to the goal of any of his best wishes.” ~ Miguel de Cervantes
  7. “We have reiterated on many occasions that China wishes to establish and develop long-term, good-neighbourly and friendly relations with all countries in south Asia.” ~ Li Peng
  8. “One may as well dam for water tanks the people’s cathedrals and churches, for no holier temple has ever been consecrated by the heart of man.” ~ John Muir
  9. “A wise unselfishness is not a surrender of yourself to the wishes of anyone, but only to the best discoverable course of action.” ~ David Seabury
  10. “That is ever the way. Tis all jealousy to the bride and good wishes to the corpse.” ~ James M. Barrie

  11. “I have very poor and unhappy brains for drinking: I could well wish courtesy would invent some other custom of entertainment.” ~ William Shakespeare
  12. “We are like a wishing well And a bolt of electricity” ~ Fiona Apple
  13. “You can want and want and want, but if he doesn’t want you back … you might as well wish the sky were red.” ~ Sophie Kinsella
  14. “Testing oneself is best when done alone.” ~ Jimmy Carter
  15. “If a man wishes to truly not be written about, he would do well not to write letters to 18-year-old girls, inviting them into his life.” ~ Joyce Maynard

  16. “Yeah, well, wish in one hand, crap in the other, and see which fills up first” ~ S.A. Bodeen
  17. “All of you are aware of the journey I’ve taken this past year and I just want to relay to all of the people that sent along their prayers and well wishes, my heartfelt thanks. It was truly overwhelming to me and my family the outpouring that we received from the Twin Cities community and from across the Midwest.” ~ Fred Hoiberg
  18. “How often I have tried to tell writing students that the first thing a writer must do is love the reader and wish the reader well. The writer must trust the reader to be at least as intelligent as he is. Only in such well wishing and trust, only when the writer feels he is writing a letter to a good friend, only then will the magic happen.” ~ Ellen Gilchrist
  19. “My mother-in-law fell down a wishing well. I was amazed; I never knew they worked.” ~ Les Dawson

  20. “My officers and men understood wishes so well that this movement was executed under fire, the right wing keeping up fire, without giving the enemy any occasion to seize or even to suspect their advantage.” ~ Joshua Chamberlain
  21. “I felt stuck in the bottom of a wishing well. I was desperate to shout what I wanted, but I didn’t know what that was. I knew only what it wasn’t. The Hundred Secret Senses by Amy Tan” ~ Amy Tan
  22. “Your goal is to achieve the best results by following their wishes. If they want you to build a house upside down standing on its chimney, it’s up to you to do it.” ~ Richard Morris Hunt
  23. “Every day, every birthday candle I blow out, every penny I throw over my shoulder in a wishing well, every time my daughter says, ‘Let’s make a wish on a star,’ there’s one thing I wish for: wisdom.” ~ Rene Russo
  24. “But darling, I wish you well On your way to the wishing well” ~ Patty Griffin

  25. “I am for God, I am the lover of God, I am loved by God, I am the servant of God, I am the servant of the servant of God, and I am the well-wishing instrument of God’s love towards every living being, with all humility. The emergence of that realization is the greatest attainment in life.” ~ Radhanath Swami , Well wishes quotes life
  26. “The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation … it is common to wish well to oneself, but in our technically unified world, wishing well to oneself is sure to be futile unless it is combined with wishing well to others.” ~ Bertrand Russell
  27. “Time is running out for us But you just move the hands upon the clock You throw coins in the wishing well For us You just move your hands upon the wall” ~ Thom Yorke
  28. “Eddie and I are overwhelmed by the amount of lovely well wishes. We are blessed and…. I’m Mrs. Cibrian!” ~ LeAnn Rimes

  29. “Make this decision today. Will you be a good and honest writer, or would you rather be famous, loved, noticed? Tell me, because there are different paths for these two divergent goals. The decision to be a true artist is lonelier and slower, but it will lead to better work and, I think, a better life. Very rarely you will be a good and honest writer and also know a little comfort and some attention and the well wishes of a crowd. This is very rare.” ~ Tennessee Williams
  30. “The conservative may clamor against reform, but he might as well clamor against the centrifugal force. He sighs for the “good old times,”–he might as well wish the oak back into the acorn.” ~ Edwin Hubbel Chapin
  31. “I got a call this morning, and it was from Nancy Kerrigan, wishing me luck. She wished me luck and sent me all her good wishes.” ~ Michelle Kwan

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