49 High Energy Quotes On Success In Life

These high energy quotes will inspire you. High energy, having such speed and kinetic energy as to exhibit relativistic departure from classical laws of motion —used especially of elementary particles whose velocity has been imparted by an accelerator.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging high energy quotes, high energy sayings, and high energy proverbs.

Best High Energy Quotes

  1. “When love first happens, the individuals are giving each other energy unconsciously and both people feel buoyant and elated. That’s the incredible high we call being ‘in love.’ Unfortunately, once they expect this feeling to come from another person, they cut themselves off from the energy in the universe and begin to rely even more on the energy from each other – only now there doesn’t seem to be enough.” ~ James Redfield
  2. “High energy does not necessarily mean fast, high energy has to do with heart.” ~ Lou Reed
  3. “We have record high temperatures and record high energy prices across the country, and we’ve seen the dangerous effects caused by extreme temperatures in the past.” ~ Louise Slaughter
  4. “Silly ideas, worth the admission price in smiles, but they’re true. Is high-energy physics interesting because it’s true or because it’s crazy?” ~ Richard Bach

  5. “Experimental high energy physics research is a group effort. I have been very fortunate to have had outstanding students and colleagues who have made invaluable contributions to the research with which I have been associated.” ~ Jerome Isaac Friedman
  6. “It takes committed, high energy, full-tilt boogie participation to have the kind of life you want.” ~ Nicholas Lore
  7. “When I see someone in a military uniform I make it a point to approach them, shake their hand and say five words… ‘thank you for your service.’ ‘Stars Earn Stripes’ is a high energy, fun, action show, but at its heart it is all about those five words.” ~ Mark Burnett
  8. “So much of what we said sounded crazy, yet none of it was false… as if two theoretical physicists stood on stage to say that when we travel near lightspeed, we get younger than nontravellers; that a mile of space next to the sun is differnt than a mile of space next to the earth because the sun-mile space is curved more than the the earth-mile. Silly ideas, worth the admission price in smiles, but they’re true. Is high-energy physics interesting because it’s true or because it’s crazy?” ~ Richard Bach
  9. “I just try to play as hard as I can every possession. If you’re aware and you’re high-energy, the ball will eventually bounce your way and you’ll be able to make plays.” ~ Jeremy Lin

  10. “What I’m talking about is fun. It’s every day, it’s high energy, and it gives you guidance and healing for your life. It puts a fizz of magic into the air.” ~ Robert Moss
  11. “From the time I started playing, I’ve always been the high-energy, never-stop-moving guy.” ~ Peja Stojakovic
  12. “There’s so much energy exchange [in conduction], so you get back a lot, of course, but you also have to give a lot. It’s kind of high-energy thing.” ~ Esa-Pekka Salonen
  13. “My energy level is very high … how ambitious it all is depends on lots of different things. But pretty high energy level. I take on a lot of projects at the same time.” ~ Howard Dean

  14. “Approach every meeting with a purposeful, high-energy, ready-to-make-a-contribution attitude, and watch how fast leadership’s perception of you follows your behavior.” ~ Jack Welch
  15. “My sound has changed. It’s still hiphop, but it’s more of like a rock/hip-hop show. It’s high energy, stage diving, pyrotechnics, girls showing their breasts. It’s crazy party atmosphere.” ~ Vanilla Ice
  16. “The physicality of any character is always split up into fast, slow, high energy, low energy, what kind of personality he has. So that’s where the physicality comes in. And flying through the air is just something you have to do if they ask you.” ~ Mads Mikkelsen
  17. “In this age of globalization, instant real time media and television, everyone all over the world realizes that high energy usage equates with a high standard of living and wealth.” ~ John Olver

  18. “Under the current high energy / high entropy regime, sustainable development is a joke.” ~ James Howard Kunstler
  19. “The guy we want to get is the guy who did the Aerosmith album which is coming out in two days, and a Chili Peppers album, and a couple of Pearl Jam albums. We want to get someone that will sort of bring out the high energy aspect more than the dreaminess that was on the last album.” ~ Mike Gordon
  20. “Shia [LaBeouf] was great. He’s just high energy. He’s into really playing, and I had to be on my toes in a way that I wasn’t necessarily expecting.” ~ Peter Jacobson
  21. “I would model well-being by presenting myself as a high-energy person who loves what I am doing and who is thrilled to be able to offer books, tapes, and products designed to make people feel good. I would explain that they are in a store filled with this kind of energy and that creating such a space is exactly why I got into the business in the first place. If you want to feel good, then my store is the place you should visit on a regular basis. I would stay very informed about what’s out there and make sure I carry many things with very high energy.” ~ Wayne Dyer
  22. “Even running to catch a train or a taxi, you can enjoy the high energy of the moment.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

  23. “I find Donald Trump to be incredibly gracious, energetic, I mean the greatest compliment you can get from Donald Trump is not hey, that’s brilliant or that was really smart or great job. It’s you’re really high energy.” ~ Kellyanne Conway
  24. “The energy that flows into what you do, although it may be high energy, is very peaceful energy. It is not out of alignment with life.” ~ Eckhart Tolle
  25. “I’m known for being an up, high-energy, and optimistic kind of guy.” ~ Al Yankovic

  26. “My mother loved rock and roll. She loved high-energy music.” ~ Patti Smith
  27. “My policy on energy is… to make America the largest energy producer in the world. I think we can get there, in 10 or 15 years. That will bring back manufacturing of certain high-energy intensive industries. It’ll bring back jobs. It’ll create a surprising economic revitalization of this country.” ~ Mitt Romney
  28. “I am a person of high energy. That, and I sit down and I write when I get an idea – I put other things aside.” ~ John Darnielle

  29. “In truth I suspect that merely slowing down is not a very satisfying answer. What I need has less to do with my pace of life than my peace of life. At any speed, I crave a deep and lasting inner peace. And if it’s solace I’m after, I don’t need to pace myself like a turtle, change jobs or set up house on a quiet island. It is usually frenetic living, not high energy, that robs my peace of mind.” ~ Steve Goodier
  30. “You can enjoy the present moment, and you can be aligned with the doing. A different state of consciousness, then, is the foundation for what you do. Presence flows into what you do. Even though what you do may be the same, there is a fundamental difference: The energy that flows into what you do, although it may be high energy, is very peaceful energy. It is not out of alignment with life.” ~ Eckhart Tolle
  31. “High energy creates more energy, more energy, more energy. It kicks off synapses, I guess. It opens up your brain and you think of one thing after another thing, after another. You can really open yourself up comedically, which is fun.” ~ Michael Keaton
  32. “…President [Bush] believes that [high-energy consumption] is an American way of life, and that it should be the goal of policymakers to protect the American way of life. The American way of life is a blessed one.” ~ Ari Fleischer

  33. “I love the intimacy of venues like the House of Blues. When everyone is packed in and so close to you, it makes you play differently. It’s so much more fun to play because there’s so much more high energy in a place like that.” ~ Gary Allan
  34. “We didnt come out with any energy. We know were not good enough to let the game come to us. We have to come with high energy, play hard team basketball and do everything the right way. Coming into the season, we all knew we didnt have too much room for error.” ~ Chris Bosh
  35. “Look for intelligence and judgment and, most critically, a capacity to anticipate, to see around corners. Also look for loyalty, integrity, a high energy drive, a balanced ego and the drive to get things done.” ~ Colin Powell
  36. “I like to watch ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ when I’d doing cardio. But, sometimes I do need good music to get me moving. I like high energy songs by artists like Justin Timberlake and Rihanna.” ~ Alison Sweeney

  37. “A battery by definition is a collection of cells. So the cell is a little can of chemicals. And the challenge is taking a very high-energy cell, and a large number of them, and combining them safely into a large battery.” ~ Elon Musk
  38. “Right now, every American is affected by high energy prices. Working families, small businesses and consumers across the country are feeling the pinch with no end in sight.” ~ Dan Lipinski
  39. “In general, the objects in the universe that are very high-energy objects, or the processes that are high-energy processes, will radiate more in the short wavelength range towards the gamma rays or the x-rays.” ~ Claude Nicollier
  40. “Genius is by definition a style of consciousness characterized by the ability to access high energy attractor patterns. It is not a personality characteristic. It is not something that a person has, nor even something that someone is. Those in whom we recognize genius commonly disclaim it. A universal characteristic of genius is humility. The genius has always attributed his insights to some higher influence.” ~ David R. Hawkins
  41. “UV is bad for molecules because its high energy breaks the bonds between a molecule’s constituent atoms. That’s why UV is bad for you, too: it’s always best to avoid things that decompose the molecules of your flesh.” ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson

  42. “The most difficult thing has definitely been movies. From a comedian’s standpoint, you think being real big is the best thing, but with movies, the screen is huge, you’re big anyway! Also, coming from a TV personality – MTV was all about high energy and selling the hottest video – I had to learn to [take it down]. A lot of characters I’m playing are not necessarily that kind of guy.” ~ Bill Bellamy
  43. “Clearly, high energy prices will have a large negative effect on the California economy and could possibly drag the rest of the nation into a recession.” ~ Doug Ose
  44. “Every study on chocolate is pointing to the same conclusion: there is something in chocolate that is really good for us. That something is the raw cacao bean, the nut that all chocolate is made from. The cacao bean has always been and will always be Nature’s #1 weight loss and high-energy food. Cacao beans are probably the best kept secret in the entire history of food.” ~ David Wolfe
  45. “I’m more in that Rafa Nadal high-energy high-octane mold out there. I wear that emotion on the court. That’s how I play my best tennis. People either like that or not. And I can’t change that: that’s who I am on a tennis court.” ~ Lleyton Hewitt

  46. “I read the script and I really liked it. It was high energy, crazy and it goes to any level to get people nuts and I thought Eve was an interesting character. At first I didn’t get her, so it made me want to do the role because I wanted to dive in and see what she was about. On top of that I also wanted to work with Jason Statham because he’s an amazing actor.” ~ Amy Smart
  47. “Conferences with open attendance are very important for the stimulation of young people or other people who are new in the field. … The field of high-energy physics is, as you know, very strongly in the hands of a clique and it is hard for an outsider to enter.” ~ Victor Frederick Weisskopf
  48. “A low-energy policy allows for a wide choice of life-styles and cultures. If, on the other hand, a society opts for high energy consumption, its social relations must be dictated by technocracy and will be equally degrading whether labeled capitalist or socialist.” ~ Ivan Illich
  49. “When I took office, only high energy physicists had ever heard of what is called the Worldwide Web… Now even my cat has its own page.” ~ William J. Clinton

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