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These emcee quotes will inspire you. Emcee, a master of ceremonies.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging emcee quotes, emcee sayings, and emcee proverbs.

Best Emcee Quotes

  1. “I think all those artists are artists who are appreciated because you believe their words and you appreciate their honesty in their music. If you don’t appreciate the honesty in the music, the beat can be fly as hell but you’ll never give an emcee props.” ~ Talib Kweli
  2. “To me, part of being an emcee is dedicated to speaking out about what’s going on around us.” ~ Lazarus of Bethany
  3. “Food for thought, eat my words with your mind:
    Emcees are grapes, and grapes are crushed to wine.” ~ MF Grimm
  4. “A good emcee will rhyme a lot of different ways. Don’t limit yourself.” ~ Ice T

  5. “One of the things I think you need to be a good emcee is silliness. And I’m basically a silly guy.” ~ Doug Davidson
  6. “Too many MC’s take that word ’emcee’ lightly;
    They can’t Move a Crowd, not even slightly.” ~ KRS-One
  7. “If you can perfect the booth, the stage and just your persona, like maybe in interviews and when people talk to you, then you’re a full well-rounded emcee in my opinion.” ~ Joell Ortiz
  8. “The best way to compliment an emcee is to say his lyrics. That’s how you say, “Hello.”” ~ Ice T

  9. “He was not hip-hop’s most gifted emcee. Still, Shakur may be the most influential and compelling rapper of them all, he was more than the sum of his artistic parts.” ~ Michael Eric Dyson
  10. “I emcee how I feel for the moment. I’ll always be influenced by Tribe, but my EP and LP have a lot of different flavors! I’ll keep it vintage Tribe if Tribe decides to do another LP… which, in my heart, I’d love to do for the fans.” ~ Phife Dawg
  11. “What if you believed that everything in life was like a prize? What if you thought of the world as a big random drawing, and you were always winning things, the world offering them up with a big grin, like an emcee’s: Here you go, Hollis. Here is a motorcycle. Here is a little boy who loves you. Here is a weird experience, here is something bad that you should mull over because it will make you a better person. What if you could think that life was this free vacation you’d won, and you won just because you happened to be alive?” ~ Dan Chaon
  12. “I didn’t know at the time that the energy that I was giving off was like a battle Emcee.” ~ Kool Moe Dee

  13. “When I worked for Entertainment Tonight I got to emcee Paul McCartneys press conference.” ~ Nina Blackwood
  14. “It was funny to be an emcee, because you’re so at the mercy of the club. You can show up for the weekend hoping to get the $400 – and get fired. I had to prank whoever they told me to prank.” ~ John Mulaney
  15. “You can have a phenomenal booth artist and he can get in there and be a technician in the booth and it won’t translate on the stage. I think that’s what makes emcees emcees. Some rapper dudes are great rappers but it don’t translate on stage.” ~ Joell Ortiz
  16. “Maybe he was more than the sum of his broken parts.” ~ Dave Eggers

  17. “Take 7 emcees put em in a line
    And add 7 more brothers who think they can rhyme
    It’ll take 7 more before I go for mine
    And that’s 21 emcees ate up at the same time.” ~ Rakim
  18. “People didn’t really take white rappers seriously until Eminem, because he was better than everybody. Like female emcees, you need to be like Lauryn Hill or Nicki Minaj or killing everything before somebody takes you seriously.” ~ Talib Kweli
  19. “An emcee is a Master of Ceremonies. If you’re an emcee, and I am an emcee… I rhyme, you know what I mean? I do things for my fans that still appreciate me, let them know what’s coming.” ~ Styles P
  20. “I’ve got to show at all times that I’m willing to tear any emcee a new asshole, at any given moment.” ~ Styles P

  21. “Back in the days the great emcees made singles, had great shows, won battles, had all the girls and dressed fly. That¹s what I’m about…the total package emcees.” ~ Joell Ortiz
  22. “A lot of the old-school artists didn’t even respect what’s being called freestyle now… any emcee coming off the top of the head wasn’t really respected. The sentiment was emcees only did that if they couldn’t write. The coming off the top of the head rhymer had a built-in excuse to not be critiqued as hard” ~ Kool Moe Dee
  23. “Legions of young hip-hop fans are as against this as hip-hop’s most fierce critics. There is a huge underground movement within hip-hop circles that against these representation. You can hear this message on tons of lyrics and rap songs produced by independent emcees. But they are fighting against a well-oiled and well-financed machine.” ~ Bakari Kitwana
  24. “I’m sautéing emcees with fried rice up in the wok without the MSG and chopped celery.” ~ Redman

  25. “Actually, I started as a ventriloquist and my music teacher said, “Why don’t you emcee the talent show?” My act was out of the back of Boys’ Life magazine-they had a whole series of jokes in the back of Boys’ Life magazine for Boy Scouts. So my act was jokes with my ventriloquist figure, and it was really bad, but I walked into the classroom afterward and the kids went, “Wow, you’re cool.” I wasn’t cool at all, but I thought, “Well, this is a pretty good deal.”” ~ David Copperfield
  26. “You can find old Jewish newspapers from Detroit that have my promotional ad in them. It was a totally insane time in my life. Paul Rudd was also a bar mitzvah emcee, you know? It was like being a local rock star in Detroit.” ~ James Wolk
  27. “I break an emcee off proper
    Yo don’t check me,
    Ask your Moms and Pops,
    Yo they respect me,
    But here you stand, tryin’ to get yours, but gettin’ nothin’
    You probably can’t spell “Boogie Down” or “Productions”” ~ KRS-One
  28. “Brandy is one of my favorite vocalists. Jay-Z is my favorite emcee outside of Biggie.” ~ Rico Love

  29. “There’s the shared imagery between hip-hop and comics, with some producers and emcees taking on super hero personas.” ~ Ali Shaheed Muhammad
  30. “Gimme a couple G’s for every emcee I knocked to his knees.
    Verbally useless, ‘Oh you got the juice?’ I squeeze you juiceless.” ~ Kurupt

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