65 Banana Quotes On Success In Life

These Banana quotes will inspire you. A banana is an elongated, edible fruit botanically a berry produced by several kinds of large herbaceous flowering plants in the genus Musa.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, knowledgeable, and encouraging Banana quotes, Banana sayings, and Banana proverbs.

Best Banana Quotes

  1. “Goals are like bananas, they come in bunches.” ~ Brendan Morrison
  2. “Life is full of banana skins. You slip, you carry on.” ~ Daphne Guinness
  3. “Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana” ~ Groucho Marx
  4. “My mother always used to say: ‘The older you get, the better you get, unless you’re a banana.'” ~ Betty White
  5. “Never make eye contact with anyone while eating a banana” ~ Harry Styles

  6. “Any ape can reach for a banana, but only humans can reach for the stars.” ~ Vilayanur S. Ramachandran
  7. “Intellectual property has the shelf life of a banana.” ~ Bill Gates , Banana quotes life
  8. “Never interrupt me when I’m eating a banana.” ~ Ryan Stiles
  9. “Yellow is a very favorable vibration for mental or intellectual activity, as it promotes a clear state of mind. Yellow heightens your awareness and alleviates depression, sadness, or any kind of despondency. Yellow vibration foods are: pineapples, bananas, grapefruit, lemons and corn.” ~ Tae Yun Kim
  10. “We share half our genes with the banana.” ~ Robert May, Baron May of Oxford

  11. “On a traffic light green means ‘go’ and yellow means ‘yield’, but on a banana it’s just the opposite. Green means ‘hold on,’ yellow means ‘go ahead,’ and red means, ‘where the hell did you get that banana at?'” ~ Mitch Hedberg
  12. “I always have bananas with me for energy.” ~ Samantha Bond
  13. “Whenever I try to spell ‘banana,’ I feel stupid because I don’t know when to end it.” ~ Demetri Martin
  14. “Yeah, I like cars and basketball. But you know what I like more? Bananas.” ~ Frankie Muniz
  15. “I look at you and wham, I’m head over heals. I guess that love is like a banana peel.” ~ Elvis Presley

  16. “Anything can happen. The great banana peel of existence is always on the floor somewhere.” ~ Robert Fulghum
  17. “How to defend yourself against a banana” ~ John Cleese
  18. “If you can’t think because you can’t chew, try a banana.” ~ Lee Kuan Yew
  19. “Well, it’s nice being top banana in the shock department.” ~ Audrey Hepburn
  20. “I bet you can’t eat ten bananas!” “I bet you’re right.” ~ Sarah Dessen

  21. “To be honest, I think bananas are a pathetic fruit.” ~ Andy Murray
  22. “I feel pretty good. My body actually looks like an old banana, but it’s fine.” ~ Mike Piazza
  23. “Going to do it to you sweet banana, like it’s never been done, and we’ll get high, high, high, in the mid-day sun.” ~ Paul McCartney
  24. “What a shame it is for a nation to be developing without a sense of beauty, and eating bananas for breakfast.” ~ Edith Wharton
  25. “No fruit dies so vile and offensive a death as the banana.” ~ Kiran Desai

  26. “Incompetence is a double-edged banana.” ~ John Perry Barlow
  27. “We are well on our way to becoming a banana republic in every respect except, of course, that we don’t grow bananas.” ~ Burt Prelutsky
  28. “My wife is on a new diet. Coconuts and bananas. She hasn’t lost weight, but can she climb a tree.” ~ Henny Youngman
  29. “A little rain, a little blood. Black fingernails in August; and going berserk, going bananas. As if entrapped in a tropical heatwave, with dozens of whirlwinds swirling in one’s mind, one thinks of a way out, or a way in: out of the scorching bosom of a volcano, and in – into the centre of a raging hurricane. And tracing the labyrinthine ways of your mind, the haphazard vagaries of your thoughts at ease, the odds and ends of your mental surplus you carelessly throw at the world, one wants to be at a loss, in a maze; amazed, and amazingly unabashed.” ~ Adam Zagajewski
  30. “I’m getting so old, I don’t even buy green bananas anymore.” ~ Chi Chi Rodriguez

  31. “You have to have a certain persona to be a star, you know, and I don’t have that. I’m a banana.” ~ Harvey Korman
  32. “Technology has the shelf life of a banana.” ~ Scott McNealy
  33. “Such a movement would cause the ACLU to go bananas!” ~ Donald Wildmon
  34. “I’ve heard that fact, that is you eat more than six bananas it will kill you. I saw a bowl with seven bananas in it and I thought, that’s dangerous.” ~ Karl Pilkington
  35. “You never know where to look when eating a banana.” ~ Peter Kay

  36. “I want to sit down, and I want to laugh. Nothing works better for me than watching somebody slip on a banana peel.” ~ Diane Lane
  37. “Always take a banana to a party.” ~ Steven Moffat
  38. “A stockbroker urged me to buy a stock that would triple its value every year. I told him, ‘At my age, I don’t even buy green bananas.'” ~ Claude Pepper
  39. “You don’t come in here on Sunday with a big banana and expect everything to be peaches.” ~ Pauly D
  40. “Isn’t it interesting that eating a banana is somehow comical.” ~ Noam Chomsky

  41. “My friend asked me if I wanted a frozen banana. I said ‘No, but I want a regular banana later, so… yeah.'” ~ Mitch Hedberg
  42. “My family would be supportive if I said I wanted to be a Martian, wear only banana skins, make love to ashtrays, and eat tree bark.” ~ Casey Affleck
  43. “I’m going to buy some green bananas because by the time I get home they’ll be ripe.” ~ Ryan Stiles
  44. “He gazes through sunlight’s buttresses, back down the refectory at the others, wallowing in their plenitude of bananas, thick palatals of their hunger lost somewhere in the stretch of morning between them and himself. A hundred miles of it, so suddenly. Solitude, even among the meshes of this war, can when it wishes so take him by the blind gut and touch, as now, possessively. Pirate’s again some other side of a window, watching strangers eat breakfast.” ~ Thomas Pynchon
  45. “This is America, not a banana republic.” ~ Vincent Bugliosi

  46. “Bananas are great, as I believe them to be the only known cure for existential dread. Also, Mother Teresa said that in India, a woman dying in the street will share her banana with anyone who needs it, whereas in America, people amass and hoard as many bananas as they can to sell for an exorbitant profit. So half of them go bad, anyway.” ~ Anne Lamott
  47. “The adjective is the banana peel of the parts of speech.” ~ Clifton Fadiman
  48. “I was born in the Midwest, where “salad” was cherry Jell-O with bananas in it. Now children are more aware of healthy foods.” ~ Candy Crowley , Banana quotes healthy
  49. “I once stole a pornographic book that was printed in braille. I used to rub the dirty parts.” ~ Woody Allen
  50. “I would rather play Chiquita Banana and have my swimming pool than play Bach and starve.” ~ Xavier Cugat

  51. “You don’t want your credibility banana to turn brown, but you do want to speak out about what you believe in.” ~ Bradley Whitford
  52. “Democrats always like to brag that their guys are smarter than the opponents and Republicans always like to brag that their guys are more moral than the opponents. But if you’re looking for morals in politics you’re looking for bananas in the cheese department.” ~ Harry Shearer
  53. “If you try to to take my bananas from me, I will reclaim them from your cold dead hands.” ~ Terry Pratchett
  54. “I love seeing somebody act real earnest and serious, like Jackie Gleason. He makes me laugh because he reflects back to me my own serious-mindedness and how ridiculous it all is. It’s always easier to see somebody else in that position than yourself, and you laugh. It’s like the classic slipping on the banana peel, or someone getting hit by a pie in the face. Why do those things make us laugh? Is it from relief, like: Thank God it wasn’t me? Or is it something else: I’m being very serious now. I’m pontificating earnestly and solemnly about-POW! PIE IN THE FACE! The bust-up of certainty.” ~ Jeff Bridges
  55. “You get bunches of players like you do bananas, though that is a bad comparison.” ~ Kevin Keegan

  56. “Believe it or not, bananas do contain a small quantity of Musa Sapientum bananadine, which is a mild, short-lasting psychedelic.” ~ William Powell
  57. “What I love is a peanut butter and pickle sandwich. I’ll just have peanut butter and bananas, then peanut butter and pickles. Peanut butter and chocolate I don’t recommend.” ~ Dianne Wiest
  58. “I liked the banana-seat bikes with the high handlebars – maybe a card in the wheel could have been part of it.” ~ Stone Gossard
  59. “Chimpanzees is hatin but I take it all in stride. Put her in a jungle with bananas on the side.” ~ Nicki Minaj
  60. “and the bananas are overdone.” ~ Simone Elkeles

  61. “When you slip on a banana peel, people laugh at you. But when you tell people you slipped on a banana peel, it’s your laugh.” ~ Nora Ephron
  62. “As great as Ed is, the wisdom out here is that he can’t carry a movie. They’ll pay him $3 million to be the second banana in Julia Roberts things. But they won’t put up $3 million for an Ed Harris movie.” ~ George A. Romero
  63. “My belief about acting in one foot on a banana peel and the other one in the grave.” ~ Mark Ruffalo
  64. “I think Chris Rock at the Oscars was a great example. I thought that was intellectually hilarious. The Gap starts a war with Banana Republic… That to me was funny.” ~ Christopher Meloni
  65. “I’m like a navigator and I try to encourage our collaboration and find the best way that will produce fruit. I like fruit. I like cherries, I like bananas.” ~ Jim Jarmusch

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