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These Bandwagon quotes will inspire you. Bandwagon, a usually ornate and high wagon for a band of musicians especially in a circus parade or used in reference to an activity, cause, etc. that is currently fashionable or popular and attracting increasing support.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, knowledgeable, and encouraging Bandwagon quotes, Bandwagon sayings, and Bandwagon proverbs.

Best Bandwagon Quotes

  1. “Bandwagons roll through our lives. Its up to you whether you jump on them unquestioningly or jump on them to overturn them and subvert them.” ~ Riz Ahmed
  2. “As soon as everyone is on the bandwagon with one idea, a leader should be working on the next one.” ~ Roger Enrico
  3. “It’s not like I want to hop on a bandwagon, because I said it 15 years ago – bringing a child into your life who is not genetically yours is one of the most beautiful things you can do. But I’m also interested in having my own baby, too.” ~ Tyra Banks
  4. “We get on the bandwagon in all sorts of ways – you know minor ways and major ways – like what you’ve just encountered which isn’t censorship exactly, it was something sort of uglier in a way.” ~ Kathy Acker
  5. “If you see a bandwagon, it’s too late.” ~ James Goldsmith

  6. “Its very important to me to be respected by true talented artists and great minds than by the masses who need to be told how to think. Its more important for me to do things that are spiritually rewarding because that wealth is what makes me feel alive. I do not touch projects that do not yield personal fulfillment, or put me in a field with talent that is over-measured. You wont find me where there is no Truth. And Im not one to jump on any bandwagons or join a gold rush without a purpose. Id rather create my own projects and grow my own fields.” ~ Suzy Kassem , Jumping on bandwagon quotes
  7. “If ever it’s necessary to ride the bandwagon, it’s done with one leg swinging out and eyes scoping the fields.” ~ Criss Jami
  8. “Venture capitalists are like lemmings jumping on the software bandwagon.” ~ Adam Osborne
  9. “And it took me about 11 years to get a record deal, and I just had to work around and come to terms with the fact that what I was doing was going to be different, and I just had to wait until somebody was ready to jump on the bandwagon.” ~ Lee Ann Womack
  10. “When the bandwagon presents itself, you have to jump onto it.” ~ Manuel Rivas

  11. “What motivates most gold purchasers is their belief that the ranks of the fearful will grow … As ‘bandwagon’ investors join any party, they create their own truth – for a while.” ~ Warren Buffett
  12. “The bubble hasn’t popped yet and there’s tremendous value in social media. … But it’s wishful thinking to believe that others on the ‘me too’ bandwagon will survive.” ~ Peter Fader
  13. “I have never lied to the people. I have always told them to love themselves, to move their body, and to watch their portions. I never jumped on any other bandwagons for stupid diets or shots or pills or anything. I’m very worried about our young people. And we need to take care of them, or they’re not going to live as long as their parents. And this is really something very important to me.” ~ Richard Simmons
  14. “Things get much easier if one jumps on the bandwagon of existing trends.” ~ Lei Jun
  15. “The backpackers are back on the bandwagon like this was my comeback season back, back in the day” ~ Drake

  16. “I’m a sheep when it comes to opinions; I will change my mind and jump on the bandwagon.” ~ Sharon Horgan
  17. “Shouldnt we be the light brigades rather than the bandwagon?” ~ Heather Mizeur
  18. “We like to invent new disciplines or look at new problems, and invent bandwagons rather than jump on them.” ~ Pattie Maes
  19. “If in fact, the US story is correct, if it is true that Syria used chemical weapons, then it wouldn’t be a major crime to send a kind of shot across the bow saying you can’t do this anymore. Not the best thing in the world, but not a major crime, either. So, I think at the very least there should have been an inquiry into what happened. But just joining the bandwagon about how we’re finally standing up to crimes in Syria, that’s ridiculous.” ~ Noam Chomsky
  20. “I’ve seen a lot of people jump on and off my bandwagon.” ~ Brett Favre

  21. “I don’t really like the Hollywood blockbuster bandwagon that exists right now. The industry and the advent of all the technology, has kind of lost its way. It’s become very franchise driven and superhero driven.” ~ Peter Jackson
  22. “There was another war-related casualty today. The French were injured when they tried to jump on our bandwagon.” ~ Jay Leno
  23. “I wish we could grow up about it, I’m sure we are contributing to global warming, and we must do all we can to reduce that, but our climate has always changed. The Romans had vineyards in Yorkshire. We’re all on this bandwagon of ‘Ban the 4×4 in Fulham’. Why didn’t we have global warming during the Industrial Revolution? In those days you couldn’t have seen across the street for all the carbon emissions and the crap coming out of the chimneys.” ~ Alan Titchmarsh
  24. “I’m not jumping on the Andy Johnson for England bandwagon – I’m driving it!” ~ Iain Dowie
  25. “Everyone is trying to jump on the biomimic bandwagon. But a cork floor is not biomimicry. Neither is using bacteria to clean water.” ~ Janine Benyus

  26. “When actresses jump on the anti-Iraq bandwagon, they often combine down-home momism with an ignorance of Islamist intent which is truly awesome.” ~ Julie Burchill
  27. “I know that women are smarter than men. I don’t wanna sound like I’m on a bandwagon for chicks but I do love ’em, can’t front. Women are smarter than men. I know I gotta lot of chicks up my sleeve but you guys are twice as good.” ~ ASAP Rocky
  28. “The Berkshire-style investors tend to be less diversified than other people. The academics have done a terrible disservice to intelligent investors by glorifying the idea of diversification. Because I just think the whole concept is literally almost insane. It emphasizes feeling good about not having your investment results depart very much from average investment results. But why would you get on the bandwagon like that if somebody didn’t make you with a whip and a gun?” ~ Charlie Munger
  29. “Vampires are very sexy right now. It’s kind of disgusting. It’s kind of a bandwagon.” ~ Jake Abel
  30. “I don’t want to be on the bandwagon of dogging any president or anybody in positions where they have all these different constituencies.” ~ Carl Hart

  31. “I’m a firm believer in everything going digital, in a matter of years. I wanted to kind of be one of the pioneers, one of the people that jump on that bandwagon early.” ~ Joe Budden
  32. “On reflection, some things do super well because they hit with the time. Some things do super well because they are able to activate a kind of echo chamber or bandwagon or cascade – they didn’t particularly hit with the time. Some things are just too astonishingly good to not hit the top. Those three explanations, with respect to the Star Wars phenomenon, seem to me all to pass the plausibility test, and to explore them, with respect to Star Wars, I think casts light not just on the saga of our time, but also on everything about our culture.” ~ Cass Sunstein
  33. “I always wanted everyone to like me. I wanted the city of Pittsburgh to be proud of me. But my first few seasons, I could to count the number of people on my bandwagon on one finger.” ~ Terry Bradshaw
  34. “Big bang cosmology is probably as widely believed as has been any theory of the universe in the history of Western civilization. It rests, however, on many untested, and in some cases untestable, assumptions. Indeed, big bang cosmology has become a bandwagon of thought that reflects faith as much as objective truth.” ~ Geoffrey Burbidge
  35. “I described the pyramid we’d found and waited for him to jump on the bandwagon. Unfortunately he’s afraid of wagons. And bands.” ~ Jennifer Rardin

  36. “What motivates most gold purchasers is their belief that the ranks of the fearful will grow. During the past decade that belief has proved correct. Beyond that, the rising price has on its own generated additional buying enthusiasm, attracting purchasers who see the rise as validating an investment thesis. As ‘bandwagon’ investors join any party, they create their own truth – for a while.” ~ Warren Buffett
  37. “The ‘Big Green Debate’ has entered a very interesting stage. Once there was endless controversy; now there is near unanimity. Once there was universal political indifference; now the bandwagon is abrim with politicians in catch-up mode. Once the media were semi-detached: now they’re really getting stuck in. And they need to be! Many people are confused and disempowered, and the role of the media in getting then informed and engaged is critical” ~ Jonathon Porritt
  38. “Al Gore’s not going to be rounding up Jews and exterminating them. It is the same tactic, however. You got to have an enemy to fight. And when you have an enemy to fight, then you can unite the entire world behind you, and you seize power. That was Hitler’s plan. His enemy: the Jew. Al Gore’s enemy, the U.N.’s enemy: global warming.” ~ Glenn Beck
  39. “I’ve heard all the things – ‘their marriage is not real,’ ‘he’s gay,’ ‘she’s gay,’ ‘they swing’. But at the end of the day, people have to believe what they have to believe. … But I’ll tell you what, it’s too hard to be in a pretend marriage. Life’s too short for that one.” ~ Jada Pinkett Smith
  40. “We are not jumping on the austerity bandwagon. A healthy economy is by far the most important thing for Social Democrats.” ~ Helle Thorning-Schmidt

  41. “I would in fact tend to have more confidence in the outcome of a democratic decision if there was a minority that voted against it, than if it was unanimous… Social psychology has amply shown the strength of this bandwagon effect.” ~ Jurgen Habermas
  42. “Billions of dollars of grant money [over $50 billion] are flowing into the pockets of those on the man-made global warming bandwagon. No man-made global warming, the money dries up. This is big money, make no mistake about it. Always follow the money trail and it tells a story.” ~ James Spann
  43. “After the tragedy of 9/11 we were on our way to becoming a fledgling Matriotic society until our leaders jumped on the bandwagon of inappropriate and misguided vengeance to send our young people to die and kill in two countries that were no threat to the USA or to our way of life. The neocons exploited patriotism to fulfill their goals of imperialism and plunder. This sort of patriotism begins when we enter kindergarten and learn the nationalist ‘Pledge of Allegiance’. It transcends all sense when we are taught the ‘Star Spangled Banner’, a hymn to war.” ~ Cindy Sheehan
  44. “Love is by far the most important thing of all.” ~ Emmet Fox

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