Charles Swindoll Quotes On Success In Life

Charles R. Swindoll has devoted his life to the accurate, practical teaching and application of God’s Word and His grace. A pastor at heart, Chuck has served as senior pastor to congregations in Texas, Massachusetts, and California. These Charles Swindoll quotes will motivate you.

Best Charles Swindoll Quotes

  1. “This is a story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. There was an important job to do and Everybody was asked to do it. Everybody was sure Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry because it was Everybody’s job. Everybody thought Anybody would do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn’t do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  2. “We have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for the day. Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it. Our attitude is everything.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  3. “The world has changed and it’s going to keep changing, but God never changes; so we are safe when we cling to Him.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  4. “Today is unique! It has never occurred and it will never be repeated. At midnight it will end, quietly, suddenly, totally. Forever. But the hours between now and then are opportunities with eternal possibilities.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  5. “We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll

  6. “Don’t get older; get better: Live realistically. Give generously. Adapt willingly. Trust fearlessly. Rejoice daily.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  7. “Choose to view life through God’s eyes. This will not be easy because it doesn’t come naturally to us. We cannot do this on our own. We have to allow God to elevate our vantage point. Start by reading His Word, the Bible…Pray and ask God to transform your thinking. Let Him do what you cannot. Ask Him to give you an eternal, divine perspective.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  8. “God is a specialist at making something useful and beautiful out of something broken and confused.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  9. “The longer I live the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. It will make or break a company . . . a church . . . a home.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  10. “Prayer is an investment. The time you dedicate to prayer isn’t lost; it will return dividends far greater than what a few moments spent on a task ever could. If we fail to cultivate this discipline, prayer winds up being our last resort rather than our first response.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  11. “Anything under God’s control is never out of control.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll

  12. People who inspire others are those who see invisible bridges at the end of dead-end streets” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  13. “Allow me to offer a simple definition of wisdom. Wisdom is looking at life from God’s point of view.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  14. “Grace has to be the loveliest word in the English language. It embodies almost every attractive quality we hope to find in others. Grace is a gift of the humble to the humiliated. Grace acknowledges the ugliness of sin by choosing to see beyond it. Grace accepts a person as someone worthy of kindness despite whatever grime or hard-shell casing keeps him or her separated from the rest of the world. Grace is a gift of tender mercy when it makes the least sense.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  15. “Encourage one another. Many times a word of praise or thanks or appreciation or cheer has kept people on their feet.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  16. “Oh, how horrible our sins look when they are committed by someone else.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  17. “If you want to stop an argument, close your mouth.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll

  18. “Refuse to let your situation determine your attitude.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  19. “Nothing speaks louder or more powerfully than a life of integrity” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  20. “One of the problems with worry is that it keeps you from enjoying what you have.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  21. “The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  22. “Cultivate your own capabilities, your own style. Appreciate the members of your family for who they are, even though their outlook or style may be miles different from yours. Rabbits don’t fly. Eagles don’t swim. Ducks look funny trying to climb. Squirrels don’t have feathers. Stop comparing. There’s plenty of room in the forest.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  23. “When you accept the fact that sometimes seasons are dry and times are hard and that God is in control of both, you will discover a sense of divine refuge, because the hope then is in God and not in yourself.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  24. “God’s heavenly plan doesn’t always make earthly sense.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll

  25. “Times may be hard and people may be demanding, but never forget that life is special. Every single day is a special day. God is at work in you!” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  26. “Encouragement is awesome. Think about it. It has the capacity to lift a man’s or a woman’s shoulders. To breathe fresh air into the fading embers of a smoldering dream. To actually change the course of another human being’s day, week, or life.” ~ Charles Swindoll Quotes
  27. Dream big . . . don’t let anybody or anything break your wishbone. Stay strong, full of faith, and courageous… keep that backbone straight. And along the way, don’t forget to laugh and enjoy the journey.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  28. “People who soar, are those who refuse to sit back and wish things would change” ~ Charles R. Swindoll

  29. “Worry is assuming responsibilities that you cannot handle. The truth is, they are responsibilities that God never intended for you to handle because they are His.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  30. “People who soar are those who refuse to sit back, sigh and wish things would change. They neither complain of their lot nor passively dream of some distant ship coming in. Rather, they visualize in their minds that they are not quitters; they will not allow life’s circumstances to push them down and hold them under.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  31. “Walk by faith! Stop the plague of worry. Relax! Learn to say, “Lord, this is Your battle.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  32. “Every one of us can blame somebody for something that has happened in our lives. But don’t waste your time. What we need most is a steady stream of love flowing among us. Love that quickly forgives willingly overlooks, and refuses to take offense.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  33. “Vision is the ability to see God’s presence, to perceive God’s power, to focus on God’s plan in spite of the obstacles.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  34. “If we choose to be offended when we don’t get our own way,
    Then we’re going to live constantly on the edge of anger.
    But if we say to ourselves, ” A merry heart does good like a medicine,”
    It’ll make all the difference in the world.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  35. “Faith is like lighting the torch that passes from one person to the next. You can’t light the torch of another if yours isn’t burning.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  36. “Patience is a bitter plant that produces sweet fruit.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll

  37. “The stronger the winds, the deeper the roots, and the longer the winds, the more beautiful the tree.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  38. “No, the thing that makes for greatness is determination, persisting in the right direction over the long haul, following your dream, staying at the task.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  39. “We aren’t just thrown on this earth like dice tossed across a table. We are lovingly placed here for a purpose” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  40. “Strength comes from choosing to fully trust, pray, and praise. Our circumstances may not change, but in the process we change.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  41. “Another problem with worry is that it makes you forget your worth. Worry makes you feel worthless, forgotten, and unimportant.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  42. “When God is involved, anything can happen. Be open. Stay that way. God has a beautiful way of bringing good vibrations out of broken chords.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  43. “Battles are won in the trenches, in the grit and grime of courageous determination; they are won day by day in the arena of life.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  44. “Laughter is the most beautiful and beneficial therapy God ever granted humanity.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll

  45. “The more impossible the situation, the greater God accomplishes His work.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  46. “Honesty has a beautiful and refreshing simplicity about it. No ulterior motives. No hidden meanings. An absence of hypocrisy, duplicity, political games, and verbal superficiality. As honesty and real integrity characterize our lives, there will be no need to manipulate others.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  47. “I believe the single most significant decision I can make on a day-to-day basis is my choice of attitude. It is more important than my past, my education, my bankroll, my successes or failures, fame or pain, what other people think of me or say about me, my circumstances, or my position.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  48. “A teardrop on earth summons the King of heaven.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  49. “Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll

  50. “Helen Rosevere was a British medical missionary in the Congo years ago during an uprising. Her faith was strong and her trust was confident, yet she was raped and assaulted and treated brutally. Commenting later, she said, “I must ask myself a question as if it came directly from the Lord, ‘Can you thank Me for trusting you with this experience even if I never tell you why?'” What a profound thought. God has trusted each of us with our own set of unfair circumstances and unexplained experiences to deal with. Can we still trust in Him even if He never tells us why?” ~ Charles Swindoll Quotes
  51. “God would love to piece together the shattered fragments of your life. But He is waiting … graciously waiting until the time is right. Until you are tired of the life you are living … until you see it for what it really is. Until you are weary of coping … of taking charge of your own life … until you realize the mess you are making of it. Until you recognize your need for Him … He’s waiting.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  52. “One of the marks of maturity is the ability to disagree without becoming disagreeable” ~ Charles R. Swindoll

  53. “I am convinced that wise planning is good. But plans, like material possessions, must always be held loosely. Yes – always! Plan wisely, but be ready for God to rearrange things and take you along paths that may feel dangerous to you. Don’t sweat it; He knows what He’s doing. And He isn’t obligated to inform you … or request permission to upset your neat little agenda!” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  54. “The secret to responsible trust is acceptance. Acceptance is taking from God’s hand absolutely anything He gives, looking into His face in trust and thanksgiving, knowing that the confinement of the hedge we’re in is good and for His glory. Even though what we’re enduring may be painful, it’s good simply because God Himself has allowed it.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  55. “There is no counsel like God’s counsel. No comfort like His comfort. No wisdom more profound than the wisdom of the Scriptures.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  56. “Encouragement is awesome. It (can) actually change the course of another person’s day, week, or life.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  57. “God doesn’t work on our timetable. He has a plan that He will execute perfectly and for the highest, greatest good of all, and for His ultimate glory.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  58. “Do you need strength? Peace? Wisdom? Direction? Discipline? Ask for it! God will hear you.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll

  59. “[God] is able to take your life, with all of the heartaches, all of the pain, all of the regret, all of the missed opportunities, and use you for His glory.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  60. “God will never adjust His agenda to fit ours. He will not speed up His pace to catch up with ours; we need to slow our pace in order to recover our walk with Him. God will not scream and shout over the noisy clamor; He expects us to seek quietness, where His still small voice can be heard again.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  61. “Consistency: It’s the jewel worth wearing; It’s the anchor worth weighing; It’s the thread worth weaving; It’s a battle worth winning.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  62. “God often does His best work in us when He catches us by surprise and introduces a change that is completely against our own desire.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  63. “It helps me if I remember that God is in charge of my day – not I.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  64. “Attitude keeps me going or cripples my progress. It alone fuels my fire or assaults my hopes. When my attitudes are right, there is no barrier too high, no valley too deep, no dream too extreme, no challenge too great for me.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  65. “Hope is like an anchor. Our hope in Christ stabilizes us in the storms of life, but unlike an anchor, it does not hold us back.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll

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