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These Nicaragua quotes will inspire you. Nicaragua’s name is derived from Nicarao, the name of the Nahuatl-speaking tribe which inhabited the shores of Lake Nicaragua before the Spanish conquest of the Americas, and the Spanish word agua, meaning water, due to the presence of the large Lake Cocibolca (or Lake Nicaragua) and Lake Managua (or Lake Xolotlán), as well as lagoons and rivers in the region.

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Best Nicaragua Quotes

  1. “I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested.” Smedley Butler
  2. “The people of Nicaragua were suffering oppression. This made us develop an awareness which eventually led us to commit ourselves to the struggle against the domination of the capitalists of our country in collusion with the U.S. government, i.e. imperialism.” Daniel Ortega
  3. “Think about it: Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Vietnam, North Korea, the former Soviet Union – they all start with the intention of leveling the playing field – or making things better for the little guy – and instead, they created misery, poverty, destruction and a permanent ruling class of bureaucrats.” Trish Regan
  4. “And Walker was made with a Mexican crew, although it was shot in Nicaragua.” Alex Cox

  5. “By the late 1970s, repression and economic chaos were causing increasing unrest throughout Latin America. Army strongmen were forced to cede power in Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and the Dominican Republic.” Stephen Kinzer
  6. “I was in Nicaragua with the Sandinistas. I’ve argued for Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu-Jamal, the United Farm Workers. I’ve been a radical for a long time. I guess it’s too bad. I’d be more marketable as a right-wing redneck. But I got into this to tell the truth as I saw it.” Kris Kristofferson
  7. “My son lives in Nicaragua. My daughters live in the United States.” Gioconda Belli
  8. “Neither one of my parents played sports at a very high level when they grew up in Nicaragua.” Diana Lopez

  9. “At 17, I lived in Nicaragua to show solidarity with the Sandinista socialist revolution. At 23 I raised money for Guatemalan women’s cooperatives. In my early 20s I lived in the semi-Amazon doing research with small farmers fighting land invasions. At 26 I helped expose poor conditions at Nike factories in Asia.” Michael Shellenberger
  10. “I think there, there also had been just before I got to Honduras a rather spectacular capture of an arms shipment that from Nicaragua across Honduran test, territory destined for El Salvador and I think that some of that equipment had been also to Cuba and the Soviet bloc.” John Negroponte
  11. “Honduras is strongly anti-Communist, maintains no diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union, and has provided vital support for United States-backed rebels fighting to overthrow the Sandinistas in neighboring Nicaragua.” Stephen Kinzer
  12. “Violence has been Nicaragua’s most important export to the world.” Ronald Reagan

  13. “My dad grew up in Nicaragua in his teenage years, then immigrated to the United States.” Rashida Tlaib
  14. “I think the difference between El Salvador and Nicaragua is that in Nicaragua you had a popular insurrection, and in El Salvador you had a revolution.” Bianca Jagger
  15. “I know who I am as an artist and I know what my sound is, but I wanted to know what I could do in order to take it to that next level. So the experiences I had last year of moving to California and traveling to places like Rome and Nicaragua where I met a lot of people just had a really big impact in my life.” Kate Voegele
  16. “Nicaragua is fast becoming a terrorist country club.” Edwin Meese

  17. “The CIA created, armed and financed the Contras. My father backed them with everything he had. It was my father’s war, and almost everyone in Nicaragua has lost somebody as a result of it. I couldn’t go down there, being his daughter, and expect not to feel those people’s wrath.” Patti Davis
  18. “Each of the bracelets I wear is from a long trip I’ve taken. One is from Nicaragua. One is from Nepal. One is from Guatemala. One is from Laos. They don’t come off. I walk into a lot of very high-level boardrooms now, and I present to distinguished conferences, but these bracelets remind me of the places I’ve been and the people I’ve met.” Adam Braun
  19. “Nicaragua dealt with the problem of terrorism in exactly the right way. It followed international law and treaty obligations. It collected evidence, brought the evidence to the highest existing tribunal, the International Court of Justice, and received a verdict – which, of course, the U.S. dismissed with contempt.” Noam Chomsky
  20. “There isn’t any way for the people of Nicaragua to find out what’s going on in Nicaragua.” Elliott Abrams

  21. “I don’t claim to know Israel. I don’t speak Hebrew; my contacts are pretty limited. But I didn’t know Vietnam; I didn’t know Nicaragua, El Salvador or Honduras. It doesn’t mean you can’t reach your conclusions.” Norman Finkelstein
  22. “There was the situation in Nicaragua where the Sandinistas had taken over a couple of years earlier. There was a civil war going on in El Salvador and there was a similar situation in Guatemala. So Honduras was in a rather precarious geographic position indeed.” John Negroponte
  23. “It seems to be that when these communist regimes take over – if you look at the example of Vietnam or Cambodia or Nicaragua – that even in conditions of peace they don’t seem to be able to figure out how to support their people, and the human suffering is enormous.” John Negroponte
  24. “My mother would take groups of students to different countries and always brought us along, so by the time I was 10, I had been to Russia, China, Nicaragua and several other countries.” Eliza Dushku

  25. “I made a gym, it’s the best gym in Nicaragua, I have kids that this year July 6th through the 11th will be fighting and then will go on to the Central American Games and I’m sure at least one will win a gold medal.” Alexis Arguello
  26. “There is a question for which we will never know the answer: had the U.S. not launched the Contra war to overthrow the Sandinista government, would they have succeeded in bringing socioeconomic justice to the people of Nicaragua?” Bianca Jagger
  27. “The U.S. embargo imposed on Nicaragua, rather than weakening the Sandinistas, actually maintained them in power.” Bianca Jagger
  28. “In Nicaragua, liberty, equality and the rule of law were the stuff of dreams. But in Paris I discovered the value of those words.” Bianca Jagger

  29. “The British Red Cross asked me to help them spearhead a fundraising campaign for the victims of the war in Nicaragua. It was a turning point in my life. It began my commitment to justice and human rights issues.” Bianca Jagger
  30. “I often traveled to Nicaragua to speak against repressive policies by the Sandinista government.” Bianca Jagger
  31. “I am still profoundly troubled by the war in Nicaragua. The United States launched a covert war against another nation in violation of international law, a war that was wrong and immoral.” Bianca Jagger
  32. “Also, people are not often aware of the way the United States’ policies influence what happens in places like Haiti or El Salvador or Nicaragua. Or in Columbia right now.” Edwidge Danticat

  33. “It is pretty amazing. My parents, who came from Nicaragua to the U.S. – who would have thought that they would have American kids on the Olympic team? I think that’s the epitome of the Olympic dream.” Diana Lopez
  34. “Our pledge is to hold elections in the year 1985. The form of elections has not yet been determined, but there is a group of representatives of the political parties in Nicaragua who have been traveling around the world studying various electoral alternatives.” Tomas Borge
  35. “Nicaragua is a World Bank and International Monetary Fund designated ‘heavily indebted poor country,’ with little legal ability to control its economic future: Everything is for sale. And once Nicaraguans decide to cash in and sell their houses or farms, they have to look far inland for anything affordable.” Tony D’Souza
  36. “No one will ever be able to say what the comandantes would have done with their historic opportunity in Nicaragua if they had not been confronted with civil war.” Stephen Kinzer

  37. “In the early days of the military Arpanet, my daughter was studying in Nicaragua. Because the U.S. was essentially at war with them, contact was difficult. I managed to use MIT’s Arpanet connection, and she found one, so we could communicate thanks to the Pentagon!” Noam Chomsky
  38. “The two largest oil-producing countries in Latin America, Mexico and Venezuela, sold petroleum to Nicaragua at concessional rates for several years beginning in 1980. The program was curtailed because Nicaragua could not make even reduced payments.” Stephen Kinzer
  39. “I grew up in a very difficult country, a very oppressive situation because of the Somoza dictatorship. My family was in opposition to Somoza; Somoza was a liberal, and my family were conservatives. These were the two traditional parties in Nicaragua.” Gioconda Belli
  40. “During the Reagan Administration, so much attention was devoted to fighting Marxism in Nicaragua and El Salvador that Washington lost sight of longer-term challenges in other countries.” Stephen Kinzer

  41. “I’ve been awed by the incredible opportunities that automatically float to the Harvard undergrads I once taught – from building homes for the poor in Nicaragua to landing prime White House internships.” Nina Easton
  42. “I supported the efforts in Honduras to stop the flow of arms from Nicaragua across to El Salvador.” John Glenn
  43. “There was time in the first half of the ’80s when what I was saying on the stage was controversial. A lot of things I was talking about – Nicaragua and American foreign policy.” Kris Kristofferson
  44. “Most people at CMU thought it was perfectly reasonable for the U.S. to invade Nicaragua. They somehow thought they owned it.” Geoffrey Hinton

  45. “The targets we all agree on – every country in the world except the U.S., Nicaragua, and Syria – will have targets under the Paris Agreement. So everyone knows what the targets should be, and then we can have a difference of opinion on exactly how these emissions will be reduced.” Isabella Lovin
  46. “I wasn’t born in Mexico – I was born in Nicaragua – but I know that, when somebody like Donald Trump says ‘Mexicans,’ he means all of us. He means anybody who comes from south of the border.” Ana Navarro
  47. “He wasn’t a football player, but my idol growing up was Roberto Clemente. The man died trying to help out earthquake victims in Nicaragua and that left a huge impression on me.” Ron Rivera

  48. “President Trump reversed the previous administration’s disastrous policy of appeasing Cuba and has implemented a vigorous sanctions regime against Nicaragua. Our hope is that the people of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua will one day live in democracies like the rest of their neighbors.” Robert C. O’Brien

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