41 Tunnel Vision Quotes On Success In Life

These tunnel vision quotes will inspire you. Tunnel vision is constriction of the visual field resulting in loss of peripheral vision.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging tunnel vision quotes, tunnel vision sayings, and tunnel vision proverbs.

Best Tunnel Vision Quotes

  1. “To be a tennis champion, you have to be inflexible. You have to be stubborn. You have to be arrogant. You have to be selfish and self-absorbed. Kind of tunnel vision almost.” ~ Chris Evert
  2. “Panic causes tunnel vision. Calm acceptance of danger allows us to more easily assess the situation and see the options.” ~ Simon Sinek
  3. “It’s that one thing that you’re passionate about, that you end up developing tunnel vision for and everything else tends to fall by the wayside. Passion is appealing and universal.” ~ Johnny Galecki
  4. “Tunnel vision can kill creativity.” ~ Ami Vitale

  5. “People who get trapped in the tunnel vision of making money think that is all there is to life.” ~ Felix Dennis
  6. “Learn to see the big picture. Often times we get tunnel vision and lose sight of the big picture and what we’re really trying to accomplish.” ~ Robert Cheeke
  7. “When you have your passion, you never even think about other things. It’s tunnel vision. You go until you get it.” ~ Nicola Peltz
  8. “There are so many aspects to the sport. It never gets boring because you always do something different.” ~ Wolfgang Gullich

  9. “When your child is sick, you have tunnel vision.” ~ Nick Cassavetes
  10. “For about seven years. I really like it there. There are a lot of great musicians. The scene is very open. A lot of stuff going on. People’s ears are really open, they are not closed. A lot of scenes here, people just get tunnel vision and are into one thing.” ~ John Zorn
  11. “Sexist grammar burns into the brains of little girls and young women a message that the male is the norm, the standard, the central figure beside which we are all deviants, the marginal, the dependent variables. It lays the foundation for androcentric thinking, and leaves men safe in their solipsistic tunnel-vision.” ~ Adrienne Rich
  12. “The problem with unfilled dreams is that they give us tunnel vision. We focus on ourselves, and that can be depressing and discouraging place to look.” ~ Donna VanLiere

  13. “I started going blind and my optic nerves of my eye started giving me tunnel vision. I also started fainting a bit and struggling to think. I felt a lot of pressure in my head all the time. That was when it got too much. I’m in a very, very fortunate position now where I’ve had it taken out once. And now it’s back I’m being monitored. I think people at home should be checked for this.” ~ John Newman
  14. “I guess when you’re young you have tunnel vision.” ~ Lemmy Kilmister
  15. “We often engage the defense mechanism of tunnel vision, just to keep ourselves focused on our daily lives. This makes us terribly jaded in our perception of what is really around us.” ~ Vera Nazarian
  16. “Sometimes the tide is just out. But it always comes back in again. In times of severe distress, we tend to get tunnel vision and think this feeling will last forever. It will not.” ~ Jewel

  17. “Whenever you do any one thing intensely over a period of time you have to give up other lives you could be living. You have to have a real single-minded kind of tunnel vision if you want to get anything significant accomplished. Especially if the desire is not to be a businessman, but to be a creative person.” ~ Steve Jobs
  18. “I’ve learned that if I only put my mind to one thing that I can get tunnel vision. Then I may not be as open to other opportunities because I’m so focused on one thing. I think what’s worked better for me personally is I have three goals every day: be nice, work hard and make friends. Those are my daily goals, and I feel like those are the things that create opportunity and creating connections that will then lead to other things that I may not have planned for otherwise.” ~ Gigi Hadid
  19. “Drivers don’t always see the (flashing) lights. You can’t get tunnel vision. You’ve got to look everywhere, even when your adrenaline is going.” ~ Sixto Rodriguez
  20. “Maintaining concentration depends on what I call tunnel vision; nothing else in the world exists but the catcher’s target, the hitter and my perfect delivery.” ~ Nolan Ryan

  21. “She often had to remind herself that she couldn’t do everything alone. She wasn’t always the best person for the job. Sometimes she got tunnel vision and forgot about what other people needed.” ~ Rick Riordan
  22. “I naturally gravitate toward the big picture which isn’t necessarily advantageous when you go on to a career in research because successful researchers usually choose a pretty narrow channel. So having tunnel vision actually helps you stay where you are supposed to stay. The big picture in medical care was looking at the underlying causes of all of this pathology. I really wanted to do something about that and play a meaningful role in changing the trajectory of people’s lives and their health and by changing their health, changing the quality of their lives.” ~ David Katz
  23. “It takes a lot of time to be a good junkie or alcoholic – you spend hours getting the necessary supplies, then imbibing, then recovering, rinse and repeat. That’s like eighteen hours of a day. And assuming you get out of that lifestyle before it macerates your heart, you have that Junkie Tunnel Vision, except now you get to use it for something positive: you know how to work tirelessly for one thing. Instead of using that tunnel vision to get high, I use it to make art.” ~ Joshua Mohr
  24. “I think that that’s the way the music grows and changes and becomes new and creative and vital. It’s by synthesizing elements from all around it and not to maintain this kind of rigid myopic kind of tunnel vision, in a sense, trying to maintain a certain kind of purity, or whatever.” ~ David Sanborn

  25. “Michael Roberts is a great rider and a great tactician; he was always using his brain in a race. His determination to become champion jockey was unswerving. He worked night and day, day and night to do it. You must have tunnel vision to become champion jockey: you must almost block everything else out, and he did that perfectly.” ~ Steve Cauthen
  26. “Let’s face it: Most companies in most industries have a kind of tunnel vision. They chase the same opportunities that everyone else is chasing, they miss the same opportunities that everyone else is missing. It’s the companies that see a different game that win big. The most important question for innovators today is: What do you see that the competition doesn’t see?” ~ Bill Taylor
  27. “It gives me a sense of tunnel vision.” ~ Tom Glavine
  28. “I was single-minded and I had tunnel vision. Now it’s time for a change.” ~ Evelyn Ashford

  29. “Anxiety leads to a narrowing of the field of attention, the so-called tunnel vision, and when people are anxious, they are unable to attend to the total situation as is necessary to enable them to act rationally, but impulsively do the first thing that comes into their heads which is usually determined by what others are doing at the same time.” ~ James A.C. Brown
  30. “There are so many aspects to the sport. It never gets boring because you always do something different. Maybe you train really hard on a sport climbing and get tunnel vision for a while, but as soon as you burn out a bit, you concentrate on another aspect, like traveling. You see the world through the vehicle of climbing.” ~ Wolfgang Gullich
  31. “A wine goes in my mouth, and I just see it. I see it in three dimensions. The textures. The flavors. The smells. They jump out at me. When I put my nose in a glass, it’s like tunnel vision. I move into another world, where everything around me is gone, and every bit of mental energy is focused on that wine.” ~ Robert M. Parker, Jr.
  32. “I tend to have a kind of tunnel vision when I’m looking at an individual piece.” ~ Edward Norton

  33. “Great theories are expansive; failures mire us in dogmatism and tunnel vision.” ~ Stephen Jay Gould
  34. “My tunnel vision allows me to have a longer workday than most writers. I’m thankful for that.” ~ Joshua Mohr
  35. “extreme visual clarity, tunnel vision, diminished sound, and the sense that time is slowing down. this is how the human body reacts to extreme stress.” ~ Malcolm Gladwell
  36. “At a certain point, I became a kind of musician that has tunnel vision about jazz. I only listened to jazz and classical music.” ~ Herbie Hancock

  37. “A lot of people don’t understand the building phase. They don’t have the blueprint, but we do. With us having the blueprint and knowing what we want to build, it’s not how it’s supposed to be built, but what we want to build. I think it makes everything easy for us to stay focus and have that tunnel vision.” ~ B.J. The Chicago Kid
  38. “Sometimes our tunnel vision is limited to what we see outside our window. Until racial injustice becomes personal then I don’t think it moves us in our gut.” ~ Shane Claiborne
  39. “The main thing is to win. You just try to keep your tunnel vision on to get the team the win.” ~ Jennie Finch
  40. “I just kind of do my thing with sort of tunnel vision for the story and my role and how it fits together.” ~ Lin Shaye

  41. “Demanding historical (or scientific) veracity as a prerequisite for truth is another kind of tunnel vision. To do so is to mistake poetry for prose.” ~ Charles Kimball

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