65 Charcoal Quotes On Success In Life

These charcoal quotes will inspire you. Charcoal is a lightweight black carbon residue produced by strongly heating wood (or other animal and plant materials) in minimal oxygen to remove all water and volatile constituents.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging charcoal quotes, charcoal sayings, and charcoal proverbs.

Best Charcoal Quotes

  1. “Culinary tradition is not always based on fact. Sometimes it’s based on history, on habits that come out of a time when kitchens were fueled by charcoal.” ~ Alton Brown
  2. “I love using gas grills because they are easier to heat and it’s much easier to control the flames with a gas grill than with a charcoal fire. Grilling is not just about lighting a fire.” ~ Bobby Flay
  3. “The wonderful world of home appliances now makes it possible to cook indoors with charcoal and outdoors with gas.” ~ Bill Vaughan
  4. “A colorist makes his presence known even in a simple charcoal drawing.” ~ Henri Matisse

  5. “Eating coals of fire has always been one of the sensational feats of the Fire Kings, as it is quite generally known that charcoal burns with an extremely intense heat.” ~ Harry Houdini
  6. “The sand stones had fragments of charcoal on some surfaces but found no recognizable fossils.” ~ George Mercer Dawson
  7. “To cause the face to appear in a mass of flame make use of the following: mix together thoroughly petroleum, lard, mutton tallow and quick lime. Distill this over a charcoal fire, and the liquid which results can be burned on the face without harm.” ~ Harry Houdini
  8. “Art is accusation, expression, passion. Art is black charcoal crushing white paper.” ~ Gunter Grass

  9. “I have a Kenwood charcoal grill. In our house, if anybody is cooking, it’s me. I love making burgers. I love making pork tenderloin. Lamb chops I do on the grill a lot. But you just can’t beat brats.” ~ Nick Offerman
  10. “I prefer lump charcoal over briquettes but I do use both for different reasons and different recipes and sometimes I combine them both when I really want the woodsy aroma from the lump charcoal and long, even heat from the briquettes.” ~ Bobby Flay
  11. “Blaise Pascal used to mark with charcoal the walls of his playroom, seeking a means of making a circle perfectly round and a triangle whose sides and angle were all equal. He discovered these things for himself and then began to seek the relationship which existed between them. He did not know any mathematical terms and so he made up his own. Using these names he made axioms and finally developed perfect demonstrations until he had come to the thirty-second proposition of Euclid.” ~ Catharine Cox Miles
  12. “Charcoal or gas. Both give excellent results, so choose the one that best suits your style of cooking.” ~ Bobby Flay

  13. “If a piece of burning charcoal be placed on a man’s head, see how he struggles to throw it off. Similar will be the struggle for freedom of those who really understand that they are slaves of nature.” ~ Swami Vivekananda
  14. “Can the plural possessive express the feelings in your heart? If you don’t learn art now, you will never learn to breathe!” ~ Laurie Halse Anderson
  15. “Sometimes when she is able to spend the night with him they are wakened by the three minarets of the city beginning their prayers before dawn. He walks with her through the indigo markets that lie between South Cairo and her home. The beautiful songs of faith enter the air like arrows, one minaret answering another, as if passing on a rumor of the two of them as they walk through the cold morning air, the smell of charcoal and hemp already making the air profound. Sinners in a holy city.” ~ Michael Ondaatje
  16. “I decided to start anew, to strip away what I had been taught.” ~ Georgia O’Keeffe

  17. “There are some forty-five thousand items in the average American supermarket and more than a quarter of them now contain corn. This goes for the nonfood items as well: Everything from the
    toothpaste and cosmetics to the disposable diapers, trash bags, cleansers, charcoal briquettes, matches, and batteries, right down to the shine on the cover of the magazine that catches your
    eye by the checkout: corn.” ~ Michael Pollan
  18. “The miracle is not to walk on water, or in the air, or on burning charcoal. The miracle is to walk on earth. You breathe in, you become aware of the fact that you are alive. You are alive and you are walking on this beautiful planet. The greatest of of all miracles is to be alive.” ~ Nhat Hanh
  19. “Not only is New York City the nation’s melting pot, it is also the casserole, the chafing dish and the charcoal grill.” ~ John Lindsay
  20. “Violence up close has a smell. Like copper blood and charcoal burning.” ~ Jodi Picoult

  21. “A man in twenty-four hours converts as much as seven ounces of carbon into carbonic acid; a milch cow will convert seventy ounces, and a horse seventy-nine ounces, solely by the act of respiration. That is, the horse in twenty-four hours burns seventy-nine ounces of charcoal, or carbon, in his organs of respiration to supply his natural warmth in that time …, not in a free state, but in a state of combination.” ~ Michael Faraday
  22. “The sun shines equally on diamond and charcoal, but the former has developed qualities that enable it to reflect the sunlight brilliantly, while the latter is unable to reflect the sunlight. Emulate the diamond in your dealings with people. Brightly reflect the light of God’s love.” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda , Charcoal quotes diamond
  23. “I am six years old and instead of celebrating with birthday cakes, I chew on a piece of charcoal.” ~ Loung Ung
  24. “A pencil in my hand, its secret life / is charcoal, the wood already burnt, / a sacrifice.” ~ Marianne Boruch

  25. “Did you ever have something to say and feel as if the whole side of the wall wouldn’t be big enough to say it on, and then sit down on the floor and try to get it onto a sheet of charcoal paper?” ~ Georgia O’Keeffe
  26. “A story isn’t a charcoal sketch, where every stroke lies on the surface to be seen. It’s an oil painting, filled with layers that the author must uncover so carefully to show its beauty.” ~ Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
  27. “The important thing to understand about American history, wrote Mr. Ibis, in his leather-bound journal, is that it is fictional, a charcoal-sketched simplicity for the children, or the easily bored.” ~ Neil Gaiman
  28. “…Humans were the only creatures in the world that ate their food cooked. You’d never find a Gorilla frying up some bananas for dinner or a lion charcoal-broiling a zebra steak. Cats don’t often run to the oven with a mouse or bird they’ve captured, and a dog wouldn’t naturally prepare its rabbit dinner in a stew.” ~ Dick Gregory
  29. “The coffee was boiling over a charcoal fire, and large slices of bread and butter were piled one upon the other like deals in a lumber yard.” ~ Charles Dickens

  30. “Wisdom can see the red, the rose, the stained and sculptured curve of grey, the charcoal scars of fire, and see around that living tower of tree the hermit tatters of old bark split down and strip to end the season; and can be quiet and not look for reasons past the edge of reason.” ~ Judith Wright
  31. “You are confronted with abysses of time that are, in a way, unfathomable. You see a painting in charcoal of raindeer and it was left unfinished and somebody else finished it. But through radio carbon dating we know that the next one completed the painting 5,000 years later. You’re just blown away by the notion of passage of time. We have no relationship to that kind of depth of time.” ~ Werner Herzog
  32. “The paint has a skin to it, here taut and glossy, there wrinkled, abraded, scarred. It is pierced, abraded, scraped. A line drawn through it will go through half a dozen states, from the furry bloom of crusted charcoal to a blind furrow, cutting a channel in to soft paint below.” ~ Andrew Forge
  33. “In the deepest pits of ‘Ell, Where the worst defaulters dwell (Charcoal devils used as fuel as you require ’em), There’s some lovely coloured rays, Pyrotechnical displays, But you can’t expect the burning to admire ’em!” ~ Edgar Wallace
  34. “On a charcoal kiln a vine keeps climbing, while being burned to death.” ~ Soseki Natsume

  35. “The [Moon] surface is fine and powdery. I can kick it up loosely with my toe. It does adhere in fine layers like powdered charcoal to the sole and sides of my boots. I only go in a small fraction of an inch, maybe an eighth of an inch, but I can see the footprints of my boots and the treads in the fine sandy particles.” ~ Neil Armstrong
  36. “If Africa is left behind, she is going to continue pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, especially carbon. She’s going to continue logging the forests, she’s going to continue burning charcoal, she is going to continue practicing agricultural activities that destroy the environment, and sooner or later Africa’s problem will become a global problem.” ~ Wangari Maathai
  37. “Before he did all those lovely line drawings, Matisse would make really detailed charcoal drawings and tear them up. He wouldn’t leave them about… I understand what he was doing: discovering what’s there… to make the line meaningful, to find a linear solution.” ~ David Hockney , Charcoal quotes drawing
  38. “What will you do with them?” “Redo them in charcoal, probably.” “And then?” “Tack them to my bedroom wall.” Bedroom wall? “Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this?” ~ Tammara Webber

  39. “I decided to start anew-to strip away what I had been taught, to accept as true my own thinking. This was one of the best times of my life. There was no one around to look at what I was doing, no one interested, no one to say anything about it one way or another. I was alone and singularly free, working into my own, unknown-no one to satisfy but myself. I began with charcoal and paper and decided not to use any color until it was impossible to do what I wanted to do in black and white. I believe it was June before I needed blue.” ~ Georgia O’Keeffe
  40. “Jane was wearing a charcoal shift dress. The black dipped into a love V accented with a large black chiffon bow. A layer of delicate black lace peeked out from the bottom of her dress. Her long blond hair was pulled back tightly into a straight ironed ponytail. Her makeup was simple: coral blush on her cheeks and gunmetal shadow brushed under her blue eyes.” ~ Lauren Conrad
  41. “Do you want to be with Dave for the rest of your life?” Then he rips off a piece of paper and picks up the smallest charcoal stick from my set. He writes something. He passes it over to me. It says: Time will tell. “And while you’re waiting,” he says, “don’t settle for anything less than what you really want.” ~ Susane Colasanti
  42. “Not even pencil or charcoal is needed. Drawing can also be done with a brush. But drawing is a must, if not, no painting can resist.” ~ Raul Soldi

  43. “Thinking that it would console him, she took a piece of charcoal and erased the innumerable loves that he still owed her for, and she voluntarily brought up her own most solitary sadnesses so as not to leave him alone in his weeping.” ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  44. “The rockets set the bony meadows afire, turned rock to lava, turned wood to charcoal, transmuted water to steam, made sand and silica into green glass which lay like shattered mirrors reflecting the invasion, all about. The rockets came like drums, beating in the night. The rockets came like locusts, swarming and settling in blooms of rosy smoke.” ~ Ray Bradbury
  45. “He was struck by the details of the moment. This was something he needed to remember, when he dreamt. This feeling right here: heart thudding, pollen sticky on his fingertips, July pricking sweat at his breastbone, the smell of gasoline and someone else’s charcoal grill.” ~ Maggie Stiefvater
  46. “It’s weird making a drawing of painting. I start to realize that charcoal is this incredibly fragile material. I’m making images of paintings out of dust.” ~ Robert Longo

  47. “There is one experiment which I always like to try, because it proves something whichever way it goes. A solution of iodine in water is shaken with bone-black, filtered and tested with starch paste. If the colorless solution does not turn the starch blue, the experiment shows how completely charcoal extracts iodine from aqueous solution. If the starch turns blue, the experiment shows that the solution, though apparently colorless, still contains iodine which can be detected by means of a sensitive starch test.” ~ Wilder Dwight Bancroft
  48. “A single note, held in an amber suspension of time, like a charcoal drawing of Icarus falling. It was sad and fierce all at once, alive with a lonely purity. It went on and on, until my own lungs were burning. “What bird are you calling?” I asked finally, when I couldn’t stand it any longer. The Bird Man stopped whistling. He grinned, so that I could see all his pebbly teeth. “You.” ~ Karen Russell
  49. “Taxi September along Jessore Road Oxcart skeletons drag charcoal load past watery fields thru rain flood ruts Dung cakes on treetrunks, plastic-roof huts Wet processions Families walk Stunted boys big heads don’t talk Look bony skulls & silent round eyes Starving black angels in human disguise.” ~ Allen Ginsberg
  50. “A handbag is only one item to be worn with a complete outfit. Add a peony pink leather handbag to a charcoal gray suit, for instance, and the impact is chic with a touch of wit.” ~ Kate Spade

  51. “February. Get ink, shed tears. Write of it, sob your heart out, sing, While torrential slush that roars Burns in the blackness of the spring. Go hire a buggy. For six grivnas, Race through the noice of bells and wheels To where the ink and all you grieving Are muffled when the rainshower falls. To where, like pears burnt black as charcoal, A myriad rooks, plucked from the trees, Fall down into the puddles, hurl Dry sadness deep into the eyes. Below, the wet black earth shows through, With sudden cries the wind is pitted, The more haphazard, the more true The poetry that sobs its heart out.” ~ Boris Pasternak
  52. “The more natural the charcoal, the better your food will taste. Rather than briquettes, use lump charcoal, which is is all-natural. Lump charcoal will cause your grill to get much hotter than briquettes. Also, briquettes have chemical filler which holds saw dust together and can change the taste of the food.” ~ Johnny Trigg
  53. “I like charcoal drawing a lot. I’m not very good, but I always find myself buying canvases and paints whenever I’m on location, because I always have this ambition to fill the hotel room I’m in and turn it into an art studio.” ~ Ben Schnetzer
  54. “I regard photography and film simply as new technical means which painters must absolutely make use of, just as from time out of mind they have made use of brush, charcoal and color. It is certain, however, that photography and film must become as evocative for the sensibility as pencil, charcoal and brush. (1927)” ~ Kazimir Malevich
  55. “All art is dependent on technology because it’s a human endeavour , so even when you’re using charcoal on a wall or designed the proscenium arch, that’s technology .” ~ George Lucas

  56. “The first time I met Prince he invented me to his birthday party in Minneapolis. It was a costume party and I came as a beatnik – a beret and a charcoal goatee. He was dressed like an executioner. I talked to him for awhile and he didn’t know who I was, and when I told him he was real surprised.” ~ Paul Reubens
  57. “I think if the ingredients have nothing that I recognize, that kind of scares me. I like unique ingredients – like charcoal and baking soda – because it’s cool to be able to use products with ingredients you see at home.” ~ Shay Mitchell
  58. “If you own a simple Weber kettle grill, you own a smoker. You don’t have to spend an enormous amount of money or even buy an extra piece of equipment. If you have that kettle grill, the whole secret to getting a lower temperature is to set up your grill for indirect grilling and use only half as much charcoal.” ~ Steven Raichlen
  59. “Burn shavings and splinters of pitch pine, and when they turn to charcoal, put them out, and pound them into mortar with size. This will make a pretty black for fresco painting.” ~ Marcus Vitruvius Pollio

  60. “For the rains and the rivers you need forests and you need to make sure these your forests are all protected, that there is no logging, that there is no charcoal burning and all the activities that destroy the forest. All this really needs to be done so that you can be able to grow good coffee, so that you can have an income, so that you can send your children to school so that you can buy medicine, so that you can take them to hospitals so that you can care for the women, especially mothers.” ~ Wangari Maathai
  61. “The Deliverator belongs to an elite order, a hallow subcategory. He’s got esprit up to here. Right now, he is preparing to carry out his third mission of the night. His uniform is black as activated charcoal, filtering the very light out of the air. A bullet will bounce off its arachnofiber weave like a wren hitting a patio door, but excess perspiration wafts through it like a breeze through a freshly napalmed forest. Where his body has bony extremities, the suit has sintered armorgel: feels like gritty jello, protects like a stack of telephone books.” ~ Neal Stephenson , Activated charcoal quotes
  62. “There are many persons of combative tendencies, who read for ammunition, and dig out of the Bible iron for balls. They read, and they find nitre and charcoal and sulphur for powder. They read, and they find cannon. They read, and they make portholes and embrasures. And if a man does not believe as they do, they look upon him as an enemy, and let fly the Bible at him to demolish him. So men turn the word of God into a vast arsenal, filled with all manner of weapons, offensive and defensive.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  63. “I use charcoal a lot. Partly because it has such a fantastic range but also because it is very easy to erase. For me, drawing is a lot to do with taking out, with returning to the white of the paper.” ~ John Berger

  64. “In one of the most brilliant papers in the English language Hume made it clear that what we speak of as ‘causality’ is nothing more than the phenomenon of repetition. When we mix sulphur with saltpeter and charcoal we always get gunpowder. This is true of every event subsumed by a causal law in other words, everything which can be called scientific knowledge. “It is custom which rules ,” Hume said, and in that one sentence undermined both science and philosophy .” ~ Philip K. Dick
  65. “Trying to be a professional dancer, paying my rent by posing nude for art classes, staring at people staring at me naked. Daring them to think of me as anything but a form they were trying to capture with their pencils and charcoal. I was defiant. Hell-bent on surviving. On making it. But it was hard and it was lonely, and I had to dare myself every day to keep going.” ~ Madonna Ciccone

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