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Mason Cooley was an American aphorist known for his witty aphorisms. One of these such aphorisms Cooley developed was “The time I kill is killing me.” He was a professor emeritus of French, speech, and world literature at the College of Staten Island. He was also an assistant professor of English at Columbia University from 1959 to 1967 and an adjunct professor from 1980 to 1988. These Mason Cooley quotes will motivate you.

Best Mason Cooley Quotes

  1. “Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.” ~ Mason Cooley
  2. “Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story.” ~ Mason Cooley
  3. “Intelligence makes sincerity difficult.” ~ Mason Cooley
  4. “Why not – is a slogan for an interesting life.” ~ Mason Cooley
  5. “Forgiveness is like faith. You have to keep reviving it.” ~ Mason Cooley

  6. “Every book teaches a lesson, even if the lesson is only that one has chosen the wrong book.” ~ Mason Cooley
  7. “Do not wait for a reason to be happy.” ~ Mason Cooley
  8. “Passion cooks. Reason cleans.” ~ Mason Cooley
  9. “Faith moves mountains, but you have to keep pushing while you are praying.” ~ Mason Cooley
  10. “The meaning of today will not be clear until tomorrow.” ~ Mason Cooley
  11. “We are prepared for insults, but compliments leave us baffled.” ~ Mason Cooley
  12. “Love talks and talks. Lust is brief and to the point.” ~ Mason Cooley

  13. “The laughter of the aphorism is sometimes triumphant, but seldom carefree.” ~ Mason Cooley
  14. “A great reader seldom recognizes his solitude.” ~ Mason Cooley
  15. “Mistakes are the only universal form of originality.” ~ Mason Cooley
  16. “To avoid doing anything, wait for the right circumstances.” ~ Mason Cooley
  17. “I love you is the inscription on Pandora’s box.” ~ Mason Cooley
  18. “Cure for an obsession: get another one.” ~ Mason Cooley

  19. “Moderation in all things is best, but it’s pretty hard to get excited about it.” ~ Mason Cooley
  20. “In love, we worry more about the meaning of silences than the meaning of words.” ~ Mason Cooley
  21. “The children of childish parents age quickly.” ~ Mason Cooley
  22. “I keep eating for fear I will be hungry.” ~ Mason Cooley
  23. “The neuroses parody the virtues.” ~ Mason Cooley
  24. “A neurotic can neither enjoy his illusions nor give them up.” ~ Mason Cooley
  25. “Forget what hurt you but never forget what it taught you.” ~ Mason Cooley

  26. “Think carefully before asking for justice. Mercy might be safer.” ~ Mason Cooley
  27. “Between repetition and forgetting, it is a marvel that a new thought ever struggles into existence.” ~ Mason Cooley
  28. “Never trust the judgment of an enthusiastic man; never trust the promises of a lazy one.” ~ Mason Cooley
  29. “A quick smile is more seductive than a slinky dress.” ~ Mason Cooley
  30. “The educated do not share a common body of information, but a common state of mind.” ~ Mason Cooley
  31. “Nothing is more cheerful than talking about our friends’ shortcomings.” ~ Mason Cooley
  32. “Envy grieves. Jealousy rages.” ~ Mason Cooley

  33. “I have forgiven you. Nevertheless, begone!” ~ Mason Cooley
  34. “Oblivion waits without beckoning or threatening.” ~ Mason Cooley
  35. “Innocence is thought charming because it offers delightful possibilities for exploitation.” ~ Mason Cooley
  36. “Every declaration of love contains an unstated list of exceptions and demands.” ~ Mason Cooley
  37. “If you corner me, you are going to hear some unwelcome truths.” ~ Mason Cooley

  38. “The Insignificance of Man is a congenial theme; my own insignificance is a sore point.” ~ Mason Cooley
  39. “A goldfish is reason enough for living, if someone needs a reason.” ~ Mason Cooley
  40. “Stupidity is a fact of life, but unmentionable. The new Prudery.” ~ Mason Cooley
  41. “You know you’re in love when you stop comparing.” ~ Mason Cooley
  42. “Sacred or not, sacrifice is an ugly business.” ~ Mason Cooley

  43. “Trust, but look for the exits.” ~ Mason Cooley
  44. “Flattery has to overcome my mistrust, and it does.” ~ Mason Cooley
  45. “Artistic inspiration ignores the law of supply and demand.” ~ Mason Cooley
  46. “Your love for me is founded in a sentiment. My love for you is founded in the body. A precarious interchange.” ~ Mason Cooley
  47. “The lion cares less about being king of the beasts than about finding his dinner.” ~ Mason Cooley
  48. “I really like life, don’t you? There’s nothing else quite like it.” ~ Mason Cooley

  49. “Magic lives in curves, not angles.” ~ Mason Cooley
  50. “Imagination has rules, but we can only guess what they are.” ~ Mason Cooley
  51. “A blocked path also offers guidance.” ~ Mason Cooley
  52. “Being charming takes time and effort, and I am busy.” ~ Mason Cooley
  53. “Warning: fortune cookies don’t care what happens to you.” ~ Mason Cooley
  54. “What lies behind appearance is usually another appearance.” ~ Mason Cooley
  55. “Three meals plus bedtime make four sure blessings a day.” ~ Mason Cooley

  56. “A free spirit must be able to surmount anxiety time after time.” ~ Mason Cooley
  57. “Flattery and insults raise the same question: What do you want?” ~ Mason Cooley
  58. “Human nature is a scoundrel’s favorite explanation.” ~ Mason Cooley
  59. “Fantasy mirrors desire. Imagination reshapes it.” ~ Mason Cooley
  60. “Small faults and virtues are for daily life. The big ones are for emergencies.” ~ Mason Cooley
  61. Friends are sometimes boring, but enemies never.” ~ Mason Cooley

  62. “We often disguise our reflexes as deliberate actions.” ~ Mason Cooley
  63. “Hope, and hopelessness, persist despite the facts.” ~ Mason Cooley
  64. “I love money, but will money ever love me in return?” ~ Mason Cooley
  65. “Many pains are imaginary, but all joys are real.” ~ Mason Cooley

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