Best Availability Quotes On Success In Life

These availability quotes will inspire you. Availability is the quality of being able to be used or obtained.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging availability quotes, availability sayings, and availability proverbs.

Famous Availability Quotes

  1. “It’s long been accepted as fact that the availability of family planning services saves lives. Where women have access to these services, children and families are healthier, and society at large benefits.” ~ Martha Plimpton
  2. “God does not ask your ability Or your inability. He asks only your availability.” ~ Mary Kay Ash
  3. “How our availability, our showing up, our presence, leaves us open to that violence. I think it’s a question of language, as it arrives from one body to another. It becomes the thing in between the two bodies.” ~ Claudia Rankine
  4. “Desire is proof of the availability.” ~ Robert Collier

  5. “The Internet has exceeded our collective expectations as a revolutionary spring of information, news, and ideas. It is essential that we keep that spring flowing. We must not thwart the Internet’s availability by taxing access to it.” ~ Chris Cannon
  6. “Whatever you are looking for is also looking for you. You see, don’t only look. Be available and ready when it shows up” ~ Sahndra Fon Dufe
  7. “I think the Internet, particularly the availability of information, is great. I do a lot of correspondence on-line and have a chat line to talk to my fans as well” ~ Anne McCaffrey
  8. “God does not begin by asking us about our ability, but only about our availability, and if we then prove our dependability, he will increase our capability.” ~ Neal A. Maxwell
  9. “U.S. economic prosperity is closely tied to the availability of a reliable and affordable supply of energy.” ~ Cliff Stearns

  10. “I must say I am not pleased to have to arrange the Senate schedule around the availability of Senators who are running for President.” ~ Arlen Specter
  11. “Intermittency [in availability for wind and solar] changes the economics, particularly this requirement that the power company at all times be able to require power. That’s large.” ~ Bill Gates
  12. “After 9/11, the businesses in my district and throughout the New York metropolitan area saw firsthand the result of a lack of availability of terrorism insurance.” ~ Steve Israel
  13. “Guns are evil! And very little good comes from the availability of a bullet designed to kill human beings!” ~ Mackenzie Astin

  14. “I think the world’s a little smaller these days. With the Internet and the availability of people, the pool of English speaking actors – not just American actors, but Brits, Australians, New Zealanders, Irish. We’re all up for grabs.” ~ Sonya Walger
  15. “Even if the music industry simply gave away all their music people would complain that they don’t have the bandwidth to download all the stuff – the problem would merely shift from availability to distribution.” ~ Dan Farmer
  16. “The importance of the question and the availability of an answer are two different things. I’m not willing to state that because the question is fundamental, therefore I possess the answer. And I’m certainly not willing to say that since I don’t possess the answer, I’ll pretend that I do.” ~ George Friedman
  17. “As a first-order approximation, I would say that phenomenality is “availability for introspective attention”: Consciousness is a property of all those mental contents to which you can in principle direct your attention.” ~ Thomas Metzinger
  18. “One of the pre – requisites for children becoming proactive and responsible citizens is the availability of enough role models inside and outside the school.” ~ Azim Premji

  19. “The history of the welfare state is the history of public enterprise pushing out private organization. The impact was largely unintentional, but natural and inevitable. Higher taxes left individuals with less money to give; government’s assumption of responsibility for providing welfare shriveled the perceived duty of individuals to respond to their neighbors’ needs; and the availability of public programs gave recipients an alternative to private assistance, one which did not challenge recipients to reform their destructive behavior.” ~ Doug Bandow
  20. “… far more people make a living as professional chess players today than ever before. Thanks partly to the availability of computer programs and online matches, there has been a mini-boom in chess interest among young people in many countries.” ~ Kenneth Rogoff
  21. “There’s no reason why one need not look at the content of education just as one is expanding the availability of school, because it doesn’t cost more money to get them [a] better education. It requires better textbooks, it requires a vision, it requires a determination, but it’s not very expensive to do that anyway.” ~ Amartya Sen
  22. “Other people do not owe me their availability.” ~ Laura Schlessinger

  23. “It is absolutely a relationship with food that is a displaced relationship with God. And that displaced relationship with God takes two forms: our availability to other people and our availability to our own thoughts and feelings.” ~ Marianne Williamson
  24. “People ask me what makes a great skier. It takes the gift; but besides the gift it takes all the availability of mind which permit total control of all the elements that lead to victory. – total composure.” ~ Jean-Claude Killy
  25. “In the pursuit of truth, intent is prior to content, or to the availability of it. The love of truth and the willingness to submit to its demands is the first step.” ~ Ravi Zacharias
  26. “Food availability is not really the issue. The quality of the food is what we recognize is the problem.” ~ Catherine Bertini

  27. “If friendship is to transpire between two people, it is important that both be in a state of availability. I have often been in the company of those who complain that they have no friends. Inevitably, I have observed that this condition was due to their own lack of availability; they were too encumbered to be able to welcome another. Such unavailability may be exterior in nature; that is, people may lack the time or the emotional energy necessary for friendship.” ~ Ignace Lepp
  28. “As agonizing a disease as cancer is, I do not think it can be said that our civilization is threatened by it. … But a very plausible case can be made that our civilization is fundamentally threatened by the lack of adequate fertility control. Exponential increases of population will dominate any arithmetic increases, even those brought about by heroic technological initiatives, in the availability of food and resources, as Malthus long ago realized.” ~ Carl Sagan
  29. “The most devastating indictment of the president’s proposal is that it threatens to destroy virtually everything about American health care that’s worth preserving. Under the plan’s layers of regulation and oversight, even seeing a doctor whenever you like will be no easy matter: access to physicians will be carefully regulated by gatekeepers; referrals to specialists will be strongly discouraged; second opinions will be almost unheard of; and the availability of new drugs will be limited.” ~ William Kristol
  30. “I think there are going to be some social changes that take place due to the Internet, and the availability of the tools to more and more people. I think you are going to find a lot of people re-cutting movies and changing them, making them into their own movies.” ~ George Lucas
  31. “Casting is always subject to availabilities.” ~ William Monahan

  32. “We are now, measurably, reducing the availability of these life-supporting goods which we can think of (though only on the conditions of good health and good care) as self-renewing or “sustainable.” We are also destroying rapidly the supplies of the fossil fuels, which are limited and not renewable, and on which we have become totally dependent.” ~ Wendell Berry
  33. “The man of large and conspicuous public service in civil life must be content without the Presidency. Still more, the availability of a popular man in a doubtful State will secure him the prize in a close contest against the first statesman of the country whose State is safe.” ~ Rutherford B. Hayes
  34. “There’s not a huge pile of scripts at home. It’s what happens to be on the table at that moment with your availability. And then you have no control over when these things come out.” ~ Toby Jones , Your¬†availability quotes
  35. “Per capita availability of good, potable water is diminishing in all developed and developing countries.” ~ Marq de Villiers

  36. “I think we need to be a bit more proactive. Let’s not just talk about availability of sports, let’s make the facilities more accessible to kids and make them want to come along.” ~ Hope Powell
  37. “What, on the eternal list of priorities, precedes health? What more obvious role could government have than the defense of the life, of each citizen? We cannot stop every germ that seeks to harm us any more than we can stop every person who seeks to harm us. But we can try dammit and government’s essential role in that effort facilitate it, reduce its cost, broaden its availability, improve my health and yours, seems, ultimately, self-explanatory.” ~ Keith Olbermann
  38. “There can be no doubt that the young of today have to be protected against certain poisonous effects inherent in present-day civilization. Five social diseases surround them, even in early childhood. There is the decline in fitness due to modern methods of locomotion; the decline in initiative due to the widespread disease of spectatoritis; the decline in care and skill due to the weakened tradition of craftsmanship; the decline in self-discipline due to the ever-present availability of tranquilizers and stimulants, and the decline in compassion, which William Temple called “spiritual death.” ~ Kurt Hahn
  39. “In film, movies schedules are based on three things: actors availabilities, when are sets being built, when you can rent the place youre going to film in.” ~ Kevin Spacey

  40. “I love San Francisco, it’s very hard to compete with San Francisco when it comes to availability of product, but one thing you can’t replace about Las Vegas or Miami is people are walking in the door and they want to have a good time. They walk in, and this is the start of their good time.” ~ Michael Mina , Product availability quotes
  41. “Freedom has become a commodity whose availability, paradoxically, keeps society in check. The threat of its loss seems to enable us to tolerate its imposition.” ~ Andrzej Stasiuk
  42. “… there hasn’t been a serious life-style trend since the couch potato was sighted, in about 1986, on one of its rare forays to the video store. Cocooning remains a significant mass enterprise, encouraged by the availability of five hundred new cable channels and microwavable popcorn.” ~ Barbara Ehrenreich
  43. “No increase in the welfare of the member of society can result from the availability of an additional quantity of money.” ~ Ludwig von Mises

  44. “If you are engaging rationality, you are already engaging a place that makes you unavailable. Only when I recognize that inspiration has announced itself to my availability will I then say I need to use my mind to calculate exposure, my emotions to position myself and arrange a configuration of shapes that need to come into being, my body to put it all in place because we have been given a message and it has come through inspiration through being available.'” ~ Paul Caponigro
  45. “If there is any sense of order to the universe, acting is what I am meant to do. I’m not manufactured. I know acting isn’t real, that it’s temporary. If there is any theme to the roles I play, it is emotional vulnerability and availability.” ~ DJ Qualls , Emotional availability quotes
  46. “Prescription drugs and heroin act in very similar ways on the brain. And, unfortunately, heroin, because of its widespread availability is a lot cheaper.” ~ Michael Botticelli
  47. “I have seen water availability change drastically in my own lifetime. Around the world, millions of people are already living in a true water crisis.” ~ Penelope Cruz

  48. “What I find is that the taking, the stealing, the appropriation of images has to do with prior availability, and it sets up a degree where things can be shared… It’s like 50% off… You can let something of another emotion or another personality sign on your work, or co-sign it.” ~ Richard Prince
  49. “With that availability of cash coming in to your restaurant, get a chance when you buy your restaurant, pay it off first and then buy your property. At that point, it’s because you own it. Everybody runs it, and if it doesn’t work, then you’re not going to be out of a bunch of money.” ~ Jim Treliving
  50. “Most violence is intra-racial, and much of the violence in African-American communities is a function of drug availability, joblessness and poverty.” ~ Julianne Malveaux
  51. “Where the Internet is about availability of information, blogging is about making information creation available to anyone.” ~ George Siemens

  52. “Shin [Biyajima] rides down with this big ol’ Japanese grin and giggle and I’m like what? Two years later, when I started planning the trip, I knew Shin was from the Hakuba area, and I didn’t want to come film in Japan without a Japanese rider. Shin had the time and availability, and it worked out perfect.” ~ Travis Rice
  53. “I have to realise that as I am only English and am allowed to live in America, I have to give something in return. And since I cannot build a hospital, or endow a university, I can only give my infinite availability.” ~ Quentin Crisp
  54. “I’ve gone to big stadium rock concerts at some artist’s invitation, and there’s this invariable, fascinating and rather sad situation of concentric circles of availability. There are Green Rooms within Green Rooms literally within Green Rooms. There are seven or eight degrees of exclusivity, and within each circle of exclusivity, everyone is so happy to be there, and they don’t know that the next level exists.” ~ William Gibson
  55. “The availability of private insurance provides tremendous insulation for millions of individuals” ~ Lawrence Summers

  56. “If you’re talking about competing with countries in the industrialized, developed world, they don’t have healthcare costs. Their societies have that as a priority. Here in America, we won’t have the same kind of healthcare availability because it’s still a private sector initiative. But that’s O.K. because it’s facilitated to be made more affordable in a public way.” ~ Nancy Pelosi
  57. “Just like a house is worth whatever a bank’s going to lend against it, an education is worth whatever the bank is going to lend the student to pay the university. So the availability of government-guaranteed student loans has vastly inflated the cost of education, just like it’s inflated the cost of housing.” ~ Michael Hudson
  58. “In matters of desire, don’t get hastily involved because of easy availability; once you get involved, you will sink in deeply. In matters of principle, don’t back off for fear of difficulty; once you back down, you will lose your ground entirely.” ~ Zicheng Hong , Easy¬†availability quotes
  59. “There is no finish line when it comes to system reliability and availability, and our efforts to improve performance never cease.” ~ Marc Benioff

  60. “Availability of the best also is limited in our culture. And it’s also extremely expensive. It’s ridiculous. A kilogram of rose oil costs me very much. By the time it is shipped here and we pay tariffs, how much more do I have to charge the consumer? And then who could afford to buy it? That is why people sell synthetic rose and end up poisoning themselves. It shouldn’t be that way.” ~ Horst Rechelbacher
  61. “Who would think of buying or selling a private business because of someone’s guess on the stock market? The availability of a quotation for your business interest (stock) should always be an asset to be utilized if desired. If it gets silly enough in either direction, you take advantage of it. Its availability should never be turned into a livability whereby its periodic aberrations in turn formulate your judgements.” ~ Warren Buffett
  62. “Since man does not create physical matter, those who handle material objects in the production process are not producers in that sense. Economic benefits result from the transformation of matter in form, location, or availability (intellectually or temporally). It is these transformations that create economic benefits valued by consumers, and whoever arranges such transformations contributes to the value of things, whether his hands actually come into contact with physical objects or not.” ~ Thomas Sowell
  63. “Casting is all about availability, as much as anything else.” ~ William Monahan

  64. “Since the Second World War, rates of common mental illness (depression and anxiety) have been increasing in the industrialized nations, whereas rates of recovery from severe mental illness have not improved despite the availability of apparently effective therapies such as antipsychotic drugs.” ~ Richard Bentall
  65. “For a lot of women who don’t go to college, or for a lot of women who aren’t in New York or D.C. or someplace where there’s like a large feminist organization they can get involved in, they may be doing feminist work, right, like locally or with a grassroots organization or in their own lives, but if they don’t have that support system and if they don’t have that availability to feminist language, I think we’re missing out on something.” ~ Jessica Valenti

Availability is the quality or state of being available.

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