45 Motivational David Jeremiah Quotes for Success In Life

David Paul Jeremiah is an American conservative evangelical Christian author, founder of Turning Point Radio and Television Ministries, and senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church, a Southern Baptist megachurch in El Cajon, California, a suburb of San Diego. This David Jeremiah quotes on grace, life, love will motivate you.

Best David Jeremiah Quotes

  1. “Prayer is the way you defeat the devil, reach the lost, restore a backslider, strengthen the saints, send missionaries out, cure the sick, accomplish the impossible, and know the will of God.” ~ David Jeremiah
  2. “Answers to prayer have to be on God’s schedule, not ours. He hears us pray, and He answers according to His will in His own time.” ~ David Jeremiah
  3. “When you follow God’s will for your life, you can see how yesterday’s events prepared you for today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.” ~ David Jeremiah
  4. Success can come to a person who has failed, but it will never come to a person who quits” ~ David Jeremiah

  5. “God is no further from you on your worst day than He is on your best day. Just open your heart to receive Him and His love.” ~ David Jeremiah
  6. “No circumstance, person, or difficulty can stop the plans and the promises of God.” ~ David Jeremiah
  7. “When the problem is a worry, the prescription is prayer.” ~ David Jeremiah
  8. “We don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but one thing is guaranteed-God’s overarching care for His children. We can be sure enough of that. In a world where nothing is sure, He is sure.” ~ David Jeremiah
  9. “If you are a Christian, your search for approval should be over.” ~ David Jeremiah

  10. “Don’t wait until the moment of crisis. Plan ahead, hide God’s Word in your heart, and pray in advance for victory, holiness, and a life pleasing to God.” ~ David Jeremiah
  11. “Our attitude toward others reveals our genuine attitude toward God.” ~ David Jeremiah
  12. “The true power of love is found in selfless attitudes and actions that seek the best for another person without expecting anything in return. When we act in that way, the feeling of love follows close behind.” ~ David Jeremiah
  13. “Heaven is not a figment of the imagination. It is not a feeling or an emotion. It is not the “Beautiful Isle of Somewhere.” It is a prepared place for a prepared people.” ~ David Jeremiah
  14. “Trust God for the impossible-miracles are His department. Our job is to do our best, letting the Lord do the rest.” ~ David Jeremiah

  15. “Integrity is keeping a commitment even after circumstances have changed.” ~ David Jeremiah
  16. “We must trust God with what we can’t control.” ~ David Jeremiah
  17. “When our lives are filled with peace, faith, and joy, people will want to know what we have.” ~ David Jeremiah
  18. “When the Bible uses the words salvation, Savior, and save, it’s speaking of the total work of God in bringing people from a state of death – hopeless separation from God – to a state of everlasting life through the forgiveness of sin, based on the merits of Christ Jesus who died and rose again. Saving us is the greatest and most concrete demonstration of God’s love, the definitive display of His grace throughout time and eternity.” ~ David Jeremiah
  19. “We are ever surrounded by undeserved blessings. Even in His silence, He blesses us.” ~ David Jeremiah

  20. “Delighting in God’s Word leads us to delight in God, and delight in God drives away fear.” ~ David Jeremiah
  21. “No Christian is abandoned at the moment of death. The angels are the ushers, and our passage to heaven is under their escort.” ~ David Jeremiah
  22. “God loves you as though you are the only person in the world, and He loves everyone the way He loves you.” ~ David Jeremiah
  23. “God loves you as though you are the only person in the world, and He loves everyone the way He loves you.” ~ David Jeremiah
  24. “Kids today learn a lot about getting to the moon, but very little about getting to heaven.” ~ David Jeremiah
  25. “If we don’t have the Word of God as the foundation of what we believe, we will have a faulty footing—it will not stand against the elements that will come against us. God has designed both our physical and spiritual lives to be ordered by one key attribute upon which the fruit of the Spirit is based—that foundation is love.” ~ David Jeremiah
  26. “The Old Testament teaches us that if we humble ourselves and pray, God will hear from heaven and heal our land. And the New Testament assures us that the fervent prayers of righteous men can make a difference.” ~ David Jeremiah
  27. “If peace seems elusive in your life today, commit yourself to God, commit your concerns to Him in prayer, and then rest peacefully as you trust in Him.” ~ David Jeremiah

  28. “In a world that contains tragedies, we must realize that they’re vastly outnumbered by blessings” ~ David Jeremiah
  29. “When we give our lives to Jesus Christ, the things of earth grow strangely dim. The values of eternity grow increasingly bright.” ~ David Jeremiah
  30. “If you are at a hard place in life, hesitant to ask for help, God invites you to ask Him so He can meet your need.” ~ David Jeremiah
  31. “Only a relationship with Christ can satisfy our hearts. Without Him we have nothing. With Him, we have all things to enjoy.” ~ David Jeremiah
  32. “If someone analyzed your words today, what percentage would be tender, encouraging, uplifting, faith-building, and joyful? Would it match Christ’s proportions?” ~ David Jeremiah
  33. “This is a time when all of God’s people need to keep their eyes and their Bibles wide open. We must ask God for discernment as never before.” ~ David Jeremiah
  34. “Loving the world destroys our relationship with God, it denies our faith in God, and it discounts our future with God.” ~ David Jeremiah
  35. “Sometimes it helps to begin our prayers by confessing we don’t feel like praying-and ask God to help us with our preference to be doing something else.” ~ David Jeremiah

  36. “The Holy Spirit can’t remind you of something you never read which is why it’s important to memorize scripture. When you have Bible verses inscribed in your mind, you’re carrying a concealed weapon to use against the enemy in battle. Find a passage today and begin laying up His words in your heart and in doing so you will be prepared for any trials that will come.” ~ David Jeremiah
  37. “Perhaps the image you have of the devil is a cartoon of a man in a red suit with horns a pointy tail and a pitchfork, Satan would love for you to think of him as a harmless cartoon character but don’t be fooled… Satan is anything but harmless.” ~ David Jeremiah Quotes
  38. “Sin is like cancer that destroys step by step, sometimes so slowly we don’t realize what’s happening to us.” ~ David Jeremiah
  39. “There is nothing God doesn’t know about your life. You may know the past and present, but God also knows the future. Choose today to walk securely – not in what you know, but in what you believe.” ~ David Jeremiah
  40. “Satan can wreak havoc but he cannot claim the victory.” ~ David Jeremiah

  41. “Everyone we meet is a hero waiting to happen. When Jesus saw people, He envisioned their potential. No respecter of persons, He associated with people from all walks of life.” ~ David Jeremiah
  42. “The Lord’s Prayer reminds us that God longs for His people to communicate with Him, not just in church on Sunday, but wherever we are and whatever our need.” ~ David Jeremiah Quotes
  43. “Truth offends everyone outside its definitions. But the irony of truth is that the greater its potential for offense, the greater its potential for giving hope.” ~ David Jeremiah
  44. “Believers talk about trusting in the Lord with their whole heart and refusing to lean on their own understanding, but no one really knows what that means until circumstances cast them headfirst into a dark and painful place. If we give ourselves fully to God in those moments, we will obtain keepsakes of Him to treasure now and forever.” ~ David Jeremiah
  45. “In today’s America He (Jesus) has moved from the central figure of world history to source material for late-night comics and pundits who would not dare treat other religious leaders with such disrespect.” ~ David Jeremiah

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