How To Follow Your Passion And Succeed

At present, I am a cool, smart, and dynamic, member of a professional author group dedicated to learning and performance professionals. I am also an instructor, a good mentor, and a public speaker. However, just 7 years back, I was totally in the opposite position of my life. It means, after completing graduation successfully, I chase behind for a good job as other ordinary people do and fortunately got it without much struggle. But as time goes, I felt an emptiness in the job.

The reason behind this is I would like to train the people for something like “How to work effectively in teams” or “How to build up or maintain relationships in peers” etc. But my job post was not allowed for doing this sort of lead generation or creating a safe, enjoyable learning environment. More specifically, I was not allocated to helping individuals or a group of people to elevate their inner performance.

Even after coming from office I get lost myself by thinking about what really energizes me, attracts me, captures my attention, and mostly kindles my excitements? Then after some time, I realized this job was not a piece of my cake and quiet the job 2 years before.

Then I started to listen to my heart and started my new carrier as an instructor. Side by side, I started working as an author and focus on finding new opportunities. I started devoting my time of doing the work I love, to gain more knowledge and refine those in talent skills.

So, finally, in this way, my role in the job becomes my passion and gives me more success and pleasure. Well, passion doesn’t mean to give you always a pleasure and succeed. But it’s a self-satisfaction or complacency that you need to keep fueling to get the success.

But what is passion? How to follow your passion quotes? Do you always listen to an inspirational speech about passion or follow some legends’ speech on passion and dedication? From my point of view, these all depend on the individual’s needs, which I am not going to dig down. But when people are evaluating me as a well-energetic, more flexible, and less stressful mind-blowing mentor or public speaker, I felt pleasure.  I always reply to them with my simple rules regarding passion for success.

Based on these, here are some tips which you can check out and get the answer to why following your passion is good for you?

How to find your passion?

First, starting with what is a passion for human life? According to Wikipedia its a kind of feeling of powerful enthusiasm or persuasive desire for someone or something. It can be anything like:-

* Make money in life
* Get an excellent life partner
* Doing a good job
* Use an expensive car

Or even reading a favorite novel. But how will you get to know what’s your passion? It’s also quite easy. Try to discover your true interest, admiration, and excitement that gives you pleasure out of the imagination. It makes you happiest to fulfill a person in your life.

So, to fulfill your passion, meaning I can give you some suggestions.

1. Find out what your area of interest is and what’s more important for you more than anything?
2. Clarify your purpose and love every activity you do. It may be reading books, magazines, enjoy CDs, DVDs or anything. But think about what do you want to most remember for achieving or accomplishing?
3. If you like the way, then take action immediately and continue in your whole life.

This small part of the action is nothing but your passion, and the small happiness you are getting is called the real success in your life.

Pursue your passion:

follow your passion fuel it

After identifying your passion, my second tip is going to pursue your passion. Research it and explore it. Because passion does not wait for inspiration to strike, it’s something you have to uncover through work and action. And then you can feed your passion and develop slowly. So listen to your life. Surround yourself with those who inspire you to grow. And be aware of the opportunities that gift themselves. If you follow and explore people who pique your interest, you will end up unsteady upon passion within the process.

Living your passion:

Passion is not an ending of life rather than passion is the key to success that permits ourselves for evolution to happen in our childhood and adolescence. So it’s a feeling that can change according to the time and situation. So, instead of waiting for any special moment or event, try to live on it. Invest it to set up your goals and put a system in place to achieve the next and next step. Share your experience, offer more understanding comprehension among the people. One day you will enjoy pleasantry surprise through the passion lead.

How to find your passion and purpose?

Well, it’s not so difficult. In fact, if you follow your interest, not your passion and follow a career passion within sometimes, you will get a comfortable carrier path. Thus, it’s very clear. You have to focus on the things and activities that you both enjoyed and did well. That’s why you have got the succeed, right! So, basically, what happens when you follow your passion? Straightforwardly you will not be misguided. You will be able to remove those things that you don’t want and take steps towards what you want. In this way, you can achieve and win any and any purpose because your great purpose or aim will not reward you. But the experience, clarity, and clear exploration will always reward you in the form of valuable results in life.

Being passionate about life:

It’s very important. I have seen lots of people who cannot go further with their passion. They left or dropped in between the journey. Everyone should understand that passion is a life skill that helps bring vitality to all or any of your engagements. Either from work, family, and faculty life or married life, to become creative both in social and religious life. And it is a survival mechanism of health and well-being. Because your involvement in life depends on your interest in it. If you are stuck in a rut, extreme bored in life or just not motivated; it’s very tough to get for you why being passionate is important? To come out from there just take a life-threating risk! Make strong decisions, putting yourself on the line in discover things. Soon you will ignite your passion.

Passion is the key to success:

do something great

So, do you agree with me? Of course, you are. Because I have given lots of explaining of how to express yourself to act your passions? How to build your identity if you lose vitality? What I want to say is passion isn’t just simple exuberance, but it’s endurance. That’s why If you lack passion in your own life, your different relationships denied that energy from your partnerships, community, friendships, family, and company. And this goes not only for the individual, however additionally for the collective. So, nothing can be compared with passion in terms of success and happiness in life.


Too many of us believe if they have more cash, an even bigger house, an extended carrier, they’ll be more happy and successful. In reality, those who are dependent on their work and have full passion are happier and produce more productivity. They smile because they know the results of following your passion meaning. As a result, they naturally don’t regret doing the smallest tiny things that build a large destination.

Their activities act as a magnet for others and give them around them happiness and excitement. Finally, if you are serious about your life and want to make it successful, I encourage you first to spot out or identify your strengths. Then clarify your purpose, establish a perfect goal, and develop an actionable attitude to bring that super-powerful passion back to your life.


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