Would You Like To Have An Organized Life?

An Organized life is blessing in disguise. Organizing life doesn’t always mean to arrange your wardrobe, study table, cleaning etc. Organizing life can be controlling fuss going on in mind, restlessness, anxiety, always running after things. Every morning our brain recharges with thousands of thoughts floating & creates unnecessary tension. Our brain confuses with so many pending tasks which look like climbing Mt. Everest & never ending. We are running daily but don’t know what is the ultimate goal or finish line. When will you feel satisfied or when will you call you have achieved this now let’s move to another goal. We are so busy in monotonous work that we tend to forget how to live happy life.

When we organize our life, our thoughts automatically get inclined towards the goal. If you live undefined life, you may lose most precious things in life like time & satisfactory/happy life. I know no one can really plan whole life; yes it’s true because life circumstances changes every second with change in variables around us. But if you make certain goals in life and start daily morning to achieve it with passion, believe me your life will be sorted out. As you will look back 5 years down the life you
would have achieved something you can be proud of and most importantly learnt how not to twingle
in random thoughts.

If you keep things simple, life will be happier. We don’t always have to get things done hard way, sometimes easy way is also the best. Our mind believes, until and unless we don’t through pain/drama we don’t deserve success/happiness. Organize your thoughts, set small goals and always remember happiness should be inclined to these goals. Else just go back to your jobs like a robot. Everyone doesn’t have to become entrepreneur, set your goals at your workplace and rise to the top spot. Each day is important, actually very important.

You won’t get this time back therefore, you have two options 1. Live with passion/happiness/content/ OR
2. Confused/Restless/Headache/Tension/Negative because that clock doesn’t stop. Time will tickle and seconds turns to minutes, minutes to hours, hours to days and days passes away.  Start now, never make excuses!

“Don’t say you don’t have enough time.  You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresea, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.”  – Life’s Little Instruction Book, compiled by H. Jackson Brown, Jr

If you are happy in your present routine/world, you have achieved meaning of life and calmed your thoughts. If you want more from life work towards it, else be happy where you are in what you have. Teacher asked: “What do you want to become in life?”

Student: – “I want to be Happy”

Everyone laughed! Teacher:-“I think you didn’t understand the question”

Student: – “I think you didn’t understand life”

How to have an organized life:-

1. If basics are right life automatically becomes organized and happy: – Basics are your thoughts, health and your best five people. Your thoughts control everything and drive your day/mood. To be happy, your thoughts should match your goals & you will feel satisfied/content/positive/passionate/achieved. Health is the fuel we need to keep running/thinking/surviving and enjoy life. Control your taste buds and eat healthy food with enough water intakes. The people you are surrounded by affect your life/mind/mood/health the most. The average of 5 people we spent maximum time decides your thought process, ability to upscale in career, happiness and mostly everything. Tim Ferriss quoted: ‘You are the average of the five people you most associate with’. 

2. Take it easy: – Don’t be too hard on yourselves. If you over criticize yourself, you may lose confidence. You will start doubting your own thought process/decisions. Everyone makes mistakes but to learn and keep moving towards your goal is the real winner in life. Because they get more opportunities in life to be happy. One step at a time, and be persistent towards it. Everything else is distractions in life to divert you from your goals and feed unwanted thoughts leading to needless tensions. Sort your life and softly firmly run towards your goals. 

3. Discipline: – We move randomly in life without any goal and no sense of achievement. This causes frustration, unhappiness and unwanted feeling. Once you have certain goal, discipline is the primary force to walk you through finish line. When it feels like not doing the work/task, discipline makes it a compulsion to complete it. And trust me, it feels great once the work is completed. Done is always better! 

4. Mission goals: – Set a big goal and sub-divide them into child goals. Follow these child goals to achieve them every day. Achievement of small dreams will fill you with immense happiness/pleasure/satisfaction/confidence. Start with what is necessary; slowly you will be doing impossible. Without certain goals/dreams your life will be void and meaningless. 

5. Calm down and relax: – Meditate, it really helps to sooth your mind and focus on what is necessary for you. Practice other forms of techniques to calm yourselves and bring happiness to life. It’s the exercise for your one of your biggest organ/muscle brain. Like other parts to function well require regular maintenance similarly, your mind requires practice to push itself forward.

6. Take the first step: – For any successful task, it requires implementation. Because only thinking about something doesn’t bring it to reality. If you have decided how you want to live your life happily, take the first step towards it. Sometimes tomorrow becomes never and we regret later on in life. Time is running whether you take that step or not. Your first step will bring in tremendous satisfaction and experience. Your life will be organized around that goal and you will be much happier. It will keep you occupied and increase your knowledge. 

7. Come out of virtual overthinking world: – I guess, overthinking has killed more ideas than anything else. Trying to know all the answers before even taking the first step. If you know all the answers in advance my friend, you have become God! Trust your gut/karma/faith/confidence/experience whatever it may be, once you have decided go with all your hearts. Overthinking leads you nowhere instead it complicates things even more. Overthinking leads to less work done resulting in less experiences and happiness. I will suggest “Keep thinking, Start Implementing” because thinking/dreaming is equally important but don’t overdo it. Anything done is obviously becomes harmful. World needs dreamers and doers combo. 

8. In one ear and out the other: – Many genius people have suggested it’s not about grabbing more but filtering out unwanted. 86400 seconds in a day & that many thoughts/conversations/other people ideas incepted in your thought process/critics/unwanted suggestions but I guess you are smarter than those negativity. To organize yourself filter out unwanted and add/multiply positivity in life. One life, One game play it to win. Live passionately and cut negativity, is the formula for happy life. 

9. Don’t compare: – Comparing always snatches freedom, happiness, peace of mind and infuse unwanted stress. You never know what your comparison have gone through to get what he/she has achieved. At the same time don’t ignore your competitive fighting to reach top streak go away. Don’t burnout yourself, where ever you are, whatever you have achieved till now always be grateful and happy for that. Be hungry for success and once you realize there is no one who is stopping you except you yourself. 

10. Learn to outsource: – I was trying to do everything from design, coding, writing, sales, blogging, e-commerce store but let me be honest it looks awesome while visualizing that I am able to do so many things. And you end up doing nothing. Identify what you are good at, work on those skills and rest outsource. It definitely requires some investment for the service you opt for and at the same time it makes your life easy. Literally you can’t do everything even if you want to. Outsourcing is really a beautiful thing, imagine the directors of any company they don’t do everything that’s why they have huge team and get more work done in 24hrs compared they alone can do. If you have $5 you can start outsourcing, I started outsourcing to my cousin. Find people who can take some of your load off and help you in your goals. Everyone requires help that’s how this world is. See it in this way, you are creating job/work opportunity for someone and economy is rotating. Trust me ROI will be more than you have imagined and you will learn to work in a team and how to get things done. 

11. Simplify complex ideas in your life: – Whatever you wish for in life you can get there once you start taking one day at a time. Don’t over complicate things; you can achieve everything by easy ways too. These easy paths may be easy for you but it may be very difficult for others. Otherwise, everyone would have done it. Work on your skills, what you like, how you can help others with your services/products. Once you make your ideas more refined, more clear & work on your passion, life journey becomes interesting with lots of happy moments. 

12. Listen to the advice you give to others: – Best advice you can get are the once which you give to others. Don’t smoke cigarettes it kills you but you are smoking yourself. Wake up early it is good for health, start meditation it clears thought process, pray it keeps you happy, don’t eat junk/street food, concentrate on your career all these and many more advices we give to others before implementing on ourselves. Next time listen to the advice you give to others and work on those advices as they will make you a better person. You will start believing your thought process and you can organize your life in a better way.

I have organized my life with these tips and today I know what I want to achieve. It makes you happy and passionate towards your life journey.

How do you keep your life simple? Please do share with us.

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