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These youth quotes will inspire you. Youth are the people that have a positive impact on society and the world. They are also responsible for shaping the future of our country, and we need to inspire them.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging youth quotes, youth sayings, and youth proverbs.

Best Youth Quotes

  1. “What Youth deemed crystal, Age finds out was dew.” ~ Robert Browning
  2. “The young are permanently in a state resembling intoxication.” ~ Aristotle
  3. “Aging is not “lost youth” but a new stage of opportunity and strength.” ~ Betty Friedan
  4. “Whoso neglects learning in his youth, loses the past and is dead for the future.” ~ Euripides

  5. “The Youth of a Nation are the trustees of posterity.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli
  6. “Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.” ~ Aristotle
  7. “Youth is wholly experimental.” ~ Robert Louis Stevenson
  8. “The youth is the hope of our future.” ~ Jose Rizal

  9. “Youth comes but once in a lifetime.” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  10. “The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they attempt the impossible – and achieve it, generation after generation.” ~ Pearl S. Buck
  11. “Young people need models, not critics.” ~ John Wooden
  12. “The duty of youth is to challenge corruption.” ~ Kurt Cobain

  13. “Crabbed age and youth cannot live together; Youth is full of pleasure, age is full of care; Youth like summer morn, age like winter weather; Youth like summer brave, age like winter bare. Youth is full sport, age’s breath is short; Youth is nimble, age is lame; Youth is hot and bold, age is weak and cold; Youth is wild, age is tame. Age, I do abhor thee; youth, I do adore thee.” ~ William Shakespeare
  14. “The error of youth is to believe that intelligence is a substitute for experience, while the error of age is to believe experience is a substitute for intelligence.” ~ Lyman Bryson
  15. “Youth doesn’t reason, it acts. The old man reasons and would like to make the others act in his place.” ~ Francis Picabia
  16. “Youth, with swift feet, walks onward in the way; the land of joy lies all before his eyes.” ~ Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton

  17. “Under your shoulders. Dear young people of the entire world, weigh the responsibility to transform tomorrow’s world into a society where peace, harmony, and fraternity reign.” ~ Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo
  18. “Youth must be wanton, youth must be quick, Dance to the candle while lasteth the wick.” ~ Tennessee Williams
  19. “To find joy in work is to discover the fountain of youth.” ~ Pearl S. Buck , Joy of youth quotes
  20. “Bashfulness is an ornament to youth, but a reproach to old age.” ~ Aristotle

  21. “Youth is full of sport, age’s breath is short; youth is nimble, age is lame; Youth is hot and bold, age is weak and cold; Youth is wild, and age is tame.” ~ William Shakespeare
  22. “Youth! There is nothing like youth. The middle-aged are mortgaged to Life. The old are in Life’s lumber-room. But youth is the Lord of Life. Youth has a kingdom waiting for it. Everyone is born a king, and most people die in exile.” ~ Oscar Wilde
  23. “Every period of life has its peculiar temptations and dangers. But youth is the time when we are most likely to be ensnared. This, pre-eminently, is the forming, fixing period, the spring season of disposition and habit; and it is during this season, more than any other, that the character assumes its permanent shape and color, and the young are wont to take their course for time and for eternity.” ~ Josiah Johnson Hawes
  24. “To get back my youth I would do anything in the world, except take exercise, get up early, or be respectable.” ~ Oscar Wilde

  25. “During youth, a blossoming and budding forth tries to happen from inside out as each young person encounters what is seeded in them and gifted in their soul.” ~ Michael Meade
  26. “Youth is a wonderful thing. What a crime to waste it on children.” ~ George Bernard Shaw
  27. “Age appears to be best in four things; old wood best to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, and old authors to read.” ~ Francis Bacon
  28. “Youth is the trustee of prosperity.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

  29. “Enjoy your youth. You’ll never be younger than you are at this very moment.” ~ Backseat Goodbye
  30. “The secret message communicated to most young people today by the society around them is that they are not needed, that the society will run itself quite nicely until they – at some distant point in the future – will take over the reigns. Yet the fact is that the society is not running itself nicely… because the rest of us need all the energy, brains, imagination, and talent that young people can bring to bear down on our difficulties. For society to attempt to solve its desperate problems without the full participation of even very young people is imbecile.” ~ Alvin Toffler
  31. “To tell the truth is very difficult, and young people are rarely capable of it.” ~ Leo Tolstoy
  32. “I live in that solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity.” ~ Albert Einstein

  33. “The sky is filled with stars, invisible by day.” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  34. “O happy childhood! blessed youth! But once we know thy potent power; But once we live all careless free; No cross to mar our love-lit bower.” ~ Pablo Neruda
  35. “It takes a long time to become young.” ~ Pablo Picasso
  36. “It is not possible for civilization to flow backwards while there is youth in the world. Youth may be headstrong, but it will advance it allotted length.” ~ Helen Keller

  37. “Be Young, Be Dope,
    Be Proud.” ~ Lana Del Rey
  38. “When I was young, I would sit in the bath and ideas would come to me. But I’m not young anymore, so now I just sit in the bath.” ~ Aki Kaurismaki
  39. “Youth is to all the glad season of life; but often only by what it hopes, not by what it attains, or what it escapes.” ~ Thomas Carlyle
  40. “Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education beats the beauty and the youth.” ~ Chanakya

  41. “The world’s biggest power is the youth and beauty of a woman.” ~ Chanakya
  42. “For age is opportunity no less Than youth itself, though in another dress, And as the evening twilight fades away The sky is filled with stars, invisible by day.” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  43. “There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of the people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.” ~ Sophia Loren
  44. “Older men declare war. But it is the youth that must fight and die.” ~ Herbert Hoover

  45. “I am President of the UN-created University for Peace, which has a strong commitment to the relationship between peace, security, and the environment. I meet with young people around the world and I always come away enthused and encouraged.” ~ Maurice Strong
  46. “When I can look life in the eyes, grown calm and very coldly wise, life will have given me the truth, and taken in exchange – my youth.” ~ Sara Teasdale
  47. “George Washington, as a boy, was ignorant of the commonest accomplishments of youth. He could not even lie.” ~ Mark Twain
  48. “In America, the young are always ready to give to those who are older than themselves the full benefits of their inexperience.” ~ Oscar Wilde

  49. “Young people are in a condition like permanent intoxication, because life is sweet and they are growing.” ~ Aristotle
  50. “Youth, which is forgiven everything, forgives itself nothing: age, which forgives itself everything, is forgiven nothing.” ~ George Bernard Shaw
  51. “There is no obstacle in the path of young people who are poor or members of minority groups that hard work and preparation cannot cure.” ~ Barbara Jordan
  52. “Age is opportunity no less than youth itself.” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

  53. “Use your youth so that you may have comfort to remember it when it has forsaken you, and not sigh and grieve at the account thereof.” ~ Walter Raleigh
  54. “What is youth except a man or a woman before it is ready or fit to be seen.” ~ Evelyn Waugh
  55. “Youth is a period of missed opportunities.” ~ Cyril Connolly
  56. “Time misspent in youth is sometimes all the freedom one ever has.” ~ Anita Brookner

  57. “You are only young once, and if you work it right, once is enough.” ~ Joe E. Lewis
  58. “Youth is about the only thing worth having, and that is about the only thing youth has.” ~ E. W. Howe
  59. “These laid the world away; poured out the red
    Sweet wine of youth; gave up the years to be
    Of work and joy, and that unhoped serene,
    That men call age, and those who would have been,
    Their sons, they gave, their immortality.” ~ Rupert Brooke
  60. “Youth is something very new: twenty years ago no one mentioned it.” ~ Coco Chanel

  61. “Our youth we can have but today, We may always find time to grow old.” ~ George Berkeley
  62. “Education beats the beauty and the youth.” ~ Chanakya
  63. “Crabbed age and youth cannot live together: Youth is full of pleasance, age is full of care.” ~ William Shakespeare

  64. “Fair laughs the morn, and soft the zephyr blows, While proudly rising o’er the azure realm In gallant trim the gilded vessel goes, Youth on the prow, and Pleasure at the helm.” ~ Thomas Gray
  65. “In the lexicon of youth which fate reserves for a bright manhood, there is no such word as fail.” ~ Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton

Youth is the period of your life when you are young, or the state of being young.

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