65 Memorabilia Quotes On Success In Life

These memorabilia quotes will inspire you. Memorabilia, objects kept or collected because of their historical interest, especially those associated with memorable people or events.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging memorabilia quotes, memorabilia sayings, and memorabilia proverbs.

Best Memorabilia Quotes

  1. “My life is cluttered with the most wonderful memorabilia. And wonderful creative experiences.” ~ George Stevens
  2. “I can imagine in years to come that my papers and memorabilia, my journals and letters, will find themselves always in the company of people who care about many of the things I do.” ~ Alice Walker
  3. “The stars begin to fade like guttering candles and are snuffed out one by one. Out in the depths of space the great celestial cities, the galaxies cluttered with the memorabilia of ages, are gradually dying. Tens of billions of years pass in the growing darkness … of a universe condemned to become a galactic graveyard.” ~ Edward Robert Harrison
  4. “I haven’t collected memorabilia. I am not a person who lives in the past.” ~ Yvonne Craig

  5. “I have over five thousand costumes and props and cars, and I have a twenty-five thousand square foot warehouse full of memorabilia.” ~ Debbie Reynolds
  6. “I don’t collect any memorabilia. I wish I’d have kept everything I had. But who knew you had to keep it. Just gave it away. And we lost so much and we didn’t look after a lot of it.” ~ Ringo Starr
  7. “Socrates.- If all goes well, the time will come when one will take up the memorabilia of Socrates rather than the Bible as a guide to morals and reason… The pathways of the most various philosophical modes of life lead back to him… Socrates excels the founder of Christianity in being able to be serious cheerfully and in possessing that wisdom full of roguishness that constitutes the finest state of the human soul. And he also possessed the finer intellect.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
  8. “Anyone who’s ever worked with Meryl Streep always says the same thing: can that woman act! And what’s with all the Hitler memorabilia?” ~ Steve Martin

  9. “For some people, history is simply what your wife looks good standing in front of. It’s what’s cast in bronze, or framed in sepia tones, or acted out with wax dummies and period furniture. It takes place in glass bubbles filled with water and chunks of plastic snow; it’s stamped on souvenir pencils and summarized in reprint newspapers. History nowadays is recorded in memorabilia. If you can’t purchase a shopping bag that alludes to something, people won’t believe it ever happened.” ~ Elizabeth McCracken
  10. “I could have skated by as an athlete, but the world is so much bigger and more interesting than any one thing. I didn’t want to be pigeonholed as just a jock. I’m also an author, a student of history, and I collect memorabilia from the Wild West. I’m also a son, a father, and a friend.” ~ Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  11. “I have the largest collection of Hulk memorabilia in the world – everything from toilet paper, wallpaper, bicycles – all boxed up at my house in Northern California. I’ve had it for so long, I think it might be time to sell it.” ~ Lou Ferrigno
  12. “I’ve never kept a record of anything. I gave away everything: all the posters, the memorabilia that would have been helpful – and financially rewarding.” ~ Sean Connery

  13. “I’m finding that everything sells. I’ve been toying with the fact that I have this big giant glass jar with the metal screw lid on it that’s full of ribbons and memorabilia from conventions and stuff. I’ve got buttons and I have all of my Walt Disney Mickey Mouse credit cards. I’m wondering in my old age if anyone would pay for a credit card with Mickey Mouse on it issued to me. I wonder if anyone would pay anything for that?” ~ Mike Royer
  14. “I know sometimes when I go to a convention or a film festival occasionally people bring me really valuable and really rare memorabilia that I have never seen before.” ~ Robert Englund
  15. “Right after the 9/11 attacks I was living near Oakland in California with a buddy who had also grown up in the skate/punk scene of the 80s. We were so shell-shocked from the attacks that we sort of regressed into this childlike mode of filling our apartment with ’80s memorabilia. We got all of our favorite skateboard decks off of eBay, bought a bunch of old independent trucks, we got a credit card so that we could buy 720 off of a videogame vendor, we sat around listening to T.S.O.L. and The Misfits playing 720 and pretending that we were still living in our childhood.” ~ Rick Remender
  16. “I have over 5000 costumes, and the furniture and memorabilia that goes with them.” ~ Debbie Reynolds

  17. “I have stuff from 1979, 1980 in my collection. But I also have things from 2012. So I don’t know if it’s memorabilia as much as it is holding on to things that I find relevant that most people might not.” ~ Ian MacKaye
  18. “I know that I was conscious of all the aspects of the war, having had cousins who were in the army, who would send me notes and memorabilia. I began to collect things that they would send me.” ~ Paul Smith
  19. “I don’t really collect anything. I mean, if I see a piece of Moxie soda memorabilia, I’ll probably buy it. I’m a sucker for regional soda brands and forgotten histories and that sort of thing.” ~ John Hodgman
  20. “I have the largest private collection in the world [of Hollywood memorabilia].” ~ Debbie Reynolds

  21. “I will put my Butkus (Award) in storage. I will put my Alamo Bowl MVP trophy in storage. Jerseys, anything Penn State, in storage. Wherever Tom Bradley goes, that’s the school I will start to put memorabilia up in my home. I’m done. I’m done with Penn State. If they’re done with us, I’m done with them.” ~ LaVar Arrington
  22. “I actually collect old First and Second World War memorabilia.” ~ Jeremy Irvine
  23. “I’m into everything. My iPod is very eclectic – if you kept it on shuffle, you’d be amazed. For example, I was forced to grow up on Dolly Parton. My mum was obsessed by her. She bought all this memorabilia for the front room. It’s ridiculous.” ~ Tinie Tempah
  24. “I never stopped thinking about the Alamo from that day to this. I’m a huge collector of memorabilia. I’ve got Davy Crockett’s bullet pouch. I’ve got Colonel Travis’s belt.” ~ Phil Collins

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