20 Inspirational Xabi Alonso Quotes For Success In Life

Xabi Alonso Olano (born 25 November 1981) is a Spanish football manager and former professional player who played as a central midfielder. He is the manager of the Segunda Division B club Real Sociedad B. The motivational Xabi Alonso Quotes will inspire you in life.

Best Xabi Alonso Quotes

  1. “I had five great years at Liverpool and I would rather just keep that memory as it is.” – Xabi Alonso
  2. “As long as we have the possibility then we still have to fight for it.” – Xabi Alonso
  3. “I am still a Liverpool fan and will be forever, absolutely” – Xabi Alonso
  4. “We will have to go to win. There’s no other option. We have one more match.” – Xabi Alonso
  5. “I left Real Madrid for the same reason Di Maria did. We work hard but only others get the praise.” – Xabi Alonso
  6. “I’ve still got Paul Scholes’ shirt at home which I swapped with him once. When I was at Liverpool he was one of the players I liked most. Maybe he’s not valued as much as he should be in England because of the style of football there and because he keeps a low profile. Perhaps he would have been more valued in Spain, where midfielders like him form part of the ‘ideal.’ Fans in Spain rate him very highly and I admire him a huge amount.” – Xabi Alonso
  7. “I tried to do everything just as I would before any other match, but it was impossible.” – Xabi Alonso

  8. “The midfielders are important: they have to offer themselves to receive the ball and make good use of it, take choices, try not to lose the ball and defend. But I don’t feel like a leader at all.” – Xabi Alonso
  9. “Everything can change in the Champions League.” – Xabi Alonso
  10. “When the results are good, everything seems prettier; when things go bad, it seems like all conflicts, personal disputes, and problems arise.” – Xabi Alonso
  11. “Anything can happen in football.” – Xabi Alonso
  12. “Losing is a part of this sport.” – Xabi Alonso
  13. “Football is a lot to do with mental state.” – Xabi Alonso
  14. “You have to know your role and accept it because that’s what is best for the team.” – Xabi Alonso

  15. “Sometimes that kind of last-ditch tackle can get the crowd excited, and you get a push from that. It’s important to play with that psychological side of the game, but it depends on the quality of the player.” – Xabi Alonso
  16. “It’s hard to imagine being an ex-player. It’s not easy to find a new passion.” – Xabi Alonso
  17. “So many times, football is really unfair.” – Xabi Alonso
  18. “If you go out and play your own way, anything can happen. You might win.” – Xabi Alonso
  19. “I don’t think I will stop learning about football. There are certain parts we will never understand, like what happens in the brain of a player or makes a team fear.” – Xabi Alonso
  20. “The grass, the sound of the ball, the jokes with my teammates – that’s what I will miss most. That is what fulfills you most on a daily basis.” – Xabi Alonso

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