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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT), comic-book series about a quartet of humanlike warrior turtles, which grew into an enduring multimedia franchise. These Ninja Turtles quotes are for fun and inspiration in life.

Inspirational Ninja Turtles Quotes

  1. “Death comes for us all, Oroku Saki, but something much worse comes for you. For when you die, it will be… without honor.” KEVIN CLASH – Splinter
  2. “We’re lean, we’re green, and we’re mean!” – Mikey
  3. “I too once had a family, Danny. Many years ago I lived in Japan: a pet of my master Yoshi, mimicking his movements from my cage and learning the mysterious art of Ninjitsu, for Yoshi was one of Japan’s finest shadow warriors.” KEVIN CLASH – Splinter
  4. “There comes a time, brothers, where history is forged like melted cheese… it sticks together as one, but it’s still soft and squishy in the middle… mmm… are you with me?!” – Michelangelo
  5. “Never lower your eyes to an enemy.” TOSHISHIRO OBATA – Tatsu
  6. “The class is Pain 101. Your instructor is Casey Jones.”
  7. “The enemy of my enemy is my bro!” – Master Splinter

  8. “Help each other, draw upon one another, and always remember the power that binds you. The same is what brought me here tonight, that which I gladly return with my final words: I love you all, my sons.”
  9. “You fight well… in the old style. But you’ve caused me enough trouble. Now you face: the Shredder.” JAMES SAITO – The Shredder
  10. “Ah! So, there’s always one guy in the monster movie that freaks out ’cause he can’t take the pressure and I’m going to do an impression of him right now. And it goes something like this… GET ME OUT OF HERE!” – Michelangelo
  11. “April O’Neil: So, what do you guys like on your pizza?
    Michaelangelo: Oh, just the regular stuff: flies, stink bugs… It was a joke.”
  12. “All fathers care for their sons.” KEVIN CLASH – Splinter

  13. “Raphael: So that’s the plan from the “great leader”, huh? Just sit here on our butts!
    Leonardo: I never said I was a great leader.
    Raphael: Well you sure act like it sometimes.
    Leonardo: Yeah? Well, you act like a jerk sometimes, you know that? And this attitude of yours isn’t helping anything.”
  14. “Michaelangelo: Hey Donny, looks like this one is suffering from shell shock!
    Donatello: Too derivative.
    Michaelangelo: Well, I guess we can really shell it out!
    Donatello: Too cliché.
    Michaelangelo: Well, it was a shell of a good hit!
    Donatello: I like it!”
  15. “April O’Neil: Oh, Casey, hi.
    Casey Jones: Hi? I look like I just called Mike Tyson a sissy and all you can say is “Hi”?”
  16. “Woah… pretty heavy philosophical stuff for a cartoon show!” – Michelangelo

  17. “Much more than just a series of small, isolated incidents, it’s now apparent that an organized criminal element is at work, and at the moment, business is good.”
  18. “I am proud of you, my sons. Tonight you have learned the final and greatest truth of the Ninja: that ultimate mastering comes not from the body, but from the mind. Together, there is nothing your four minds cannot accomplish.” – KEVIN CLASH – Splinter
  19. “April O’Neil: My nearest neighbors are about four miles away. I need to get to a phone and call my boss.
    Casey Jones: You mean Charles?
    April O’Neil: Yes; how did you know that?
    Casey Jones: He left a message on your machine, uh, just before we got out…
    April O’Neil: And?
    Casey Jones: Well, hey, you just saved yourself an…”
  20. “Boy, and I thought insurance salesmen were pushy!” (after a soldier has broken in through a window) – MICHELAN SISTI – Michaelangelo
  21. “Gotham is bonkers, yo!”

  22. “For 15 years now, we have lived here. Before that time, I was a pet of my master Yoshi. When we were forced to come to New York, I found myself for the first time without a home, wandering the sewers, scavaging for whatever I could find. And then, one day, I came upon a shattered glass jar and four baby turtles.” – KEVIN CLASH – Splinter
  23. “Chief Sterns: You expect me to waste precious manpower because some immigrants are reminded of something that supposedly happened, years ago in Japan!
    April O’Neil: Have you got anything else?”
  24. “BOOYAKASHA!” – Mikey

  25. “You are here because the outside world rejects you. This is your family. I am your father. I want you all to become full members of the Foot.” (talking to his warriors) JAMES SAITO – The Shredder
  26. “Chief Sterns: We are presently executing a plan of redeployment that will minimize response time while maximizing coordination between patrol units and a decentralized networking scheme.
    April O’Neil: I’m not sure I understood all of that, Chief Sterns. Would you mind repeating it, in English, perhaps?”
  27. “You must never lapse. Even those who would be our allies, would not understand. Our domain is the shadow; stray from it reluctantly, for when you do, you must strike hard and fade away, without a trace.” – KEVIN CLASH – Splinter
  28. “Time to switch to decaf, April.” – MICHELAN SISTI – Michaelangelo
  29. “My Master Yoshi’s first rule was “Possess the right thinking. Only then can one receive the gifts of strength, knowledge, and peace”.” – KEVIN CLASH – Splinter
  30. “Wise men say, ‘Forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza.” ― Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  31. “Uh… yuck. You guys won’t like it… I’ll take the rest!” – Mikey
  32. “Anger clouds the mind. Turned inward, it is an unconquerable enemy. You are unique among your brothers, for you choose to face this enemy alone. But as you face it, do not forget them, and do not forget me. I am here, my son.” – KEVIN CLASH – Splinter
  33. “Dude, it’s a butt ugly monster convention. Raph, where’s your membership card?” – Mikey
  34. “Oh yeah, Mr. Spikey Pants? Well, you’re the one who should be saying… farewell… to… uh… yourself!” – Shredder
  35. “Like if Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles started being all bummed out about everything. How were we going to kick arse if our Leonardo was wearing a black eye-band instead of a blue one?” ― Dougie Poynter, McFly: Unsaid Things… Our Story

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