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Best Unorthodox Quotes

  1. “I do not believe that the men who served in uniform in Vietnam have been given the credit they deserve. It was a difficult war against an unorthodox enemy.” ~ William Westmoreland
  2. “The great and invigorating influences in American life have been the unorthodox: the people who challenge an existing institution or way of life, or say and do things that make people think.” ~ William O. Douglas
  3. “Liberty sets the mind free, fosters independence and unorthodox thinking and ideas. But it does not offer instant prosperity or happiness and wealth to everyone.” ~ Boris Yeltsin
  4. “It is the gifted, unorthodox individual, in the laboratory, or the study, or the walk by the river at twilight, who has always brought to us, and must continue to bring to us, all the basic resources by which we live.” ~ Caryl Parker Haskins
  5. “Success tended to make the unorthodox acceptable” ~ John Flanagan

  6. “By the standards of honest, if unorthodox, accounting, government workers don’t pay taxes, but are paid out of taxes. In other words, they pay taxes out of money confiscated from taxpayers, who, in turn, pay taxes twice: on their own income and on the income of members of the bureaucracy. At the very least, this should disqualify state workers from voting.” ~ Ilana Mercer
  7. “The USA is so enormous, and so numerous are its schools, colleges and religious seminaries, many devoted to special religious beliefs ranging from the unorthodox to the dotty, that we can hardly wonder at its yielding a more bounteous harvest of gobbledygook than the rest of the world put together.” ~ Peter Medawar
  8. “My work is so unorthodox that from one panel to the next, the drawings are completely different… totally opposed to the way of working in something like animation, where every drawing has to look like the one before.” ~ Sergio Aragones
  9. “The world has improved mostly because unorthodox people did unorthodox things. Not surprisingly, they had the courage and daring to think they could make a difference.” ~ Ruby Dee
  10. “You owe it to yourself to find your own unorthodox way of succeeding, or sometimes, just surviving.” ~ Michael Johnson

  11. “I’m an unorthodox type of guy, a funny guy – at least I think I’m funny. And one of the things I like to do is come up with nicknames for myself.” ~ Shaquille O’Neal
  12. “I hold the ratchet unorthodox. Pernell Whittaker, I’m duckin’ all sorts of shots” ~ Vinnie Paz
  13. “Because of the nature of my life, it’s difficult for people to recognize that a person can live a full life, and maybe an unorthodox life, and still be on the side of the angels.” ~ Hugh Hefner
  14. “It is especially important to encourage unorthodox thinking when the situation is critical: At such moments every new word and fresh thought is more precious than gold. Indeed, people must not be deprived of the right to think their own thoughts.” ~ Boris Yeltsin
  15. “It is especially important to encourage unorthodox thinking when the situation is critical” ~ Boris Yeltsin

  16. “Do you know that all great spurts in…progress came just after some unorthodox ideas or exotic impressions had penetrated into a closed system?” ~ Anatol Rapoport
  17. “If you make a show of going against the times, flaunting your unconventional ideas and unorthodox way, people will think that you only want attention and that you look down upon them.They will find away to punish you for making them feel inferior. It is far safer to blend in and nurture the common touch. Share your originality only with tolerant friends and those who are sure to appreciate your uniqueness.” ~ Robert Greene
  18. “A doctor’s authority in America often exceeds his or her knowledge. Whole bodies of knowledge in healing are ignored because they are unorthodox and non-medical. A doctor’s education seems exhaustive, yet MDs study so much about drugs and surgery – and so little about nutrition, fasting, herbal remedies, spinal manipulation, massage, vitamin and mineral therapy, homeopathy, and more – that we realize their qualifications are incomplete.” ~ Andrew Saul
  19. “If cancer specialists were to admit publicly that chemotherapy is of limited usefulness and is often dangerous, the public might demand a radical change in direction-possibly toward unorthodox and nontoxic methods, and toward cancer prevention. …The use of chemotherapy is even advocated by those members of the establishment who realize how ineffective and dangerous it can be.” ~ Ralph W. Moss
  20. “Some pious men may find this truth unorthodox and bitter: But Nature, Chance, and Time ensure survival of the fitter!” ~ Robert Charles Wilson

  21. “I’m hoping that “Nothin’ On You”, “Billionaire” and “Just The Way You Are” – songs that I produced… I hope that it’s a warning for people. I hope it lets them know that I’m a little unorthodox when it comes to genres and styles.” ~ Bruno Mars
  22. “The Church has little idea how unorthodox it is at any given moment. If a church can’t yet be perfectly orthodox, it can, with the Holy Spirit’s help and by the grace of God, be perpetually reformable.” ~ Brian D. McLaren
  23. “The great argument used now against any theological proposition is not, that it is untrue, or unthinkable, or unedifying, or unscriptural, or unorthodox, but simply, that the modern mind cannot accept it.” ~ Ronald Knox
  24. “Whatever the rationale, the suppression of unorthodox cancer therapies and the sustained persecution of their proponents by government and colleagues runs counter to freedom of thought, much less freedom of choice.” ~ Marilyn Ferguson
  25. “Freedom, privileges, options, must constantly be exercised, even at the risk of inconvenience.” ~ Jack Vance

  26. “…testifying for Dr. Privitera…To these 19 cancer victims, the enforcement of (California) Health and Safety Code Sect. 1701.1, the denial of them medical treatment, albeit unorthodox, albeit unapproved by a state agency, must surely take on a Kafka-esque, a nightmare quality. No demonstrated public anger, no compelling interest of the state warrants an Orwellian intrusion into the most private of zones of privacy.” ~ Rose Bird
  27. “On ‘Morning Joe’ I can say what I think, be my sometimes unorthodox self, have fun, yet be serious as well.” ~ Mika Brzezinski
  28. “I would consider the principal threats to start with Russia, and it would certainly include any nations that are looking to intimidate nations around their periphery, regional nations nearby them, whether it be with weapons of mass destruction or, I would call it, unusual, unorthodox means of intimidating them, that sort of thing.” ~ James Mattis
  29. “From where I sit, it’s a superb cabinet [for Donald Trump] so far. A lot of these choices could have been made by Ted Cruz. So you’re going to have this shotgun marriage between a very orthodox Republican cabinet and a very unorthodox.” ~ Rich Lowry
  30. “My family was very unorthodox. My mother was very eccentric and amazing. She always treated us like adults.” ~ Laura Prepon

  31. “I am not the same kind of Mormon girl I was when I was seven, eight, or eighteen years old.  I am not an orthodox Mormon woman like my mother.  I am an unorthodox Mormon woman with a fierce and hungry faith. ” ~ Joanna Brooks
  32. “Only by zealously guarding the rights of the most humble, the most unorthodox, and the most despised among us can freedom flourish and endure in our land.” ~ Frank Murphy
  33. “I had an unorthodox high-school experience; I shifted around to different schools. When I got to college and met Larry Sacharow, who ran the theatre department [at Fordham University in NYC], he was the first person to say ‘I believe in you.’ At that point, I just needed someone to say ‘I see you, I get you, let’s go.’ It’s an amazing thing to borrow someone else’s confidence in you; it can change your life.” ~ Taylor Schilling
  34. “There are only five notes in the musical scale, but their variations are so many that they cannot all be heard. There are only five basic colors, but their variations are so many that they cannot all be seen. There are only five basic flavors, but their variations are so many that they cannot all be tasted. There are only two kinds of charge in battle, the unorthodox surprise attack and the orthodox direct attack, but variations of the unorthodox and the orthodox are endless. The unorthodox and the orthodox give rise to each other, like a beginningless circle-who could exhaust them?” ~ Sun Tzu
  35. “It is the function of the Church to oppose all original experience, because this can only be unorthodox.” ~ Carl Jung

  36. “The Byzantines hammered away at their hard and orthodox symbols, because they could not be in a mood to believe that men could take a hint. The moderns drag out into lengths and reels of extravagance their new orthodoxy of being unorthodox, because they also cannot give a hint — or take a hint. Yet all perfect and well-poised art is really a hint.” ~ Gilbert K. Chesterton
  37. “All ideas having even the slightest redeeming social importance – unorthodox ideas, controversial ideas, even ideas hateful to the prevailing climate of opinion, have the full protection of the guarantees [of the First Amendment].” ~ William J. Brennan
  38. “It surprises me constantly that my sometimes-unorthodox approach has such a large following, but I’m very grateful to my readers for allowing me to continue writing 10 or 12 hours a day.” ~ Grant Morrison
  39. “I watch YouTube and other peers of mine. There’s a lot of things I can’t do and also I’m very unorthodox, I want to work on my mechanics and technique.” ~ Eric Hernandez
  40. “To justify an unorthodox life by writing about it is to re-inscribe the original violation, to re-violate masculine turf.” ~ Nancy K. Miller

  41. “Quite apart from the Church’s financial self-interest in getting me out of the way, Baltimore is an overwhelmingly Catholic city and like most good Christians, they felt we ought to be punished for our unorthodox views.” ~ Madalyn Murray O’Hair
  42. “I found so-called great art too pompous, too stiff. What at this time was called minor art was freer, more imaginative, more open to all kinds of unorthodox expression, all kinds of daring in the handling of materials, and I preferred to surround myself with this type of art than with the great collectors’ pieces. I had always in my mind that I was collecting for learning.” ~ Jacques Lipchitz
  43. “Part of their problem was Percy. He fought like a demon, whirling through the defender’s ranks in a completely unorthodox style, rolling under their feet, slashing with his sword instead of stabbing like a Roman would, whacking campers with the flat of his blade, and generally causing mass panic.” ~ Rick Riordan
  44. “Tabitha was always trying unorthodox ways to set her up with guys. Although, to be fair to her sister, Tabitha didn’t usually knock the guy unconscious before she forced them together. Still, with Tabitha there was a first time for just about anything. And extreme blind-dating was very vintage T.” ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
  45. “Let me get it straight. Your father was king. You were his only son. Your father dies. You are of age. Your uncle becomes king.” “Yes.” “Unorthodox.” ~ Tom Stoppard

  46. “Southern culture has fostered a type of imagination that has been influenced by Christianity of a not too unorthodox kind and by a strong devotion to the Bible, which has kept our minds attached to the concrete and the living symbol.” ~ Flannery O’Connor
  47. “I had the good fortune to be thrown unexpectedly into something called the Labour Research Unit – a little known organisation set up to assist the fledgling labour movement. It was not a company, nor a statutory board, nor a government department – in fact it did not exist at all as a legal entity. Thus in slightly unorthodox circumstances I became part of that struggle.” ~ S. R. Nathan
  48. “Once one has attained a high level of success at any pursuit and especially an unorthodox pursuit like rowing, one develops a number of generally self-congratulatory half-truths to explain how it happened that he ascended to that particular pinnacle. Often because original motivations don’t seem to have much in common with the eventual success, the real and rationalized motivations are difficult to separate.” ~ Stefan Kieszling
  49. “…60 advocates of unorthodox therapies whose credentials are given in the ACS book (above).(:) Of these 60, thirty-nine or almost two-thirds, hold…medical degrees from such universities as Harvard, Illinois, Northwestern, Yale, Dublin, Oxford, or Toronto. Two are osteopaths. 3…also hold…(PhD’s)….scientific….reputable….8 others received PhD’s in such fields as chemistry, physiology, bacteriology, parasitology, or medical physics, from…Yale, Johns Hopkins, UC Berkeley, Columbia, and NYU. Thus over 75%…are medical doctors or doctors of philosophy in scientific areas.” ~ Ralph W. Moss
  50. “The biggest lesson I learned from my dad is to support children even if they’re doing something that is unorthodox.” ~ Tony Hawk

  51. “The mere summoning of a witness and compelling him to testify against his will, about his beliefs, expressions or associations, is a measure of governmental interference. And when those forced revelations concern maters that are unorthodox, unpopular, or even hateful to the general public, the reactions in the life of the witness may be disastrous.” ~ Earl Warren
  52. “Art and life really are the same, and both can only be about a spiritual journey, a path towards a re-union with a supreme creator, with god, with the divine; and this is true no matter how unlikely, how strange, how unorthodox, one’s particular life path might appear to one’s self or others at any given moment.” ~ Genesis P-Orridge
  53. “With his new CD ‘Tactiles’ Liberty Ellman emerges as one of the most intriguing, albeit unorthodox, guitarists on the New York scene today. An album of original, esoteric compositions marked by dense polyrhythms, dissonant, angular lines and an organic logic that ties the whole thing together in brilliant fashion.” ~ Bill Milkowski
  54. “I’m the first one to admit, I’m a pretty unorthodox guitar player.” ~ Lee DeWyze

  55. “I like doing the mainstream, right-down-the-pike broad comedies as much as I like doing the kind of unorthodox different stuff.” ~ Ryan Reynolds
  56. “No one understood better than Stalin that the true object of propaganda is neither to convince nor even to persuade, but to produce a uniform pattern of public utterance in which the first trace of unorthodox thought immediately reveals itself as a jarring dissonance.” ~ Alan Bullock
  57. “I think one of the lessons of the Depression – and this is something that Franklin Roosevelt demonstrated – was that when orthodoxy fails, then you need to try new things. And he was very willing to try unorthodox approaches when the orthodox approach had shown that it was not adequate.” ~ Ben Bernanke

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