57 Summer Camp Quotes On Success In Life

These summer camp quotes will inspire you. A summer camp or sleepaway camp is a supervised program for children or teenagers conducted during the summer months in some countries.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging summer camp quotes, summer camp sayings, and summer camp proverbs.

Best Summer Camp Quotes

  1. “When I was a child, I was unable to go to any type of sleepaway summer camp because of health issues. Once I learned about the Lopez Foundation, I knew I wanted to get involved, send kids with kidney disease away to camp so they can still experience overnight camp with medical needs at hand.” ~ Sarah Hyland
  2. “I have a conviction that a few weeks spent in a well-organized summer camp may be of more value educationally than a whole year of formal school work.” ~ Charles William Eliot
  3. “Lacy had warned me about Drew the first day of school. Apparently, the two of them had gone to some summer camp together––blah, blah, I didn’t really listen to the details––and Drew had been just as much a tyrant there. ~Sadie Kane, about Lacy and Drew of Aphrodite cabin.” ~ Rick Riordan , School summer camp quotes
  4. “The fire is the main comfort of the camp, whether in summer or winter” ~ Henry David Thoreau

  5. “Midwest kids got to summer camp. There is something very special about being away from your parents for the first time, sleeping under the stars, hiking and canoeing.” ~ Jami Gertz
  6. “I always try to describe making movies like summer camp, or some holiday where you spend all day, every day with a new group of people whom you kind of love and then never see again.” ~ Eddie Redmayne
  7. “On my show, I’m definitely the youngest one. So going from a show where everyone is over 30, to the movie, where everyone was like 20, 25, it was like summer camp.” ~ Marla Sokoloff
  8. “In earlier times, so many people sang much more. You know as a kid you’d go to some kind of religious training and or summer camp or whatever it was and you’d learn to sing a lot of songs.” ~ Michael Tilson Thomas

  9. “I had a bat mitzvah, was confirmed, went to Jewish summer camp, I go to temple for the High Holy Days. I think, like most people in their early 20s, I kind of strayed away from it. I think once I have a family I’ll be back into it” ~ Lizzy Caplan
  10. “Acting school was summer camp, and I needed concentration camp. I had so many different ideas swirling between culture and how to tie things together.” ~ Ajay Naidu
  11. “My first few films were institutional comedies, and you’re on pretty safe ground when you’re dealing with an institution that vast numbers of people have experienced: college, summer camp, the military, the country club.” ~ Harold Ramis
  12. “The fire is the main comfort of the camp, whether in summer or winter, and is about as ample at one season as at another. It is as well for cheerfulness as for warmth and dryness.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

  13. “You always are changed when you come back from summer camp.” ~ Emma Stone
  14. “Summer camp was a place where I felt like myself that wasn’t like school. There were no grades, we got to try lots of new things, and I started to play guitar at camp. It was a place for acceptance and learning to be a part of a community, but also learning to be yourself. I want that for all kids, but some kids don’t have the opportunity to go to camp. I want to help.” ~ Lisa Loeb
  15. “To this day, I fondly recall the challenges of building a fire, pitching a tent, climbing a New England mountain, canoeing on a lake. Camp songs still resonate inside me. Competition exists at Keewaydin, of course, but nobody fails summer camp, a nice respite from winters of fortune and misfortune at school.” ~ Michael Eisner
  16. “If you’re not in New York, you’re camping out.” ~ Thomas E. Dewey

  17. “I wanted to get a guitar [when I was 13] so I could play punk songs because kid taught me power chords at summer camp. He was like, “You could play all punk songs if you just learn this chord and just move it around on the guitar”.” ~ Ezra Furman
  18. “I hate camping, but I love summer camp.” ~ Zooey Deschanel
  19. “I do remember being teased by my cousins on my mom’s side for not being black enough. And then I’d spend the summer with my dad and be sent to all white summer camps where I was ‘that black girl.'” ~ Lauren London
  20. “Apparently, Osama bin Laden was killed with money and phone numbers sewn into his clothing. So we got him right before he left for summer camp.” ~ Jay Leno

  21. “And they all have pretty chilrden, And the children go to school, And the children to go summer camp, And then to the university, Where they are put in bozes And they come out all the same. – Malvina Reynolds” ~ Lauren Myracle
  22. “Dancing in Tijuana when I was 13 — that was my ‘summer camp.’ How else do you think I could keep up with Fred Astaire when I was 19?” ~ Rita Hayworth
  23. “So we went off and made this movie [“Jim Younger”], and I’ve gotta tell ya, it’s as much fun as I’ve ever had making a movie. It was kind of like adult summer camp. We put on this Western gear, strapped on our six-shooters, and went out and played cowboy all day! It wasn’t an easy shoot.” ~ Keith Carradine
  24. “Sometimes it’s summer camp on location. So it’s nice to have a little New York community of people you love.” ~ Paul Dano

  25. “Right now one in three teenagers meets the medical criteria for addiction, which is scary. I’m so driven because when I walked into rehab, I was like, “Am I still drunk? Did the guys give me the wrong address? Am I at a summer camp?” And it kills them. Deaths attributed to drugs and alcohol have overtaken all other emergency-room deaths.” ~ Kristen Johnston
  26. “A lot of college graduates approach me about becoming screenwriters. I tell them, ‘Do not become a screenwriter, become a journalist,’ because journalists go into worlds that are not their own. Kids who go to Hollywood write coming-of-age stories for their first scripts, about what happened to them when they were sixteen. Then they write the summer camp script. At the age of twenty-three they haven’t produced anything, and that’s the end of the career.” ~ Nora Ephron
  27. “Sometimes I pick up the phone, listen to cold caller alias name, repeat it several times in an incredulous tone and then – bam! – pretend to recognise them. I ask them if they remember the hell of a time we had at the 1985 summer camp when we set fire to the wooden shed, and I keep making things up and go on and on until they end up terminating the call.” ~ Sean O’Grady
  28. “I went to this very disorganized Jewish summer camp in Maine called Camp Modin.” ~ David Wain

  29. “Phury lit a blunt and eyed the sixteen cans of Aqua Net that were lined up on Butch and V’s coffee table. “What’s doing with the hair spray? You boys going drag on us?” Butch held up the lenght of PVC pipe he was punching a hole in. “Potato launcher, my man. Big fun.” “Excuse me ?” “Didn’t you ever go to summer camp ?” “Basket weaving and woodcarving are for humans. No offense, but we have better things to teach our youngs.” ~ J.R. Ward
  30. “If I could, I would have my son on tour the whole time. But he has school, summer camp, and he has to see his mother.” ~ Nate Mendel
  31. “I think the most enduring lesson I was taught through my experiences of being a Girl Scout was that I was a member of a larger community. I out-grew my uniforms and badges years ago, but the memories of visiting nursing homes or organizing Earth Day tree plantings or my summers camping with girls from all different backgrounds will stay with me always.” ~ Natalie Merchant , Memories summer camp quotes
  32. “I was 13 and at summer camp when I had my first kiss.” ~ Carlos Pena, Jr.

  33. “I studied at UC Santa Cruz before going on to do a grad program at UCLA. Santa Cruz was like an awesome hippie summer camp. I got to take a vacation from reality and hang out on beaches and in forests.” ~ Aaron Koblin
  34. “Summer camp: the second worst camp for Jews.” ~ Sarah Silverman
  35. “There’s not much to do in Atlanta, so the cast went to the gym together, went shopping together, and dinner was always a group thing. It’s that whole summer-camp experience that making movies tends to be anyway.” ~ Timothy Olyphant
  36. “My job is summer camp. I come and talk and try to make a TV show funny.” ~ Danny Masterson

  37. “It was trying to make my tennis game look mildly respectable, which I found you don’t even really need to practice if you have a really good editor. They can edit it and you’re like, “Hey, it looks like I’m playing really well.” That was the fun part, but it was like going to summer camp.” ~ Paul Reiser
  38. “I think the fascination with zombies is that they don’t obey the rules of monsters. The first rule of monsters is that you have to go find them. You have to make a conscious choice to go to the swamp or the desert or the abandoned summer camp.” ~ Max Brooks
  39. “When I was growing up, I was teased for being too skinny. I went to summer camp when I was 11. I wore shorts, and the nurse said to me, in front of all my friends, that I was anorexic and that she had to monitor me to make sure I was eating. Because of that trauma, I never wore short pants or short skirts until I was 20.” ~ Hani Furstenberg , Summer camp quotes friends
  40. “Don’t go to summer camp. Bury your parents in the backyard and have the place to yourself.” ~ Henry Rollins

  41. “Looking at the elementary schoolers in their colorful T-shirts from various day camps, Percy felt a twinge of sadness. He should be at Camp Half-Blood right now, settling into his cabin for the summer, teaching sword-fighting lessons in the arena, playing pranks on the other counselors. These kids had no idea just how crazy a summer camp could be.” ~ Rick Riordan
  42. “But day after day of depression, the kind that doesn’t seem to merit carting me off to a hospital but allows me to sit here on this stoop in summer camp as if I were normal, day after day wearing down everybody who gets near me. My behavior seems, somehow, not acute enough for them to know what to do with me, though I’m just enough of a mess to be driving everyone around me crazy.” ~ Elizabeth Wurtzel
  43. “I started a nonprofit called The Pegasus Fund, and we take top-performing students from underserved communities, and we commit to sending them for three summers to a nonacademic, holistic summer camp as a means to help them acclimate socially, geographically, spiritually to pilot secondary schools that they hope to attend.” ~ Jonathan Tucker
  44. “[10 Things I Hate About You] was the most fun I ever had making a movie. Everyone got along really, really well from day one. It was like summer camp.” ~ David Krumholtz

  45. “There’s Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 1 and 2, and Ratatouille. It’s super surreal. We’ve been working on this for eight years nonstop. Every week we’ve had a Sausage Party meeting, and now it won’t be on our to-do list anymore. It’s like the end of summer camp.” ~ Evan Goldberg
  46. “I try to leave my work at the door when I leave the set. It’s almost like summer camp. You go in hard, then you leave, and it’s done.” ~ Paul Dano
  47. “Many of us regard ourselves as mildly liberal or centrist politically, voice fairly pleasant sentiments about our poor children, contribute money to send poor kids to summer camp, feel benevolent. We’re not nazis; we’re nice people. We read sophisticated books. We go to church. We go to synagogue. Meanwhile, we put other people’s children into an economic and environmental death zone. We make it hard for them to get out. We strip the place bare of amenities. And we sit back and say to ourselves, “Well, I hope that they don’t kill each other off. But if they do, it’s not my fault.” ~ Jonathan Kozol
  48. “After September 11th, freedom of speech in America has become a topic that’s touchier than a Vatican summer camp.” ~ Dennis Miller

  49. “I’d finished the first two [books] and they were going to to be published, and [editor] said, “We need you to write a summary that will drive people to these books.” And it took forever. I couldn’t think of a thing to say. I looked at the back of other children’s books that were full of giddy praise and corny rhetorical questions, you know, “Will she have a better time at summer camp than she thinks?” “How will she escape from the troll’s dungeon?” All these terrible, terrible summaries of books, and I just couldn’t.” ~ Daniel Handler
  50. “I had run away from home three times. I had been kicked out of three different schools under different circumstances. I was kicked out of everything that I didn’t quit. Kicked out of schools. Kicked out of summer camp, the Boy Scouts, the altar boys, the choir, and something else that I can’t think of, that I’m proud of. Anyway, that was my pattern. I just began to invent myself early in life, and went out and did something about it.” ~ George Carlin
  51. “Saturday Night Live was actually started with a show that Lorne Michaels and I did at a summer camp called Timberlane in Ontario when we were 14 and 15. We would do an improvisational show with music, comedy, and acting.” ~ Howard Shore
  52. “I discovered I loved acting at a Summer Camp. That’s when I really realized that I enjoyed it and that I wanted to try it.” ~ Jared Gilman

  53. “At least there’s nothing scary about him and hopefully he doesn’t see anything scary in me. We go way back, to summer camp. We KNOW each other. People I don’t know just make me want to say YIKES! I’ll take history over mystery any day of the week.” ~ Douglas Coupland
  54. “Between the redwoods, growing up and enjoying nature, camping on almost every vacation, and getting to go to summer camp in the Adirondacks, it was really very apparent to me that we had to preserve what we had on the earth.” ~ Bonnie Raitt
  55. “I really got the best of education, and arts and music and summer camp. I had it great.” ~ Jill Stein

  56. “I think that everybody that’s coming out to Warped Tour, when they come to see the show, they’re always like; let’s go see that band that band that band and… that girl. I think that I tend to be that girl sometimes and I think that it’s cool that I get to hang out with this Summer camp of smelly boys.” ~ Katy Perry
  57. “I recycle and try to be nice to the earth. But flora and fauna have always interested me, and it is because of so many years of summer camp and growing up in DC with Rock Creek Park fairly near me, or Glover Park; I lived in Glover Park for a while and that park was in my backyard.” ~ Henry Rollins

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