65 Sticker Quotes On Success In Life

These sticker quotes will inspire you. Sticker, one that pierces with a point or an adhesive label or notice, is generally printed or illustrated.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging sticker quotes, sticker sayings, and sticker proverbs.

Best Sticker Quotes

  1. “A Pennsylvania woman convicted for shoplifting was sentenced to wear a badge that reads “Convicted Shoplifter.”
  2. “However, her lawyers hope to plea bargain down to a bumper sticker reading “I’d Rather Be Stealing!.” ~ Jimmy Fallon
  3. “There seems to be no stopping drug frenzy once it takes hold of a nation. What starts with an innocuous HUGS, NOT DRUGS bumper sticker soon leads to wild talk of shooting dealers and making urine tests a condition for employment — anywhere.” ~ Barbara Ehrenreich
  4. “There’s a difference between a philosophy and a bumper sticker.” ~ Charles M. Schulz
  5. “I eat stickers all the time dude!” ~ Charlie Day

  6. “How you start is important, but it is how you finish that counts. In the race for success, speed is less important than stamina. The sticker outlasts the sprinter.” ~ B. C. Forbes
  7. “I wanna put stickers on turtles… I don’t know why.” ~ Demetri Martin
  8. “Here’s a bumper sticker I’d like to see: “We are the proud parents of a child who’s self-esteem is sufficient that he doesn’t need us promoting his minor scholastic achievements on the back of our car.”” ~ George Carlin
  9. “Remove those ‘I want you to like me’ stickers from your forehead and, instead, place them where they truly will do the most good -on your mirror!” ~ Susan Jeffers
  10. “It is obvious that the bumper sticker question “What would Jesus do?” will not always bring a popular response.” ~ Jeffrey R. Holland

  11. “The basic idea that incentives can be used to motivate behavior is a powerful one. It works for employees, and it has a clear place in parenting, as anyone who has tried to potty-train a recalcitrant toddler with sticker rewards knows.” ~ Emily Oster
  12. “The center has had the challenge of always having to be reasonable, balanced. If you’re on the right, you can reach to the right; and on the left, you can reach left. But the center hasn’t always sold as well in politics – it doesn’t fit neatly on a bumper sticker. But what we’re seeing is that citizens in countries around the world are realizing that, no, it’s more important to be responsible and optimistic and thoughtful about the solutions and not feed knee-jerk, negative emotions.” ~ Justin Trudeau
  13. “One thing I learned in sobriety is to stop being judgmental, to always be discerning. When I drive, that will be my bumper sticker.” ~ Kevin Sessums
  14. “When I was a school kid in Coventry, I used to put up anti-apartheid stickers.” ~ Jerry Dammers
  15. “The sticker has no meaning, but exists only to cause people to react, to contemplate and search for meaning.” ~ Shepard Fairey

  16. “I’m always looking for that place, you know, where there’s no rednecks, that place where people get along, and I never find it. I went to Australia, right, and I thought Australia was gonna be a groovy, surfnoid, smoke-a-joint wombat, you know? ‘G’day mate!’ ‘No worries!’ And it’s like Arkansas with a beach. It’s a whole country with a ‘No Fat Chicks’ sticker on it.” ~ Greg Proops
  17. “That bumper sticker everyone has down in Philadelphia, the one that says, ‘Only the Lord saves more than Bernie Parent,’ really isn’t true. God couldn’t have made all the saves that Parent made against us.” ~ Jerry Korab
  18. “My other car is a vehicle with a bumper sticker describing this car.” ~ Damien Fahey
  19. “You don’t change the world by hiding in the woods, wearing a hair shirt, or buying indulgences in the form of ‘Save the Earth’ bumper stickers. You do it by articulating a vision for the future and pursuing it with all the ingenuity humanity can muster.” ~ Alex Steffen
  20. “And please God, grant me the wisdom to remember that I am writing for children, not golden stickers.” ~ Rick Riordan

  21. “Instant enlightenment. A quintessential modernism, culture and religion accommodated to the age of fast food and bumper stickers. But psyche and spirit are not so exempt from the natural domain that they can simply produce self-change instantaneously, on demand. Wisdom precipitates through a notoriously slow apparatus of retorts and flasks, and it has to find receptive ground only in a properly seasoned mind.” ~ Kenny Smith
  22. “No one doubts that pure libertarianism is simple, but that’s just why it remains on the ideological fringe – because it boils down the most difficult questions in human affairs to a simple equation, a What Would the Market Do bumper sticker.” ~ Ross Douthat
  23. “[My father ] came home from World War II and he voted for [Dwight] Eisenhower. He was pretty thoughtful about those things, but never, as I said, ever campaigned for anybody. He let me put a [Barry] Goldwater sticker on his pickup truck, but he never put a bumper sticker on his car. We never had a yard sign or anything in our yards, never contributed to anybody’s campaign.” ~ Jeff Sessions
  24. “If someone wants to sticker a record for whatever reason, that’s fine. But once it affects someone’s opportunity to, you know, get that record, then I have a problem with it.” ~ Scott Ian
  25. “Nothing makes me roll my eyes faster than a “Coexist” bumper sticker.” ~ Ayelet Waldman

  26. “You know the people who have the bumper stickers that say “Windows 95 = Mac ’89”? These are the faithful, and I respect their faith, but I would like to respectfully point out that faith is dangerous. Religion kills.” ~ Jean-Louis Gassee
  27. “I wish I knew how we achieve the goal of world peace. My bumper sticker reads ‘Just Another Version of You.’ The sooner we agree that we’re just other versions of each other – we human beings – the sooner we will find some sense of world peace.” ~ Norman Lear
  28. “[Jesus] said that they will know we are Christians – not by our bumper stickers and T-shirts – but by our love.” ~ Shane Claiborne
  29. “We have rules in the house and a sticker chart for my kids to earn technology time. Maybe its because of the world I live in and work, that I don’t see much of anything beneficial that comes out of social media for kids. Even though its how they communicate now, so you have to find the fine balance.” ~ Gretchen Carlson
  30. “Does that really work, converting someone with a bumper sticker? How weak of a mind do you have to have?” ~ Gregg Rogell

  31. “I had a bumper sticker on my car for a long time that said, “Kill your television.” People helpfully pointed out that I was a total fraud because I was a television writer.” ~ George Meyer
  32. “I don’t know what the universe is all about, but to me, nothing is gained by slapping a God sticker on it. It has never been a comfort to me to believe there’s an all-seeing eye in the sky.” ~ George Meyer
  33. “Bush and the corporate kleptocrats have stomped on too many people and left too many people out of the system, and those people are now in rebellion. It’s not just poor people they are holding down but the middle class, as well. I have a favorite bumper sticker I saw on a pickup truck last year in Austin. It said, “Where are we going? And what am I doing in this hand basket?”” ~ Jim Hightower
  34. “I didn’t love stickers and unicorns and stuff, but just if I were to ride on the back of a beast to work, I want it to be a frickin’ unicorn.” ~ Laura Benanti
  35. “You might be a redneck if your bumper sticker says, My other car is a combine.” ~ Jeff Foxworthy

  36. “I’ve always loved reading fantasy. I used to pick out all the books in the library that had the little unicorn sticker on the side to show that they were fantasy.” ~ Maggie Stiefvater
  37. “Here’s a bumper sticker I’d like to see… ‘We are the Proud Parents of a Child who has resisted his teacher’s attempts to bend him to the will of his corporate masters’.” ~ George Carlin
  38. “One has to live with the ignominy of a garish sticker slapped over one’s face, proclaiming ‘?” ~ Michael Heseltine
  39. “Enough Americans saw fit to give president Obama a second term. I don’t think there will be many people keeping their Romney/Ryan bumper stickers on their cars.” ~ Henry Rollins
  40. “Guess what? Faisal Shahzad is a registered Democrat. I wonder if his SUV had an Obama sticker on it.” ~ Rush Limbaugh

  41. “And yet we have brave men and women who are willing to step forward because they know what’s at stake. They’re willing to sacrifice their lives for this great country. What I’m asking all of you tonight is not to put on a uniform. Put on a bumper sticker.” ~ Rick Santorum
  42. “I think happiness is a choice. I believe luck is your attitude. It sounds like a really annoying bumper sticker. But there is such a great truth in that. You choose how you want to feel about what happens to you. I could have been a miserable failure. I haven’t had anybody looking over me, and I’ve found my own way through optimistic exploration and fire-burning mistakes. I am a very happy person with an extraordinary life, so I must be doing a lot of things right. I really believe when you peel away the layers, the worlds is a beautiful place filled with beautiful people.” ~ Drew Barrymore
  43. “At our church I do not endorse politicians publicly. Because I am afraid that if I endorse one candidate, it would keep somebody from coming to our church. So I made one exception one time to put one bumper sticker on my car, but I don’t ever do it anymore.” ~ Max Lucado
  44. “You want to know whether we’re better off? I’ve got a little bumper sticker for you: Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive. Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive! Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive!” ~ Joe Biden
  45. “Hook up with us and see a quick return on your premiums.’ I like it, Sammy. Think we can fit it on a bumper sticker? (Dean)” ~ Jeff Mariotte

  46. “You want to know whether we’re better off? I’ve got a little bumper sticker for you: Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive. Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive! Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive!” ~ Joe Biden
  47. “A pretty face had been damaged by acne scars and she wore and extra forty pounds on her frame like a threat. Her eyes were dull with anger disguised as apathy. If she kept on her current path, she’d grow into the type of person who fed her kids Doritos for breakfast and purchased angry bumper stickers with lots of exclamation points. But right now, she was just another in a long line of pissed-off small-town girls with a shitty outlook.” ~ Dennis Lehane
  48. “Genius has its limitations. Insanity…not so much” -Bumper Sticker” ~ Darynda Jones
  49. “Stuff Happens.’ That’s the G-rated version. That’s a bumper sticker that only a straight white upper middle class male could have made. Because anyone who isn’t straight, anyone who isn’t male, anyone who isn’t white, anyone who isn’t upper middle class knows that stuff doesn’t just happen. Stuff gets done by people to people. Nothing is a coincidence. Nothing is random. This isn’t osmosis. And so we act as if it’s this passive thing, but yet that’s not the case.” ~ Tim Wise
  50. “Yeah, but what happens if life hands me pickles? – Bumper sticker” ~ Darynda Jones

  51. “The dog always dies. Go to the library and pick out a book with an award sticker and a dog on the cover. Trust me, that dog is going down.” ~ Gordon Korman
  52. “[The kitchen] was also messy–delightfully so, thought Jane–and it didn’t look as though lots of cooking went on there. There was a laptop computer on the counter with duck stickers on it, the spice cabinet was full of Ben’s toy trucks, and Jane couldn’t spot a cookbook anywhere. This is the kitchen of a Thinker, she decided, and promised herself that she’d never bother with cooking, either.” ~ Jeanne Birdsall
  53. “I know, I say, after he says, This is hard, for the third time. This is what happens when you have a TRM, I tell him. You make a mess. It’s okay. You just have to try harder next time. I am trying hard, Dad says. I know. You get a sticker. Thank you. Okay. You get another sticker for being polite.” ~ Kathryn Erskine
  54. “Sejal had not thought of her home, or of India as a whole, as cool. She was dimly aware, however, of a white Westerner habit of wearing other cultures like T-shirts—the sticker bindis on club kids, sindoor in the hair of an unmarried pop star, Hindi characters inked carelessly on tight tank tops and pale flesh. She knew Americans liked to flash a little Indian or Japanese or African. They were always looking for a little pepper to put in their dish.” ~ Adam Rex
  55. “A prosthetic leg with a Willie Nelson bumper sticker washed ashore on the beach, which meant it was Florida. Then it got weird.” ~ Tim Dorsey

  56. “Most mainline Protestant churches are, to one degree or another, post-Christian. If they no longer seem disposed to converting the unbelieving to Christ, they can at least convert them to the boggiest of soft-left clichés, on the grounds that if Jesus were alive today he’d most likely be a gay Anglican bishop in a committed relationship driving around in an environmentally friendly car with an “Arms are for Hugging” sticker on the way to an interfaith dialogue with a Wiccan and a couple of Wahhabi imams.” ~ Mark Steyn
  57. “However, displayed right alongside all the Confederate flag paraphernalia is a bunch of American flag merch – American flag place mats, patriotic “body crystals,” flag stickers you attach to your skin. Personally, I’m small-minded and literal enough that I see the two symbols as contradictory, especially in a time of war. But I fear that the consumer who buys a Confederate flag coffee cup, which she will then put on her American flag place mat, is the sort of sophisticated thinker who is open-minded enough that she is capable of hating blacks and Arabs at the same time.” ~ Sarah Vowell
  58. “I don’t much believe in bumper sticker characterizations of foreign policy.” ~ John Bolton
  59. “I was making stickers for guys’ bands. I was in the front row photographing bands, booking bands, doing all of the kind of backstage stuff, and I didn’t even think for a second I could do it, and then I saw Babes in Toyland, and all that changed.” ~ Kathleen Hanna
  60. “There are two kinds of people I don’t trust: people who don’t drink and people who collect stickers.” ~ Chelsea Handler

  61. “I like to do designs on the side of my face, or cut out foil stickers from the crafts store and put them on my forehead.” ~ Khloe Kardashian
  62. “President Obama’s version of America is a divided one – pitting us against each other based on our income level, gender, and social status. His policies have failed! We are not better off than we were 4 years ago, and no rhetoric, bumper sticker, or campaign ad can change that.” ~ Mia Love
  63. “A lot of people don’t like bumper stickers. I don’t mind bumper stickers. To me a bumper sticker is a shortcut. It’s like a little sign that says ‘Hey, let’s never hang out.'” ~ Demetri Martin

  64. “My tattoo is of a cannon in Vancouver that I got in a fleeting moment of stupidity maybe 14 years ago. A lot of people have really beautiful tattoos, and I get real tattoo envy. But then other people basically just treat them like bumper stickers for their bodies.” ~ Ryan Reynolds
  65. “Garcia wondered why people with JESUS stickers on their bumper always drove twenty miles per hour under the speed limit. If God was my co-pilot, he thought, I’d be doing a hundred and twenty.” ~ Carl Hiaasen

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