65 Quirky Quotes On Success In Life

These quirky quotes will inspire you. Quirky is unusual especially in an interesting or appealing way or characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging quirky quotes, quirky sayings, and quirky proverbs.

Best Quirky Quotes

  1. “Life just turns deliciously quirky when you stop resisting yourself and, instead, honor the intuition that tugs at you like a puppy on a leash in the park. Follow the magic and magic starts to follow you.” ~ Tama J. Kieves
  2. “I’ve realized the quirky things that make you different are what make you beautiful.” ~ Lily Collins
  3. “I definitely know that I’m quirky. I know that I’m different. Red hair definitely made me different growing up.” ~ Jayma Mays
  4. “Being an effective leader is enormously complex. It requires vision to see a future, dedication to make things happen, sensitivity to people who are quirky at times, and personal confidence without arrogance.” ~ Dave Ulrich

  5. “Being an effective leader is enormously complex. It requires vision to see a future, dedication to make things happen, sensitivity to people who are quirky at times, and personal confidence without arrogance.” ~ Dave Ulrich
  6. “Certain aspects of my personality are always going to come out on-screen. I guess that’s just me – if they say I’m quirky, I’m quirky. It’s better than being boring.” ~ Zooey Deschanel
  7. “Quirky is sexy, like scars or chipped teeth. I also like tattoos they’re rebellious.” ~ Jennifer Aniston
  8. “You can treat experience as a set of surprises on which to exercise your quirky self.” ~ William Stafford

  9. “Human beings fear light and knowledge and power. There is a weird quirky sort of thing that happens with people. When you log on to the truth and you start to become it, it threatens them because they live with countless falsehoods.” ~ Frederick Lenz
  10. “But I do believe that in all my shows, I really enjoy the quirky, the eccentric characters, the ones you don’t meet every day.” ~ David E. Kelley
  11. “Bad, quirky poetry might be better than some of the good stuff, because it really comes from the heart.” ~ Cheryl Hines
  12. “Prior to being bullied, I was a very footloose sixth-grader. You know, I was quirky, I was creative – I really felt good in my own body. And when I was bullied in seventh grade, my self-esteem tanked.” ~ Carolyn Mackler

  13. “If I get to go crazy, since God can’t be limited, than I would love to be part of a small team that runs a network that changes the world forever and wins numerous Oscars for films I am part of writing and producing. And, for my own personal satisfaction I’d love to join The Today Show, co-host The View, and star in my own TV series about a smart, yet quirky girl, who’s on an incredible God journey of getting to know herself, confront her issues, and live her dreams.” ~ Cynthia Garrett
  14. “You don’t actually have to understand the song to be emotionally moved and uplifted, whereas with language it becomes quirky and analytical.” ~ Warwick Thornton
  15. “I tried a couple of pop writers – none of the big, big, big ones – but it didn’t work for me. I do have a commercial voice; I’m not quirky. I’m very normal and that’s probably why I like people like Barbra Streisand and Whitney Houston. It’s no-nonsense. They sing well, and that’s it.” ~ Jessie Ware
  16. “It’s not that I find it hard to meet girls – they do come up and chat me up from time to time. Sometimes I’m interested, I tend not to go for the prettier ones. I prefer the quirkier types.” ~ Rupert Grint

  17. “Better to be quirky alone than unhappy together.” ~ Anita Hamilton
  18. “Different personalities inspire me as an actor. Especially quirky personalities, maybe people I wouldn’t normally get along with or be friends with – I find them inspiring for my work. I find sad emotions to be inspiring and stories of great people that kind of overcame odds.” ~ Laura Bell Bundy
  19. “Men are allowed to age. Men are allowed to gain weight. Men are allowed to be quirky looking.” ~ Janeane Garofalo
  20. “I have collections of quirky things from places I’ve been to, like a set of Russian dolls.” ~ Emma Watson

  21. “I don’t think I’ve seen that sort of character in a long time in this genre because again, there was a time when you could have quirky, strange characters that you grew to love, you didn’t quite understand, you know, and then all of a sudden they became almost cardboard cutouts for awhile. You kind of know the guy, what his deal is – this guy’s hard to figure out. He has some strange habits, but, you learn to love him and you discover more about him, where it comes from.” ~ Antoine Fuqua
  22. “I enjoy getting to be arty and quirky and weird and all the things that I don’t have that much choice with. You just sort of use what you got.” ~ Paul Reubens
  23. “I always love the quirky stuff, which is why I love Childrens Hospital. That really pushes the envelope of comedy.” ~ Malin Akerman
  24. “Stephen King writes a lot of things that are really charming and quirky, and that are more ironic than horror.” ~ William H. Macy

  25. “I get to be goofy and quirky and sweet at the same time.” ~ Toks Olagundoye
  26. “Most scientists are without exception adorably quirky, and one of the ways of making it more accessible was to try to get readers interested in the person.” ~ Bill Bryson
  27. “I was never the ‘babe,’ so I knew I’d never get those big roles. I’d always be the best friend or the quirky sidekick.” ~ Joan Cusack
  28. “Computer programmers tend, by and large, to be quirky and highly individualistic. Trying to organize or manage such awkward characters is normally as thankless as herding cats” ~ John Naughton

  29. “I need a woman to have a quirky sense of humor. There’s a bunch of jokes I use, and if she doesn’t get them, she’s probably not for me.” ~ Matthew Perry
  30. “Isnt it lovely to know that even the great Sherlock Holmes, the quirky and genius Sherlock Holmes, is vulnerable to love as we all are?” ~ Natalie Dormer
  31. “It’s that quirky kind of weekend feeling they write ridiculous sunny-day songs about. You know the ones–I’m sure they’re on your iPod even though you’d never admit it.” ~ Neal Shusterman
  32. “In week one of the X Factor, just to be a little bit quirky, I decided to say that I like girls who eat carrots. Ever since I’ve had lots and lots and lots of carrots.” ~ Louis Tomlinson

  33. “The Economist is undoubtedly the smartest weekly newsmagazine in the English language. I always look forward to its quirky year-end double issue.” ~ Eric Alterman
  34. “I love nerdy, cute, quirky boys who don’t take themselves too seriously.” ~ Ariana Grande
  35. “My parents are very quirky, eccentric. They have their own world.” ~ Katy Perry
  36. “It was more of their quirky show. It was more like a cult show. The ratings weren’t really that high.” ~ Amy Sedaris

  37. “I wish I looked more like my mother, but I think I look like my father. I wish I had one of those naturally beautiful faces. Or a more quirky face. I’m right down the middle: not interesting enough, not pretty enough.” ~ Chloe Sevigny
  38. “Women always want to be what they’re not: If you’re the pretty girl, you want to be the quirky girl. If you’re the smart girl, you want to be the pretty girl.” ~ Jordana Brewster
  39. “It is actually helpful to acknowledge the truth that we are just as quirky as everyone else and that God loves quirky!” ~ Stasi Eldredge
  40. “Obviously, I don’t have a high IQ, but I’ve always liked nerds and quirky guys.” ~ Kaley Cuoco

  41. “When you’re little all the things that are quirky and weird about you and that people laugh at, you find out are the things that are going to get you through” ~ Macy Gray
  42. “New York City is filled with random, quirky moments like this, chance collisions that just might change your life.” ~ Hope Edelman , Quirky quotes about life
  43. “I’m surrounded by freaks. Am I weirder than the rest of them? Ultimately I’ve learned to pride myself on being quirky.” ~ Karen Elson
  44. “I really love middle-grade. Middle-grade books have a little more of a magical, light-hearted feel. You can be a little bit more quirky, you can have a little more humor. It doesn’t get so dark and deep.” ~ James Dashner

  45. “I am grateful for what I call well-spent moments: Making a tuna fish sandwich with the works. Taking at least a half hour to eat it outside. Ironing my vintage tea towels while watching old black-and-white film noir movies and sipping one martini with extra olives – a quirky combination, but it works.” ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach
  46. “My style has always been to choose the charming and quirky.” ~ Suzy Menkes
  47. “Girls of all kinds can be beautiful – from the thin, plus-sized, short, very tall, ebony to porcelain-skinned; the quirky, clumsy, shy, outgoing and all in between. It’s not easy though because many people still put beauty into a confining, narrow box…Think outside of the box…Pledge that you will look in the mirror and find the unique beauty in you.” ~ Tyra Banks
  48. “International business, once allowed to stalk uncontrolled, killed the local, the small, the quirky.” ~ Alexander McCall Smith

  49. “Those around you can have their novellas, sweet, their short stories of cliché and coincidence, occasionally spiced up with tricks of the quirky, the achingly mundane, the grotesque. A few will even cook up Greek tragedy, those born into misery, destined to die in misery. But you, my bride of quietness, you will craft nothing less than epic with your life. Out of all of them, your story will be the one to last.” ~ Marisha Pessl
  50. “The pathways that have led to our evolution are quirky, improbable, unrepeatable and utterly unpredictable.” ~ Stephen Jay Gould
  51. “The magical descriptions of Italy and hilarious observations about love, travel, natives and foreigners in Love in Idleness are but a few of its many pleasures. Amanda Craig has created a hot shimmery climate in which a cast of old friends, quirky family members and naughty children who make love potions come to know themselves and their hearts. A delightful brew.” ~ Jane Hamilton , Quirky quotes about love
  52. “Hollywood typecast me as the secretary. I could have worked as the quirky secretary for the rest of my life, but I decided not to do that.” ~ Felicia Day

  53. “An early editor characterized my books as ‘romantic comedy for intelligent adults.’ I think people see them as funny but kind. I don’t set out to write either funny or kind, but it’s a voice they like, quirky like me… And you know, people like happy endings.” ~ Elinor Lipman
  54. “I find myself unable to let go of the sense that human beings are somehow special, and that moment-to-moment human experience contains a certain unquantifiable essence. I still suspect there is something too quirky, too paradoxical, or too interpersonal to be imitated or re-created by machine life.” ~ Douglas Rushkoff
  55. “Life for young American college graduates is a festive affair. Free of having to support their families, they mostly have gay parties on rooftops where they reflect at length upon their quirky electronic childhoods and sometimes kiss each other on the lips and neck.” ~ Gary Shteyngart
  56. “My style is a little quirky. I can’t play as fast as most professional jazz players.” ~ Donald Fagen

  57. “There are a lot of dream roles that I couldn’t do, like James Bond and Indiana Jones; I’d never get a look in there, but actually, Doctor Who is probably the only one that I could because he’s quite quirky, and the fact that he regenerates he can actually be anyone. So one day, who knows, I might have a chance. I’d love to play that part.” ~ Thomas Howes
  58. “I remember my agent at ICM at the beginning of my career telling me that I wasn’t pretty enough, that I was always going to be a quirky sidekick. And he was an ogre of a man. He should have been carrying a torch. If he was in a bar, he couldn’t have come near me, and then he was deciding my fate.” ~ Whitney Cummings
  59. “The very term “turning pages” suggests nonstop action. But I am all about character and beautiful writing. I eat that up like popcorn. Whether a book is action-packed or not, all I need are well-written prose and quirky, fabulous characters to keep me going.” ~ Elizabeth Wein
  60. “While I’m quite happy and love doing the atmospheric and quirky stuff, the melodic stuff, I’ve done quite a lot of. It’s also another reason why I try not to do two or three at the same time.” ~ Trevor Rabin

  61. “People don’t know where to place me. Terry Gilliam used me as a quirky cop in ‘Twelve Monkeys’, and then he hired me again to be an effeminate hotel clerk in ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’. Another time, I was shooting this indie film ‘The Souler Opposite’ and six days a week, I’m playing this big puppy dog, then I come to the ‘NYPD Blue’ set and become this scumbag.” ~ Christopher Meloni
  62. “Well, it’s a problem in general with the American military. If you are the biggest and the strongest military power in the world, you have this natural reluctance to learn the quirky ways of the natives in faraway lands.” ~ Yaroslav Trofimov
  63. “I’m not meant to run around trees. I can’t throw my arms in the air and sing, I find that boring and irritating. Sweet romcoms are not my cup of tea. The film has to be a little twisted and quirky.” ~ Emraan Hashmi

  64. “Our world is not an optimal place, fine tuned by omnipotent forces of selection. It is a quirky mass of imperfections, working well enough (often admirably); a jury-rigged set of adaptations built of curious parts made available by past histories in different contexts. A world optimally adapted to current environments is a world without history, and a world without history might have been created as we find it. History matters; it confounds perfection and proves that current life transformed its own past.” ~ Stephen Jay Gould
  65. “Organisms […] are directed and limited by their past. They must remain imperfect in their form and function, and to that extent unpredictable since they are not optimal machines. We cannot know their future with certainty, if only because a myriad of quirky functional shifts lie within the capacity of any feature, however well adapted to a present role.” ~ Stephen Jay Gould

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